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Customer Service Mental Health

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
December 16, 2018

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Danielle L. Johnson

**** ********* ****** - *********, ******** 21206



Coppin State College, Baltimore, MD

Masters of Education Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling May 2002

Coppin State College, Baltimore MD

Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice May 1995

Maryland Police Commission Training Certifications (2)


Department of Veterans Affairs - Washington, DC

April 2011-Present-40 hour’s weekly

Employment Specialist (GS 0301-12/5)

Supervisor: Mrs. Nykeisha Grant 202-***-****

Efficiently implement many intricate administrative and planning initiatives for diverse outreach and Veteran employment.

Effectively supervise processes of job readiness, job-seeking skill development, and job placement that entail consideration of diverse population in conjunction with OPM guidelines as well as state and local guidelines.

Innovatively developed and facilitated partnerships that assist with the successful placement of Veterans employment

Implement superior guidance and consultation on the full range of recruitment activities associated with corporate recruitment outreach initiatives, federal recruitment outreach, and state recruitment.

Currently serve as lead consultant to VR&E staff and employment communities.

Administer presentations to federal agencies in relation to the NPWE program to ensure Veterans with limited experience are allotted time to obtain marketable, transferable experience.

Administer presentations to private sector companies about our SEI (Special Employer Incentive) to ensure that these companies understand the benefits of hiring a disabled Veteran, its benefits, and applicable responsibilities.

Effectively ensure that individuals (veterans and/or people with disabilities) who are seeking employment and potential employers are familiar with their requirements when hiring an individual with disability in accordance with the ADA of 1990, the Amendment Act of 2008, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ensures that no one with a disability is discriminated against in schools and other entities that are utilized by them and Section 508 ensures that electronics and information technology is accessible to individuals with disabilities while ensuring that newly developed technology is working toward the accomplishment of these goals

Superior knowledge and experience of USERRA, VRA (Veterans Recruitment Appointment), VEOA (Veterans Employment Opportunity Act of 1998) 30% or More Disabled Veteran hiring authorities and Schedule A Appointing Authorities.

Successfully administered formal DTAP (Disabled Transition Assistance Program) presentations at numerous military installations (Fort Myer Henderson Hall, Pentagon, MCB Henderson Hall, Bethesda and Anacostia/Bolling) and within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

In my current position I have worked on several projects in order to assist veterans with securing employment (Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program HVRP) and (VWIP).

Effective in researching, identifying, and recommending new recruitment venues and techniques.

Department of Veterans Affairs-Washington, DC

July 2006 – April 2011 – 40 hours weekly

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (GS 301-12)

Supervisor: Mrs. Chantile Stovall 202-***-****

Provide excellent customer service to employed and unemployed Veterans.

Implemented decisions in regards to entitlement decisions to determine eligibility of vocational rehabilitation programs.

Examined recruitment analysis and plans to monitor progress of multiple recruitment initiatives.

Analyzed management techniques, processes, and styles for improving organizational effectiveness develop individual written rehabilitation plans, extended evaluation plans, independent living plans, and individual employment assistance plans with veterans that have been deemed eligible to participate in the Chapter 31 program.

Conducted monthly audits to examine progression in the Vocational Rehabilitation program to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Established recommendations to third party vendors for aptitude, skills, and interests assessments to increase recruitment and staffing efficiency.

While working in this capacity, I ensured that veterans that were attending school are paid their subsistence allowance properly during their time of training for the correct number of dependents.

Implemented and evaluated recruitment and marketing efforts for current and future analysis.

Effectively ensured that all Veterans and employers are familiar with OPM recruitment and staffing regulations.

Court Services Offender Supervision Agency – Washington, DC,

November 2004 – July 2006 – 40 hours weekly-Global Positioning Satellite Technician (GPS Tech)

Supervisor: Mr. Paul Brennan 202-***-****

Completed 8-10 GPS intakes per day, which entailed inputting offender information into the internet based website utilized by the system;

Communicated orally or in writing to the offender the purpose for his or her participation in the program.

Trained co-workers and the community about the effectiveness of the GPS equipment;

Maintained equipment from incarcerated clients, deceased clients, and from the homes of clients that removed the equipment.

Maintained an Excel spreadsheet for tracking purposes of the equipment and the offenders that were last assigned to the equipment;

Communicated with outside personnel regarding the GPS program and its effectiveness.

Daily Therapy and Consultation Services – Timonium, MD

May 2003 - July 2004 –25 hours weekly- Therapist/In-home Counselor

Supervisor: Mrs. Mary Johnson-410-***-****

Responsible for completion of weekly residential therapy sessions with adults and children previously diagnosed with mental illness.

Completed initial treatment assessments, individual and family session progress notes that were reviewed weekly;

Provided crisis intervention with the intent of prevention out of residence placement;

Encouraged and interpreted expressive assignments which allowed the child to express their inner feelings about the current or past situations in their lives;

Assisted clients with the rebuilding and acceptance of their past which encouraged transition toward the future.

Ordnance Road Correctional Center – Glen Burnie, MD

January 2002 - November 2004 – 40 hours weekly-Correctional Program Specialist II

Supervisor: Mrs. Catherine Robinson-410-***-****

Effectively managed the House Arrest program, Work Release Program, and Female Housing Unit.

While working on the female housing unit, it was my responsibility to complete custody level assessments for inmates on my caseload, which would determine their security level, request writs of Habeas Corpus for inmates with pending cases in other jurisdictions.

Responsible for monitoring offenders that were afforded the opportunity to serve their sentence in the confines of their own home.

Responsible for ensuring that the offender refrained from alcohol and drug usage while participating in house arrest/work release program.

Effectively complied statistics detailing the number of home visits and jobsite checks on a weekly basis.

Facilitated employment initiatives for inmates with mental health issues, alcohol and drug problems that were fully capable of functioning in society with the assistance of medication on a daily basis.

Completed employment verifications during an inmates work hours, telephone checks to ensure the inmate was actually at work on a weekly basis.

Baltimore County Sheriffs Office – Towson, MD

July 1996 – January 2002 –40 + hours weekly- Deputy Sheriff

Supervisor: Chief Deputy Mike Corrigan-410-***-****

Completed 6-month police academy in an effort to serve summons, writs, body attachment, warrants and ex’parte orders and other court documents;

Executed criminal and civil arrests; collected judgments;

Conducted applicant and other investigations related to sheriffs office and/or other incidents;

Conducted convert and casual observations of people, places, and things;

Maintained security of the court and the judicial employees;

Maintained custody while providing transportation for inmates to and from court proceedings in and out of the county;

Carried and maintained proficiency in the usage of the Ruger p-90 45-caliber automatic handgun and 12-gauge shotgun;

Operated radio-equipped vehicles and other communication devices;

Completed written reports; acted as training officer for probationary Deputy Sheriff; maintained proficiency in CJIS, criminal and civil law, CPR and first aid;

Conducted proper techniques for search and seizure for individuals and property.


Mrs. Marlo Cunningham


Ms. Diane Wilson


Ms. Shayla Mitchell


Mr. Cletis Parker


Typing speed of 50-60 words a minute

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