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Mechanical Engineer Power Plant

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
November 18, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Senior Mechanical Engineer / Mohammed Mahmoud Fayed

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Personal Data:

Name : Mohammed Mahmoud Fayed.

Nationality : Egyptian.

Contact Address : ** **-******* **, ****** Bek, Alexandria, Egypt.

Tel. : 03- 42429330 Mobile: 010********

E-mail :,

Marital Status : Married.

Military Service : Completed.

Work Experience:

Present Experience: MIDOM/MIDOR Refinery {2003 to Date}. Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Maintenance Department performing the following tasks:

Waste oil separator skimmer; (Greasing bearings-Alignment-Check for smooth operation- Check driving chain).

Sulfur solidifier unit (SANDVIK); Check water nozzles-Alignment-Greasing bearing- Check Chain.

Storage tanks Fixed roof/ floating; check bottom plates' thickness -Roof seal.

Heat exchangers& piping system (HDPE /PVC/ metal); cleaning tube bundle-Hydro testing on shell &tubes.

Motor & turbine-driven pumps "Single &Multi stage"(KSB-INGERSOL DRESER); check turning gear-changing oil -check alignment-check mechanical seal components& bearings- shaft run out-troubleshooting).

Steam turbines (SIEMENS-NUVO PIGONE); check impulse blades-Alignment- check bearings &labyrinth- troubleshooting.

Tank mixers (check backlash of gears-check mechanical seal & bearing). Previous Experience: Sidi Krir Power Plant Project {April 1999 to May 2003}. I had worked as an Operation Engineer before transferring to steam turbine and accessories maintenance department in November 1999, the main tasks included the followings installation and commissioning activities:

Steam turbine & generator (SIEMENS); check impulse blades-Alignment- check bearings & labyrinth troubleshooting.

Air centrifugal compressor; cleaning filters & coolers-Changing oil- -overhauling - Troubleshooting.

Mechanical traveling screens; greasing &changing bearings- check water sprays- Troubleshooting.

Motor & turbine-driven pumps; check turning gear -check alignment-check mechanical seal components& bearings- shaft run out- Troubleshooting.

Fire fighting system; check &fixing DELUGE valves.

Air dryers, check operation-Observing silicates-Fixing ball valves.

Reciprocating piston compressors (COMPARE –NUVO PIGNONE); check liners & rider ring-check piston rings-check piston rod packing-check orbit valves-piston rod run out- check main bearing of crank shaft).

Curriculum Vitae

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Centrifugal compressor(CENTAC INGERSOLAND); check & fixing dry gas seal-check the backlash of gear box-cleaning water oil heat exchangers-check &fixing lube oil pumps- Changing shaft bearings)

I have dealt with the following companies during that period :

- TECHINT CIMI MONTUBI (Mechanical equipment &piping system).

- SIEMENS (Turbines).

- HITACHI (Sea water desalination plant).

Work duties:

Following up &carrying out planned, corrective and major overhauling maintenance activities for the following equipment :-

Promote Refinery Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.

Contribute to the Formulation of Maintenance Plans and Budgets.

Control the Cost of the Mechanical Maintenance Function within Agreed Budgets.

Manage the Mechanical Maintenance Function.

Monitor and Improve the Service Provided by the Mechanical Maintenance Group.

Contribute to the Preparation for, and Management of Shutdowns, Inspections and Other Special Activities.

Motivate, Train and Develop Subordinate Personnel. Education: of Mechanical Power Engineering-1997.

Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria.

Alexandria University.

With Total grade (good).

Graduation Project: Heat Transfer (Very Good).

Training Courses:

Pipeline Intelligent Pigging (PETROMAINT).

Mechanical seal failure. (Sidi Krir Power Plant)

Condensate steam traps. (MIDOR Refinery)

Visual inspection for N.D.T (Inspecta Middle East for inspection).

Basic Management Skills (Oil & Gas Skills Co. "OGS").

Diesel Engine Maintenance &Troubleshooting. (Engineering Center "Faculty of Engineering – University Of Alexandria").

High Pressure piping "ASME B31.3".

Strategic Negotiation (Science &Engineering Technology Centre "ETC". Skills & Computer:

Computer skills (Windows, Microsoft office programs, Visual Basic) Curriculum Vitae

Senior Mechanical Engineer / Mohammed Mahmoud Fayed Page 3 of 3

Computer applications system (PEMAC-ORACLE).

Good communication skills.


Arabic is mother tongue.

Fluent in spoken and written English; I have got the Upper Intermediate and Conversation Skills Courses from the British Council during the period from 1/2000 to11/2000.

Interests and Activities:

Scientific Reading.


References and copies of certificates are available under request.

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