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Manager Engineer

Lamoni, IA
November 15, 2018

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*** ***** ***** ******, ****** Iowa, 50140



Military Sector 1983-1995

• 12 years of military service in U.S. Army as a Combat Airborne Engineer/Ranger

• Real World Combat Theaters in: Central America, Gulf War, and Haiti

• Many leadership positions; Sr. Team Leader, Squad Leader, Sr. Section Sergeant, Battalion Reconnaissance NCO, Instructor U.S. Army Air Assault School, Instructor U.S. Army Rappel Master Course, Instructor U.S. Army Pre-Ranger School Ft. Bragg, Jump Master.

• 3 Duty Stations; Ft. Benning GA, Stuttgart Germany, Ft. Bragg N.C. Civilian Sector 1983/1995-Present

• 2 years Family Counselor Decatur County Hospital

• 4 1 2 years Lamoni Community Police Officer

• 2 years South Central Iowa Community Action Program Head Start Director

• 3 years Executive Director of Iowa Head Start Association

• 1 1 2 years Regional Director Strong America Now (Political Season Job)

• 5 years National State Coordinator Network Manager for Tea Party Patriots SKILLS

Military Trained Skills

• Small Arms Specialist

• 40 hrs Army Retention

• Jump Master Qualified

• 120 hrs Large Group Instructor Training

• Rappel Master Qualified

• 40 hrs Small Group Instructor Training

• 44 hrs Combat Lifesaver Training

• Ranger Qualified

• Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course

• Air Assault Qualified

• 136 hrs Supervision and Management

• Honduran Jump Qualified

• Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defense Officer Course

• Field Sanitation Course

• Construction Equipment Operator Course

• U.S. Army Airborne School

• 16 hours Security Managers Orientation Course

Civilian Trained Skills

• 83 hrs Water Safety Instructor, Berlin Germany

• 136 hrs Counseling Skills for the Supervisor, Fayetteville TCC

• 44 hrs Emergency Life Saver, Fayetteville TCC

• 240 hrs introduction to Law Enforcement, Fayetteville TCC

• 40 hrs Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training, Community Mediation Center, Davenport IA

• 50 hrs Coaching Authorization SWCC

• 24 hrs Non-violent Crisis Intervention Instructor, Crisis Prevention Institute, Brookfield, WS

• 40 hrs National Administrators Credential, National Childcare Association

• 40 hrs Administrators Credential, National Head Start Association

• 520 hrs Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), Des Moines IA

• 16 hrs Less Lethal Munitions Instructor, ILEA, Des Moines IA

• 24 hrs Chemical Munitions Instructor, ILEA, Des Moines IA

• 40 hrs Defensive Tactics Instructor, ILEA, Des Moines IA

• 40 hrs Clandestine Lab Certification Course, Mid-West Counter Drug Training Center, Camp Dodge

• 80 hrs Firearms Instructor, ILEA Des Moines IA

• 56 hrs Drug Recognition Expert, The International Association of Chiefs of Police, Alexandria VA WORK HISTORY

National State Coordinator Network Manager, Tea Party Patriots $65k USA, All 50 States

Tracking and updating the Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator Network, and developing and enriching the role of, and relationships with State Coordinators. I organized and moderated the State Coordinator weekly webinar where I helped the State Coordinators learn from, and networked with each other. I was the primary contact for the State Coordinators, and depending on the issue, I would direct them to the appropriate team member if help was needed. I kept the State Coordinators information up to date to ensure proper communications between TPP and the State Coordinators. I was available to mediate between any State Coordinator and local group leaders if needed. I also located, assessed, and appointed any new State Coordinators needed in new states or regions, and managed resources they might of needed as well. Regional State Manager, Strong America Now $75k

Statewide, Iowa

The mission was twofold; To get as many Iowan Citizens to sign a pledge to vote only for a presidential candidate that would implement Lean Six Sigma across the board in our government, and to get as many presidential candidates to sign a pledge that if elected, would implement Lean Six Sigma. In a year and a half, we got over 22,000 Iowans to sign said pledge, and 14 of the 16 candidates to sign as well. The process consisted of but not limited to, cold calling local civic groups, tea party groups, city halls, and GOP county central committees, and organized, then gave a presentation educating how important Lean Six Sigma actually is. I then aided in coordinated efforts to pass on the information out to others in the communities.

Executive Director, of the Iowa Head Start Association $45k Statewide, Iowa

Responsible for and maintaining the communications of the federal guidance in performance standards to all Head Start Directors throughout the state of Iowa. I also developed, planned, directed Bi-Annual statewide trainings for the local Head Start Directors and created the agenda of speakers and trainers for each event. State Certified City Peace Officer, Lamoni City Police Department $28k Lamoni, Iowa

My duties included but not limited to arrests, searches and seizures, execution of criminal and civil warrants, and was responsible for the prevention or detection of crime or for the enforcement of the penal, traffic or highway laws. I was also charged with the continuous trainings of officers and deputies in local and surrounding departments for defensive tactics, firearms and less lethal munitions training, as well as being the only DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) serving on the county drug task force. Family Counselor, Decatur County Hospital $38k

Leon, Iowa

My duties were to create, oversee, a graduating program for at risk teens, in an in house residential facility and do individual, group, counseling for them as well. I was also charged with doing committal assessments as well as court ordered marriage counseling. EDUCATION

• High School Diploma, Lamoni Public Schools

• Combat Airborne Engineer/Ranger, United States Army

• Sociology, Bachelors of Science, Graceland University, Lamoni IA AWARDS AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS


• 1 Soldiers Medal

• 1 Meritorious Service Medal

• 3 Army Commendation Medals

• 8 Army Achievement Medals

• 3 Good Conduct Medals

• 1 National Defense Service Medal

• 1 Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

• 1 South West Asia Service Medal

• 1 Humanitarian Service Medal

• 1 Saudi Arabian Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait

• 1 Kuwait Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait

• Ranger Tab

• Jump Wings

• Air Assault Wings

• Honduran Jump Wings


• Non-Traditional Student Award as OASIS President while attending Graceland University

• Certificate of Recognition from the State of Iowa, City of Lamoni, and Graceland University for the Iowa Safe Community Program

• Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Plaque Award for being the President of Academy Class 188th Basic Training Class

• Iowa Law Enforcement Academy McCartney Award selected by the class and the academy staff for the Most Conscientious Student.

• The Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Award for dedicated work for God, Family, and Country.

• Pursue Your American Dream glass award from Tea Party Patriots for dedicated commitment to uphold the values of Personal Freedom, Economic Freedom, and a Debt-Free Future.

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