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Civil Engineer Manager

San Antonio, Texas, United States
November 26, 2018

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--Civil Engineer/Project Manager--

Cost Estimation Site Safety Compliance Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Engineering Drawings Interpretation

Leadership and Cross-functional Collaboration Budgeting and Cost Monitoring Reporting and Documentation

Qualifications Profile

Well-organized, multifaceted, and detail-oriented professional, offering extensive experience in civil engineering. Skilled in the execution of complex building plans, as well as management of various engineering projects within time frame and budget specifications, security services management . Equipped with outstanding communication, presentation, and organizational skills, along with the ability to establish professional relationships with individuals of diverse settings. Articulate communicator; multilingual in English, Arabic, and French. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook).

Professional Experience

AJ Miller Consulting Engineers, Riyadh, KSA

Cost Estimation Manager Dec 2014–Present

Serve as advisor to Saudi Industrial Property and Technology Zones Authority (MODON)

Carry out project cost estimation in alignment with implementation plan to identify required budget for the projects

Employ analytical skills in reviewing and auditing change orders, and conducted comparison between available budget resources

Thoroughly assess proposed prices of contractors and perform comparative analysis between prices in the market

Provide expert oversight to other project managers toward timely delivery of projects, while maintaining quality and compliance with allotted costs

Prepare and submit overall report to the general director utilizing monthly reports from project managers

Good Way Contracting, Riyadh, KSA

Projects Department Manager May 2013–Nov 2014

Oversaw projects implemented by the establishment

Preparing and reviewing the cost estimation reports in alignment with implementation plan and specification of each project

Facilitated the review of technical and financial offers prior to submission by the company

Preparing and reviewing the change orders, and conducted comparison between available budget resources

Offered hands-on support to project managers in achieving their best performance to deliver projects in a timely manner, while maintaining the quality and balance with the cost

Received monthly reports from project managers and write an overall report for submission to the general director

Coordinated with consultants and project owners to attain the best levels of customer satisfaction, while preserving interests of the company

Manage the completion of final agreements with suppliers and subcontractors

MASCO Group for Trading & Contracting, Riyadh, KSA

Technical Department Manager, Buildings Division Apr 2011–Apr 2013

Played a key role as the company’s representative to work with competent authorities, as well as consultants and project owners to discuss risks and possible solutions

Supervise the team responsible for cost estimates and reviewing the results

Rendered direction to the staff in assessing plans and specifications in alignment with contract documents

Organized and managed schedules of quantities of principle based on contractual plans and compare them with bills of quantities contract

Performed follow-ups on shop drawings and audit schedules, as well as payments for the company and subcontractors

Generated files for adoption of materials and change orders for projects and performed follow-ups until approval

AAA Group Co., Real Estate Development and Investment, Dubai, UAE

Projects Manager (Client Representative) Nov 2007–Feb 2011

Received initial designs from the designer and discussed any modifications to come up with the final design

Receive and review the cost estimates, propose solutions and alternative ideas that help reduce cost and discuss with the designer

Rendered direct supervision to the issuance of tenders for company projects, while evaluating offers of contractors in cooperation with the consultant

Performed follow-ups on operational work and selection of building materials for projects with the consultant

Received initial receipt of the projects and transferred them to the Marketing Department

Supervised and maintained projects based on the instructions of the agency

Prepared and submitted comprehensive monthly reports to the general director on the development of the company's business

Earlier Career

Adnan Saffarini Engineering, Dubai, UAE

Consultant/Project Manager

Al-Jethoor Engineering Consultant, Dubai, UAE

Project Manager/Consultant

Special Office HHS Nahyan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Manager/Consultant

Tiger International Contracting Co., Dubai; Sharjah, UAE

Project Manager (Contractor)

Development Trading & Contracting Co., Ras al-Khaimah, UAE

Project Engineer Project Manager

A Private Bureau for Design & Execution, Aleppo, Syria

Civil Engineer

Ahmed Abdullah Co, Dubai, UAE

Maintenance Engineer


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering: University of Aleppo, Faculty of Engineering, Syria

Professional Development


Certified Civil Engineer (High Rise): Dubai Municipality, UAE

Certified Civil Engineer: Al Ain Municipality, UAE

Certified Civil Engineer: Ministry of Public Work, Sharjah, UAE

Certified Civil Engineer: Ministry of Public Work, Ras al-Khaimah, UAE


Supervision of Implementation of High Rise Buildings: Dubai Municipality, Dubai, UAE

High-Rise Engineering Test: Dubai Municipality, Dubai, UAE

Facilities Management: Training and Development Center of the Saudi Council of Engineers, Riyadh, KSA

Ready Mix Concrete and Quality Requirements and Accreditation: Saudi Standard, Metrology and Quality Organization, Riyadh, KSA

Professional Affiliations

Syndicate of Syrian Engineers, Syria Society of Engineers, United Arab Emirates Society of Engineers, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Student Union Chairman, University’s Culture and Arts Committee Syndicate of Artists in Syria Radio and Television Group

Projects Handled

Drinking Water Purification Plants

(United Foundation for the Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture), Al Baha, KSA ($23M)

Housing Project of the Faculty of (Taibah) University, Medina, KSA ($450M)

Project 1236 Housing Units for the Ministry of Housing, Dawadmi, KSA ($23M)

Basement+G+34 Multistory Building, Dubai, UAE ($100M)

G+3Pa+25 Multistory Building, Dubai, UAE ($49M)

G+3Pa+15 Multistory Building, Dubai, UAE ($33M)

3B+G+M+70 Multistory Building, Dubai, UAE, ($230M)

G+M+13 Multistory Building, Dubai, UAE ($10M)

G+14 Multistory Building (Twin Tower with Summing Pool in Between), Dubai, UAE ($35M)

G+9 Multistory Building, Dubai, UAE ($4M)

G+10 Multistory Building, Dubai, UAE ($6M)

G+5 Multistory Building, Dubai, UAE ($2.2M)

Kindergarten Building, El Kharran, Dubai, UAE ($0.85M)

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