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Customer Service Manager

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33334, United States
December 17, 2018

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RESUME: Alan G. Spicer **** N.E. * Ave.

Oakland Park, FL. 33334



Communications and Information Technology related Skills

****-** *****nuing Education ... Certifications and Accomplishments

Cybrary - - Micro-Certs

Cybrary - Communications and Network Security 02/28/2017

Cybrary - Fundamental Linux Administration 02/15/2017

Cybrary - Network Infrastructure 02/15/2017

Cybrary - Network Fundamentals 01/25/2017

Cybrary - Cloud Fundamentals 01/15/2017

GNS 3 Lab Projects

GNS3 - Lab - Cisco 3725 Router-On-Stick to Cisco NM16-ES - 6 VLANs, DHCP, Routing, IPV4 and IPV6

GNS3 - Lab - Cisco C3725 + NM16-ES Shrink Router down to one L3-L2 Switch

GNS3 - Lab Cisco C3725 x 5 - 4 ESwitch and 1 ESwitch-Router - 6 VLANs Spanning Tree Protocol

GNS3 - Lab Cisco C3600 x 4 - Open Shortest Path First

GNS3 - Lab Cisco C3725 x 4 - Border Gateway Protocol

VMWARE Lab Projects

Vmware - Juniper Networks Firefly vSRX router - DHCP, Routing IPV4 and IPV6, NAT IPV4 and IPV6

Vmware - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1), Windows 10 (64-bit), Ubuntu Linux (32 and 64-bit). Ubuntu Linux VPN (patch VPN L2TP for IPSEC) to a Yacht over Satellite, Ubuntu Linux - 6 VLANS with IPv4 and IPv6.

Kerio Connect Firewall - Router

Kerio Connection Firewall - Router Administration onboard Motor Yacht Nothern Lights, Vmware + GNS3 Lab with Kerio Connect Firewall Router plus simulation with Cisco Routers in GNS3 + Ubuntu Linux in Vmware - IPV4 and IPV6 DHCP, SLAAC,DNS, and Routing via VLANS.

Intel VT-X

VT-X Hardware Assisted Virtualization - studies. Obtain PC with VT-X, prior PC did not support VT-X. Vmware errors "Binary translation is incompatible with long mode on this platform." Gained the capability to run 64-bit Guest OS on 64-bit PC Platform. Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on VT-X hardware machine.

Windows Internals

Windows SysInternals Suite use on WIndows 7 and Windows 10

Windows Internals (Book - 6th Edition) Part 1 and 2. Windows Internals studies.

Windows Internals (Book - 7th Edition) Part 1. Windows Internals Studies.

Apple Mac - MacOS

MacOS (OS X) El Capitan and High Sierra in Vmware Workstation Player.

Installed Mac OS/X and Windows 10 in Bootcamp Dual boot on 2 Mac Mini Computers for Motor Yacht Endless Summer.

IBM Mainframe

Hercules - Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture Emulator - Turnkey System (TK3) IBM Mainframe MVS 3.8J, TK4- System MVS 3.8J with all updates and CBT Tapes - RAKF Security - Autopilot System. (IPL, Start JES2, Setup 3270 Terminals, Log In TSO, Create and change passwords for TSO Users. Submit Jobs to JES2 via TSO and Card Reader.) Test Assembler Language programs with output log and TEST debugger.

IBM - Master the Mainframe 2016 - Completed all Part1, 2, and 3 Challenges - remote learning on a Real IBM Z13 Mainframe using Z/OS.

IBM - Master the Mainframe 2016 - Part 2 Completion

IBM - Master the Mainframe 2016 - Part 3 Completion.

4G / 5G - LTE - LTE Advanced

LTE - Fundamentals (1-11 Videos) -

2011 04/18 - FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio License (Highest License Possible)

2014 12/13 - ARRL DXCC - Worked 100+ Countries (By H.F. Radio)

2014 12/13 - ARRL WAS - Worked All 50 States (By H.F. Radio)


Older Before 2003 Skills

Cisco routers and switches – 2900XL, 1600/1700, 2511, 3640, 7204/7206VXR, uBR72xx/VXR

Network Administration – ISP, NSP, Network, Domain, IP Administration, E1, T1, T3, Dial-Up, DSL, DOCSIS Cable, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 802.11x Wireless

Unix and Linux Administration – Solaris 7-9, Redhat Linux (through current Redhat/Fedora Core releases), NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Digital Unix 4.0, QNX

SMTP Server, Apache Web Server, FTP Servers, DNS Servers, DHCP Servers, Radius Authentication Servers, PAP, CHAP, PPP, PPPoA, PPPoE

Telephony and Data/Telecommunications

Electronics and Radio Communications

Microsoft Windows 3.x, 9x, NT4/2000/Pro/Server/Advanced, XP Home/Pro, MS Office

Microsoft Windows 200x Servers – Active Directory (LDAP), Primary/Backup Domain Controllers and related services

VmWare Lab Workstation v.4.x x86 machine virtualization

Computer Hardware maintenance, upgrading, and repair. PC, Server, Laptop, PDA

Intel – 8086, 80286, 80386DX, 80486DX, Pentium ~ P4, Dual Pentium Xenon (SMP OS kernel on Linux)

Sun Sparc Workstation, Sun Netra T1, Sun E250, DEC Alpha 2100, DEC Multia

Small Linux Installations – Cross-compiling – Micro-controller/Embedded Linux (GCC/UCLIBC cross-compile to LinkSys WRT54G router – Broadcom MIPS CPU)

Also in 2009 to 2014 (approx.) Cross-compiling of Linux for Ubiquity Wireless hardware - Set reasonable factory defaults, set our own logos, etc.

Linux From Scratch ( - building a system compiler TOOL CHAIN and building a distribution independent Linux installation

Member of the following professional or continuing education organizations:


Charter Member (Transcript ID: 3098676)

Member Cisco Press Reader Review Team – 1 review published

Member Internet Engineering Consortium (Web Pro Forum)

Member Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum

IEEE Computer Society # 41540275

Active Member on Tech Target

Training and Certifications related to I.T.

Cisco Partner E-Learning:

Fiber Optic 101 (Fiber Basics/Physical/Optical, SONET/SDH, DWDM)

PBX Fundamentals – 1 certificate Test Results: Score 140 testing/certification – 4 certificates:

Linux Administration (General)

Network Technical Support

(Master) Telecommunications Industry Knowledge (2x)

Cellular Technology

Computer Electronics

Information Technology Industry Knowledge

Computer Technical Support

Cisco CCNA # CSCO10261685 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Apr. 20, 2001 - Prometric Testing Center. Cisco Network Associate – Routing and Switching.

Lucent Technologies Oakland, CA

NetCare Education 2 certificates:

Sep. 13, 2000 - Max TNT Access Switch Installation and Configuration

Sep. 13, 2000 - APX 8000 Access Switch Installation and Configuration

United States Navy Norfolk, VA

DD214 and Honorable Discharge

USN Education 2 certificates:

Signalman 3rd Class – Communications Specialist – Marine Navigation experience

Radioman 3rd Class - Radio Communications and Electronics

Amateur Radio Operator Licensed as EXTRA Class: KA4UDX

(Re-qualified as Technician, advanced to General Class License 06-02-2004 was issued call sign KI4FOY, applied for and received Vanity Assignment of original call sign: KA4UDX, Passed and Issue ESTRA CLASS in 2011.)

Industrial Electronics – Vocational Electronics – Northeast H.S. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

CIE Correspondence Course – Communications Electronics (1981)

Employment and Project Experiences

02-2004 to Present Independent Contractor, Marine I.T. and Networks, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Systems and Satellite/Broadband Network Integration on Motor Yachts

12+ Years as Alan Spicer Marine Telecom -, 4G For Yachts

4G LTE Routers, Marine WiFi Systems 2.4 and 5 Ghz. Some projects on land to bridge buildings wirelessly, Kerio FIrewall Router (the reason behind the Router-On-A-Stick GNS3 Lab), Onboard Yacht Wired and Wireless Networks. (I worked on yachts through 2 G, 2,5G, 3G, 4G LTE, and LTE-A changes. Built WiFi Systems (Lightspeed II), Installed WiFi Amplifiers, Worked with commercial marine WIFi systems. Have done 4 G and 3G Cellular Repeater systems, and sold and installed 3G and 4G LTE Router systems.

Working with Marine Satellite Internet Systems – Inmarsat – Fleet 77, Fleet 55, Fleet 33,,Sat B, and newer VSAT – DVB-RCS to integrate Internet access to vessel computer networks. I have worked on over 50 Yachts of all sizes since Feb. 2004.

Design and Implement Yacht External WiFi Hotspot Access Systems and Implement. Implement Cellular Low and High Speed (Broadband) Systems. Design and Deploy Onboard Networks.

Cisco 1600/1700 series routers for Serial and ISDN Dial-on-Demand routing. KEA! VT software for programmed macro control (startup, shutdown) of Satellite systems, Network Address Translation, DHCP, and sharing the connection via wired or wireless for yachts.

Wireless 802.11b and g using Cisco Aironet, LinkSys WAP and WRT routers and access points. Implemented several Wireless Distribution System (WDS) systems using SVEASOFT custom firmware for LinkSys WRT54G routers. Deployed Buffalo Wireless Routers with after-market DD-WRT firmware software.

Integrated LinkSys with WDS and DirecWay 2-way Satellite Internet for “in port” broadband access, and SeaTel Wavecall – Multi-modem MCM3 for “underway/at anchor”. Set up the system so that either system can be the default router for Internet access.

Site Surveys, Wireless Site Surveys, and Network Stumbler, Cisco Aironet repeater mode with 2 or 3 Access Points.

PC workstation and server service, upgrades and replacements. Operating System, Anti-Virus implementations. OS Upgrades and Windows Updates. 2000 Pro, 2000 Server. Domain Controllers.

Project documentation MS Word and MS Visio.

Internet Domain Administration – Email and Web Hosting. Shipboard Email Systems (Vpop3, Mdaemon.) We host their email domain on the Radical Web Hosting Server.

Linux Server Administration – via Plesk web interface, and SSH (Secure Shell). DNS, Email, Spam and Virus issues.

12-12-2003 (Project) ISSG Burbank, CA.

1 day project representing (via for - Network Engineer

Change out Network Processing Engine NPE-300 and replace with NPE-G1 in Cisco 7200VXR series router. Also remove a 4 port Ethernet card and replace with blank faceplate. Remove memory module from NPE-300 and ship removed parts back to facility. Standby for check out by Hotspot NOC for T-Mobile to verify successful project completion.

2002-2003 Office To Go and Business Solutions Coral Springs, FL.

Systems/Network Administrator for Advanced Cable Communications, Inc.

Coral Springs, FL.

Broadband Cable Internet (DOCSIS 1.0+) Technical Support and Sales in high-volume Call Center. Worked in transition from outsourced ISP services (from the bankrupt Excite @home system) to in-house ISP system using Core Networks CoreOS Provisioning System. I was integral to the assuming of Full Internet Service Provider responsibilities with my past experiences as a Lead Tech Support Manager at both small and large ISPs.

Support home users and businesses for Broadband Cable Internet Service, including higher tiered services for different Quality of Service Packages sold. (Static IP, Dynamic IP, Higher Bandwidth). Call Center Supervisor and Level 3 Tech Support (the top level).

Assumed all Maintenance and Support of 5 servers (2 Red Hat Linux 7.0, and 3 SunOS 8).

Email/Web Administrator – SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail, Web Server, Anti-Virus on Server, Spam Black Hole Lists

Network administration and monitoring for two city sites – router, T3, and switch administration. Network administration to bring up and maintain two Metropolitan Fiber (Fast Ethernet over Fiber) customers including the Gigabit Ethernet for the City of Coral Springs.

Cisco Router and Switch Admin, Router Hardware and IOS upgrades.

IP and Domain Administration – ARIN IP Allocations, ASN Application, IP Network Design and Documentation (Visio).

Firewall Administration on Servers with IPCHAINS/IPTABLES – LINUX.

1999-2001 IFX Communications Ventures, Inc. Miami Lakes, FL

Systems/Network Administrator

Installed NetBSD, Linux, and Solaris OS’s and Maintained Servers. Intel Servers, Sun E250.

Installed, Configured, Administrated Email, DNS, Web Servers, Radius Authentication Servers. In depth knowledge of authentication PAP, CHAP, and PPP protocols.

Installed, Configured, Administrated Lucent Technologies Access Switch (RAS Server) Max, Max TNT, and APX 8000 for Dialup, Dedicated Customers. Administrated 80 pieces of RAS, Router, Switch Equipments of Lucent, Livingston, Cisco, USR/3Com, and others. Configure and troubleshoot Cisco routers for Voice-over-IP, Dial-UP RAS, and WAN/LAN environments.

Technical Support for U.S. Customers, and Technician/CTO Engineer Support for 14+ countries with multiple POP locations, Including Network and Systems Administration Support and 2nd/3rd level escalation.

Receive damaged or non-working routers/switches and troubleshoot problems and/or order parts and replace the device if necessary.

Implemented Special configurations for access-lists and/or ip-filters and call-routing lists for network access equipment (Lucent Access Switch).

Assisted with LAN, WAN, and other networking deployment within corporate office and within 14+ countries in the region.

24/7 On-Call rotating status for all company services and servers.

1998-1999 Electronic Business Network, Inc. North Lauderdale, FL

Systems/Network Administrator

Wrote automatic site creation and Web CGI programs for web sites and web domain statistics monitoring (Perl, Bash, and Sh).

Recompiled for BSD/OS and Linux to allow for higher traffic web services for Apache web server

Installed, Configured, Administrated Apache Web Servers, Virtual Domains, DNS, and Email services.

Supported CEO and all staff with office and home network/Internet issues and connectivity and reachability of our services including Web, Email, and other related issues.

Supported Advertising banner deployment and statistics, and Partner programs with advertisers and affiliates.

1995-1998 Satelnet Communications, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Technical Support Manager, Systems/Network Administrator

Started as End-User support for customers dialup accounts for Internet access on all Desktop OS Platforms, also supported Commercial Customers for ISDN Internet Access, Dedicated T1 connections, and Email and Web Services. Cisco Router and Switch configuration and Administration.

Worked into Systems and Network Administration for entire ISP Company as key technician for owner/CTO including BSD/Solaris/Digital Unix, Web Domain Registrations/Implementations/Support, Dial-Up Internet Access, ISDN Internet Access, and UUCP.

1994-1995 Teletrac, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

System Operator

Maintained, Monitored, Troubleshot 30+ computer Metro Area Miami Control and Monitoring Center for Motor Vehicle Radio-Location and Alarm Monitoring System.

Solo shift position handling control center alone or with an assistant, Monitored, Tested, Troubleshoot QNX Unix OS and running software’s, and related MSDOS and OS/2 software; as well as TELCO, TELECOM, and Networks circuits including Statistical Multiplexors for remote client access.

Developed solution in QNX/Unix Shell Programming Language to convert hourly manual Systems CHECK, to every 15-minutes Automated Systems Check (I named this the “Auto Check”).

Performed Customer Service, Vehicle Alarm Dispatching and Real-Time Location and Tracking; reporting alarms to Police Departments. Customer account services and Peace-of-Mind Vehicle locations.

1990-1994 ADT Security Systems, Inc. Deerfield Beach, FL

CSS – Customer Service Specialist / Emergency Dispatch Operator

Customer Service Specialist – Residential and Commercial Centrally Monitored Alarm Systems with dial-up [FSK] or Dedicated Digital [AC] and other Alarm Signal monitoring facilities.

High Traffic Central Office [CO] – I handled incoming Residential and Business customers calling from 5 major metropolitan areas: Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach, Miami/Dade, Orlando, Tampa/St. Petersburg, and Fort Meyers/Naples. Alarm Dispatching to Police, Fire, and Medical. Customers often stuck with a loud sounding alarm siren that they could not turn off.

There were no technical or user reference manuals for the systems that customers were calling about so I started collecting the manuals from the on-call road technicians and consolidate them into two notebook binders for quick and easy information at my fingertips. These binders later became the definitive reference for everyone including the shift supervisors.

Additional employment history is available upon request. This includes Radio Shack – Tandy Sales/Manager Trainee, Motorola Electronic Test/Analyzer, Cellular Telephone/Two Way Radio Installation and Repair, Consumer Electronics Service and Repair.

1977-1981 U.S. Navy Enlisted Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Signalman (SM3 Petty Officer 3rd Class) [Visual Communications]

Radioman (RM3 Petty Officer 3rd Class) [NRCC Radio Communications/Electronics]

Held a Secret Clearance by ETNAC National Agency Check

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