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Vacaville, California, United States
November 22, 2018

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Phuong Lai

**** ******** **, *********, ** *****


Cell: 916-***-****

Trainings and Licenses

●Registered Pharmacist (#RPH 79323) Valid Until March 31, 2020

●Basic Life Support (BLS Provider) Expired 11/2020

●HIPPA Certificate of Completion 02/27/2017

●Immunization Certificate of Completion 09/2014


●Doctor of Pharmacy, University of California San Francisco (UCSF), 2018

●Bachelor of Science, Pharmaceutical Science, University of California Irvine (UCI), 2014

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

Ambulatory Care 02/19/2018-03/30/2018

Mather Sacramento Veteran Affairs (VA), Sacramento, CA. Preceptor: Gregory Ono, Pharm.D

●Initiated, adjusted, monitored, and recommended changes in drug therapy under protocols and guidance of preceptors

●Followed up with patient regarding to lab results for anticoagulants

●Provided patient education related to the individual's chronic disease state

●Provided education to staff pharmacists through journal club, topic discussions, and presentation

Poison Control 01/08/2018-02/16/2018

Poison Control Center, Sacramento, CA. Preceptor: Justin Lewis, Pharm.D, DABAT

●Monitored patient’s antidote and supportive therapies

●Provided follow up care under the supervision of the poison center staffs

●Received emergency overdose home calls for Poison Control Helpline

●Triaged cases and recommended treatments for medication, household, occupational, and environmental exposures

Cardiac Critical Care (CCU) 11/06/2017-12/15/2017

University of California, Davis Medical Center, CA. Preceptor: Bill Dager, Pharm.D

●Attended daily rounds with the cardiology team

●Monitored and adjusted medication doses for patients’ therapies

●Educated patients on discharge medications and prevent readmission

Pediatrics 09/25/2017-11/03/2017 09/25/2017-11/03/2017

University of California, Davis Medical Center, CA. Preceptor: Rico Haftman, Pharm.D

●Attended daily rounds with the pediatrics general medicine team

●Presented daily patient presentations to preceptors

●Monitored patients and optimized pharmaceutical therapies

●Led a journal club on Lemierre’s syndrome

●Conducted a presentation on extrapulmonary management

Infectious Disease (ID). Elective Inpatient Clerkship 08/14/2017-09/22/2017

Kaiser Roseville, CA. Preceptor: Nam Nguyen, Pharm.D

●Attended daily rounds with the ID Consult Team and multidisciplinary ICU rounds

●Monitored laboratory parameters and adjusted doses for antibiotic therapies

●Practiced antimicrobial stewarship to reduce antibiotic resistance and improve patient outcome

Internal Medicine. Inpatient Clerkship 06/26/2017-08/04/2017

Kaiser Roseville, CA. Preceptor: Nam Nguyen, Pharm.D

●Monitored patients on anticoagulants and recommended transition between anticoagulants and preparation for surgery

●Managed parenteral nutrition orders

●Performed medication reconciliation, facilitated transition of care (TOC), and ensured the safe discharge of high-risk patients

●Counseled patients on disease self-management, performed telephone follow-up, and provided programs to aid their transition of care

Hospital Operations. Inpatient Clerkship 05/15/2017-06/23/2017

Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, CA. Preceptor: Tammy Nguyen, Pharm.D

●Authored a newsletter to physicians about inducible beta lactamase and treatment options

●Developed an order set for sedation (neuromuscular blocking agents) and monitoring parameters

●Created a phar-magram to provide information on the concomitant of statins and grapefruit juice to patients and healthcare practitioners

●Performed patient care rounds and counseled patients on warfarin daily

Compounding Pharmacy. Community Clerkship 03/27/2017-05/05/2017

Professional Village Pharmacy, Sacramento, CA. Preceptor: Andrew Truong, Pharm.D

●Compounded 20-30 prescriptions daily for human and animals

●Counseled patients on commonly compounded preparations

●Assisted pharmacists with bulk preparation on high demand medications

Work Experience:

Safeway Pharmacy Internship 06/2015-11/2015

Safeway Marina, SF, CA. Supervisor: Sharan Khatra, Pharm.D

●Responded effectively to multiple customer/physician requests in a high demand environment

●Filled prescriptions and administered vaccinations

●Improved patient outcome by medication counseling and encouraging medication adherence

●Recommend appropriate over the counter products

Leadership and Community Outreach:

Project HIV coordinator 06/2015-06/2016

UCSF School of Pharmacy, San Francisco CA. Preceptor: Jennifer Cocohoba, Pharm.D

●Raised HIV awareness at the local farmer's market monthly

●Provided various prevention methods and free-screening services to local underserved populations and high risk groups

●Organized a discussion on HIV prevention and treatment for health care professional students

●Attended the local HIV support group and addressed any medication or health related questions and concerns

●Fundraised to make care packages for women of Women’s HIV program at UCSF

Medicare Part D Elective Outreach 12/2015-05/2016

UCSF School of Pharmacy, San Francisco CA. Preceptors: Marilyn Stebbins, Pharm.D and Tim Cutler, Pharm.D

●Collaborated with Partners in D program coordinators to help enroll approximately 15-30 senior residents to Medicare Part D program

Hepatitis C screening Campaign 09/2015-03/2016

Mission Wellness Pharmacy, San Francisco CA

●Raised Hepatitis C awareness to underserved Spanish populations

●Recruited over 50 seniors for Hepatitis C screening

Single-Room Occupancy Community Health Initiative Partnership (SRO-CHIP) Coordinator

UCSF School of Pharmacy, San Francisco CA 9/2015-09/2016

●Created fun interactive scenarios and hosted weekly teaching sessions at a Chinatown low-income senior housing on ways to prepare and respond to natural disasters

Pharmacy Alliance for Mentorship, Leadership, and Information Mentor 10/2015-09/2016

UCSF School of Pharmacy, San Francisco CA. Faculty Supervisor: Don Kishi, Pharm.D

●Mentored pre-pharmacy students, bridged the relationships between UCSF student pharmacists with pre-pharmacy students, supported undergraduate candidates through their applications process, and raised awareness about the pharmacy profession

Culture Chair for UCSF Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) 11/2014-09/2015

UCSF School of Pharmacy, San Francisco CA

●Raised cultural awareness in UCSF by planning the annual culture show for New Year's festival for all students from UCSF

Right to know Peer Educator 09/2012-10/2013

UCI, Irvine CA

●Raised awareness related to sexual assault, stalking, and cyber bullying across the UC Irvine campus

●Organized Take Back The Night event for more than 200 undergraduate students to learn about sexual abuse and domestic violence

●Provided resources and a safe environment for survivors of sexual assault

Vietnamese Orphanages organizer 01/2013-10/2013

Nam Dinh, Vietnam

●Fundraised over $2,500 for the Thanh An Bui Chu Orphanage in Vietnam.

●Provided logistical travel and support for 10 volunteer students

●Educated children on personal hygiene such as proper teeth brushing and hand washing

●Mentored children on pursuing higher education

Volunteered Math tutor 09/2012-05/2012

America on Track program, Culverdale elementary school, Irvine CA

●Facilitated a supportive and nurturing environment for over 20 underserved students

●Encouraged a healthy lifestyle through various physical activities


●Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Location: Mather VA, Sacramento CA

Audience: 20-minute slides presentation to staff pharmacists, a resident, and pharmacy interns

●Management of Ketamine overdose

Location: Sacramento Poison Control Center, Sacramento CA

Audience: 30-minute slides presentation with handouts to staff pharmacists and a pharmacy resident

●Management of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

Location: University of California, Davis Medical center, Sacramento CA

Audience: 30-minute slides presentation with handouts to staff pharmacists, a pharmacy resident, and pharmacy interns

●Management of Hantavirus

Location: University of California, Davis Medical center, Sacramento CA

Audience: 20-minute slides presentation with handouts to pharmacy students and clinical pharmacists

●Management of Sickle cell disease

Location: Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento CA

Audience: 15-minute slides presentation with handouts to 10 staff pharmacists

●Journal club about Vancomycin dosing in obese patients

Location: Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento CA

Audience: 15 minutes discussion with handout to 7 clinical pharmacists

●Descovy Drug Monograph

Location: UCSF school of Pharmacy, San Francisco CA

Audience: 10-minutes oral presentation to pharmacy students and clinical pharmacists

●Helping friends who are in abusive relationship

Location: UC Irvine, Irvine CA

Audience: 20 minutes presentation and game activities to 40 undergraduate students

Teaching Experience:

Vietnamese Elective class Instructor 09/2015-2/2015

UCSF School of Pharmacy, San Francisco CA

●Instructed a group of 30 students from various healthcare professions (medical, dental, nursing, and pharmacy) on phonetics, pronunciation, and common words for future medical practice

Math Tutor 09/2012-09/2013

Mathnasium Center, Irvine, CA.

●Provided tutor assistance to ten students from elementary school to high school

●Created models to support students to think outside of the box in solving math problems

Chemistry Tutor 09/2009-05/2011

American River College, Sacramento CA. Course Instructors: Brian Weissbart, PhD and Tami Hong, PhD

●Planned lessons and assignments, led group discussions (5-20 students) on important inorganic and organic chemistry topics

●Integrated problem solving skills and self-learning strategies

●Graded midterms and finals for the course instructor

Awards & Scholarships:

● “Project HIV”, Project of the year 2016, UCSF

● “The Most Optimistic Peer”, UCSF 2014-2015

● “Light of Life” award from UC, Irvine Campus Assault Resources and Education, 2013

● Los Rios District Scholarship, 2010

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