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Overland Park, Kansas, United States
November 29, 2018

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An RF Planning & Optimization Engineer with extensive and diverse technical experience in a highly competitive environment with an ability to use initiative, develop ideas and manage successful completion of projects undertaken. Experience includes Huawei, Ericsson & Motorola Equipment, Samsung in high traffic networks.



Address: 8010-2 Verona Residencial, Tijuana, BC.

Nationality: Nigerian, Mexican

Phone 619-***-****, +521**********



Teamwork oriented, creative, innovative, with effective communication & presentation skills

Possess good analytical, organizational and interpersonal skills.

Optimization and Support on several wireless Standards; GSM, WCDMA, LTE and VOLTE.

Very good knowledge and experience on cell and frequency planning tools like TEMS, Map Info, Asset, Google Earth, OPTIMI XACP and XAFP, ATOLL, UNET.

Excellent working knowledge of Optimization and Troubleshooting tools like TEMS Investigation, TEMS Discovery, MCOM, RNO, FMA, Actix, COP, Arieso, Wireshark, NEO, SON, WindCatcher, Truecall, IRIS.

Excellent working knowledge of Reporting tools such as OLIPHANT, TOAD, FACT, MARS, ITK, BO, COPS, RADAR, SMART, PRTS, Tableau, NG1.

Good working understanding of Motorola OMC-R, Ericsson OSS and Huawei IMANAGER, LMT, U2000, Samsung LSM.

Good understanding of end-to-end issues on cellular networks.

Very broad understanding of KPI interpretation and various radio fine-tuning and optimization techniques.

Programing languages basic skills in C, C++.


Global Technology Associates August 2018 – Present


Sprint – Overland Park, Kansas (Central Region)

SME POC responsible for driving and supporting Minnesota, North Wisconsin and Milwaukee Volte rollout / optimization project.

Conducting technical trainings for regional engineers, to build team’s technical capacity on Volte Signatures, Audio Gap, Optimization techniques, Features, parameters and Optimization tools.

Traffic management trials and recommendations to improve Volte MOS, Audio GAPs, RF Quality, Accessibility and Retainability.

Deep dive analysis on specific signatures; Discovered 502 Bad Gateway failure was due to Create Bearer Failure during HO, issue resolved with a new patch on nodes.

Deep dive analysis on specific scenarios like Inactivity Timer Expiring during SIP Session Setup; Resolved issue with trail and implementation of Service Specific Inactivity Timer.

Day to day optimization of worst offenders, and getting resolution with local RF.

Analysis / Fine Tuning/ Optimization and benchmarking of cluster drives in preparation for volte launch.

Features and parameters settings test to help improve performance.

CellSenal April 2018 – July 2018

Senior RF Consultant 3g/LTE/Volte (ERICSSON)

AT&T Mexico

Optimization Consultant responsible for the CellSenal Optimization Services Contract trial for Ericsson regions (1 and 2) in AT&T Mexico.

Network wide parameter audits and resolution of discrepancies.

Recommendation and implementation of features, and optimized parameter settings to improve network performance.

ANR Parameters optimization, ULFSS Activation, Flow of Users optimization to match current network user traffic trend.

Layer management audits, analysis and recommendations to help improve network performance.

High capacity settings recommendations and implementations

URA implementation which involved; features audits, URA definitions. LAC-RAC audits, and implementation scheduling.

Optimization of Region 1 and 2 KPI set: (Accessibility, Retainability, Throughput, Mobility, NQI, KPIS.)

Knowledge sharing and coaching of regional engineers on optimization approach.

Creation of weekly reports to show the AT&T Director, CellSenal’s gains and approach to optimizing the network.

ERICSSON Aug 2017 – April 2018

Senior RF Consultant LTE/Volte (ERICSSON)

Telcel Mexico

Optimization Consultant responsible for the Optimization/Monitoring of Telcel Region 4 (Nuevo Leon) KPI set: (Accessibility, Retainability, Throughput, Mobility, QI, RADAR KPIS.)

Day to day optimization of worst performing cells, to attain the agreed KPI SLA.

RF Shaping to help balance traffic, to improve quality levels and ensure adequate use of available resources.

Research/Investigation and presentation of issues affecting network performance, with use of systems logs and L3 messages when required.

Proposals and test of features, parameters to improve network performance.

Responsible for transfer of knowledge to the region team, and intermediary consultant ensuring smooth relation between Ericsson and Telcel R4.

High capacity cells optimization and implementation of high cap settings to further improve the performance.

ANR parameters optimization to improve overall mobility, retainability.

RADAR KPIs optimization such as UL Quality, DL Quality, LTE Retention. Etc.

Volte readiness audits on parameter, features. To ensure sites are ready from RF aspects.

Organizing / Mapping of drive routes and analysis of initial Volte drive test (Short and Long calls.

Analysis and tuning of drives routes, to improve CQI, SINR to ensure better MOS.

PCAP files analysis for drop/access failures using Wireshark, Anritsu.

Test of features like ULFSS on Volte QCIs 1 & 5 to improve overall voice quality.

Optimization of day to day volte worst cells.

AMDOCS Feb 2016 – Jan 2017

Senior RF Consultant 3G/LTE (ERICSSON)

Claro Brazil

Troubleshooting and Resolution of OyM and Optimization issues related to network KPIs (Accessibility, Retainability, Throughput, Availability, and Mobility).

Raising and resolution of Trouble Tickets related to OyM, OTM, NOC, and CAP issues.

In-depth research and presentation of issues affecting network performance, with use of systems logs and L3 messages when required.

Per ROP (15 Minutes) monitoring of the network, and resolving or escalating any degradation observed on the Network with high importance on Accessibility and Retainability KPIs.

Support market in VIP events such as the Visit of the Pope, F1 Race; maintaining the KPIs and ensuring availability.

Categorization and resolution of weekly worst cells. This involves investigating each case, identifying the problem, resolving the issues or raising the issues with Claro for further resolution

Attend to VIP complaints raised by customer to Claro.

Responsible for new sites acceptance (KPI monitoring, alarms and parameter audits of the new sites). Discrepancies found are resolved, Swap Feeder Issues, RET issues etc and OyM related issues are escalated and followed till resolved.

Ensure project KPIs are meet, in line with signed project deliverables.

Mentoring/Leading of team engineers to improve skills level required for the project.

Optimizing and resolving problems created from new RNC borders after rehoming of sites, this involves fine tuning of parameters and redesigning of coverage area to improve dominance.

Implementation and monitoring of new features to help improve performance such as pdcchpower boost to improve throughput.

Traffic balancing aimed at improving KPIs to ensure proper utilization of PRB and CCE, thus reducing congestion.

Troubleshooting of VSWR, RSSI, Antenna issues to help improve performance.

Neighbor relation analysis; resolve HO failures due to configuration issues or ANR failure.

AMDOCS Nov 2015 – Jan 2016

Senior RF Consultant 3G/LTE (ERICSSON)

Telcel Mexico

Troubleshooting and Resolution of OyM issues related to network KPIs (Accessibility, Retainability, Throughput, Availability, and Mobility).

Attending and Resolution of Trouble Tickets arising from FMX, Region etc.

Detect network degradations and resolve immediately if related to OyM issues.

Support Region to resolve OyM issues escalated to Calidad de Red.

Attend to VIP complaints raised by CDD.

Support in high traffic events, ensure 100% availability, acceptable Accessibility and Retainability during events.

Ensure project KPIs are meet, in line with signed project deliverables.

Support in field checks on OyM issues where support is needed by field engineer checking the case.

CELCITE - AMDOCS May 2013 – October 2015

Senior RF Consultant 3G/LTE (ERICSSON)

Telcel Mexico

Optimization consultant responsible for the Optimization/Monitoring of Telcel Region 1 KPI set: (Accessibility, Retainability, Throughput, Mobility….)

Responsible for interfacing with Region and Amdocs Triage team to ensure optimum support for hardware related issues.

Daily optimization of worst performing cells to ensure they meet KPI benchmark.

Implementation of new features, trials of new parameter values all aimed at improving the KPIs.

Parameter audits and resolution of discrepancies, IRAT parameter tuning, BSIC, BCCH checks and correction of discrepancies.

Pre-Launch of new sites, activities include (Parameter audits, Neighbor Scrub, Traffic balancing, initial tuning to meet KPIs).

Capacity Analysis and recommendations (DL Codes/DL Pwr/CE) to reduce the congestion at Cell/NodeB level.

RF Shaping activities, involving (E/M tilt, antenna height, azimuth adjustments, antenna type) recommendations. Aimed at improving Network Quality Index.

RFDS fine tuning using Atoll, Arieso to improve the quality of the network.

Optimize plan to produce best values for RSRP, RSRQ, Dominance, throughput.

Validate drive test foot print against design coverage, and fine tune to get the desired foot print.

Fine tune parameters to improve KPIs, such as A3offset to help improve HO in cases of ping pong occurrence.

Traffic Balancing between Carriers (F1/F2/F3) and co-located LTE sites, and applying layer management techniques, features to ensure adequate use of resource.

Network Performance Improvement using Quality Index per Cluster based on RADAR KPIs, analyzing and recommendations to improve the performance.

Attending to and Assisting region with complains and concerns they may have regarding network performance.

Knowledge sharing, and mentoring of customer engineers in features, parameters, optimization processes to improve performance.

Parameter tuning to reduce MP Load on the RNCs, channel switching to improve overall performance.

Optimization of TAC/LAC border cells improve performance and reduce location updates.

Optimize rehomed cells, ensure designed borders are properly selected to improve performance.

Ericsson GSC Mexico March 2012 – March 2013

Services Engineer Experienced – 3G/LTE/VOLTE Optimization Engineer

Projects (ERICSSON)

AT&T Virginia (Norfolk, Richmond)

Tuning activities of LTE clusters for Virginia market.

Retainability analysis for all categories of calls which include Packet Switch Data Only (PSDO), Packet Switch Data Voice (PSDV), Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT).

Accessibility analysis for all categories of calls which include Packet Switch Data Only (PSDO), Packet Switch Data Voice (PSDV), Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT).

Time on LTE analysis to identify coverage holes, and redesign plan to improve issue.

Creation of GNG (go no go) report showing all issues, and recommendations for solving all issues in the clusters.

Checking KPIs and optimizing parameters related to cell reselection, Intra/Inter/IRAT handovers, CSFB, power Control, Random Access, MIMO etc.

LTE network capacity and traffic analysis based on statistical data, mapping of CQI, SINR, RSRP and RSRQ and others.

Coordinate & mentor GSC market engineers on project deliverables, optimization techniques.

Verizon –Volte Project New York City

Launch activities for the Volte Launch project in New York City.

Feature audit checks to ensure all the major features are activated, like Multiple Radio Bearers per User feature, S1 Forwarding, QOS Aware Scheduler etc.

SIP signaling analysis using the PCAP files, analysis of SIP Registration Failure Ratio if any and Registration time.

Session Setup Success, Session Completion Success (Drop Call Rate), Session Completion Failure ratio for MT, MO and LC analysis using Wireshark.

Parameter checks and optimization per Operation Defined Guidelines, like SIP Registration timer parameters, rlcmode etc.

SRVCC feature check and analysis, analyze messaging over Sv interface, and continuity of session success.

QoS setting and performance checks, ensure QCIs are mapped correctly with best performances as per golden standard.

AT&T Tennessee (Knoxville/Memphis/Louisville/Nashville)

Parameter audit to ensure all parameters are set per the RNDCIQ.

Peg all sites with Service affecting alarms, integrated but not audited, sites with CSRF issues and UL RSSI issues. If more than 20% of the cells in the cluster are affected, reschedule drive until fixed.

Analyze IFHO issues; ensure there is a smooth HO from 5 MHz to 10 MHz sites and vice versa.

Retainability analysis for all categories of calls which include Packet Switch Data Only (PSDO), Packet Switch Data Voice (PSDV), Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT).

Accessibility analysis for all categories of calls which include Packet Switch Data Only (PSDO), Packet Switch Data Voice (PSDV), Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT).

Time on LTE analysis for Data Only sessions.

Call Setup time analysis for Data Voice only sessions.

Reselection time analysis for Data Only session.

Creation of GNG (go no go) report showing all issues, and recommendations to solve all issues in the clusters.

Defense of report with customer, explaining reasons for the problems and justifying each recommendation to fix the problems.

MTS Canada

Generate, propose to customer the KPIs and KPI formulas used for the initial tuning process and thereafter implement these KPIs.

Generate and test, drive test scripts used for the cluster drives to ensure each KPI has enough raw counters.

Parameter audit of sites before every drive, Power settings, Antenna configurations, implemented PCIs, Azimuth, Hand over parameters etc.

Indebt cluster analysis, and fine tuning of KPIs which include Retainability, Mobility, Accessibility, Throughput, and Time on LTE.

Profess recommendations for poor performing clusters.

Creation of Cluster analysis report after every drive showing problems and recommendations to solve all problems.

Discussion with customer on every report, explain problems and solutions. And ensure acceptance of report by customer.

Ensure all clusters meet the KPI benchmark in time for market launch and maintain a satisfactory performance after launch.

AT&T North Carolina Market

Verify sites are RF ready (no alarms, no Tx issues) after receiving from integration team.

Parameter audits of newly integrated LTE sites after being handed over by integration team, audits include; Golden Parameters Scrub, PCI Audit, LAC TAC Audit.

Co-ordination of Drive Test teams for Health Checks, SSD drive tests, SSV drive tests.

Analysis of SSD (Site Shake Down) drive Log files, this covers;

-Stationary test analysis to ensure site meets the UL/DL desired throughput

-Based on the 2x2Mimo used, check Tx-Delta is within required range.

-Mobility Test (Inter Site) to confirm HOs, observed PCIs and Azimuths.

-Mobility test (Intra Site/IRAT).

-Verify CSRF (cross sector redundancy feature).

Creation of SSD Reports to show if site passed or failed SSD test. If passed; approve for lunch. And escalating to the appropriate teams if site fails SSD test. Update site pass/fail status on ERTT (Tracker).

Analysis of SSV log files this covers;

- Mobile throughput analysis.

-Mobility analysis.

- Quality plots analysis for RSRP, RSRQ, and SNR.

-Time on LTE analysis.

-PS Drops and RRC Call Setup Failure analysis.

-MO CSFB Success analysis.

Creation of SSV (Single Site Verification) reports for lunched sites highlighting problem areas and making tuning recommendations to fix problem areas.

Indebt Analysis of lunched clusters, with drive test logs and UETR Hasati events.

Creation of GNG Lite Analysis Report in respect to network KPIS such as RETAINABILITY, ACCESSIBILTY, INTERGRITY, TROUGHPUT, and MOBILITY.

Parameter optimization to ensure high LTE camp time. Optimize CSFB parameters to ensure session continuity for voice calls.

Nokia Siemens Networks Nigeria April 2011 – Dec 2011

MVIOS RF Optimization/Planning Consultant


MTN West Africa Projects (HUAWEI SYSTEM, BSC6000 and BSC6900, ERICSSON SYSTEM)

Continued same activities from job assignment in Motorola Nigeria


BTS Site Outage Impact Analysis

Coverage Remediation

Location Area Design and Optimization

Overshooting Remediation

Growth Planning

Motorola Nigeria Limited Nov 2007 – March 2011

Projects & Positions

MVIOS RF Optimization/Planning Consultant – MTN West Africa Projects (HUAWEI SYSTEM, BSC6000 and BSC6900, ERICSSON SYSTEM)

Configuration and Connection of MVIOS Platform to the Abis interface on PDH and SDH systems.

Collection of Measurement Reports (MRs) for analysis via Probe and OSS. OSS collection using M2000 and RNO.

Addition of test frequencies and test neighbor rotation for AFP (Automatic Frequency Plan) generation using LMT for Huawei, Command Handling and OPS.

Network audit prior to frequency plan upload.

Implementation of Frequency Plan on Huawei Nodes using IMANAGER/LMT and CNA for Ericsson.

Analysis of network status, fine tuning (Neighbor Add/Delete, Frequency Retune) adjustment of network parameter, benchmarking and report generation

Optimization of Daily Worse Performing Cells with regards to DCR, SDCCH BLOCKING, TCH CONGESTION, HOSR, CSSR and other performance KPI.

Analyze Drive test logs (Field Test) and proffer solutions for the network’s coverage issues, quality issues, poor Handover success rate; Drop call rate and Call setup issues.

Optimization of Daily Worse Performing Cells with regards to contracted 3g KPIs (Accessibility, Retainability, and Mobility & Service Integrity)

Optimization using 3g tools WNCS, GPEH, CTR and UETR.

RF Performance/Optimization Engineer - Zain Nigeria Optimization Project (MOTOROLA SYSTEM GSR8,9)

Responsible for the Optimization of Zain’s network (North Central Region) set KPIs for DCR, CSSR, HSR, SD/TCH Blocking e.t.c

Implement parameter tuning to resolve a variety of radio problems such as DCR, CSSR, SD/TCH Blocking

Daily worst cell analysis with Detailed analysis of radio problems and proffering optimization solutions to enhance network efficiency

Analyze Drive test logs (Field Test) and proffer solutions for the network’s coverage issues, quality issues, poor Handover success rate; Drop call rate and Call setup issues.

Analyze and optimize system parameters to solve capacity related issues

Implement capacity enhancing/control techniques to solve radio congestion problems.


LTE Overview

L11 LTE/SAE System Overview

LTE Features and Functionalities

LTE Radio Network Functionality

KPIs in LTE/SAE Networks

LTE Radio Network Design Overview

OSS-RC Functionality for LTE

LTE Mobility

LTE Theory

LTE Initial Tuning

Moshell (OJT)

WCDMA RAN P7 Initial Tuning

WCDMA RAN P7 Optimization

Steps to Improve Accessibility and Retainability (WCDMA)

Volte Overview

Volte Basics and EnB Features

Volte Initial Tuning, Analysis of L3 messages.

IP, QoS and QCI



Ericsson Academy

BSS (GSM) Optimization/Configuration Engineer February 2009

Motorola University

B. Eng Electrical Electronics Engineering October 2006

University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

References – To be provided on request

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