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Power Plant Shift Commissioning

Talisay, Cebu, Philippines
December 12, 2018

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Cesar B. Ledesma

St. Paul Village Subdivision, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines - 6115

Mobile #: +639********* / Emails add.:


Spouse’s name: Febe E. Ledesma

Children: 4

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 141 lbs

Place of Birth: Isabela, Negros Occidental, Philippines


Certified Plant Mechanic (B.S.M.E. License) 1982

College Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineer 1976

University of San-Agustin, Iloilo City


Philippine Society of mechanical Engineer

Safety Practitioner

Overhauling Coordinator

Training/Seminars Attended:

Microsoft Excel 2003 Level-I, By: New Horizontal Learning Center K.S.A., May 26-30, 2007

Gas Turbine Familiarization, SGT6-3000E (501D5A), July 25, 2007, By: Siemens

GT Operations, SGT6-3000E (W501D5A), Aug. 8, 2007, By: Siemens

Advanced Control Room Operator Application, Aug. 22, 2007, By: Siemens

Turbine Governor Trouble Shooting for Operators, Sept 3, 2007, By: Siemens

HRSG Training Course, By: Doosan of Korea, Dec. 9 – 12, 2004

Basic Opt. Training for GT @ Shangri-La Hotel, Manila –Philippines, Aug. 25 to Sept. 14, 2004

Operator- MMI Course @Erlangen, Germany, Oct. 11 – 15, 2004

Health & Safety Awareness, Feb. 5 – 6, 2005 @ K.S.A.

First Aid/CPR Class, May 13, 2005, AL-Mana Hospital, K.S.A

Safety Excellence Award, Year-2005

Summary of Experience:

I had more than thirty (30) years of experienced in various position in Power Plant Industry. My skills include setting up shift goals, guide individual career, enhance people skills, work planning and implementation, technical writing and documentations, training and development.

I had handled various operations of plant machineries and equipment in Power Industry setting from assembly, installation, erection, and Commissioning stage to Commercial stage, particularly in Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant and Co-Generation Power Plant. Excellent work background in the areas of Plant DCS Operations, Boilers, Steam Turbines, ESP, FGD / Steam Turbine BOP, Ash handling, Limestone Slurry Preparation, Water Treatment, Fuel Oil handling, Coal Handling, Turbo Diesel Generator/ equipment’s/auxiliaries and Management, I had also managed all aspect of Permit to Work, from normal preventive maintenance LOTO to plant wide LOTO during plant outage. I am exposed to multi-cultural working environment having work with different nationalities.

*Specialties: Power Plant Operation and Commissioning, Permit to Work System and Power Plant Lead

Test & Commissioning Advisor.


05/01/2016 to Up to date

Commissioning Lead Operation Supervisor

Pagbilao 420MW UNIT-3 Coal Fired Power Plant


Duties and Responsibilities:

Reviews engineering documents to ensure that the commissioning & startup requirements are accounted for in the design in preparation for Hot and Cold commissioning phases for steam Turbine.

Prepares and keeps up-to-date the pre-commissioning and commissioning execution plans (including the schedule and the mobilization of personnel, equipment and can prepare mechanically Steam Turbine and Auxiliary system during cold commissioning phase, example steam blowing, flushing, setting pressure, cleaning etc.).

Supervises the preparation of the pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures and have knowledge in logic interlocks related to auxiliary system for steam Turbine itself and entire plant.

Supervises the preparation of the performance test procedures and of the operating manuals with the process team. Assists procurement group for the definition of vendor assistance.

Assists subcontract group for the scope definition of work contractors & Prepare PTW/LOTO.

Manages the execution of pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up.

Prepares the commissioning progress reports to the project management and to the commissioning department and execute valves line up in preparation for the startup of Boiler & Steam Turbine.

Coordinates/assist for the following Testing (see below):

- Heat run test for Motors & Pumps.

- Turbine Overspeed Test, Steam Gland Exhauster Fan, Vacuum up, Load up & Load rejection Test.

- Combustion tuning (AH Leakage, Steam Purity, Load Swing Test & etc.

- APC tuning (Ram rate, Pres. Variation, SH outlet temp. variation & RH outlet Temp. Variation)

- Functional Test (Runback, APS Test, BMCR Test, FCB Test & House Load Test)

- Performance Test from 25% to 100% Load @ the same time parallel performance test to FGD

- Reliability Test (CEMS Test and Part Load Confirmation) for 30 days without Plant Tripping.

11/26/2014 to 11/25/2016 Advisory Shift Supervisor (Power Plant Section)

Nghi Son Refinery & Petro-Chemical LLC, Hanoi, Vietnam

Duties and Responsibilities:


Responsible for the operation of the Plant in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with established operating procedures. Actively supervise Shift Supervisor, DCS Operators, Lead operator and Fields operators and foster the safety culture and best practices and support the process Safety Management (PSM) initiatives.


Responsible for the operation of Utility Section including Gas Turbine Generator, Boilers, Steam Turbine Generators, Water supply, Air/Nitrogen, Electrolytic Precipitator, etc. In charge, also for the following duties:

-Responsible for support of Shift Supervisor and supervision of the DCS Operators, Lead Operators, Field Operators together with Shift Supervisor. Works very closely with the Shift Supervisor to convey their instruction to all operators.

-Responsible for continuous evaluation of the operators to ensure that they fully understand and effectively carryout their responsibilities.

-Develop the operation task list, operation rounds and validates the day to day maintenance Plan.

-Ensure permit to work compliance, appropriate job safety analysis and ensure that all equipment’s meets required safety specifications and standards.

-Monitor the operating conditions constantly to ensure the quick resolution of abnormal operational situations.

-In the event of any incidents, evaluates the root causes and determines remedial actions and involves the section Manager, Deputy Manager and Shift Supervisor when necessary.

-Take the Lead in emergency response situations, in close cooperation with the shift supervisor and deputy section manager.

-Administer the shift team, including overtime, leave requests, shift swaps and the vacation schedule as well as monitoring operator training and generating development plans and performance appraisals.

-Participate in the development of training of training programs as well as building up the operation team and ensuring their competence for the task in the assigned area.

Special Assignment:

• Developing Operations (Startup-Shutdown-Normal Operation) procedures for the GTG, HRSG, and


• Developing Operations Procedures for LPG (Vaporizer, Super-heater and Knockout Drum).

• Developing Operations and maintenance Procedures for Flue gas desulphurization Plant (FGD) by

using sea water (wet method).

• Teach trainees in classroom and in the field the newly hire by the company.

8/09/2013 -- 10/01/2013 Lead Test & Commissioning Advisor (RML/EEI as Project EPC)

20MW Maibarara Geothermal Power Plant

Sitio Capuz, San Rafael, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Philippines


As Lead Test and Commissioning Advisor shall provide advisory and/or supervisory services to EEI Commissioning team related to Company’s Scope of Functions in the testing and commissioning activities of 20MW Maibarara Geothermal Power Project but not limited to the following functions:

1. Review the existing Commissioning Table of Organization of the Project and recommend if necessary a more appropriate one consistent with the standard plant systems test and commissioning requirements.

2. Review the existing test & commissioning procedures, guidelines, forms and log sheets and recommend revisions thereof including the design and/or development of new procedures if necessary.

3. Conduct plant walk down inspections of the plant to not only to assess its readiness for the conduct of testing and commissioning activities but also to come up with a punch listing of construction deficiencies and/or operational/maintenance related deficiencies.

4. Identify the Balance of Plant (BOP) pre-commissioning/commissioning activities duration and sequence. Review schedule for implementation.

5. Identify and review handover packages from the Construction Group to the Commissioning Group, and recommend necessary actions to ensure a comprehensive and systematic turnover of plant systems and handover packages.

6. Identify/oversee/monitor the conduct of all functional tests, start-up tests, and plant commissioning including the review, evaluation and acceptance of the test results to assure EEI that these tests were performed in accordance with approved procedures and industry standards.

7. Identify and assist EEI Company commissioning team in generating a procedure that will serve as a warranty / punch list notification to list and track work deficiencies/punch list items and warranty claims including their close-out/resolution of these items.

8. Prepare and establish a punch list tracking system for deficiencies found during pre-commissioning/commissioning activities.

9. Attend commissioning coordination meetings and assist the Commissioning group in ensuring the continuity of the testing activities; and prepare critical commissioning concerns for immediate resolution during meetings with contractors and Owner.

10. Submit weekly accomplishment reports to EEI company Project Manager including the final report at the end of Contract Agreement. Any Consultant’s findings will be submitted to EEI Company immediately and will be documented on its daily reports.

8/25/2004 -- 8/25/2011 Sr. Shift Supervisor

Jubail Energy Company

Jubail Industrial City 31961 K.S.A.

Responsible for leading an Operations Shift Team to ensure the plant meets the required availability, reliability, efficiency, generation and cost targets, safely and within strict environmental limits. This will include responsibility for making accurate and timely decisions on matters affecting plant processes and performance and consulting with the Plant Operations Manager when necessary. Approved and issue the PTW to maintenance Dept. including LTO for work in height, confined space & other work permit involves. Act as presiding officer on morning company meeting and report the 24 hrs. operation activities on the plant. Act as Fire Marshall in case of emergency in the said plant (in case of Fire & Gas leak). Make report for the FF: a) Plant tripping, accident and daily, weekly & monthly Plant performance. Act as training officer for the newly hired personnel. This plant has two units Gas Turbine Model W501DA by Siemens/ Westinghouse & two units Heat Recovery Steam Generator by Doosan of Korea. Each unit have each own Auxiliaries like Wet Compression Pump, Compressor Blade washing Pump, Water Injection Pump, Fuel Gas Compressor, Duct Burner, Demin Plant Water treatment station, Nitrogen Gas station, Auxiliary (4.16 kV) & Main Transformer (230kV), Stationary Diesel Engine for emergency use only (2x500Kilowatt), Feed Water Booster pump, Chemical Sampling Station, Phosphate & Chemical Pump, Auxiliary oil Pump, Mist Eliminator, Main oil Pump, Emergency oil Pump, Jacking oil Pump, Starting Motor ; C.T. Intake Pulse Air compressor & Instrument air compressor.

8/11/2003 -- 3/31/2004 Project Manager

Energy and Aviation Support Corporation

No. 3 Lizares Ave. Bacolod City Negros Occidental, Philippines

In-charge for the 400 psig steam piping modification for the ff: boilers, JTA# 2 (stm. rate of 154,000 lbs/hr.), Yoshimine (125,000 lbs/hr.), Riley# 4 (120,000 lbs/hr.), Riley#1 (120,000 lbs/hr.), Riley#3 (120,000 lbs/hr.), Riley#2 (120,000 lbs/hr.) & JTA#2 ( 154,000 lbs/ hr.). This project is worth 18,000,000 pesos in a turnkey basis. The steam that produces of every boiler is to generate the ff: machine, Siemens Turbine (6,500kw), Turbine “A” (300kw), Turbine “B” (800kw), Turbine “C” (1,100kw), & Turbine “D” (900kw) @ 400psig, Temp. 620 F and 250psig, Temp.450F respectively. Boilers Riley#2 & JTA#2 steam produces are supplied to Mill “A” w/ capacity of 25,000 canes tons/hr. and boilers Riley#1 & Riley# 3 steam produces are supplied to Mill “C” w/ capacity of 10,000 canes tons/hr. The main purpose of this steam piping modification is to reduce pressure drop from 20% to 2.43% from existing boilers to Power Generation station (Power House).

6/12/2002 -- 12/28/2002 Commissioning Shift Operator

Stone and Webster Engr. Co./Marzulex

Pha Lai 2 Power Station Pha Lai, Vietnam

Involve in operation & maintenance as Commissioning Shift Operator both local & control room for the following Equipment’s: Wet flue gas desulphurization, booster fan, wash water mist eliminator, absorber sump pump, vacuum belt filter or dewatering, oxidation air compressor, lime stone slurry preparations and Stationary Diesel Generator/Equipments/auxiliaries (Standby Units, 3x800Kw capacity).

3/15/2000 -- 9/30/2000 Commissioning Engineer

Hitachi Works, Hitachi Ltd.

Sucursal Del Peru, Carretera Costanera Km. 26 Ilo-Peru

Assist the Documentation Controller with the development of Commissioning Acceptance Forms and QA/QC criteria for all sets of equipment.

Supervise all pre-commissioning and start-up activities of equipment.

Attending commissioning progress meetings when required by PPS Commissioning Manager.

Assisting OWNER Mechanical Staff for taking over maintenance of equipment.

Interlock – Sequence testing base on Logic Diagram for Turbine and Generator or Boiler, Turbine and Generator group.

Carry out Operational Loop & Function Testing according to Operational requirements.

Coordinate the operation safety officer for PTW matter and safety clearance certification.

Operate for Gland steaming, Vacuum-up test, over speed testing, Load swing test and other testing to be made in the main steam turbine.

01/19/1996 -- 10/31/1998 AG&P Honiron Division

2nd Tacoma Street

Port Area, Manila City, Philippines

Assigned to Negros Occidental, Philippines as Project OIC to Distiller Bago Inc., for installation of Package type boiler with steam rate of 50 tons/hour and Steam Turbine with the capacity of 4.5 MW (extraction type). In charge of this project from civil works to commissioning with 105 workers and acting HR manager to JTA Boilers project in Central Hawaiian Company & Lacarlota milling company.

10/21/1994 -- 11/17/1995 Turbine Commissioning

Marubeni Engineering

Lagos Nigeria, West Africa, 917

Undertake work supervision in Overhauling of steam Turbine Auxiliaries, especially Condensate Extraction Pump, Booster Pumps, Boiler Feed Pumps, Closed Circuit Cooling Water Pumps, Circulating Water Pumps and main and Auxiliary Oil Pumps.

In-charge of Supervision in Calibration of Pressure Switches, Level switches, Limit Switches, temperature Switches, Pressure Gauges and Temperature gauges.

In-charge of supervision and instruction for proper operation, especially start-up and shut-down operation of 10 Units Steam Turbine, 220 MW capacities each Units.

12/18/1991 -- 02/20/1993 Power Plant Shift (Supervising Engineer)

Hitachi Work Ltd

Pulau Seraya, Singapore

Instruct the proper operation and maintenance, in putting into service three units 250 MW Steam Turbine Power Generating and each accessory, to the newly hired Operators for Stage II Power Station at Pulau Seraya, Singapore.

In-charge from start-up and Shut down operation of 250 MW Thermal Generating Power Plant and each accessory at Pulau Seraya Stage- II for Public Utility Board (PUB), Singapore.

In-charge for the Pre-commissioning of auxiliaries equipments (Performed Heat run testing for motors & Pumps and others auxiliaries).

05/30/1989 -- 12/10/1991 Power Plant Shift In-Charge

DAE Sugar Milling Company

Talisay City, Negros Occidental

In-charge of the repair, maintenance and operation of 11 units’ boilers, 5 unit’s steam turbine and stationary diesel generators / Equipments/auxiliaries (2x 600 kW capacities). This Equipments is to support power for the off & milling season of the said company.

09/01/1988 -- 04/29/1989 Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Foreman


P.O. Box 389 Angola, West Africa

In-charge of the repair and maintenance of 5-unit’s stationary diesel, stationary engine to support power in Barrio Kafunfo and diamond mine refinery. This unit has a capacity of 600 KW each unit with rated RPM of 3,600.

08/20/1987 -- 08/17/1988 Commissioning Power Plant Operator


P.O. Box 14 Nagasaki, Japan

Commissioning operational in-charge for MHI Ltd. …Qurrayah KSA…3X600MW (Steam turbine, Oil Fired boilers + Desalination, Cathodic Protection, Condensing Polishing Plant + Chlorination Plant + Fire Fighting Station + Fuel Oil Station & 5x800kW capacity Stationary Diesel Engine/equipments).

08/31/1986 -- 02/26/1987 Turbine Operator

Kongsberg Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 11144, Jeddah 21453 K.S.A.

In charge of the parts assembly, Fuel nozzle calibration and maintenance of gas turbine with the capacity of 50 MW. This gas turbine is the one which support power in the Royal Air Base especially in MODA and its radar System.

07/31/1985 -- 06/16/1986 Master Mechanic

Kafou Corporation

P.O. Box.790, ABHA, K.S.A.

In charge of the repair and maintenance of 9 unit’s stationary diesel generator/equipment’s/auxiliaries, with the capacity of 10 megawatts each. And three units’ gas turbine with the capacity of 50 megawatts each. The said equipments has respectively Man & Westinghouse in brand to which it is use to support power lighting in the whole South Region of Saudi Arabia (SCECO).

05/23/1985 -- 07/30/1986 Power Plant Senior Mechanic/Diesel and Turbine

Dacongcogon Sugar and Milling Company

Tabugon, Kabankalan City, NegrosOccidental

In-charge of the repair and preventive maintenance schedule of 3 unit’s stationary diesel engine/equipment’s/auxiliaries which has a capacity of 800 kw and two is 500 KW each. This unit is to support power during off-milling season operation. And three units’ steam turbine which has a capacity of 500 kw each two units, and one unit of I mega watts. This unit support power during milling season.

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