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High time Helicopter Pilot

Chihuahua, Mexico
November 14, 2018

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Paul (DOC) Herzberg


I’ve enclosed my resume, which details my uncommonly thorough background in the helicopter industry. What my resume doesn’t describe is my character. I’m an above all a professional, a generator of creative ideas, and a self-starter.

I have 34 years and 22,000 hours of flight experience in all types of helicopter operations. I have maintained my Flight Instructor Rating Current my entire career. I have much experience with sling loads as my resume will show.

Recently Carded USFS OAS Bell 212,

I’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate these qualities. I’ll be ready and willing. I have wealth of knowledge and experience. I believe I will be an asset. I am a non-smoking non-drinking professional.

I grew up on a farm in Oregon, I have worked as a mechanic. In the Navy I attended Welding school, as well as Firefighting School.

I am a company employee .I do my job without complaining or whining. I will go the extra mile.

MY USFS and Cal fire reviews are always excellent or above average.

I live in Mexico and there is an International airport in the city in which I live. CUU. Flight are usually cheaper than flying out of Texas.

I speak working Spanish.


Paul (Doc) Herzberg


Contracts for Mines /Long line/Seismic/Logging/

Construction/Power line/Ag/offshore? Mountain/Fire/Instruction

Employment Timeline

1.1981 Pilot Personnel International flight school Albany Oregon graduated 11 1981

2.1982 to 1983 sterling aviation Sterling Massachusetts flight instructing R-22

3.1983 1984 Columbia Helicopters Aurora Oregon BV-107 KV-107 Logging

4.1984 1985 Mountain Air Helicopters Albany Oregon Bell 206 Allouete II,III, Lama Firefighting, Animal herding, Aircraft recovery and Elk Count, Christmas trees.Arial application.

5.1985 to 1986 Temsco Helicopters Alaska, Medina Tuna Boat Pilot South Pacific

Bell 212 MD500, Bell 206, Bell 47

6.1986 1988 Evergreen Helicopters McMinnville Oregon assistant chief pilot to Wade Green Bell 212 NVG, Bell 205, Bell 206, Lama. US FS fire contracts US FS Fiire and spray contracts

7.1988 1990 Reforestation Services Salem Oregon swinging Christmas trees and aerial fertilization of forests Hiller Soloy

8.1990 1991 Rocky Mountain Helicopters Bell 214B-1 logging Southeast Alaska

9.1991 1993 Pacific Gradney JV logging Kenai Alaska Bell 214B-1 Bell 204

10.1993 1996 CRI Helicopters logging, Mine Support, and Construction Southeast Alaska 1994 1996 Chief Pilot Bell 214B-1,212,204 Bell,MD500

11.1996 1997 Croman Corporation logging Idaho Sikorsky 61A

12.1997 1998 Ericsson Air Crane Oregon and California Sikorsky 64-E 64-F logging, Construction and firefighting, Instructor for UH-1H

13.1998 2000 Northwest Helicopters Olympia Washington Maintenance test pilot logging firefighting construction Bell UH-1H

14.2000 2002 Prism Helicopters Alaska Pogo Mine support,Red Dog Mine support drill moves Seismic exploration magnetometer surveys glacier flying high-altitude pinnacles snow deep snow confined and Remote areas and more MD500

15.2002 2004 Northwest helicopters Olympia Washington maintenance test pilot construction firefighting Aircraft Recovery, Logging Bell UH-1H

16.2004 2006 Armstrong helicopters Missoula Montana lead pilot Disaster Relief Sumatra USFS fire contracts Power line construction Bell UH-1F Super

17.2006 2014 PEMSCO Helicopter Mexico CFI Check Airman Helicopters Hidalgo Mexico High Tension power line tower construction and line pulling, Dam construction, Tram construction and Mining support Fire fighting Disaster relief hurricanes Tamaulipas Bell Super UH-1H++ PEMSCO SA DE CV & LLC Chihuahua Mexico

18.2014 2017 Fire construction, Logging and seismic Pilot MD 530,Bell Super UH-1h, Lama

19.2018 Rogers Helicopters Bell 212, B206L. MD530

20.135 212,206L

Aircraft Time

1.Sikorsky 64 400 hours

2.Sikorsky 61 300 hours

3.Sikorsky 58T 11 hours

4.Bell 412,212,205,204 and UH series 10000 hours

5.Bell 214B1 4000 hours

6.Boeing Vertol 107 700 hours

7.HH-43F 500 hours

8.MD 500 series 1,500 hours

9.Bell 206 series 600 hours

10.Hiller Soloy 800 hours

11.Lama, Alouette II,III 1000 hours

12.Bell 47 178 hours

13.R22 1000 hours

14.SEL Airplane 342 hours (Stinson 108, Cessna 152,172,182)


1.Expert Precision long line Logging.

2.Power line, Line pull, Tower construction

3.Aircraft Recovery

4.Maintenance Test Pilot

5.Mountain Flying

6.High and Hot


8.Mine Support

9.Shipboard Landings

10.Toe-in and Slope Landings

11.NVG 375 hours

12.Confined Area Landings

13.Water Operations (Floats, Onboard Ship and Sling Loads)


15.Foreign Country Operations

16.Sumatra relief hostile environment .

17.Mexico and Central America .

18.White out and Brown out conditions

19.Certified Flight Instructor current my entire career

20.Glacier flying

Licenses / Certs:

FAA Commercial, CFI, Rotorcraft

Pvt. SEL airplane

Valid US Passport November 2011- 2021


Dan Moore Mechanic


Paul Armstrong

Previous Employer


Jim Wright DOM 1-970-***-****


Paul “DOC” Herzberg

971-***-**** Cell USA

011-521-614-***-**** MEXICO

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