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Accounting Manager

San Pedro, California, United States
November 12, 2018

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Rex Brown


Management Consultant

Provided Services to: Sprint (Long Beach), Bandai Toys (Cerritos), Universal Studios (Hollywood), Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Oxy Petroleum (Los Angeles, Columbia, Ecuador), NYK Logistics (Carson), Star Gas (Mount Joy, PA), Diageo Chateau & Estate (Napa), Itron (Washington), Direct TV (Los Angeles), Sysco Gas (Boston)

Areas of Expertise:

Full knowledge of all aspects of business based on an integrated background involving hands-on experience at every level.

oBuilt a factory in China by: project planning, process flow analysis (factory/office), process documentation, hiring and training of factory and office personnel over 55.

oDocumented accounting process for all departments, which included Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Accounting, Budget creation, Inventory, Sales, Costing, Order Entry, Warehousing (Receiving and Shipping) and Research and Development.

Business budget projections, performance metrics optimization and activity-based manufacturing costing and financial analysis.

oImplemented budget plans which optimized the yearly variance by less than a two percent error overall.

oTracked manufacturing cost by: time analysis of machinery, planning of product labor cost, and calculating overall overhead expenses.

Design planning of financial systems including: system analysis, re-engineering process flows (actual to estimate), procedure design, and documentation.

oCompleted testing and creation of Sarbanes-Oxley for corporations through: flow charting procedures and documentation, creating testing formats, and tested for pass or fail.

IMS Trading, Gardena, CA 2011-2018

Accomplished executive with eight years’ experience in the retail business building an overseas factory with 83 employees and managing and training of factory. Strategically prevented the company from closing their doors, due to low profits. Increased sales by $5,000,000 and the bottom line by over a $1,000,000. Well versed in process management with-in the office and factory environment by using analyses in the form of what-if modeling and other forms of analysis. Created new processes to increase productivity in all departments, which increased overall profits for the company.

Independent Consultant, Long Beach, CA 2009-2011

Billion Dollar Communication Corporation (Direct TV):

Audited SOX process flows created by audit teams, identified fraud risks, and created controls.

Successfully identified fraud risks from process flows, and created controls for fraud risks.

Billion Dollar Petroleum Corporation (Oxy [Los Angeles, Columbia, Ecuador):

Analyzed and restructured Sarbanes-Oxley processes for two international locations in South America.

Led project teams on formalizing the desired methodology in completing Sarbanes-Oxley on a timely completion date.

Completed process flow analysis on all aspects of accounting processes and identify risk and controls for creating testing templates.

Interviewed process owners for completion of flows to create documentation with risk and controls.

Assisted upper management in understanding process flow requirements through in-depth meetings with management in creating strategic plans to revise current operations for Sarbanes-Oxley qualifications.

Updated and restructure Sarbanes-Oxley software to ensure SOX compliance.

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Nextel Communications Corporation:

Helped implement a trouble-shooting department for cell phone problems and unpaid bills.

Created employee demand analysis as well as operational cost and budget analysis.

Prepared policy and procedures flow and guides for new employees.

Trained and conferred with forty employees to design, write, and implement operational procedures.

Produced financial statement closing process flow analyses for accounting department.

Created process-reengineering analysis for financial closing processors that increased productivity by 30%.

Administered discount matrix on unpaid customer bills and produced cause and effect diagrams, Gantt and force field analyses.

Disney Corporation:

Created budget, forecast templates, and performed analysis of maintenance cost of rides within the park grounds.

Assisted in the organization of five-year plan and maintenance cost planning flow analyses.

Prepared flow analyses of inter-park maintenance procedures.

Performed comparative analyses on maintenance and emergency scheduling procedures.

Created Excel templates over one hundred worksheets per template with macros for forecasting of financial modeling.

Ultramar Petroleum Corporation:

Audited over 50 million dollars for company payroll accounts and employee benefit packages as well as internal audit for GAAP compliance.

Managed flow diagramming and audited all bank accounts to general ledger with detailed audit notes.

Administered closing and transfer of all accounts to new company.

Transferred and audited all equipment assets to new company.

Reconciled seventeen months of Bank of America statements to zero balance. Reconciliation revealed a half million-dollar error.

Kittrich Corporation:

Completed the comparative analysis of MRP, EDI and accounting systems for all divisions of the corporation and recommend final system decision to executive management team.

Administered the creation of a detailed flow analysis of full-implemented system at each division level and to lead project team in implementation of full financial accounting system.

Managed inventory control policy, procedures, analysis and reevaluation of manufacturing cost of products produced.

Trained eighty-four employees on new system, created policy, and procedures, and performed final audit of all transferred accounts before going live with new system.

Started ISO implementation procedure for auditor’s approval.

Created fourteen hundred pages of process flow analyses of present and future implemented MRP, EDI and financial accounting system and creation of EDI layouts: 810, 850, 856, 860, and 997.

Standard Paper Box:

Audited accounting books for errors that occurred over a three-year period and to recommend any new internal control policies and procedures.

Provided recommendation and leading a project team of modifications to mainframe accounting program system.

Created present and future process flow of both manufacturing and accounting system.

Worked with outside audit team for final audit certification of accounting chart-of-accounts.

Recommended changes to mainframe accounting program.

Structured Gantt for implementation of accounting systems and decreased implementation time by 50%.

Technical Skills: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Knowledge in FileMaker, Project (Gantt/PERT), QuickBooks, Peachtree, Project Flow, PMI, Six Sigma, E-Myth, ISO, Six Sigma, Sarbanes-Oxley


Woodbury University, Los Angeles, CA – International Accounting and Cost Accounting

Long Beach City College, Computer Science, and Accounting

United States Coast Guard, Honorable Discharge

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