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Darron D Smith

Cleveland, Ohio, 44120, United States
December 06, 2018

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The objectives, goals, and outcomes for our sustainable agriculture are:

• Provide locally grown produce.

We will provide locally grown produce to the community by rotating our crops and growing vegetables and fruit that are in season. We will have a work/share program that will allow participants to pay for their fruits and vegetables by committing to work in the gardens each week. We will also have a few different payment options for the amount of vegetables that will come in your box.

• Enhance environmental quality.

By rotating our crops and growing a cover crop when the fields aren’t growing fruits or vegetables we will be enhancing the soil quality. We will also be partnering with local farms to trade our fruits and vegetables for manure to help fertilize the soil for the coming grow season. Our crops will be grown without pesticides or other chemicals, instead we’ll use other plants to ward off insects and weeds along with volunteers to weed and care for the crops.

• Sustain the economic viability of agriculture.

Since we are a small, sustainable farm we will have to limit the number of people that our farm can sustain. By figuring out how many people we can feed from the size of our farm we will be able to charge those individuals accordingly. We plan on starting out small so for the first few years we’ll be developing and refining our practices. This will keep our initial investment and overhead to a minimum. The following years we will be able to increase our garden sizes and offer more and varied fruits and vegetables.

• Enhance the quality of life for the community.

By providing fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables that are locally grown without any pesticides or chemicals we will be offering good wholesome and nutritious food to the community. By buying locally this will lower the carbon footprint of the community and will be doing our little part to make this world a healthier and more sustainable environment. Soil

Get a pedologist to check the source of what type of contamination and what to be done

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