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Latin America Sales Manager/Director

Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico
December 17, 2018

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Carlos A. Rivas

México City, México

+(**-*-**) *390-7265

Latin America Regional Director

Performance Driven, insightful International Sales and Operations Director with a proven ability to achieve and exceed all business development and revenue generation goal under high pressure, international and multicultural environments. With more than 15 years in Sales and Business Development, I am able to quickly discern market opportunities and develop them. My significant strengths are in Increasing Sales, Business Development, Customer Service, Marketing, and Finance establishing employee and team spirit.

• Skilled at consulting with customers to analyze and define their needs and develop strategic solutions to achieve their objectives.

• Relationship development expertise that complements the ability to aggressively build solid client base and drive revenue growth, from lead generation to closing, through consultative and solution base approach.

• Strong business development skills proved over 15 years opening new and Latin American or North American markets to Capital Equipment and Consumables.

• Proven leadership and team building skills, having the ability to direct strong teams in managing customer relationships and providing solutions.


06/11–10/16 Tyden Brooks

Tyden Brooks is a global and the largest Security Seal manufacturer in the world. MEXICO, LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN SALES DIRECTOR I am the Head of sales and marketing for Latin America [Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and South America] through eighteen country agents (and licenses) and nine direct reports sourcing security seals from plants in the USA and Mexico, as well as in China.

I created sales growth when the lead-times went up, and the company had Supply and Quality issues.

Standardized the Sales Channels, and reduced all the conflicts in the region, due to the merge of three companies in the last five years and its three sales cultures and contracts. I developed strategies to introduce the new Electronic Seals in the region to Agents, Trade Shows and End users.

I cleared all the conflicts caused by moving the Mexico City Operation to Monterrey. Accomplishments:

• Trained Agents in the region with new products from new division acquired by the company.

• Reduce the commercial impact in Sales due to lack of Supply Chain to the factories, and in consequence to the end users.

• Establish procedures for Sales Forecasts and Budgets, in Mexico and in Latin America.

• Look for new agents in Chile and Ecuador and train them. Other countries in process.

• Working on alternative procedures to sell in countries where no sales are possible due to licensee constraints.

• Sales in the region maintain for four years a healthy growth (even with big accounts lost) and in 2015 have an increase for 60% (Total Sales usd$7 million). 01/10–04/11 Samsung Security-GVISS

Samsung Security is a global leader in the CCTV and security systems. OPERATIONS DIRECTOR

Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of surveillance projects in Mexico and Mexico City (8000 Cameras).

Manage Logistics & Spare Parts, Tech Service, Repairs and Financial Divisions. Establish procedures for all areas of the company and implement them. Optimize the information exchange between R&D, Sales, Customers and Technical Service.


• Established effective communications, Problem Solving Procedures and Project Management on a City Surveillance project (8000 IP Cameras).

• Repairs Service Response time was reduced to less than 72 hours, and communication channels with Corporate HQ were created.

• Worked on accounting procedures in order to reduce expenses and make the company more tax efficient.

• Supported Sales with Training to Reps and Distributors, in order to fulfill the Sales quota.

09/08–11/09 tna Australia

tna is a global leader in the food packaging and processing industry, supplying turnkey solutions and single systems to customers around the world. LATIN AMERICA REGIONAL DIRECTOR

Responsible for the Latin American and Caribbean Markets. Manage Sales, Logistics & Spare Parts, Tech Service, Engineering and Financial Divisions. Improve the company image with Key Accounts.

Develop new market segments outside snacks markets with Multinational Food companies in Latin America & Caribbean.

Reduce radically the Spare Parts Delivery lead time and keep adequate inventories without damaging commercial relationships.

Create a customer service culture in the Logistics and Tech Service Divisions, with the generation of proper materials.


• In four months delivery times were reduced and 90% of Orders were supply in less than three days, including computer parts. Coordinated local repairs with Labor, Parts and Simulators.

• Technical Service Response time on visits was reduced to less than 48 hours, a telephone tech service system was created and a Standardized Rate System was generated and communicated to customers.

• In one year US$1 million was sold to new markets in Latin America and several trials negotiated.

• Improving Post Sale Service and defusing conflictive situations, Key accounts started buying New Products and standard equipments by US$2 million. Quote requests increased by 200%.

• With current sales and budget the P&L will show profits in December 2009. In 2008 tna Latin America had a loss. Cash Flow has increased by 60% due to an intensive Collections Program and Expense Reduction. Working Capital has been reduced with a better Inventory Management.

9/03–4/08 AGR International/AGR Topwave

International Company that builds Online and Laboratory QC equipment for PET, Glass, Aluminum containers and Beer, Carbonated Soft Drinks and Water Bottlers. LATIN AMERICA SALES & SERVICE MANAGER

Establish a profitable Latin American Division with Spare Parts Distribution and a Tech Service Department in order to improve Global Service. Increase the market presence for Agr Topwave products for PET Containers Manufacturers and Fillers

Maintain and increase Agr’s presence in A customers headquarters and establish regional partnerships.

Establish aggressive Equipment Sales Programs for Representatives in the region. Accomplishments:

• Global Sales increased from $300,000/year to $2.8 million.

• Technical Service Revenue increased by 500% and Spare Parts sales increased 300%

• A program was started with Global manufacturers and Regional Fillers to standardize the QC Equipments with their suppliers or facilities around the Americas.

• Big involvement with Reps, follow up with their projects and leadership in final negotiations with customers.

• Agr’s Forensic Division increased their revenues by 400% derived from promotion with Glass Containers users and Carbonated Drinks Line Audits. 6/01–5/03 MASTERPAK

Part of CYDSA, a US$750 million manufacturer of Flexible Packaging, Chemicals and Plastics, and Textiles.


Redefine the core business with new market niches, Analyzing Market Segments, Asset Capabilities and Product Needs.

Responsible for business development over the US and Latin America for the new market segments.

Maintain and increase Sales Volume with some Key Costumers. Search for commercial partnerships in order to improve product characteristics or profitability with new or alternative materials.


• Relocated current products manufacturing to other machines and created a capability to manufacture heavy laminations that would generate sales of US$11 million per year.

• Prospected and located 300 customers in Latin America and the US to expand the customer base for heavy laminations (Coffee and Powder milk).

• Concluded two bidding processes that increased sales with customers like Bristol Myers Squibb and Liconsa.

• Negotiated with suppliers the use of their material generating a cost reduction of 13% in some products.

1/94-2/01 GRAFO REGIA

Flexible Packaging Manufacturer, part of FEMSA, US$5 billion manufacturer and distributor of Beer and Soft Drinks in Mexico, Latin America, US, Europe and Asia. CORPORATE EXPORTS MANAGER

Negotiate with multinational companies bidding processes over the U.S. and Latin America.

Elaborate Strategic Business plans for different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Design and Participated in Sales Strategies based on Technical Service and R&D.

Coordinate the Exports team in Negotiations, Presentations and Operational aspects of Global Standardization Processes.

Key Account Management.


• Major Bidding Processes were assigned representing an additional Sales Volume of US$10 million per year. All of them in eight countries in America.

• Exports reached, in 18 months, almost 20% of Total Revenues and 24% of Net Income with a Sales Expense of less than 0.9%.

• Rationalized Inventories and Optimized Logistics by standardizing 120 customer SKU ́s down to 24, negotiating different areas.


Increase efficiency or profitability in customers with new products. Business Development.

Account management.


• Brought and Increased Sales to Major Consumer Goods Companies representing US$8 million per year.

• As a Project Leader developed in three months for Procter & Gamble Soap Division, a new lamination, from R&D all the way to P&G ́s warehouse. (500 tons/year, US$5 million per year).




I.T.E.S.M. Monterrey Campus



English, Spanish

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