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Manager Sales

Soumagne, Liege, Belgium
November 25, 2018

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Dr. Henri HANOT, Master Engineer chemistry-biochemistry-polymer, D.B.A.

+ 32-473-94.88.31 - - - Belgium (Saint-Denis) – Europe (GMT -1)

My career objective is to use my proven results to add value to forward-thinking organisation

My key competences:

Expert of management of company within international environment (such as Whatman plc, part of General Electrics and now GVS), SABEU.

Creation of new companies, business plan, risk management, crisis management, strategies elaborations and follow-up, development, management, take off, change, commercial strategies, technological transfers, easy speaker in front of symposiums, professors, good relationship, easy speaker, leadership

Expert of major project management for (healthcare and pharmaceutical) industries including plants realization from A to Z (land, building, equipment…, validation (including quality), (new) business development B2B, coaching, technical – scientific support, results (ROI, P&L) oriented, PERT, GANTT, problem solving

Expert of manufacturing, SPC (6sigma), LEAN, scaling-up, leadership, quality/sampling, stock management, MRP, ERP, budgets, QA, QC, sterilization (gamma, ETO, aqua vapour…) following the strongest policies (FDA, cGMPs, Japanese Healthcare, EU…), including microbiology QA&QC

Stock management, HR (multi disciplinary), IP, IT, hands-on…

CEO, General Manager, delivers

Expert of a unique worldwide technology/product: membranes but with wide applications (biotechnology, filtration, medicine (diagnostic, oncology, paptest, bacteria detection, lab-applications, chemistry…), healthcare, micro and nano), devices, process. Expert in chemistry (organic, inorganic, polymers (devices injection and assembling) …). Large expertise in R2R web handling, coatings, automation… Expert of devices manufacturing for single use (healthcare) in clean rooms, management of ongoing shifts

My key career achievements:

Creation of my own consulting company 2TRACKS

Edition of strategical business plan for SMEs in the field of Hi-Tec nano and healthcare

Main founder of it4ip, successful management, company in profit in the second year (sales +40% each year)

General Manager of Whatman Belgium, part of Whatman plc: I insured integration and revenue (35% net revenue before consolidation)

Take-off of CYCLOPORE by its successful sale to Whatman plc, after General Electrics Healthcare

Key player of CYCLOPORE

Creator of it4ip, management of multi-scale teams

I integrated and realized scaling-up of high technology from bench to efficient plant so commercial high added value products, expert in devices creation, manufacturing following strict procedures and norms (worldwide), cost management (direct, overhead…), KPI management


Nano biotechnology-Tokyo 2008

Walloon Region Innovation/R&D 2008

Walloon Region exportation 2009

Talent Wallon 2009 ( http:// Réalisation : Laurent Ingels Production : Olivier Evrard)

Belgian Chemical award for thesis (cloning) done in SOLVAY

09/17 - …



05/15 – 08/17


Head of Business Development

09/09 – 04/15



01/06 – 04/15



08/03 – 12/05


Business Manager

04/03 – 07/03


QA Consultant

11/93 – 03/03


General Manager

04/93 -10/93


Business Manager

89 – 03/93


Production & Technical Manager

87 - 89

Ion Beam Application


86 - 87



85 - 86




09/2017 Independent consultant 2TRACKS Consulting


2TRACKS Consulting ( has its expertise in different fields:

Creation and management of SMEs, start-ups, support to entrepreneurs

Business plan creation, specific business plan and follow-up of new strategies, Internal technical and scientific support to R&D OEM based projects, technical veil

Crisis management, restructuring

(new) business management, technological transfer

Project management

Interim management

Membrane and polymer expertise:

oMembranes and track etched membrane science, technology, manufacturing, development… Devices manufacturing in clean rooms, packaging, filling, ongoing manufacturing teams


oSupport to internal and external customers – sales team

oTechnical – scientific expert

oProject management: from idea to customers, B2B




Edition of strategic plan “OLEDs and track etch membranes”

Edition of strategic plan “Use of membranes within hospital valves”

Edition of strategic plan “Creation of low auto fluorescence background membranes for single bacteria detection”

05-2015/08-2017 Head of business development membranes of SABEU

Northeim, Germany (SABEU is dedicated for development, manufacturing and sales of membranes, devices including membranes and other plastic based devices ).


Worldwide business development of membranes, membrane devices (OEM, B2B)

Support to sales and marketing


Worldwide, including ASIA (A/P, China, Japan, Malaysia…), US, India, Brazil, Europe (frequent travels, 25 % of time)

01-2009/04-2015 General Manager, CEO, founder of CYPORE

CYPORE TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD. IPOH, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia (dedicated for development, manufacturing and sales of cervical cancer tests-paptest)


Support to sales and marketing

Business development

Internal technical and scientific support to R&D OEM based projects in healthcare


Mainly China and ASEAN countries, 99% export

01-2006/04-2015 General Manager, CEO, Administrator, founder, part owner of it4ip, spin-off of UCL

Seneffe, Belgium, moved to Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. (it4ip is dedicated for development, manufacturing and sales of membranes).


All the responsibilities of a CEO


Worldwide, including ASIA (A/P), US, India, Brazil, Europe… (frequent travels, 35 % of time), 99% export

Key customers: Millipore-Merck, Becton Dickinson, Corning, CYTYC-Hologic, Sartorius, BioMérieux, Nitto, Horiba, ARBrown, AsaiKasei, Radiometer, Debiotech, Millipore through VWR, Sigma… With end-users such as GSK, UCB, Danone, L’Oreal, all food and beverage industries, hospitals, private laboratories (humans and animals)


Healthcare, separation, diagnostic, oncology (paptest, liquid based cytology, rare cells, stem cells…), laboratory applications (anthrax, asbestos, AOX…), insulin pumps, devices used for single bacteria detection, tubes used for stenosis dilatation, tubes used for in vivo fecundation, support for cell culture, support for artificial skin culture, porous pack for artificial pancreas, energy, nanotechnologies, chemistry, gas separation/purification (for example tritium removal or water purification from nuclear plants wastes…), flat screens and others.

Use of highly controlled sterilization : key

360 applications (including transports, construction, tests…)

Main achievements:

ISO 9001: 2000. Rate of 99% with Millipore f.e. for internal audit


Business profitable after second year

Continuous increase (40 %) of sales

Sales objectives already reached in March 2015 for 2015 full year

Creation of complete new R&D and manufacturing plant

Strictly validated by internal and external customers (sampling - GMP, GLP, ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA, USP XXI class6, Japanese and EU directives…), validations successfully done following QA manual

Move of the plant managed successfully in June 2014 (from Seneffe Incubator to new plant in Louvain-la-Neuve including clean room IS0 7 and ISO 5 and surroundings (UP water e.g.) building and validation)

Setting-up of procedure and paper works for validation and control of key equipment’s, manufacturing steps, HR training,

P&L under control, positive net profit increasing (using LEAN f.e.)

Awards :

Nano biotechnology-Tokyo 2008

Walloon Region Innovation/R&D 2008

Walloon Region exportation 2009

Talent Wallon 2009 ( http:// Réalisation : Laurent Ingels Production : Olivier Evrard)

Belgian Chemical award for thesis (cloning) done in SOLVAY

08-2003/12-2005 Business Manager, Laboratoire des Hauts Polymères, FSA, Université catholique de Louvain

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (University)



Responsibilities and main achievements:

In charge of valorisation of EU and governmental R&D results in the field of track etching technologies applied to nanotechnology.

Successful creation of the company it4ip (, spin off of UCL.

04-2003/07-2003 Quality Assurance consultant, CERTECH (technical/chemical research and subcontractor centre)

SENEFFE, Belgium


Setting up of ISO 9002 quality system, CERTECH is accredited

11-1993/03-2003 General Manager of WHATMAN s.a. (part of Whatman plc, UK and now part of GE),

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (manufacturing, development, sales and business development of CYCLOPORE membranes)


Administration ((internal (HR, …) and external), main contact with local authorities

Production (including local regulation (for H&S, social laws…), environment…), sterilization


R&D (symposiums…), « customisation » of membranes…

Technical support to sales (including trips/visits in USA, EEC, Poland, Russia), B2B

People management, in charge of up to 18 people (Engineers, Graduates, PhD, A2, A3 …), 3 shifts 7/7 days’ move up management…

Budget management (overhead: 0.7 M€, cost of sales: 1.3 M€), strictly under control

Main achievements:

Turnover before consolidation: 2000: 3.4 M€ with 35 % net profit, 1999: 2 M€ with 30 % net profit, 1998: 1.7 M€ turnover with 20-25 % net profit; before the company lost money. The CYCLOPORE membranes are specially sold within healthcare (cervical cancer detection (paptest), cell culture, lab, scanning cytometry bacteria detection …) business, 90 % of the customers are based in the USA.

Daily management of the main customers (80 % of sales)

Project management:

-New chemical plant design and building

-Production transfer from Belgium site to USA plant, in collaboration with customer (validation…POF)

-Validation plans fully reached

-Technical/scientific projects in collaboration with Russian R&D centre

-Responsible for P&L

Production: set up and management of ongoing shift production system

Set up of ISO 9002

EU BRITE EURAM task leader

Co-owner of patent

Co-writer of scientific papers


Worldwide, including ASIA, US, India, Brazil, Europe…


Healthcare, separation, diagnostic, laboratory, chemistry…


Master Engineer (Chemistry/Biochemistry) (I.S.I.C.H., Mons, 1985, school of engineering) (Thesis subject: cloning/biotechnology at Solvay (cloning of K88 and K89 in pbr322))

Business and Management post-graduate, MBA (I.A.G. now HEC Louvain, U.C.L., 1993).

Linguistic skills: fluent in French (mother tongue) and English, basic of Dutch and some basics of other languages.

Computer skills: use of different software (MS Office (EXCELL, WORD, OUTLOOK, POWERPOINT), STAT, WEB, ERP…), APPLE and PC

Scientific symposiums in membranes technology, management, heavy ions physics, ionizing radiations and polymers…

Different student jobs at Solvay (sodium hydroxide and vinyl chlorine, SEVESO plants)


Industrial applications of ion track technology

(Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research - ELSEVIER - Beam interaction with materials and atoms, Elsevier 2009)

Industrial applications of ion track technology

(DEVICEMED, 06/2009)

Applications industrielles de la technologie « ion track »

AWEX, 06/2009

Use of High-Technology Track-Etched Polymer Membranes in a Wide Range of Industries


Improved cultivation of polarized animal cells on culture inserts with new transparent polyethylene terephthalate or polycarbonate microporous membranes


Patent: Method for creating pores and microporous film


hobbies: Music, reading, walks, web, photo, comics, overview of student’s thesis…

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