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Engineer Manager

Gosport, England, United Kingdom
November 28, 2018

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Gosport, Hants PO13 0RA UK

Tel No 013********, Mobile 077********, Skype David Hughes 007



Employed on a an-hoc basis to carry out audits on airlines, MRO's, aviation stores facilities, line

maintenance, workshops both of mechanical and electrical disciplines, reporting back to the employer both

verbally and then with a full written reports expressing both findings conclusions and opinions. Compiling

with EASA Part 'M', Part 145. EASA Part 21 sub part 'G' & 'J', EASA Part 29 to include I SO 9001 and ASI

9100 quality systems.


A schedule carrier who operated a fleet of various Boeing 737 aircraft for international travel operate two

Boeing 777-200 Trent RB211 powered aircraft. As the technical director I had a five line reporting of

directors/managers. Overseeing of all engineering/operations activates including leasing, maintenance,

technical services, spares, quality control, budget and KPI control in every aspect that it takes to head up and

operate a successful engineering department within an airline.


Contracted as MD to set up and run/control a current MRO business, this meant full responsibility to the

UKCAA/EASA/ Board of Directors from the commensurate/start up. The hiring, running, operation, staffing,equipment/tooling levels including all working contracts and salaries paid out to personnel in line with the

KPI’s which had been conceived earlier. A situation which was well suited to the present incumbent. A

lesser individual might have have fell well short of the required mark to achieve this standard!.


Sickness of Present Incumbent as Post Holder)

Employed by the company/CAA due to the sickness of the incumbent quality manager, Responsible for all

EASA Part ‘M’ Part 145 requirements keeping auditing, leasing, warranty claims, fault diagnostics under

reasonable control. Participant with the ‘Online Aerospace Supplier Information Circulars’ required for

stores network and all matters which were either controlled or organized by the quality department. CAA

Audits which included both the FAA/CAA and any other GCA Authority. A participating 'Form Four Post




An established director, controlling a Fleet of A330/321/320/319 and ATRs, being very robust who relishes

the ever growing challenge that is found in today’s airline/aerospace discipline. The task was one of which

he would have had full responsibility for, monitoring all technical publications, regulatory requirements,

Route analysis, digital communications, flight operations projects, Aircraft deliveries, ensuring that all audit

findings are closed to a timely fashion. knows what EASA Part 21(G) (J) and Part M, 145 are all about often

interfacing with the EASA/CAA on many salient topics. A good team player who has had many personnel

experiences working with in order to achieve the required results! Is acknowledge to never finish, until the

job is completed.


Contracted as a lead auditor by the company, ensuring that their EASA Part 21(Part (G) & (J) was in no way

compromised. A (Wet/Dry) STC on the a B727 went ahead without any problems or issues (ground-to-air-

water dispersal system) with respect to the CAA (EASA) of the approved STC .



Operating from a 'hands on role' all the way up to the executive positions. Responsible for the quality

systems, now being operated by Jordan Aviation, whose main responsibilities were to maintain the quality

system.,and companies manuals and operating procedures, the EASA Part 145 and their part ‘M’, to act as an

independent quality assurance monitor, to lease with EASA/CAA on all regulatory matters, monitoring of

the supply base in line with the company QA Systems, their audits and associated register, to provide the

quality training and awareness, and to facility continuous improvement knowledge of ISO 9001/2000

and AS 9100 plus a working knowledge of EASA Part 21/145 and Part ‘M’ (ARC Signatory) ability to deal

with the regulator prominent figure with the leasing of an A330-200 for the airline and its newly introduced

quality fault diagnostics criteria.

Head of Maintenance DAS Airlines - (October 2010-June 2012)

Employed by the Chairman to reorganise this operation that had gone astray during the preceding 12 months,

due to lack of leadership, this being proved by my actual type of work which had excelled by this kind of

operation/experience in the past. The airline had three MD83 aircraft and operated a schedule out of their

base facility with no main back up of resources. Having to pre plan and reorganised the basic shift pattern

which met both with the workforce and management, set up a base maintenance criteria which rescheduled

the aircraft

operating within this cycle.

Organised manpower/tooling and equipment which was lacking, to further our engineering operation.

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, MKTeK d.o.o. (October 2011-Contract from EAMC)

Responsible for some 124 technicians who are employed on the ATR 42/70 the Embraer

120/135/145Aircraft carrying out both line and base maintenance of these aircraft including outstations in

Moscow and Barcelona. Their welfare and continuation training. Salary and pay/ working conditions is part

and part of this role as well as the overseeing of all and any of the company’s maintenance activities on each

and every aircraft. Post Holder for both maintenance and quality and very much involved with the

commercial role of the company when it comes down to customer satisfaction


The COO is the quality executive and as such has overall responsibility. Product quality & company quality


Chief Operating Officer - (2006-2011)

All engineering contracts, whilst making decisions regarding aircraft performance and operation. Tended out

aircraft for 3rd party heavy maintenance and modifications engine repair and overhaul. Accountable to the

company board of directors, The education of ‘All Staff, with reference to the customers, Airworthiness,

H/R, & quality requirements and manufacturing/repair and control of equipment/ spare items

FLYGLOBESPAN, Edinburgh, Scotland (2003-2006)

Engineering Director

No-frills airline offering flights to European Leisure destinations from Scotland.

Oversaw the engineering development from a start up situation which grew from 2 aircraft up to 18 aircraft

including the B737-3/6/7/800 the B757-200 and three B767-200 ER aircraft. The role was commensurate

with the total control of the engineering aspect which meant both the leasing, maintenance and MRO inputs

of all aircraft with a compliment of some 125 engineering personnel this role had a direct report to the

Chairman of the Board. Contributed to key decisions about the airline. Introduced highly effective

maintenance procedures, reducing overhead, including new aircraft routes. Travelled extensively with new

and used aircraft deliveries, provision for quality & C1 solving issues which is observed as responsive to a

aerospace experienced auditor, accurate with ‘Particular. Responsibility’ for all quality functions wrote a

comprehensive new set of manuals for submission to EASA of the companies Part 21 sub part ‘G; which did

include a 'Company Quality Manual'.

COUGAR LEASING, Stansted (2000-2003)

Technical Director/General Manager

Aircraft (Freight/Cargo) Operation/leasing Company.

Managed daily operations, consistently fulfilling all contract requirements. Supervised all engineering and

support/operating staff as part of the Technical Director position. Overcame challenges of procuring spares

and other supplies to maintain aircraft serviceability providing professional standards/leadership of quality

originated systems for new process's to operate the aircraft, secure approval's, and fly from a full “D” Check.

The Company had some 5 aircraft and part of the engineering was the recovery of aircraft in LTS- back into-

revenue service. Travelled many times to the United States to confer with the Boeing company on design and

structural integrity of aircraft, Leasing of company aircraft to third parties. External discussions/meetings

with these companies on EASA Part ‘M’ ‘145/21’ Organisation

IAP Group OF Companies (1998-2000)

Independent Aviation Company and Engine Leasing Organisation

GROUP Quality Director/Operations Director

Controlled and operated a total quality system of each company within the group. Took full responsibility for

their AS9100 and EHS procedures plus their EASA/JAA procedures and the quality manager/engineers of

each group, conducting audits with pre-organised procedures, A very much hands on QCD who has learned

his trade from doing the job and being part of the team, attended EASA/JAA compliance quality courses

obtaining and seeking QMS system airworthiness and assure customers. Experienced aerospace auditor,

ASI9100 @ Rev’D’/Def Standard 00-06/Nadcap/ISO 9000/DAOS, BCAR/A8-21, AVP67 airworthiness

section ‘J’ (Military), several courses based upon the seven sigma programme, very much an expert in

'Aircraft Leasing'

NATIONWIDE AIR, South Africa (1996-1998)

Low-cost air carrier currently out of business, Head of Leasing.

Technical Director

Managed aircraft maintenance, including the planning and execution of all services performed.

Administered the engineering budget, acquired new and pre-owned aircraft. Directed personnel recruitment

and training, served on the Board of Directors and maintaining a good QMS System.

FLS Aerospace Stansted (1992-1994)

Design Office Manager

Responsible for 5 Aerospace Design Engineers who created all and everything to do with aircraft

Modifications and Weight and Balance ranging through all electrical and mechanical equipment. An

approved Design Engineer on both Avionics and Airframe/Engine a Part 21 ‘J’‘G signatory; with several

years in depth experience an Experienced Aerospace Auditor

Dan Air - (1988-1992)

Design Office Manager and Design Engineer

Responsible for the position of both of the above Job Specifications drawing up modifications for the Dan

Air Fleet and third party aircraft and had responsibility for the weight and balance control of the dan air fleet

of aircraft an approved signatory who would design configuration modifications as requested and required by

the company.

Oversight of all of the design engineers and interfacing with production and engineering. Attended-by

weekly meetings of inbound aircraft that would require any modification or technical update which fell upon

the sole implementer of all modifications to lease aircraft approved signatory for both EASA Part 145 and

EASA Part 21 sub parts J & G. EASA Part 29 (Helicopters) with inputs from ISO 9001.

Note: Additional work history includes positions as an Engineering Manager for Maersk Air and a design

manager at FLS Aerospace which encompassed a wide range of activities including the engine/airframe,

Became the head of all aircraft leasing and contracts, bay work and other work within the organisation.

Royal Navy Warrant Officer- (End of Service-1988)

Airframe/Engines maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) as required by the workings of the Fleet Air Arm.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering

Ordinary National Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering

Mander College, Bedford

‘A’ & ‘O’ Level

Marsh Hill Technical 5 GEC’s


Bermuda Civil Authority Airworthiness Signatory

EASA Part 66 AME’s Licences

Philippines CAAP Form 4 Participants

South African Civil Aviation Authority A, B, C and X Aircraft Maintainer Engineer’s Licences

Flight Engineer’s ‘O’ Licences and Pilots Twin Rated Flying Licence

PCN Non Destructive Testing

City & Guilds Computer Aided Draughting (Auto Cad/Cadpus)

Civil Aviation Authority Pressurised Airframe & Gas Turbine (Maintenance Engineer’s Licences

Aircraft Technician (Apprentice) (Airframe and Propulsion) Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy)

Paget Road & Marsh Hill Technical – 5 GCE A-levels


Airframe/Propulsion Technicians Course, Aircraft Licence without Type, Aircraft Type Rated A320 Family,

B727-1/200(Super) B737-200/-300/-400 and -500, J31/32/41 and Garrett Type TPE31, BAC 1-11 -200/-

300/-400 and -500, Rolls-Royce Spey, B767/777 Gnome, CFM56, JT8 engines, Airbus A330-200 (CF6-

80E1) JAR 21, JAR 145, JAR OPS 1 & 3, Independent Auditor A Total ‘ liaison’ with UKCAA with respect

to Safety and incidents occurring..

CAA Approved Test Flight Engineer, Modifications /Weight & Balance. Certifying (CAA & SA) Aircraft

Engineer, CAA Form FOUR Recipient SA & UKCAA Airworthiness Course Accountable Managers

Course, Aircraft Leasing. ICAO Quality Courses, Ark Signatory . Accountable Managers Course

Quality Assurance/Work Study Auditor (Lead), Welding, Glass Fibre (GRP), Non-Destructive Testing (PCN

204701), Sheet Metal Repairs, Hangar Management, Instructional Techniques, Technical Authorship,

Personnel Management, Engineering Senior Management UK CAA, CAA ‘Type’ Licence Flight Test

Analysis, Modifications. Weight & Balance Control, Boeing Ageing Aircraft Program, Employment Law,

and Law concerning Aircraft Leasing, Return Off of Lease Inspections/Checks, Lease Contracts, Heath &

Safety Human Resources, KPI Analyse/Critical Paths(Network Analogy), Fuel Tank Safety Level 1 & 2.

Electrical Efficiency Human Factors,MOE and CAME Courses.

Flight Engineer’s Licence ‘0’), LGV Class 1 and PCV, First Aid Qualified, Advanced Aircraft Welder.

UK CAA Maintenance Licence number 24265, South African Maintenance Licence number 4529. EASA

Part 66 Licence Engineer AML/318995C

UK/South African Pilots Licence number pp 318995C/A and PA43528 Flight Radio, Telephony Operator’s

Licence numbers (UK CAA) RT 318995c and (South African) 00-452-246 CAA /FAA Multi & IMC.


Royal Aeronautical Engineering Society (C.Eng.) Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers (Chairman)

Society of Allied Weight Engineers Institution of British Management Aircraft Engineers International

Aircraft Engineering Institute of Management (South Africa) Aviation Club (London) – Member

Master Freemason (Royal Arch of Masonic Order)


Bermuda Airworthiness Signatory (Aviation Surveyor)

X2 CinC’ Commendations (Engineering Excellence, Military Aircraft)

Bachelor of Science (2:1)

Corporate Engineer (C.Eng)

Member Royal Aeronautical Engineering Society (Member)

British Empire Medal (BEM for Engineering)

Airline ‘Post Holder’ Form 4 (For the following CAA’s UK. Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Nigeria)

Warrant Officer engineer Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm)

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