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Engineer Electrical

Los Angeles, CA
November 17, 2018

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Qualifications Profile

Innovative, multi-disciplined Electronics Design Engineer (Hardware, Firmware, Software) with extensive experience in the design, test and qualification of electronic systems and components for aerospace and military defense contracting, semiconductor manufacturing, academic institutions, oil & gas instrumentation, process instrumentation, digital imaging and other high-tech customers.

Electronics Hardware Design, Simulation, Analysis, Verification and Qualification for Aerospace, Industrial and other Hi-REL applications.

Schematic Capture; Design and simulation (OrCAD, Altium Designer, DxDesigner)

PCB/PWB layout (OrCAD PCB Editor, Altium Designer, PCAD, PADS), assembly, test, bring-up, debugging.

Design and development of embedded test software/firmware (C/C++ Language, Renesas Synergy, Bascom BASIC).

Development of SoC firmware and software for MicroBlaze soft-core (Vivavdo and SDK)

Lead the development of electrical systems and subsystems.

Perform initial unit testing and evaluate results; train/assist operators to run later tests.

Design and development automated test software (LabVIEW, Visual Basic, Visual C).

Design, develop and simulation of embedded logic (Vivado, VHDL) for FPGA and CPLD.

Develop Acceptance and Qualification Test Procedures from contract requirements.

Perform failure analysis to determine root cause, and issue Corrective Action Reports.

Continually maintain and upgrade test hardware and software as required.

Provide analysis on test data to identify problem trends, improve yield and verify compliance.

Create software tools for analyzing test data results to improve yield and identify trends.

System level integration and debugging of line replaceable units (LRU) and related cabling.

Develop test fixtures, jigs and rigs to test sub-assembly units (LRU).

Design and development of analog signal conditioning and/or filter circuits.

Design of Digital to Analog & Analog to Digital Interface and conditioning circuits

Circuit design and development of embedded microprocessor/microcontroller/DSP/DSC based applications. Examples: Texas Instruments TMS320F28335, Freescale (Motorola) PowerPC 603 & 750, MPC565, 68000, 680x; Analog Devices ADUC845 & ADUC7026; Microchip PIC16F182x, PIC16F877, PIC16F84A, dsPIC30F601x; AMD 29050 RISC; Renesas R7FS7G27H2A01CBD.

Design/development of High Power driver circuits (up to 600V/50 amp) and power supplies

Test Development for Hi-REL product acceptance/qualification/environmental-stress testing

Support Project Management & Product Support (cradle to grave)

Expert Troubleshooting and Rework/Repair (including the smallest surface mount parts)

Proficient with Laboratory Equipment: Logic Analyzer, DMMs, O-Scopes, Decade Boxes (R&C), soldering/hand-tools/cabling/fixture-building

SolidWorks mechanical design experience

Machine Shop expertise (lathe, mill, drill-press, etc.)

Space System Loral – Pasadena, CA 5/2018 to 8/2018

Test Engineer (contract job)

Duties: Wire Harness design for DragonFly Robotic Arm (satellite servicing in GEO orbit).

Honeywell Aerospace – Torrance, CA 11/2017 to 5/2018

Test Engineer (contract job)

Duties: Troubleshoot and repair DC brushless motor controller and power supplies for JSTARS aircraft project. Support of LabVIEW Real-Time project development (CRIO). Develop real-time capability using LabVIEW FPGA. Develop test stands for Environmental Control Systems Packs for commercial and military aircraft. PCB and Schematic development and support of ground support test equipment.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena, CA 10/2016 to 7/2017

Electrical Engineer (contract job)

Duties: Design and develop of hardware, firmware and software for an indoor radio-location application to be used by first responders. Schematic capture and PCB layout using Altium Designer. FPGA development for the Xilinx Zynq 7Z020 and Artix-7 FPGAs using Vivado 2016.2. SoC implementation using MicroBlaze soft-core development (Vivado and SDK). Fixture mechanical development using SolidWorks 2016. Hardware debugging.

Analytical Industries – Pomona, CA 7/2015 to 8/2016

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Duties: Design and develop the operating software for oxygen gas analyzer products (ATmega2561). Design and develop the hardware for gas analyzer products. Design and develop both hardware and software for an embedded platform using Renesas Synergy (S7G2 microcontroller). Employed Renesas Synergy to implement a real-time-operating system (ThreadX). Implement color TFT display with touchscreen control, Ethernet, USB (host and device), SD card, Wi-Fi, RS-232, RS-422/485. PCB design and development using OrCAD PCB Editor (an Allegro product). Develop mechanical fixtures, bezels, brackets and PCB mechanical envelopes using Solidworks 2010.

Daqri – Los Angeles Center Studios, CA 5/2015 to 6/2015

LabVIEW Development Engineer (contract job)

Duties: Develop a Man-In-Loop LabVIEW calibration application for an initial production run of an Augmented Reality Headset. Cable harness design and fabrication. Integrate LabVIEW to use existing C++ and C# dll code. USB3 Camera interface using NI Visual Acquisition (IMAQdx) for stereo camera alignment and calibration, and measuring color balance/lens /distortion/focal length. Implemented a method in LabVIEW for measuring MTF (focus quality). Implemented Digimetrix add-on to LabVIEW for operating C4 Kuka Robot used in camera calibration.

Hydra-Electric – Burbank, CA 1/2012 to 3/2015

Electrical Engineer

Duties: Develop LabVIEW software for automated test equipment used for product temperature compensation and calibration. Development support utilities using C Language using Visual Studio. Product design, development and analysis. Design and test for EMI/EMC compliance. Programming ASIC devices for product calibration. Schematic capture, PCB/PWB layout, Board bring-up, Prototype development. Heavily used technologies includes the use of: RS-232, I2C, 1-Wire communication, OrCAD, SMTP messaging, network file sharing.

Aveox – Simi Valley, CA 3/2011 to 9/2011

Electrical Engineer (contract job)

Duties: Perform detailed fault analysis per DO-254 for the Airbus A400M winch motor design (all digital) for design verification and validation. Develop validation test procedures. PCB layout and schematic capture using Altium.

Element Technica – Culver City, CA 2/2010 to 7/2010

Electrical Engineer (contract job)

Duties: Designed and developed compact DC-DC converter (12 - 24V in, 24 Vout @ 10 amps) for portable film camera applications (3D movies). Designed and developed an interface to all Universal Time Code Generators for motion pictures. Designed the first generation of electronics hardware for the Pulsar camera system (6-axis motor controller interface). Designed and developed analog interfaces to ARIS lens, RED and other film quality camera lens systems (controlling focus, iris, zoom). Design and development of compact enclosures using SolidWorks. Schematic capture (OrCAD), PCB layout (OrCAD Layout 9.2.3), PCB assembly, board bring-up, dead-bug prototype development, parts selection and procurement. Heavy use of: USB, RS-232, I2C/SPI, Bluetooth, 3D Printers, Stellaris microcontrollers.

ESI Motion – Simi Valley, CA 10/2009 to 2/2010

Electrical Engineer (contract job)

Duties: Develop, design and support testing of 3-phase motor controllers ranging from 600 to 1200 Vdc at 50 amps. Develop motor designs for military environments. Fixture design using Solidworks. Automated test software using LabVIEW. CPLD code (VHDL) development for Man-Machine interface. Systems integration, schematic capture (OrCAD), PCB layout (PADS), board bring-up, prototype development, PCB re-working and production support.

Crane Aerospace – Burbank, CA 3/2007 to 10/2009

Electronics Hardware Design Engineer – Member Technical Staff Level III

Duties: Electronics hardware design, verification and qualification for Aircraft Landing Systems (Airbus A400M). ATE H/W & S/W development (LabVEIW) for support ground support equipment. Embedded software development for the purposes of hardware testing. Schematic capture, PCB/PWB layout, Board bring-up, Prototype development. Design of DAL-B compliant logic to comply with DO-254. Heavily used technologies includes the use of: RS-485, RS-232, SPI, I2C, ARINC-429, 4th order butter-worth filters, OrCAD, DxDesigner, MATLAB, ADC, DAC and many more. Design to comply with specifications: DO-254, DO-160D, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-1275, and others. Test Fixture development using LabVIEW 8.6 (GUI) and C Language (embedded code).

Endress & Hauser (Wedgewood Analytical) – Anaheim, CA

Full-time: R & D Engineer 1/2006 to 3/2007

Part-time Consultant 3/2007 to 11/2008

Duties: Electronics Hardware design for manufacturer of analytical instrumentation product. Design of low-noise, low-signal level analog amplifiers and digital interface. Design and development of Hi-voltage (500 Vdc), low-power ultra-sonic stimulus and detection hardware. ATE S/W design and development virtual instruments (vi) using LabVIEW 8.6. Embedded software development for the purposes of hardware testing. Schematic capture, PCB/PWB design, layout and board bring-up. Cost Reduction, Product Support. Heavily used technologies includes the use of: RS-485, RS-232, SPI, I2C, ADC, DAC and many more.

Completed Projects: Sludge Level Measurement, Dual Log Amp 10pA to 10mA, 72 Channel Lamp ATE, 4-20mA Controller Interface, and various other small projects.

Woodward (HR Textron) – Santa Clarita, CA 9/2004 to 1/2006

Electronics Hardware Design Engineer - MTS III

Duties: Electronics Hardware design acceptance & qualification for manufacturer of military and aerospace products. Design and development of Medium voltage (50 Vdc), medium power motor drive application (5kW). Design and development of hardware upgrade for existing Hi-REL product. Schematic capture, Board bring-up, Troubleshooting, Cost Reduction, PCB/PWB Fabrication and Assembly, Component Selection, Analysis and Procurement for design builds. Embedded software development for the purposes of hardware testing.

Projects: 5HP PWM Motor Controller and associated Isolated Driver. Accelerometer and Gyroscope interfaces. Gyroscope Programmer. Drive-By-Wire and Weapons Control Handle. Heavily used technologies includes the use of: RS-485, RS-232, I2C, ARINC-429, 10th order switched capacitor filters, ADC, DAC, GPS, VHDL/FPGA and many more.

UCLA/IGPP (Institute Of Geophysics & Planetary Physics) – LA, CA 6/2003 to 5/2004

Assistant Development Engineer (Electronics/Mechanical Engineer)

Duties: Electronics Hardware troubleshooting of ground-based fluxgate magnetometers instruments and associated laboratory test fixtures (RS-232, ADC, DAC, GPS). Calibration and verification of these fluxgate magnetometers. Design and development of a gradient-magnetometer. Schematic capture, PCB/PWB layout (PCAD), Board bring-up. Projects/Assignments: Collect data from remote instruments and distribute for analysis. Design and fabrication of magnetically neutral test fixtures. Implementation of Linux-based software. Software design using Visual Basic 6.0 and LabVIEW 7.1 (for Windows and Linux). Maintain data collection links to remote instrument locations.

Projects: DAWN, THEMIS, Managed the deployed magnetometers distributed worldwide.

Unit Instruments – Yorba Linda, CA 12/2000 to 12/2001

Firmware Validation Engineer (Contract)

Duties: Firmware (Visual Basic) validation of microprocessor-based product used in the manufacturer of Mass Flow Controllers (used by semiconductor wafer-fabrication industry). Electronics hardware development, test and debug of instrumentation product. Embedded software development for the purposes of hardware testing and design verification. Implement upgrades. Product cost minimization and procurement. Design troubleshooting flowchart for manufacturing cell to improve product yield. Heavily used technologies includes the use of: RS-485, CAN, ethernet, RS-232, SPI, I2C, ADC, DAC, and many more.

Curtiss-Wright (Vista Controls) – Santa Clarita, CA 7/1996 to 2/2003 (except for 2001)

Electronics Hardware Design Engineer – MTS II

Electronics Hardware design, development and support for manufacturer of Hi-REL Aerospace product. Design and support of VME64x and PCI/PMC products for military avionics. Test procedure and ATE development for acceptance and qualification. ATE software development using LabVIEW 4.0 and Visual Basic 6.0. Embedded software development for the purposes of hardware testing. Schematic capture and development of PowerPC product designs (Flash, ROM, RAM, DPRAM, ETHERNET, PCI-Bridge, ADC/DAC, Op-Amps, Resolvers/Encoders). VME64x: Backplanes, Power Supplies, Analog I/O, and PCI/PMC mezzanines. Systems Integration and design documentation (ECO/ECR, Blue and Red label changes). Heavily used technologies includes the use of: RS-485, RS-232, SPI, I2C, MIL-STD 1553, ADC, DAC, POWER PC, VHDL/FPGA and many more. Design to comply with specifications: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-1275, and others.

Micro-Semi Corporation – Garden Grove, CA 8/1994 to 7/1996

Failure Analysis Engineer (Quality Control) / Engineering Technician

Perform forensic analysis of semiconductor component failures. Product types: motion control and power driver circuits, op-amps, PWM controllers, switching power supplies, Low Dropout regulators, etc Design verification and characterization of semiconductor product. Test instrumentation design/development. Application development. Test Fixture design for wafer probe ATE. Use of: RS-232, ADC, DAC, PCB/PWB development.

US Air Force – George AFB, CA 2/1986 to 9/1989

Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist / Senior Airman (E4)

Military service: Performed maintenance, inspection and repair of weapons and weapons release systems for the F-16 and F-4 fighter jets. Weapons preparation, inspection and loading for live fire exercises. Some experience repairing the M61A1 Vulcan 20mm cannon.

Educational Background

Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology

DeVry University (formerly DeVry Institute of Technology) – Pomona, California

Diploma (Electronics Engineering Technology with Digital and Microprocessor Laboratories) (correspondence courses with digital and microprocessor laboratories)

Cleveland Institute of Electronics – Cleveland, Ohio

Additional Relevant Coursework:

Games & Simulation Development, C++, 3D imaging

DeVry University – Online

Digital Signal Processing

California State University Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA

Basic SolidWorks

Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA

C++ Modules I & II

The Game Institute (experience only, no college credit) – Online

Conventional/CNC Mill and Lathe Operations/Programming, Mechanical CAD

Rio Hondo Community College – Whittier, California

Certified Electronic Technician training and General Ed. Coursework

Victor Valley Community College – Hesperia, California

General Education Coursework

University of Maryland (extension courses) – Hahn AB, Germany

Technical Proficiencies

Circuit Familiarity:

IGBT, FET, PWM, Op-Amp characteristics, Active & Passive Filters, USB/USB3, ADC/DAC, Flash, ROM, RAM, DPRAM, Ethernet, Resolver, Encoder, NIRD Sensor, Power Factor Control, PCI and VME Bridges, High Voltage (600 Vdc, medium and low power) and High Power Designs (to 15 KWatts). SPI/I2C, 4-20mA, HART, Logarithmic Amp, Precision Diode, Instrument Amp, Integrator/Differentiator, Thermocouple, Switched-Capacitor filters

Schematic Capture:

OrCAD Capture, Altium Designer, DxDesigner (Mentor Graphics), PCAD, PADs, BOM, PPS, Parts list, Cross-Reference, PCB/PWB Design

Simulation & Logic Tools:

MATLAB, OrCAD and MicroSim PSPICE, VHDL, Modeltech (Actel/Lattice/Xilinx), FPGA/CPLD/PLD design. ispLever, Viewlogic, MicroSim, Quartus II, Max+ Plus II

PCB/PWB Layout & Construction:

OrCAD PCB Editor, OrCAD Layout, Altium Designer, PCAD, PADs, Tango, Protel, handmade proto-board, fixtures, kluges

Electronic Equipment Expertise:

DMM, Oscilloscope, ICE Debugger/Programmer, Logic Analyzer, Emulator, Curve Tracer, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Networking/Spectrum Analyzer, Megger, Hi-Pot, PIC ICE/ICD


Equipment Expertise:

Conventional and CNC mill and lathe. Sheet metal forming equipment. Hydraulic and pneumatic operation and maintenance. Familiarity with PCL programming and operation. Virtually all hand tools.

Microprocessor Interfacing Expertise:

SPI, I2C, TFT Display, PC LPT and COM (RS-232/422/485) ports, USB, GPIB, Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, CAN, MIL-STD-1553 (IEEE-1553), ARINC 429, VGA and NTSC video display, LC Display, PIA/PPI, UART, EISA/ISA/PCI, PIC, external/internal memory, keyboard, mouse. Software interface using Visual Basic to Microsoft Access & Excel databases

Programming Languages:

LabVIEW, C/C++ (PC and embedded: TI, C8051, PIC, Motorola), Visual Studio (VB, C Assembly (Motorola/Intel/Zilog, 680x/808x/Z80), PIC C/Basic/Assembly. Some HTML. Some C#.

Mechanical CAD/CAM:

Experience and training with SolidWorks. Experience with AutoCAD. Training with Anvil MD. Experience with CNC and CAD/CAM systems.

Office Software:

Advanced knowledge of MS Office (Excel/Word/Access/Powerpoint/Outlook)


ThreadX, DOS, Windows, Linux (Red Hat), VxWorks (Tornado), mCOS-III, custom-OS

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