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Supply chain & operations Director

December 10, 2018

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Amged Abdallah Khalil – MBA


Supply chain operations Director with excellent track record in supply chain and operations management, successfully improving efficiency, reducing operating costs and increasing performance.

Extensive experience in planning and management of projects and resources in an effective and efficient manner, within tight timeframe and budget.

Highly focused with solid experience of logistics, procurement and the different areas of the supply chain as well as projects management.

Demonstrated high capability to achieve and beat the targets set in both supply chain and projects.

Proven ability to examine existing systems and processes and develop substantial improvements.

Highly capable of evaluating, training, motivating and leading large teams of employees.

Experienced in client relationship management.

Recognized as a highly efficient and creative problem solver.

Proven capability to successfully handle challenging positions, making best use of existing skills, experience and best practices.


Supply Chain Management, Projects Management, operations Management, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning & Cost Control, Procurement and Logistics Management, Warehouse Management, Inventory Control and Reduction, Quality Control, Staff Development and Leadership, Client Relations.


Savola Foods Group: Nov 2006 – present:

Dec 2016 – present: Supply Chain operations Director, Savola Edible oils (Sudan)

Nov 2009 – Nov 2016: Supply Chain operations Manager, Alexandria Sugar Company (ASC, Savola Foods Group – Egypt Division)

Nov 2006 – Nov 2009: Supply Chain operations Manager, in savola behshar Co. (subsidiary of Savola Foods Group – Iran Division).

Kuwait Food Company (Americana) – Iran Division.

Jan 2004 – Nov. 2006: Factory Manager, Americana – Iran Division.

Egyptian British Company (Galina) - Sep 1998 – Dec 2003.

July 2000 – Dec. 2003: Production Manager.

May 1999 – July 2000: Production Assistant.

September 1998 – May1999: Shift Head Engineer.

Supply chain operations Director Roles & responsibilities:

Managing the following sections:

Edible oils Refinery operations

Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical & instrumentation, utility).

Warehouses (Raw materials, crude oil, finished goods, spare parts, scrap) & outbound logistics.

Procurement & inbound logistics.

Planning Department.

New projects.

Roles & responsibilities :

Manage the effective achievement of Supply Chain Department objectives through the leadership of the Plant– setting individual objectives, managing performance, developing and motivating staff, provision of formal and informal feedback and appraisal – in order to maximize subordinate and the performance of the Plant.

Prepare and recommend the Supply Chain Department budget and monitor financial performance versus the budget so that the business is aware of anticipated costs/revenues, and areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified, rectified promptly and potential performance improvement opportunities are capitalized upon and to ensure cost effectiveness & efficient.

Participate in improvements to Supply Chain Department policy and direct the implementation of procedures and controls covering all areas of Plant activity so that all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective service

Manage the day-to-day operations of Supply chain to ensure that work processes are implemented as designed and comply with established policies, processes and procedures

Lead the Sales and Operations planning process to set production plan matched with the demand plan, direct production requirements by leading the development of the plan, implement accurate purchasing processes, monitoring execution of the plan & monitoring quality to ensure business targets are met.

Develop the inventory strategy and plan to maintain the capital work at healthy level, by coordinate the activities between Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing in Raw material and packaging sourcing,Production line scheduling, Communication of expectations, Integration of finished goods inventories with the sales forecast, to make the production flow map proceed smoothly and in a time.

Develop technological advancement “system” in Supply Chain Planning to keep them updated and reflected positively on the manufacturing process.

Ensure that all activities are monitored and regulatory compliance audits and inspections are conducted for an effective implementation of regulatory standards

Plan and supervise the implementation of department’s projects to ensure that the project cycle is completed, meeting agreed project parameters (cost budget, timelines, scope and quality), standards and objectives

Ensure compliance to all relevant safety and environmental management procedures and controls across the supply chain Department to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude

Stimulate subordinates and contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of section systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement

Main Achievements:

1-Commissioning of the new installed edible oil refinery with total capacity of 400 TPD.

2-Adjusting the supply chain Department organization chart and adding the missing roles to stabilize the operations and ensure career paths is allowed in all areas.

3-Increase CM1 by Decrease direct material cost related to oil losses down to 3%.

4-Increase packing lines efficiency OEE to achieve 62% Vs 44% LY.

5-Increase refinery OEE 82% VS 73%LY.

6-Decrease MOH costs with almost .

Supply Chain Operations Manager - Savola Group – EGYPT :

Managed the planning & Budget control activities for the construction of beet sugar factory project with beet entry capacity 9000 tons of beet with capital expenditure around 185 M Euros – in Egypt including all activities related to Engineering, construction, Equipment procurement, Erections, commissioning & startup.

Established constant and accurate monitoring of planning schedules, budget and cost control, continuously developing corrective measures to ensure achievement of targets. Led effectively the Quality initiatives, including ISO certification and TQM, to deliver best in class performance from the site team.

Managed and administrated the critical contracts like the 2nd hand equipment (12M €), dismantling and transportation contract (17.7M€), project management contract (6.2M€), etc.

Managed all the production & demand planning activities.

Reporting all the Factory KPIs related to capacity utilization, reliability & OEE.

Establish annual operating plans & annual capital expenditure plans.

Manage the scrap disposal cycle with co-ordination of finance & legal Departements.

Direct involvement and strong participation in imbibing HSE performance culture in the plant.

Managed setting up the warehousing system ( oracle) for beet sugar factory related to Spare parts warehouse, consumables, chemicals & finished goods stores with total capacity around 160,000 tons.

Successful management of inbound & outbound logistics related to the raw materials & finished goods and waste disposal contracts as well as internal factory logistics.

Supply chain Manager - Savola Group – IRAN :

Commissioned and operated the Retail packing unit for fine sugar and broken cone products for savola group in Iran during the period from 2006 -2009 market with, Factory capacity 120,000 MT/year, expandable to 200,000 MT/ year. Achieved vertical startup of operations with efficiency 90% and production reliability 81%.

Launched new packaging material in Iran Market PE packs leading to cost reduction in BOM.

Successfully maintained high level of motivation; drove the development of the teams. Led the Lean Manufacturing and cost-reduction through efficiency and productivity improvement to deliver better conversion costs year on year.

Achieved better sugar quality than Iran standard (45 ICUMSA sugar color EEC2 quality while Iran standard was 60 ICUMSA color instead as well other quality parameters like ASH.

Worked on the savings-project like decreasing the loss of the cone breaking machine and increase the capacity to 1 ton/hr instead of 250 kg/hr.

Direct involvement and strong participation in imbibing HSSE performance culture in the plant.

Achieved learning the Persian language, I am talking and writing Persian language.

Successful management of the local procurement, warehousing stock levels of the raw materials / finished goods and related logistics, technical services (Maintenance & Repair).

Factory Manager- Meat Division - Americana – IRAN:

Handled all the Operations of meat and poultry processed products factory in Iran, Factory capacity: 3600 MT/year – Managed supervision of the production lines of meat and poultry processing and developing of the Recipes.

Successfully Managed Half fried product lines:(Nuggets, Burgers, fillets).

Successfully Managed Cooked Products Lines: Luncheons – Sausages – Hams – Mortadela).

Successfully managed Packing methods: Can packing – Vacuum packing – Skin packaging.

Launched Americana product in Iran retail market branded Super star.

Applied efficiently team-work-method with clear job descriptions and career path

Achieved factory breakeven point by almost doubling the production capacity through improvement of factory reliability.

Achieved the Highest sales award since commissioning the factory in March 2006.

Stabilized the product quality and applied suppliers quality control scheme, add new investment (combi-grinders with bone sorter Equipment).

Provided on job training in Food Technology and Food Security Programs & training program for supervisors who work in slaughter Houses in poultry & meat processing.


Communication: Effective communicator with excellent perception, judgment and listening ability to ensure understanding at all levels.

Problem solving: Resolves issues in a methodical manner independently and with internal and external business partners to develop appropriate resolutions efficiently.

Team Player coupled with Leadership: Enjoys sharing knowledge and encouraging development of others in the team and organization to achieve collective goals. Acute capabilities to convince and influence others to provide maximum efforts towards the specific objectives set.

Planning and organizing: Refined planning and organizational skills that balance work, team support and ad-hoc responsibilities in a timely and professional manner.

Systems knowledge: Oracle & others. Experience in producing and analyzing reporting data to guide and support decision-making accurately and to timescales.


Operations & Supply chain Management :

a)10 years of solid experience as Plant Manager / Supply chain for sugar retail packing plant in savola foods - Iran Division with good knowledge of Farsi language, and then moving within the same company in mega project in Egypt ( Beet sugar factory ) with capital expenditure of 200 Million Euros, overlooking planning & Budgeting of all the projects activities including Engineering, civil& steel structure fabrication & erection, Equipment purchasing and erection, Electrical & instrumentation purchasing and erection, DCS system, infra-structure, etc…

b)8 years’ experience in meat & poultry processing products as factory Manager Handling production, production planning, Maintenance & repair, warehousing, Q.C in Kuwait food Co.( Americana) whom owns 600+ restaurants as well as 35 factories in various food products meat & poultry - canned foods & fruits, with full knowledge of HACCP systems.

c)2 years leading the whole supply chain operations for edible oil factory – savola foods Sudan with total refining capacity of 700 MT/ day ( 225 MT/ year), with total revenue of almost 110 M USD achieving volume growth of almost 20%, implementing TPM, elevating the factory safety standards and commissioning and startup of new refinery with total capacity of 400 MT/ Day.

Projects Management:

12 years’ experience in project realization, commissioning and plant start-up / initial-operation.

a)Involvement in preparation and definition of project scope of work, its financial plan, goals and deliverables. Managed assignment of responsibilities and identify the resources requirements. Prepared the overall budget file and perform cost control throughout the project.

b)Extensive experience in the following areas:-

1.Identification and selection of key role players for delegation of appropriate assignments, to ensure optimum utilization of available abilities and appropriate selections.

2.Manage communications with suppliers and contractors/consultants to promote effective working relationship.

3.Manage planning and organizing of project activities and surrounding arrangements.

4.Overall coordination to ensure timely outputs and successful completion of project goals.

5.Manage tracking of procurement together with the works performed on site.

6.Manage critical-thinking workshops of the different disciplines for problem-solving and decision-making process.

7.Manage project teams to cope with stressing situations to adapt with unforeseen situations.

8.Manage resolution of conflicts to ensure smooth interactions among the project teams.

9.Manage the follow up / tracking of project documents to monitor project status and performance throughout, including quality of process and outputs.

10.Manage the commissioning and start up. Manage provisional and final acceptance procedures and handing over / taking over. Coordinate the job closure process, manage the settlement of financial issues and documentation of the lessons learned process.


2013 – MBA in Supply Chain Management – Arab Academy for Science & Technology (AAST), with grade excellent GPA: 3.9.

1998 – Alexandria University – BSC in Agriculture Science Major in Agriculture Engineering, Grade Good, graduated from language school (EBS) in 1994.


September 2000 - Certified Professional Food Manager – National Assessment Institute concerning The ( HACCP ) program, The planning & implementation & documentation & data analysis & Verification of the program, dealing also with food microbiology & safe Food recipes accompanied by complete training program to people who Work in handling food.


Dec -2017 – certified production and inventory Management ( CPIM)

Dec-2017 – coaching

Sep-2017 – creativity and customer focus ( Brand New Guestology)

Oct 2011: Job evaluation (Hays program).

June 2011: value Management &lean manufacturing

May 2010: Strategic influencing program by AMA/MCE (American management association).

Dec 2007: Finance for non-finance professionals program by Meric training & consulting.

Training on the IBM system ( integrated business management)

June 2002 – Management training Program (Effective communication skills) by Career Development and Consultations Academy.

May 2000 – to now: Attending workshops & lectures by Agriculture Led Export & Business (ALEB), American project, on food safety, Sanitation Programs and enhancing Egyptian exportation.



Arabic: Mother tongue -English: Excellent - French: fair - Farsi : Good.


Residence : Alexandria, Egypt

Telephone: 002***********, 002*********** – Egypt.

Private Email: ;

Business Email:

Nationality: Egyptian.


Will be supplied upon request.

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