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Data Entry Administrative Assistant

Ottawa, ON, Canada
November 25, 2018

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Tony Tom

*-*** ********* ******* ****

Gatineau, PQ J8P 1G5

Cell: 819-***-**** / Home: 819-***-**** /



College graduate

10+ years of data entry and office support experience

Trilingual (Fluent English/Functional French/Fluent Cantonese)

Valid Government of Canada security clearance at the Secret level

Demonstrated self-learning abilities with completion of online CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) course

Proficient knowledge of web designing techniques

Proven knowledge of accounting basics

Creative problem solving skills

Marketing and sales strategic skills in business

Entrepreneurial skills in ecommerce

Promoting sales through cold calling, emailing and lead generating

Proven customer service skills; experienced responding to client inquiries on the phone and by email

Good telephone communication skills

Ability to organize and accurately enter high volume of data efficiently

Demonstrated experience in data entry and collection.

Knowledge of concepts and procedures involved in data entry and collection.

Ability to build and maintain client relationships, recognize opportunities for improvement and contribute to a working environment where diversity is valued, respected and integrated

Conducted web research work using various online tools and sources which includes Google search, LinkedIn, Wikipedia and Yellow Pages online

Experienced in organizing workload and setting priorities to maximize output.

Proficient with general administration procedures and office equipment; 7 years’ experience in administration and data entry

Excellent verbal and written communication

Demonstrated experience updating and maintaining databases

Extensive computer knowledge

Motivated team player; well organized, flexible, good judgment and detail oriented

Able to work within organization guidelines and standards’

Client service orientation

Proficient with general administration procedures and office equipment

Excellent employment references


MS-Office Proficiency

Word Advance

Excel Advance

Outlook Intermediate

Access intermediate

PowerPoint Intermediate

Other administrative software Proficiency

Internet Explorer Advance

Simply Accounting Basic

Jet Form Design and Filler Basic

Adobe Acrobat Basic

Sadre Intermediate

TechSource Applications Entry Program Basic

MIMS Basic

FileMaker Pro Basic

Finex Basic


Other work experience

Freelancer, Work from home (online), March 2011– Present

Performed freelance work remotely in office administration which includes web research, data entry, research report writing and document formatting for clients around the world

Performed office administrative and data entry work using Microsoft Excel

Written and formatted research reports on Microsoft Word on various research topics which includes some visual aids like charts, graphs and tables

Entrepreneur of ecommerce store,

Created and launched Shopify ecommerce store selling coconut oil products

Promoted online store through email marketing campaigns, social media ads, classified ads and other marketing techniques and methods like SEO optimization, Google Adwords, implementing call-to-action features, images and graphics, content writing on products and creating engaging content for targeted audience

Created ecommerce store using customized Shopify themes and modified the design reflecting the look and feel of my ecommerce business

Posted Facebook ads to promote and market my business and coconut oil products to targeted audiences

Adjusted coconut oil product pricing according to competitive prices in the market

Accounting / Administration / Data Entry

General Clerk, National Defence, Gatineau (Centre Asticou) May 2018 – July 6 2018

Opened incoming mail and sent outgoing mail

Operated the scanner using OCR Any Doc Scanning Software User Interface

Returned documents to units via mail

Assembled, sorted and distributed PERs files and correspondence

Quality controlled and verified of Personnel Evaluation Reports (PERs) to verify the accuracy of service numbers and names on a PER against the accompanying DND 728

Processed, filed and archived PERs and 728 forms

Provided some miscellaneous clerical duties which includes making photocopies, labels and correspondence tracking

Performed database searches (PER and doc search) within PERMON

Processing Operator (Census 2016), Statistics Canada, Gatineau May 2016 – July 2016

Under the direction of the Production Supervisor, worked on different processing activities for 2016 Census questionnaires by operating different types of equipment for manual or automated operations (e.g., scanners, cutters, computer terminals, imaging systems) in a high production environment

Followed stringent sets of procedures and guidelines for the handling, preparation or automated processing of 2016 Census questionnaires; inputs, edits and/or checks census data manually or using interactive systems; performs quality control on a work sample.

Monitored scanner performance on all 2016 Census questionnaires to verify scanned images for booklet and form ID successfully captured, height, width and file size within expected range, corner missing, scanlines detected, missing barcode IDs, cross-out areas, damaged or folded pages and determine if images are suitable for automatic and manual data capture

Preparation of Census forms for high speed scanning

Scanned all variations of Census forms using high speed scanning equipment

Performed scanning operations which includes identifying and scanning all 2016 Census questionnaires, scanner maintenance and calibration, properly preparing batches for capture, removing batches from stacker bin, processing exception errors, troubleshooting scanning issues and finding solutions

Trained other coworkers on computer terminals and imaging systems for monitoring scanner performance and scanning errors on 2016 Census questionnaires

Performed excess workload assigned by supervisor on various occasions

Assisted with other related duties and assignments such as helping with the return to sender project (RTS)

Data Entry Clerk, Passport Canada, Gatineau January 2016 – March 2016

Provided data entry, keyboarding and scanning operations using a computer and other related equipment such as scanners to accurately enter on passport applicants in the IRIS database

Performed searches on online database via Passport Canada website to find passport applicants to modify and edit application information

Applied methods, techniques and requirements of processing incoming, inter-office and outgoing mail in order to provide daily mail service to managers and employees

Applied knowledge of data entry manipulation and retrieval techniques for inputting all incoming data for the organization into an electronic database for tracking control and bring forward purposes

Utilized desktop software packages and specialized software (i.e. Word base and IRIS) for managing information to create document profiles and provide an information retrieval service

Applied the techniques in operating a personal computer, a scanner and various software package to access, input and retrieve mail and courier information and data, and to compose correspondence

Verified and corrected information on passport application forms and other related paperwork pertaining to passport applications using software applications such as IRIS

Responded to client requests for records/documents in both manual and electronic environments using research and retrieval principles and techniques

Applied organizational skills to organize work loan and prioritize work in a multiple task environment with high volumes of work and strict production and quality standards

Lifted and carried boxes of documents for shelving and storage

Assembly Clerk, Elections Canada, Ottawa October 2015

Received, processed, sorted and distributed incoming and outgoing mail, faxes, messages, vote ballots and courier packages pertaining to the Canadian Armed Forces

Addressed and stuffed envelopes

Bundled letters, parcels, vote ballots and courier envelopes by method of mailing

Routed and distributed vote ballots and mail to the proper delivery stream

General Office Clerk, National Defense, Ottawa March 2015 – June 2015

Picked up and put away personnel files

Completed shipping paperwork

Lifted and carried boxes of documents for shelving and storage

Assembling and disseminating correspondence, reports, PERs files, protected documents, archival materials and other documentation

Packaged documents and mail items to other government departments

Opened and processed incoming mail and sent outgoing mail

Processed, filing and archiving (Personnel files & 728 forms)

Quality control and verification of Personnel Evaluation Reports (PERs) – verifying the accuracy of Service Number and name on a PER against the accompanying DND 728

Returning documents to units via mail. Unit’s return where the address is provided

Prepared e-mails, memorandums, letters and other documents

Performed online database searches within DND’s customized program

Prepared and sorted personnel (PERS) files according to departmental standards and guidelines

Performed other administrative tasks required under general office clerks’ functions with National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces administration

Statistical Clerk, CR-03, Statistics Canada, Gatineau December 2012 – June 2013

Data captured numeric and alphanumeric data from passenger declaration cards into the AnyDoc computer processing system for International Travel

Achieved data capturing a quota of 3200 or more declaration cards of production per day

Verified the accuracy and integrity of information on passenger declaration cards and made corrections where necessary during the data capture process

Sorted, prepared and organized passenger declaration cards for boxing and shelving to be readied for the scanning and data capture or processing stage

Administrative Clerk, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Gatineau April 1-May 25, 2012

Archived various applications by preparing, sorting and organizing materials to be data entered onto an Excel spreadsheet

Assembled and disseminated correspondence and other documentation

Trained other new employees on archiving applications

Organized plastic Ziploc bags for enveloping applications

General Clerk, Library and Archives Canada, Gatineau March 8, 2012

Provided material to be analyzed by the Collection Management Clerk

Scanned barcodes of books and publications

Handled some parts of the collection in order to assist the Collection Management Clerk

Handled boxes weighing up to 20kg (50 pounds)

Senior Data Entry Clerk, Elections Canada, Ottawa May-August 2010

Used FRMS (Financial Records Management System) to enter data from various electoral information sources and formats into an electronic computer according to pre-described form

Ensured the integrity of electoral data

Corrected and edited the content and format of recorded data as required

Organized data according to user requirements

Filed and routed source documents after entry

Trained inexperienced operators and prioritizing assignments

Clerk, CR-04, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Sept 2009-January 2010

Data entered Aboriginal business contract information from provincial directories for the Procurement Strategies for Aboriginal Businesses (PSAB) program using an Excel spreadsheet to store information

Maintained database of incoming and outgoing files

Maintained an electronic and hard copy filing system of Aboriginal business files alphabetically and numerically for the Procurement Strategies for Aboriginal Business program

Delivered presentations on the electronic and hard copy filing system of Aboriginal files

Assisted program officers in retrieving files for pre-qualifications of Aboriginal business files

Utilized Indian and Northern Affairs Canada’s customized record-tracking software called CDIMS to track and retrieve files

Received a certification for a 3-hour course in CDIMS

Developed tables, charts, diagrams, questionnaires and qualitative report for PSAB conference using information compiled from Aboriginal business database and PSAB paper files

Synthesized appropriate information related to specific topics as requested through research using the Intranet, Internet, paper files and PSAB database

Managed an Aboriginal business database for tracking and monitoring

Assisted in creating and formatting pre-qualifications forms using Word for Aboriginal businesses in participating in the federal government process

Attended weekly stand-up meetings held by executives

Demonstrated initiative in assisting others with work such as software usage and verification of information on p

\aper files

Assisted executives in responding to Aboriginal businesses requests and issues related to various subject matters

Conducted Internet research for employees on Aboriginal business information pertaining to sectors such as oil and gas, agriculture, fisheries and trade shows

Managed the Aboriginal business database for tracking and monitoring information for Aboriginal businesses

Conducted telephone calls to Aboriginal businesses and researched their websites to confirm contact information for updating PSAB database

Managed weekly schedules on events such as standup meetings

and tasks using GroupWise as well as sending out invitations for my file structure orientation

Created and maintained Excel spreadsheets for Aboriginal business lists consisting of company names, contact information and contact names for PSAB database

Labeled the filing structure according to alphabetic listing and file number/sub-file number listing

Initiated the idea of a file tracking log for Aboriginal business filing structure

Participated in a retreat that featured presentations, brainstorming sessions and team-building activities

Mailroom Clerk, Library and Archives Canada, Gatineau July 2009

Sorted incoming and outgoing mail

Made daily runs for mail delivery within the department

Stamped envelopes of different sizes for mail

Sorted and organized local, national and international mail

Clerk, Library and Archives Canada, Gatineau January-March 2009

Reviewed and/or reviewing and segregating the contents of archival containers against annotated lists of file level archival descriptions

Created and verified new file lists or file level descriptions on paper, in Word and Excel

Maintained files of the paper and electronic versions of finding aids, capturing information from the physical processing of the boxes on paper-form lists and/or electronic lists and incorporating these into the paper-form and/or electronic files

Used Outlook to send, receive and reply to emails

Organized and filed archival documents in boxes to be archived and used by archivists

Lifted boxes up to 30 lbs containing archival documents for shelving in the processing vault

Zone/OCR/Editing Operator Clerk, Industry Canada, Hull November 2006-July 2007

Ensured patent images are complete and accurate upon receipt from scanning operations

Electronically cleaned up patent images with a LAN Network image computer, and replaced patent graphics with Image Replacement (IMG) Markers to prepare images for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) computer

Verified successful conversion of patent images to OCR state

Edited and corrected OCR text, word for word, against patent image and entered data into database

Data Entry Clerk, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa April-May 2006

Data-captured information from auditing contracts after auditor has reviewed them

Photocopied large volumes of auditing documents

Supported the audit division by filing, sorting and cataloguing documents

Data Entry Clerk, Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada, Ottawa September 2005-March 2006

Quality-assured and corrected information on Aboriginal claims applications

Conducted junior-level research on sensitive and secured information for data entry using a records-management system called Sadre)

Managed and searched the Sadre online database for tracking and monitoring Aboriginal claims applications

Compiled, collected, data-captured and edited Protected B documents for Indian Residential Schools using Sadre

Performed file/document management and cataloguing

Maintained an electronic and hard copy filing system

Printed and managed Aboriginal claims applications using Adobe Acrobat 7.0

Performed Aboriginal claims application / forms processing

Provided claims data capture using OCR/ICR technology

Demonstrated document management and filing

Proven data capture, quality-assurance and exception handling of Aboriginal claims applications/forms

Assisted in stuffing envelopes for invitations to open house events

Data Entry Operator, DACON-01, Revenue Canada, Ottawa February-May 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2005

Data-captured information for income tax returns for Canada Revenue Agency in a high-production environment

Solid experience in data entry; achieved over 6000 keystrokes per hour with a two percent or less error rate

Quality-assured income tax returns according to Canada Revenue Agency’s rules and guidelines on income tax processing

Accounting Clerk, Social Development Canada, Ottawa January 2005

Received and answered client requests via Outlook and telephone to verify information of names and addresses of those companies who rendered services for Social Development Canada

Used Word to create lists of information of clients who have rendered these services

Added and reported costs of services rendered for government and recorded them on Excel

Administrative Support Officer, National Defence, Ottawa August 2004

Managed and organized an inventory of office supplies

Provided assistance to co-workers in using software applications such as Word

Setup equipment and office furniture for an information session on an aircraft testing project

Used Word to create name tags for visiting clients attending the information session

Prepared, photocopied and organized correspondence and documentation for the session

Data Entry Clerk, Human Resources Systems Group, Ottawa November 2004

Used Excel to Input information from questionnaires filled out by clients from other government departments

Quality-assured the information entered for accuracy

Data Entry Clerk, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ottawa July-August 2004

Data-entered and processed orders made from schools (primary to high school) for literature material such as brochures and pamphlets on Citizenship Week using the department’s customized software called MIMS

Searched the department’s online database for names and positions (such as teachers and principals) who have filled out these orders and determine how many reading material to provide for them like for example if a principal ordered, he would get one brochure but if it’s a teacher ordered, then it depends on how many students are in the class

Packaged these orders in the distribution center for delivery to these schools

Lifted boxes of reading materials to be stored on shelves or distributed by courier

Imaged Information Processing Clerk, CR-02, Revenue Canada, Ottawa January-May 2003, 2004

Coded, corrected and verified documents for income tax return processing with Canada Revenue Agency

Routed and tracked correspondence, income tax returns, confidential paper and other protected documents to appropriate sections for distribution and processing

Experienced in searching, compiling and processing information

Prepared and quality-assured all information returns for processing on a first in first out basis (FIFO)

Reviewed and dressed summary and supplementary slips on returns

Sorted returns so they can be forwarded to the

appropriate units

Thorough-searched on the computer for correct business

numbers on returns if one is unavailable

Scanning Operator, Industry Canada, Hull October-November 2002

Scanned and error-checked patent-imaged documents for Industry Canada using TechSource Applications Entry Program

Records Management Clerk, Canadian Housing & Mortgage, Ottawa December 2001

Provided records management duties such as handling archival documents by retrieving them from shelves and then packaging them in boxes and finally labeling them

Revised these archival documents by verifying the document numbers and titles ensuring the correct material is retrieved from the shelves according to the master list

Prepared and organized some archival documents by placing them into folders and jackets

Telemarketing Operator, Livebridge, Ottawa October 2001

Conducted sales over the phone for services such as the Ottawa Citizen, Internet services and MasterCard

Answered outbound calls for sales conducted over the phone and providing information to the public about these services in persuading them to make a purchase

Utilized scripts as guidelines to communicate effectively the sales conducted

Office Clerk, National Defense, Ottawa December 2000

Created, formatted and maintained Excel spreadsheet for staffs’ Christmas holidays

Sorted office documents such as taxi chits, reports and memorandum

Created Word documents for entries of contact names of the department and according to the different military ranks then saved it on diskette

Provided photocopying services

Typed hand-written correspondences with Word

Office Clerk for HR department (Work placement student), Heritage College, Hull May 1998

Prepared, formatted and edited a variety of documents for an orientation binder working as a work placement student at Heritage College

Effectively answered, screened and forwarded telephone calls

Prepared outgoing mail for pickup by mail carriers such as Canada Post and UPS

Sorted and distributed incoming and outgoing mail

Inserted headers and footers on documents

Conducted background research of information using the Internet

Performed desktop publishing functions using Word ‘97

(designing and creating cover pages, developing styles and

page-layout for publications and importing parts of the

document(s) (graphics, tables, charts, reports,

spreadsheets, etc.) from a variety of software

Reviewed and revised final hardcopy/electronic file

formats to ensure end products and error-free and meet

established guidelines and standards

Inserted graphics on Word documents including logos,

mastheads and pictures

Created, formatted and inserted tables for documentation

including the embodiment of spreadsheets on Word documents

Keyed from hand-written notes

Experienced in file management and controlling the flow

of a large volume of important and diverse documents.

Experienced working with various MS-Office Suite products such


Composed, edited and proof-read correspondence,

reports and memorandum

Managed fax and photocopying services

Administrative Assistant, AS-01, Foreign Affairs, Ottawa July-August 1997

Processed invoice statements using the finance department’s customized software program called Finex

Verified and reviewed documentation for accuracy

Prepared and distributed documentation, mail and paychecks to employees

Organized and sorted mail in the mailroom

Providing and faxing and photocopying services


Data-Base Analyst, Public Service Commission, Ottawa July –September 2006

Updated databases for pre-screening applications for PE-03 and PE-04 positions using Excel with the Public Service Commission and for information regarding clients who have requested for publications and who have subscribed to receive the newsletter Heads-Up CIPEC with Natural Resources Canada

Assisted in editing and proofreading the FSSWEP website for the Public Service Commission assuring that information on the webpages are accurate and grammatically correct and that the hypertext links are working properly

Created and maintained spreadsheets and charts using Excel to store information for companies who rendered services for Social Development Canada and for pre-screening applications for PE-03 and PE-04 positions for the Public Service Commission

Manually sorted a large volume of pre-screening applications for PE-03 and PE-04 positions according to those candidates who are screened in and those who are screened out

Pre-screening applications for PE-03 and PE-04 positions for the Public Service Commission and pre-screening applications for PE-03 and PE-04 applications using Adobe Acrobat 7.0

Utilized a label maker to print out labels to identify file folders

Administrative Assistant, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa March 2005

Created and formatting tables, charts and reading material using Word for descriptions of guidelines and policies for the CAFI program at Agriculture Canada

Learnt about the general functions of agriculture and the policies/standards on Canadian farming according to Agriculture Canada

Administrative Clerk, National Defence, Ottawa June 2004

Used Word to format and edit a variety of documentation for training purposes for military personnel

Hands-on Training

Office Systems Technology projects, Heritage College, Hull 1995-1998

Assisted in designing the layout of a survey that contains questions pertaining to user’s feedback of a college newsletter created by our group

Analyzed, revised and edited the survey questions to ensure its validity and accuracy in preparation for the final draft

Analyzed and compiled the answers provided on the completed survey then drafted a final copy of it

Took minutes for an Academic staff meeting

Experimented with MS-Project for an assignment

Researched, compiled and gathered information for preparing Excel spreadsheets and charts to display reports and statistics

Prepared reports, brochures, correspondence, advertisements and labels for meetings and conferences

Helped with the design and structure of a survey as part of a group project

Written and composed correspondences, memos, letters, reports and presentations

Proved good writing skills with acceptable sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary

Updated and maintained accounts payable / accounts receivable manually and using Simply Accounting

Prepare financial statements

Prepared a software training manual on Quattro Pro using Word’s advanced features to format and layout the content of the manual

Experienced with large scale mail outs and report distribution using mail merge and other related processes.

Converted Microsoft Word documents to HTML for a training manual on Quattro Pro and a Heritage College newsletter as college projects

Prepared publications, reports, etc. in electronic file formats for uploading to the Internet (includes HTML tagging, linking, file splitting and creation of table of contents)

Developed presentations for a laptop/PC Viewer set up

using PowerPoint '97, includes linking or inserting spreadsheet information (Excel '97) and importing graphics, tables, charts, images, photographs, pictures, etc. from other software

Prepared and organized a variety of documents for meetings/conferences

Performed accounting duties: Posting journal entries and preparing financial statements

Performed desktop publishing assignments using Corel Ventura and PageMaker designing brochures, newsletters and advertisements

Minute-took for various academic meetings

Managed records using various filing methods : alphabetically, numerically, geographically, chronologically

Created databases for generating query reports

Designed a various electronic forms using JetForm Design and Filler

Designed graphics using Corel Draw: creating logos, cover

pages, printed public notices, graphical illustrations and


Created templates, layouts and styles for documentation

Prepared publications, reports and other documents for uploading on the Internet

Designed graphics and web pages

Designed publications such as brochures, newsletters and advertisements for a term project

Efficient in all standard office duties


Enrolled in a Udemy online course in web design/web development November 24, 2016 – Present

Currently progressing on completion of online portfolio February 1, 2010 - Present

Portfolio includes projects such as:

A personal website – a sports website geared towards kids of all ages

Acquiring webdesigning skills from CIW course to apply in creating personal website

Continuation of learning and keeping current with web-based technologies January 1, 2009 – Present

Self-learning in web-designing software and web development technologies such as:

oAdobe PhotoShop CC

oCorelPainter X7


oCorelDraw X7

oAdobe Illustrator CC



Professional development with participation in workshops at ITOOttawa 2.0 2010

ITOOttawa, Ottawa

Workshops attended include 3-day Job Search Strategy Orientation, Resume Strategy for the Technology Worker, Behavioural Interviews and IT Consulting

Completion of Online CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) Course 2005-2008

CBTDirect, Clearwater, Florida

Courses taken – Getting Started with FrontPage 2003, Working with graphics, hyperlinks and tables in FrontPage 2003, Working With Web Sites in FrontPage 2003, Setting up a Site and Adding Content in Dreamweaver MX 2004, Adding Links, Images, and Flash Objects in Dreamweaver MX 2004, Reusing Content in Dreamweaver MX 2004, Creating Interactive Web Page in Dreamweaver MX 2004, Site Testing and Maintenance in Dreamweaver MX 2004, Working with Images in Macromedia Fireworks MX, Using Fireworks MX with Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX, Introduction to Creating Graphics in Flash MX 2004, Using Text in Flash MX 2004, Animation, Sound, and Video in Flash MX 2004 Movies and Navigation and Movie Publishing Flash MX 2004

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