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Physician Assistant Dermatology

Commerce Township, MI
November 16, 2018

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Lindsey Lukkari

**** ****** ****.

West Bloomfield, MI 48324



- AS Physician Assistant, Miami Dade College Aug 2018

- AA; Liberal Arts, Oakland Community College Dec 2010

- BAS; Health Sciences in Physician Assistant Studies, Current Enrollment (April 2019)

Miami Dade College

- Masters of Medical Science, St. Francis University Future Enrollment (Aug 2020)


NCCPA Certified Aug 2018

License to practice in the state of Michigan Oct 2018

DEA License Oct 2018

ACLS/BLS Certifications April 2017-2019

HIPAA Sept 2016

HIV/AIDS in the Health Care Environment Oct 2016

Domestic Violence Training Oct 2016

Foundations of SBIRT Training Feb 2017

NIH Office of Clinical Research Training and Medical Education May 2017

Clinical Rotation Experience

Dermatology: Dr. Hector Wiltz, Carlos Wiltz PA-C &Yanette Barcelo PA-C, Wiltz Dermatology 786-***-****

Two high volume and fast-paced underserved clinics providing hands on experience in suturing, punch/shave/excisional biopsies, suture removal, wound care, cryotherapy, phototherapy, injections (anesthetic, steroid, and botox), I&D, electrodessication and curettage, verrucae treatments, etc. Familiarities with the pharmaceuticals or non-medicinal techniques used in treatment of the numerous/varied conditions.

Family Medicine: Brittany Estok PA-C Miami Urgent Care 219-***-****

Comprehensive histories and examinations, EKG/X-ray interpretations, Punch biopsies, suturing, suture removal, fluorescein stain, Foreign object removal, cerumen disimpaction, rapid strep/rapid influenza testing, IM injections, venipuncture, IV placement, urine dipstick analysis, interpretation of lab results, I&D, pelvic exams, prostate exams.

Internal Medicine: Dr. Benoit & Valentine Sanon PA-C, Sunrise Medical Center

Comprehensive histories and examinations in underserved area of south Florida, EKG interpretations, labs review, IM injections, wound care, and provided patient education.

Emergency Medicine: Jackson North Medical Center 305-***-****

Comprehensive histories and examinations in underserved area of south Florida, Xray and EKG interpretations, CT/MRI orders, Stroke protocols, labs review with the patient, IM injections, wound care, I&D, CPR during cardiac arrest, suturing various parts of the body including the face, assistance in intubation and central line placement. Provided patient education and medical advice to teach about prevention and importance of good nutrition.

Surgery: Dr. Romane Joseph, Jackson Hospital & North Shore Hospital 954-***-****

Obtained history of the patients and conducted physical exams in the clinical setting. 1st assist in both outpatient surgeries and procedures as well as in the OR. Experience with suturing, wound care, patient education, pre-op and post-op rounding, and practiced use of DaVinci Surgical System.

Pediatrics: Dr. Gladys Vazquez, South Florida Pediatric Partners 305-***-****

Comprehensive histories and examinations, IM injections, rapid diagnostic tests, labs review.

Cardiology: Dr. Joseph B. Esterson, University of Miami, Harvey Program 305-***-****

4-week intensive course of EKG reviews and cardiac simulations.

Gynecology: Dr. Marisa Messore, Mount Sinai Hospital 305-***-****

Comprehensive histories and assistance in pelvic and breast exams. Patient education provided as well as increased knowledge and experience with menopausal woman.

Psychiatry: Dr. Ram & Sheena Spurlock, PA-C, Compass Health North Miami 305-***-****

Comprehensive histories obtained and familiarities with the pharmaceuticals or non-medicinal techniques used in treatment of psychiatric conditions.


Miami Rescue Mission Clinic:

Served an under-privileged community in need of medical care as a CNA (2015-2016)

Women's Breast & Heart Initiative:

Door to door education and resources provided to underserved community (May 2017)

Project Seed:

Provided medical services and education to those without access to healthcare (Oct 2016 & Oct 2017)

Personal Organizations

Florida Academy of Physician Assistants (FAPA)

American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)

Additional references provided upon request

Lindsey Lukkari

7870 Eldora Blvd.

West Bloomfield, MI 48324


My name is Lindsey Lukkari and I am the Physician Assistant you are looking for. I have recently graduated from the Miami Dade College PA program and would love to be given the opportunity to join your medical team. I have moved back home to Michigan following my studies and am eager to start working in the specialty I love most; Dermatology. My interest in Dermatology grew after volunteering and shadowing along side Dr. Leonard Cetner and Stacy Madany PA-C at Associated Dermatologists in Commerce, Michigan (248-***-****) prior to entering the PA program. I was able to receive even more knowledge and hands-on experience of various pathologies and general or cosmetic procedures through my clinical rotation at two underserved locations in Southern Florida for patients of all ages.

I am deeply committed in providing efficient, high-quality care while using my skills in conducting patient histories, physical exams, diagnostic testing, treatment options as well as patient education. In addition to my Physician Assistant accreditation, I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Science on Health Science in Physician Assistant Studies with my MMS to follow. I have my DEA licenses and hold active certifications in ACLS, BLS, and certified by the National Commission on Certification for Physician Assistants (NCCPA).

I am an adaptive, bright and hard-working practitioner who looks forward to working in a compassionate and team-oriented atmosphere. You may call me at 248-***-**** or email to schedule an interview.

I look forward to meeting with you.


Lindsey Lukkari, PA-C

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