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Group Treasury Director

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 15, 2018

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Contact: +20-12-222*-****, +971-**-***-**** AHMED ALAA SHERIF

E-mail:; Date of Birth: 8th January 1978 PO Box 12311 Cairo, Egypt.


Seeking a Senior Executive Managerial role (Director level) in Treasury, Corporate Finance & Investment for a Multi-national, Inter-national and/or top-tier organizations with an opportunity for professional challenge and potential growth. SUMMARY OF SKILLS

• Competent and result oriented professional with exposure of more than 19 years of experience across Banking & Corporate Treasury Management, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Cash Management, Trade Finance, Trading, Asset Liability Management, Foreign Exchange & Interest Rate Risks - Derivatives, Restructuring, Fund Raising, Syndicated Facilities, Banking Relationships, Structured Products, Consulting and Global Risk covering large organizations in multi geography and multi-currency global set up.

• Exceptional analytical skills with particular attention to relevant details, proactively tackling challenges with strong ability to adapt and handle risks, operate outside comfort zone and being characterised as a well-developed business and financial acumen with reputation for unwavering accuracy, credibility and integrity.

• Excellent time management skills and analytical faculties with proven ability to work accurately, set priorities, coordinate and consolidate tasks whilst simultaneously managing the diverse range of functions across multiple sources.

• Self-Motivated and goal-driven leader capable of managing and amalgamating calibers and team members from various cultural backgrounds with emphasis on identifying individual strengths and coaching skills. CAREER PROGRESSION

Alkan Communications and Information Technology, Egypt 2 Group Treasury Director 2 Aug 18 - Nov 18

Ø Manage all Treasury related functions for Alkan CIT Group across Egypt, Africa and GCC (20 companies). ASHERIF for Financial Services Consultancy, Canada 2 Founder and Managing Partner 2 Sep 16 - Present

Universal for Metal and Supporting Industries, Egypt 2 Group Treasury Director 2 Dec 14 - Dec 16

Ø Assume the responsibilities of CFO (interim) covering the various additional functions of: Accounting, Costing and Budgeting, Warehousing and Taxation; to ensure utmost timely and accurate completion of all related activities through effective management of the whole team and thorough knowledge of related technicalities. Ø Optimize the financial structure by financially re-engineering the existing short and long-term facilities with 7 major local and international banks for aggregate credit lines of EGP 795MM and raising a new line for EGP 135MM, leading to an overall cost saving of EGP 23.4MM in addition to ensure regular conduct of banks accounts. Ø Secure the remaining required funding to start the full operation of the plant with a total investment costs of EGP 594MM, after 4 years of delay, through proper change of financial structure, creation of alternative sources of finance and proper cash and liquidity management.

Ø Raise alternative sources of funds through re-negotiation of both foreign and local suppliers’ facilities and/or terms yielding extended repayment tenors reaching to 120 & 150 days on clean basis, even with the country credit ratings. Ø Maximize cash inflows by recommending and implementing new cash sales policies with both local and foreign clientele base resulting into an immediate shortening of the cash conversion cycle from 450 days to less than 30 days. Ø Evaluate, develop and implement automation of cash management SAP systems to optimize operating and day-to-day efficiency, assess risk/return tradeoffs, prepare and monitor various cash flow forecasts and perform financial modeling. Ø Initiate the brand’s cross boarder geographical expansion plan through M&A transactions (IPO & Private Placement) building upon previous exposures, business and personal connections and skills to facilitate the establishment and incorporation of companies, open of bank accounts, negotiation legal and financial aspects and finalize all related bids, concessions and debt agreements aiming at raising new sources of funds. Ø Structure and build-up the Treasury Department with the team growing from 7 to 17 qualified calibers at various reporting levels and functions segregated through 4 sections with properly identified delegations and responsibilities. Al Fajer Retakaful Insurance Co., Kuwait & UAE (Dubai Banking Group)2 Group Treasurer 2 Apr 11 - Mar 14 and

Ø Maximize the returns on investment portfolio of US$ 370MM through management of all related buy-side exposures: money market instruments, fixed income & Sukuk, equity funds, structured products, and indirect investments with diversified exposures across Kuwait, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Turkey, Malaysia & UK yielding a return ranging from 12 and up to 24%. Ø Enhance and improve Credit rating pertaining to the country, as a prerequisite for dealing with blue chips insurance companies leading to the creation and diversification in UAE resulting in its improvement from BBB –ve to A –ve (A.M. Best UK). Ø Development and launch funds and structure products with major banks in UAE and world largest assets management groups in USA reaching to a total of US$ 600MM which were subsequently licensed to be marketed and sold across their offered retail bundle as an innovative Islamic Products.

Ø Establish of two new companies: Emirates Retakaful Ltd in DIFC, UAE listing with an initial paid-in capital of US$ 100MM and Shorouk Co. listed in Cayman Islands with a paid-in capital of US$ 95MM including completing all related listing requirements and compliances.

Ø Hedge against all FX and Interest exposures related risks pertaining to the diversified nature if investment across various geographical locations resulting into non-manifestation of any related losses. Ø Being nominated and selected as a member of the Restructuring Committee of Dubai Holding Conglomerate responsible for the restructuring, negotiating terms including: pricing, securities and collaterals, financial covenants with a total of 187 banks, financial institutions and sovereign debt-holders on both local and international fronts following the downturns of the economic crisis.

Ø Develop the Treasury Team Skills to match the new level of responsibilities to ensure building up of both quick and accurate decision-making skills required for the position based upon proper analysis of their respective points of strength with all tasks and operations being handled by a total of 4 members at various levels (up from 2 only). Al Fouz Investment Company, Kuwait 2 Senior Treasury Manager 2 Jun 09 - Sep 10 Ø Initiate the establishment and incorporation of Real Estate Investment company overlooking the overall development of Phase III of Al Khairan Pearl City – Sabah Al Ahmad Sea with a total investment cost of US$ 9.66Bln (including land of US$ 1.18Bln), being the last available plot for construction in Kuwait in addition to other cross border investments. Ø Originate and structure the Treasury & Investment Divisions intended to divest into raising the related multiple sources of funds initially focusing on plain-vanilla syndicate facilities from both large local and multinational banks and financial institutions amounting to US$ 3.2Bln.

Ø Create innovative and alternative sources of funds to cover the remaining investment cost through both direct and indirect sale and agreements with Ministry of Housing & Development having successfully negotiated related terms while maximizing the underlying targeted profit margin through diversification of sources of funds. Ø Found and base an independent Real Estate Equity Fund (Al Fouz Investment Fund), listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange with other participants starting at US$ 245MM and reaching to US$ 664MM within a time span of about 7-months intended to finance the overall investment costs.

Ø Venture and divest into other markets to achieve synergies through the establishment of another Real Estate Investment Portfolio of US$ 45MM intended to directly invest in Morocco achieving an average capital gain/returns of 34.7% in 6- months in addition to an operating monthly income of 15%. Ø Being nominated as an Executive Committee Board Director of 2 sister companies: Gulf Media Co. & Ajwan Real Estate with presence of both Kuwait & Qatar being single handedly responsible for all financial restructures, borrowing facilities, cash management and investment decisions.

Ø Handle, coach and structure all related treasury operations and overseeing cash and liquidity management requirements including: cash forecasting and reporting, short-term borrowing and investing, foreign exchange transactions and hedging, payment administration in addition to settlements relating to funding trades of business with a limited team of 4 calibers. Global Investment House (GIH), Kuwait 2 Financial Manager, Head of Reconciliation Dpt. 2 Jan 07 - Feb 09

Ø Structure and design the Reconciliation Department intended to handle the existing Assets Under Management – AUM of US$ 8.9Bln with 9 branches and 32 different investment funds, scattered in various countries and jurisdictions, 87 subsidiaries

(42 Active ones) while being listed on 7 different regional stock exchanges. Ø Grow and capitalize on the listing on London Stock Exchange GDR raising fresh funds aggregating to US$ 1.14Bln

(excluding AUM) as an alternative source of finance to fund money market and fixed income investments to enhance the overall returns while properly hedge against both interest and FX exposures. Ø Rectify and correct the operational and investment variances attributed to absence of reconciliation for a total of US$ 3.2Bln within a time span of 6-months, targeted to be completed within one year, reflecting the true worth and footings of the group. Ø Designated as a member within a committee comprising of 13 professionals responsible for actively and strategically manage the existing portfolio of AUM of US$ 8.9Bln directly handling the negotiation, agreements and restructures with 56 banks and financial institutions following the downturns of the financial crisis. Ø Build a full and integrated network with complete business banking relations both on local and international levels while renegotiating, regularizing and standardizing all related Money Market, FX, Investment Banking charges and commissions. Ø Base and enact 4 sections covering: reconciliation section, correspondent banking, front office & back office for treasury and investment to create full integration and completion of various treasury & investment functions and ensure accurate and non- manifestation of variances.

Ø Recruit and build a solid team of 7 calibers with different cultural backgrounds and experiences able to complement their respective competencies.

Arab African International Bank (AAIB), Egypt 2 Deputy Treasury Manager 2 Nov 00 - Nov 06

Ø Administer and control liquidity ratio, reserves and capital adequacy ratios while keeping attuned to all related applicable Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) requirements and sanctions; armed with in-depth knowledge in a highly regulated industry, policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance. Ø Manage Market Risks, Investments Portfolio and Financial Planning, maximize the integration of Banks Acquisitions Resources while supervising the banks investment portfolio in Egyptian Treasury Bill, Bonds and Repos. Ø Create and develop a module with the help of the IT Department, for the automation and integration between Reuters Dealing System, Bank’s System & SWIFT resulting into shifting from manual to full automation and maximizing the number of transactions to 210 per day for the dealing system in addition to the other banking transactions leading the bank to become one of the lead primary dealers in the market.

Ø Act as an enabler and liaison with all Treasury related functions and responsibilities with a number of departments across the bank: Dealing Room, Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance, Custody with Investment Funds & brokerage and branches. Ø Single handedly initiate and complete the development and implementation of the Centralized Incoming Operation System leading to the full automation among a total of 36 local and 4 foreign branches with the system being active and fully operative within 5-months having being scheduled to be completed within 12-months. Ø Nominated as a member in the special task committee for the acquisition of Misr America International Bank while being mainly responsible for the system migration and integration between the 2 entities for back-office, treasury and front office operations.

Ø Manage and structure all the Treasury & Banking Operations of EMAAR Properties’ two mega projects in Egypt (Marassi

& Uptown Cairo) covering: FX, TD, Cheque Collection, SWIFT, cash management, reconciliation and customization of automated module through the entire networks of branches both local and foreign. Ø Being promoted 4 times over the time span of 6 years due to outstanding performance and achievements. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE

National Gas Company (NatGas), Egypt 2 Accountant, Financial Department 2 Dec 99 - Nov 00 EDUCATION

Master in Business Administration (MBA), 2005 2 Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services, 2003 2 The Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB), Scotland Bachelor Degree of Commerce (English section), 1999 2 Helwan University, Egypt High School Degree, 1995 2 College de La Salle, Frere, Egypt CERTIFICATION

Pursuing Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)

Alliance Française Certificate : Grade "Good” ; 1994 I.T. SKILLS

Thomson Reuters Eikon, SWIFT, AS400, Midas Plus, Lotus Notes, SAP and Microsoft package applications MEMBERSHIP

Active Member of Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), USA Member of Egyptian Young Bankers Association (EYBA), Egypt Languages: Arabic, English and French

Nationality: Egyptian

Driving License: Egyptian and Kuwaiti (valid through all GCC Countries) References and verifying documentation are available upon request.

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