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Air Force Information Security

Reston, Virginia, United States
November 17, 2018

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Business Development Successes

*.Miracle Systems –

During the (20) month stay, I was responsible for identifying and qualifying business opportunities under the Alliant SB and the OASIS SB contract vehicles.

FEMA – Executive Academy Training win $2-3M

Air Force AFMC – Enterprise Data Collection Layer - $3-4M

USCG – Financial Support Aviation Center N.C. - $3M

Army National Guard (with large sub) - $43M (still under evaluation)

Built several teams for DHS & Agencies, Air Force & National Guard

2.AAC -

Over the (19) month period of employment, built a dynamic pipeline of close to a $1B was established and worked

Air Force: bids were under the Alliant SB or NETCENTS contracts as sub

24 Air Force - NCC - $50M - still under evaluation

AFCENT - Shaw AFB $152M - went full and open, Lockheed won

26 Air Force - IA $ 30M - bid as sub lost

3 NETCENTS & NetOps- bids $150M total-are still under evaluation


RS 3 team - Team win - anticipate $20M tasking

USARC re-compete win $30M as sub

(2) bids targeted for Data Centers $60M - did not bid


1 ENCORE $300 M opportunity - has not been released

DECC re-compete $92 M- prime chose not to bid

Cyber Security RFP $300M IDIQ - bid as sub - RFP pulled off the street

Mission Systems - Cyber Tasking identified $20M in tasking

Bid Forge.Mil contract $3M and Won


J 6 Operations IDIQ $900M - bid as sub to SB contractor- WIN

- anticipate $50 in tasking as team participant


CIO SP3 $30M identified with AFMOA, USAMITC Mission Contracting

DHA HITS Gen 1 - cancelled- RFP tasking going to CIO SP3

Consolidated Service Center $119M bidding prime

USTRANSCOM: Scott AFB - ITSM CONTRACT $100M - Teamed with large prime

2. ARTEL [largely a satellite services company with minimal IT business]

FEMA - with PM positioned the company to bid on $500M IDIQ

ICE - positioned the company to bid as sub $30M - prime withdrew

DISA - with AAC as prime ( Alliant SB), bid 2 contracts of IA $5-

DISA - had $30M IA Network evaluation contract in place –

Helped PM expand use of the contract - value unknown

24th AF - bid network re-engineering as sub to CSC $10M - majority of the work was ARTEL's

SPAWAR Charleston sub to SB - won $100M IDIQ

AF Western Range bid with SB (under Alliant SB) - value $50-100M - prime lost

3. OnPoint Consulting

Largely a Civilian Agency contractor; Treasury, Energy and State Department. $40M in annual revenues

Hired to jump start DOD business only under the Alliant SB contract- no past performance

Eglin AFB Network Support, bid under the Alliant SB contract - value $30M - the Air Force withdrew the RFP

Ft Sam Houston, TX bid network support $30M. The Army moved the functions under the Post Network Enterprise C.

DISA - ITSM under the CIO - bid prime under the Alliant SB contract - $10M win

The CEO directed Alliant business pursuits to be Civilian Agency based

4. L-3 Global Security and Engineering Solutions

NAVSEA - PM's 317, 325 and FMS expanded business by $20M in revenue- worked closely with the VP and tech staff

Bid re-compete of engineering ship repair tracking with Oracle DBMS re-won $25M contract

NAVAIR - China Lake - Software Development

Bid one $40M - Lost

Bid one other $40-50M range and won - (software development for weapon systems on AV 8B's and F-18's)

SPAWAR - physical integrated security for The US Marine Corps Weapon Sites Bid on $193M contract(3 awards) for weapon site integrated security - won (1) of (3) contracts for $33M

(Other winners; SAIC and BAE)

Positioned to bid (2) others at approximately the same value - left L-3 before RFP's were released

Port and Engineering Security - developed Account Plan for major Port and Law Enforcement Physical Security - Opportunities turned over to physical security business unit- select wins - $ value unknown

Contacted Texas DPS - Department of Public Safety (State Police) - offered "engine shut down technology"-no contract

Border Patrol - Marine Unit - sold prototype "engine shutdown technology”: for prototype and others value $ unknown

The Engine Shut Down technology was first developed by the Air Force Research Lab. L-3 adapted the technology for Law Enforcement use to stop boats from running from CBP & DEA and for door locking to stop cars driving over borders

5. Northrop Grumman Mission Systems - wins

Air National Guard; Program Management and Training contract

Multiple CECOM Rapid Response task wins - ($42M- $167M) increase in 19 months.

US Marine Corps CEOSS contract – multiple task order wins

DISA – worked with NGIT on multiple large contracts

CECOM – Ft. Monmouth – expanded contract usage- shared with NGIT

DHS SBI Net – supported the NGIT team to pursue this contract

6. EDS Federal (now HP)

Corporate Business Development for all Information Security Services

Army – multiple Certification and Accreditation task orders

USMC – provided security task orders services

Veteran’s Affairs (working with NGIT) – provided $8-9M of Information Security services to the CIO Office

US Secret Service – won sole source contract for training SS Agents to work with bank CFO’s to recover from major fraudulent credit card theft

Border Patrol – (CBP) – with engineering staff developed an integrated satellite based unit mounted on Patrol SUV’s to transmit finger print scans to NCIC and ADNET

Identified and qualified other I A requirements ad hoc across multiple Agencies and Commands for technical staff response

7. Lockheed Martin

Developed $1B pipeline of Army and Air Force opportunities

Captured the CIVMOD win at Randolph AFB in San Antonio - $50M single award contract. This was a large Oracle DBMS that housed all AF Civilian Personnel records.

Captured the Airborne Network in a C-130 at the former Brooks AFB in San Antonio - $9M (approx.)

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