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Maintenance Manager

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
80000$ annual
November 20, 2018

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Tareq Abd El Hameed Elsayed Ibraheem



Full Name : Tareq Abd El Hameed El Sayed Ibraheem. Current Address : Egypt - Cairo - 25 Elmahrosa street-El Mohandseen. Date of Birth : 05/01/1961

Nationality : Egyptian

Year of graduation : May 1984

Marital status : Married .

Contact Number : +2/112*******

E-mail :


Qualifications : 1- Bachelor of Engineering ( Mechanical /Power) – 1984 - Cairo University.

2- High Studies diploma. In design pipe network

Systems - 1987 - Cairo University.

3- Preliminary of Master degree in Engineering (One Year)- 1990- Cairo University.

WORKING Experience:

1 – Maintenance Engineer in Nile Metalic Company (Egypt), Maintaining Giant Hydraulic presses,Hydraulic workshop machines, Electric Furnace, Boiler,Chemical treatment Station and Enamel line. Carrier chillers, Atlas Copco compressors,Water pumps (1987-1990).

2- Maintenance Engineer in Qatar army force (Qatar),Maintaining Hydraulic heavy Equipment, Hydraulic control systems or military equipment,Train Chiller,Air Compressors,Pumps( From 1990-1992) 3-Maitenance Manager : Universal company -Bohler- (Egypt) Producing Special Welding Rods, Extruder (1993-1994)

4-Operation&Maintenance Manager,Hydraulic specialest in Saudi Plastic factory(1300 Employees) . Maintaining all type of Blow,Injection and workshop machines&molds from (1994-2011) Take care of more than 250 machines applying TPM,Proactive maintenance, RCA &FMEA in all machines trouble shooting such as;

Battenfeld Fischer, Magic, Techne, Bekum, Parker,Akei, KaiMe, Putian,Uniloy and kdonga Machines (Blow machines)

Battenfeld,Tochiba,Husky,Nitestal,Hytian,Negrobossi,Boy,Nessie.,Daiton extruders(Injection Machines)

Moss Omso, Kamman, Moss, Graphiuam digital machine,Hot stamping and Tempo.(Printing machines). Crushers

Toss Lathe machine, EDM, CNC milling machines, Surface and cylindrical grinding machines.(workshop)Carrier scew chiller 220T,low and High pressure compressors, On line vertical water pump, HAVC system Design all closed loop water lines and drainage lines. 5- Manufacturing Manger in Saudi Plastic Factoryl-(Saudi Arabia-Riyadh)) in the manufacturing of all Kind of Plastic –Blow molding, Injection packaging,Injection Engineering,IML,Single screwExtrusion,Twin screw Extrusion,Straw Extrusion,Film, Printing offset,Printing silk screen, Lable Digital printingGraphium ) And applying SAP .( From 2011- 2017) 6-Food safety Team Leader FMG., (Saudi plastic Factory)-Saudi Arabia

.applying HACCP .,KPI’S,SOP,FMEA,RCA, Parameters cpk, 5S & lean manufacturing system.(2007-2017)

factory became bench mark in Saudi Arabia.(2008-2017) 7-Project Manager for all projects done by Saudi plastic Factory

(from2002 to 2017).

a -Turn key project of Water bottled company (Nahl) with all facilities – Egypt-(2004)

b – Turn key project Saudi plastic factory Jeddah Branch.(2005) c- Rehabilitation of PVC Extruder machines (BOSS, Plasmic )of Arab compound Factory APC (Saudi Arabia-Riyadh)Producing PVC,UPVC materials for cables and pipe fittings.( 2007)

d- Installation of food package factory IML as Hygiene factory and producing IML products to El-Marai, Safi, Nadic &Nada (Riyadh)(2008) e- Installation of LG Factory to produce plastic Air Condition items related to Shaker LG Factory(Riyadh)(2011)

f- Installation of Saudi Plastic Factory –Egypt,more than 40,000 SQ.meter. (Cairo-Egypt) (2012-2018).

Qualification & abilities :

Hydraulic &Pneumatic Specialist with 25 Years’ experience in design and trouble shooting Day to Day.

Good leadership and administration command. Able to perform capital Budget& annual inventory

Decision maker,Analyzer and have solutions for critical problems. Able to communicate with key persons to solve problems and do studies for cost saving.

Has mentality of Team work .Respect time

*Experience on the field of Maintenance,production,Safety, Health Care SHCE, controlling the product quality according to international standards and following the production procedure .

* Skill of using computer application. SAP Business one

* Administrator of system ( ISO 9001),(ISO 22000) & (ISO 14000 ) in the SPF company .

• Language. Excellent in Speaking and writing English

• Computer: AutoCad, Office, MS Project

Experiences: -

1- Hydraulic Training course in Tebbeen Instatue for steel and Iron.1990 2- Hydraulic training course in operation and maintenance of ISB machine for PET –Japan- Nissei company. 2000

3- Hydraulic training course in IML machines In Switzerland (food machines) 2007

4- Food safety management course HACCP. 2008 (Riyadh) 5- PMP Training course in Riyadh -2011

6- ISO 9001 internal audit

7- ISO 22000 Internal audit/ HACCAP analysis

8- ISO 14001 Internal Audit Deal with MIC,Henkle,SHELL,petromin,El- Marai.Alsafi,Nadic,P&G

9- Hydraulic training in variable and fixed Hyd.Pumps, Servo Valves. Proportional valves 2005

10- Excellent in all plastic fields, in terms of Maintenance, operation and increased production rates, machined and maintain the machinery (or increase the long life of M/Cs.) &Molds maintenance, or maintenance and repairs and mechanical failure its own.

As well asPneumaics circuit, hydraulic diagrams, Overhead Robots, Side Robos overhead cranes Silos automatic feeding systems.Gravitional dosing unit systems calibration,Leak Testers and crushers. Moulds for the ideal in terms of specifications, design, and design of the product itself and also its accounts, Mould maintenance and Blow molding Head maintenance.

11- identifying, manufacturing and design new products or modify the products to be manufactured to suit those with the best possibilities of the machines in the factory., Also in improving the final product in the form of help to ease marketed or sold.

Finally, studies in the field of the costs of any new product to be manufactured, or intended to determine the existing product actual cost of the existing or current.

Have good relations with all the area of employment in respect of: - Machinery manufacturing companies in Germany, Italy, Austria and Taiwan, Korea, China, India and others.

Mold manufacturers in countries that I mentioned earlier. Suppliers of raw materials, whether Pure or Recycle in Kingdom. Master batch and factories or packing cartons and so on. I traveled frequently to China and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai, Italy,Switzerland,Japan and Egypt in business trips related to the same field, whether they're for the purchase of machinery, or attend the shows or buy raw materials, manufacture, and receiving, testing and test Moulds .

12- Working with SAP. Implemented RCA,FMEA,GMP,LEAN Manufacturing &PMP.

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