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Medical Accounting

Bethesda, Maryland, United States
November 20, 2018

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Ronald T. Sires

**** **** **** *****

Severn, MD 21144



Lead the organization with the interpretation of the financial information while consulting, advising on policy, planning and technical matters of exceptional difficulty providing staff with objective, independent assessments and recommendations for operational and administrative issues while collaborating with Senior staff on the initiatives requiring decision and action assisting the improvement and continuance of operation without becoming anti-deficient.


Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Bethesda, MD 2010 to present

Director of Budget & Finance

Senior advisor and analyst to the Director, Office of Research Services (ORS), on a wide variety of programmatic issues, to include providing expert advice and assistance of the numerous programs and various funding mechanisms for management and oversight of the finances and the ORS Annual Operating Budget. In this position, I am the subject matter expert with oversight and management of the NIH Central Services Management Fund (MF) and Service and Supply Fund (SSF) for the ORS encompassing all phases of the federal budgetary process from formulation to presentation and execution. I manage the budgetary process, including initiating and developing all submissions through the ORS Advisory Committee (ORSAC) to the senior staff of NIH Institutes and Centers (IC’s) Directors and Executive Officers who are members of the NIH Management Board Working Group (MBWG). I work in coordination with the Office of Financial Management (OFM), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB). I am direct staff with the management and oversight of the day to day budget activities keeping the ORS senior staff informed of the status of their Division, Office or Branch funding availability. This is a multi-million-dollar budget with an annual amount in excess of $270 million which is assessed from the IC’s appropriated funds annually, quarterly and through billings for our complex funding models for the ORS SSF activities. These programs have a direct impact upon the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the NIH Institutes and Centers (IC’s). ORS activities impact directly and indirectly many organizations and individuals including NIH IC’s and employees (scientific, administrative, and support staff), patients, volunteers, visitors, contractors and suppliers, providers of serves such as but no limited to safety & security, information technology, access control, fire & rescue, utilities, public transportation, amenities, library services, occupational health, veterinary services, radiation safety, medical arts, scientific equipment & instrumentation services, rental space, services rendered to other government organizations and agency intramural programs where the funds are collected through an Inter-Agency Agreement (IAA) process, regulatory agencies, state and local governments, planning commissions, the surrounding neighborhood and the business community. I am the ORS Budget contact and lead for Strategic Planning exercises directed under the guidance of the NIH Office of the Director (OD) in compliance with the HHS office of the Secretary.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards (OPHEH)

Washington, DC 2008 to 2010

Senior Budget Officer

Responsible for the oversight of the VA financial programs which are used to maintain financial control accounts for budget, including: review, verification, analysis and consolidation of related financial reports, accounting, purchasing, payroll, debt management, program development, audits and financial reviews for OPHEH. Maintains the procedures and systems are in place for the monitoring and effective disbursement of allotments for OPHEH Specific Purpose Funds to the programs and facilities and oversees the financial operations of OPHEH including the Strategic Healthcare Groups (SHG) consisting of over 250 employees in VACO and field locations supported by a budget of more than $290 million per year. Maintains liaison and cooperation with, and furnishes advice to, OPHEH front office with relation to the SHGs in developing payroll, management, policy and procedures to meet the need of management and provide modifications and refinements due to changing conditions, statutory changes, requirements and technological advances. Monitor and evaluate financial data in terms of apportioned and allocated funds to ensure compliance with budgetary rules and policies including the Anti-Deficiency Act. Identify and implement remedial actions to ensure adherence to budgetary requirements while independently resolves complex/difficult resource problems within OPHEH. Formulate policies and procedures to ensure that A-123 Internal Controls over operations are consistent with Federal government and VA guidelines. Monitor financial data for the programs to verify sufficient funds are available to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of OPHEH services. Assure the validity of management tools and techniques used in OPHEH are current with the policies and procedures of the Office of Finance and the VHA Budget Office. Participate on task forces and workgroups established to develop recommendations regarding resource allocation and management that affect OPHEH operations. Serve as contact between OPHEH key management staff and the VHA budget staff along with other Federal Departments and agencies to assure billing and reimbursements are accomplished. Implement innovative and practical procedures to safeguard funds over fiscal years to assure program continuation.

Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Program Support Center

Rockville, MD 2007 to 2008

Budget Officer

Direct the Program Support Center (PSC) budget and execution of a $857 million annual revenue account including budget formulation, review and execution. Integrate closing with the Fee-for-Service side of the Program Business Office to assist in the budget development with the rate setting. Budget Officer oversees Budget Analysts responsible for the execution of commitments throughout the PSC and for reconciling these transactions with accounting reports. Oversee the provision of the monthly status of funds to the PSC Service Areas supported. Formulate the formal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) budget submission and GPRA. Serve as the technical authority for the full compliment of multi-year budgetary operations necessary to support the programs and personnel of the PSC and the customers served by the PSC. These include budget formulation, presentation and execution. Assure compliance with all governing laws rules and regulations on behalf of the PSC Business Manager. Direct the estimation of charges to the customer agencies. Develop and assist with the development of the automated financial systems designed to capture essential information. Prepare special financial reports or analysis as requested by the Office of the Secretary, OMB, and Congress. Develop and apply unique approaches in reviewing and analyzing PSC service area spending plans and status of funds reports. Provide guidance and technical expertise to management staff in assessing the financial impacts. Serve as the point-of-contact for the allocation of FTE ceiling for all service areas and provides program FTE data to PSC management. Provide the PSC focal point for maintaining the integrity of the FTE ceilings imposed by the Department, OMB, and Congress. Mentor the Budget Analysts in the Business Office.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Acquisition & Logistics

Washington, DC 2004 to 2007

Team Leader-Financial Management

Manage the activities of the VA Supply Fund Finance Office consisting of senior staff in grades GS-12 and GS-13 from cross-functional areas such as accounting, budgeting and or managerial financial. Plans, assigns, and reviews work on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and assigns work based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and requirements of assignments, and the capabilities of employees. Evaluates the work performance of employees and recommends awards, training, and promotions. Ensure the effectiveness of the operations for the VA Supply Fund non-appropriated revolving budget more than $2.8 billion along with the associated financial management activities. Brief VA management on the general management of Supply Fund supported programs and develop budget estimates and projections necessary for long range planning. Oversee the preparation of Supply Fund Annual Apportionments, annual budget operating plans and projections that support VA activities nationwide. Monitor the accounting activity at offices using Supply Fund programs or resources. Supervise the preparation of Financial Statements and the other accounting reports and analyses. Investigates and explains deviations from fiscal operating plans and programs objectives. Independently develops program actual and possible trends with detailed explanation of significant deviations along with the development and implementation of management policies, guides and procedures to assist in the administration of the functions. Brief the Supply fund CFO, ADAS's and the Office of Budget and Finance (Controller) on the monthly status of Supply Fund programs. Submits approved data to the General Administration and Coordination Service for the monthly projection of the VA's Top Management Report.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, Amarillo, Texas 2002 to 2004

Chief Financial Officer

Supervise the financial service of the medical center, which consists of, but not limited to budgeting, accounting, managerial-financial analysis and costing in the overall planning and decision-making activities. Establish and maintain a complex integrated system of financial services. Responsible for the funding control and maintenance of programs, appropriateness of expenditures, collection of funds and ensuring the fiscal integrity of all financial records of the medical center. Develops and implements local policies with instructions of mandatory requirements in accordance of

existing financial laws, guidelines and regulations from VA Headquarters, Dept. of Treasury, OMB, GAO and Comptroller General Decisions. Prepares reviews and negotiates budget estimates for the health care groups to arrive at a compromise, which facilitate the budget process. Reviews cost distribution data from the other health care groups to formulate a Cost Distribution Report requiring financial analysis of workload versus cost of clinical programs for budgetary allocation. Coordinates the debt collection, sharing agreements with other federal agencies, purchase card program (Citibank) and the Medical Care Cost Funds, which are bills of collection to insurance companies and veterans for services and co-payments.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, Louisville, Kentucky 1998 to 2002

Accounting Officer - Controller

Provide oversight and guidance of the financial processing, training and production of all activities within the medical center fiscal service area. Prepare the annual $165 million budget plan and biweekly salary projection for the medical center. Interpret financial regulations regarding budgetary and financial conditions requiring correspondence to local management and the central office in Washington, DC. Decide on the appropriate action for financial activities throughout the medical center of expenditures and obligation authority. Prepares and interprets complex financial statements required for submission to reporting authority within a timely manner. Maintain the authority and responsibility of CFO in his absence for decisions of financial & administrative matters.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, Castle Point, New York 1997 - 1998

Chief of Accounting

Lead the accounting section, which included accounting, employee travel, accounts payable and travel. Analyzed and classified accounts and ensured compliance with governmental accounting general policy. Assist in the revision of accounting systems to include analyzing and evaluating performance. Provide accounting and cost reports & financial statements reflecting the interrelation of accounting and cost budgeting. Interpret accounting reports, statements and data highlighting trends or deviations that aided in policy development. Provide comparative analysis of costs and income to show trends of expenses, source of funds and detailed status of various assets & liabilities.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, Louisville, Kentucky 1996 - 1997

Operating Accountant

Execute a wide variety of financial operation duties. Assume full supervision of day-to-day activities in the absence of the Chief of Accounting. Apply a variety of accounting theories, practices and methods. Resolve complex and unique accounting problems through interpretation of VA policies and regulations. Operate as a technical expert and advisor regarding the automated accounting system. Provide training and coaching to the staff on various accounting matters. Prepared complex financial reports and presented them to leadership.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, North Chicago, Illinois 1995

Operating Accountant

Performed various accounting duties and had full responsibility of computerized double entry accounting system. Maintain the general ledger for several appropriation/funds. Prepare financial reports that entailed cost comparison, expense analysis, reconciliation and trend analysis. Interpret significant trends, major variables, program operations and resulting conclusions. Advise management on supply management and inventory control-to-control fixed and variable overhead. Conducted periodic audits of control points to ensure conformance with policy and established accounting principles & practices. Assume supervision in the absence of the supervisory accountant.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, Louisville, Kentucky 1993 - 1994

Accountant Trainee

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, West Haven, Connecticut 1992 - 1993

Accounting Technician

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, West Haven, Connecticut 1990 - 1991

Police Officer


University of Maryland School of Public Policy, College Park, MD 2010 - 2011

NIH Senior Leadership Program

Sullivan University, Louisville, KY, 1999 - 2001

Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Management Skills

Certificated Mediation in Alternative Dispute Resolution for Federal Employees

Quinnipiac College, Hamden, CT, 1990 - 1992

Certificate in Professional Accounting

University of New Haven, West Haven, CT 1983 - 1987

Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Administration

West Haven High School, West Haven, CT 1982


NIH/ORS Executive Board Member 2011 to present

NIH/ORS IT Governance Board Member 2011 to present

Team Member for NIH/ORS Strategic Initiative for Workforce Enhancement 2015 to present

Chairperson for NIH/ORS Strategic Plan Initiative for Efficiency and Effectiveness 2011 to 2015

Chairperson for NIH/ORS Director’s Initiative for Budget Realignment 2012 to 2014

NIH Senior Leadership Program 2011 to present

VHA H1N1 & Pan Flu Finance Lead 2008 to 2010

VA Mentor Certification 2008 to 2010 Project Management Certification 2008 to 2010

Financial Managers Assoc. 2005 to present COTR Certification 2005 to 2009

VA Carey Board Examiner 2006 and 2009 Patient Rights Committee 2000 to 2002

Internal Control Work Group (A-123) for VA and HHS 2004 to 2008

VA Business Process Improvement Committee (BPIC) for Finance and Logistics Recruitment 2007 to 2009

Assoc. of Gov. Accountant 1994 to present Financial Reports Committee 1996 to 2007

VA Chief of Accounting Trng 1999 and 1997 VA Privacy Information Verification 2007 to 2010 VA Financial Mgt. System Trng 1995 and 1992 VA Supervisory Training 1994 & and 2001 Accounts Receivable Task Force 1997


Outstanding Annual Performance Award to include a Quality Step Improvement 2015

Received in recognition of Outstanding Annual Performance Award

National Institutes of Health Director’s Awards 2014

ORS Medical Arts Branch Medical Illustration Team

Outstanding Annual Performance Award to include a Quality Step Improvement 2013

Received in recognition of Outstanding Annual Performance Award

National Institutes of Health Director’s Awards 2012

ORS Integrated Strategic Plan: 2012 and Beyond Realizing Our Vision Team

Outstanding Annual Performance Award to include a Quality Step Improvement 2011

Received in recognition of Outstanding Annual Performance Award

Department of Veteran Affairs National Leadership Business Process Improvement, 2009

Improvements to ensure Business Excellence and Integrity in Veterans Health Administration

Department of Veterans Affairs National Scissors Award, 1999

Presented by the Undersecretary of Health for streamlining government business practice and cost savings to the agency of approximately $2.5 million per year

Department of Veterans Affairs CFO’s Gold Medal Award, 1999

Introduced new technological advances to the government in the field of financial management


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