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I am Medical laboratory technician, holding DHA, self motivated..

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
8000 above
November 14, 2018

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Mary Agnes

Abu Hail, Dubai

Cell No: +971*********




To seek a responsible & challenging POSITION in a reputed Organization in the field of LAB TESTS, to invent my professional skills, qualification and experience to the optimum level to facilitate continued career growth & produce best results for the organization

Qualification Summary





Board of Public Examination


Pre degree science group

MG university, Kerala


Diploma in medical Laboratory Technology



CMC Velloor


Practical Experience

Senior Laboratory Technician at Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai, UAE from October 2016 till present.

Senior Laboratory Technician at Mukkath Medical Laboratory from June 2012 till December 2015.

Lab Technician at Government Hospital Ernakulam from April 2014 till December 2014.

Senior Laboratory Technician in Rep. of Maldives, Ministry Hospital from March 2008 till March 2012.

Laboratory Technician at Mukkath Medical Laboratory from March 2004 till January 2008.

Laboratory Technician at Kristu Jayanthi Hospital, Perumpilly (a unit of Lourdes Hospital Ernakulam) from September 2000 till November 2002.

Laboratory Technician at Lourdes Hospital Ernakulam from April 2000 till August 2000.

Laboratory Technician at Lisie Hospital, Ernakulam from March 1998 till March 2000.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1-conducting and supporting scientific investigations and experiments.

2-planning, setting up and undertaking controlled experiments and trials.

3-recording and analyzing data.

4-demonstrating procedures.

5-collecting, preparing and/or testing samples.

6-maintaining, calibrating, cleaning and testing sterility of the equipment.

7-providing technical support.

8-presenting results to supervisor.

9-writing reports, reviews and summaries.

10-keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments.

11-supervising staff.

12-carrying out risk assessments.

13-ordering and maintaining stock and resources.

14-testing systems in the laboratory provide quality services in all aspects of test performance, i.e., the reanalysis, analytic, and post analytic phases of testing and are appropriate for your patient population.

15-physical and environmental conditions of the laboratory are adequate and appropriate for the testing performed.

16-the environment for employees is safe from physical, chemical, and biological hazards and safety and biohazard requirements are followed.

17-a general supervisor (high complexity testing) is available to provide day-to-day supervision of all testing personnel and reporting of test results as well as provide on-site supervision for specific minimally qualified testing personnel when they are performing high complexity testing.

18-sufficient numbers of appropriately educated, experienced, and/or trained personnel who provide appropriate consultation, properly supervise, and accurately perform tests and report test results in accordance with the written duties and responsibilities specified by you, are employed by the laboratory.

19-new test procedures are reviewed, included in the procedure manual and followed by personnel; and each employee’s responsibilities and duties are specified in writing.

Knowledge & skills in:


•Perform blood chemistry examination such as (FBS, RBS, challenge glucose level, BUN, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Iron, TIBC, Lipid profile, Enzymes, Total Protein, albumin, globulin, Bilirubin, CK-total and Isoenzymes, Troponin T and Troponin I, Ferritin, Electrolytes, D-Dimer, Myoglobin, Pro-BNP and Blood osmolality.

•Perform other body fluid chemistry test such as 24 hour urine creatinine, urine protein, urine uric acid, microalbumin/creatinine ratio, micral test, CSF sugar and protein, Pleural fluid analysis, synovial and other fluid

•Also do stone analysis and daily quality control.

Machines Used: Vitros5.1 FS, RXL Dade Behring, Dimension RXL Max, Architect plus c4100i, DCA 2000(bayer), Adams AIC, Biorad AIC, Easylite Plus (Na,k, Cl analyzer), Gemlyte, Cardiac (Roche), Cobas, Triage Meter Pro(Biosite), Rotofix, Architect c8200i, Cobas 6000, Cobas 311.


•Performs hematological test such as complete blood count (white blood cells, platelets, red blood cells and differential count). Also do reticulocytes count, erythrocytes sedimentation rate, Bleeding time, Clotting time, Prothrombin time, Partial thromboplastin, fibrin degradation product.

•Do bloods smear preparation for staining and blood film microscopy for malarial parasites, leukocytes and platelets estimates, white differential count and red cells morphology and abnormalities.

•Determine total white blood cells and differential count on other biological fluid.

•Practice daily quality control and maintains orderly file of original requests, results and slides.

Machines Used: Coulter HMX Hematology Analyzer, Sysmex XE 2100,Sysmex-XT1800, Sysmex CA 1500, CA 500, Sysmex CA,Labofuge, Thrombolyser, Stak-S. Sysmex XN-2000, CS-2100i


•Prepares smear for gram staining, acid fast staining and KOH mount

•Do microscopy of smears prepared directly from the specimen and from culture.

•Do aerobic culture from specimens such as sputum, pleural fluid, wound discharge, urine, tracheal aspirates, blood, throat swab, stool and other biological specimens, Isolates and identifies bacteria from cultured specimen.

•Perform Antimicrobial Susceptibility test using Vitek.

•Screen for acid fast bacilli.

•Phenotype stool for pathogenic E. coli, perform other serological test such as Chlamydia etc.

MachinesUsed: Vitek II, Class II Biological safety cabinet,Bactec (continous monitoring blood culture)

Serology and Immunology

•Perform C-Reactive Protein, TyphirapidIgM, VDRL, RPR,Monospot, Dengue test, Anti Streptolysin O, Hepatitis profile (HBsAg, anti HBs, HBcIgM, HBcIgG, anti-HAV, HBe Ag, anti HBe and anti- HCV), HIV 1and 2 test, Herpes simplex virus test, ANA, Lupus panel, Rheumatoidfactor, Tumor markers (AFP, CEA, CA 19-9, CA15-3, CA 125, PSA and beta-HCG), Prolactin, Estrogen, FSH and LH.

•Perform other Drug testing such as Theophylline, Digitalis or Digoxin etc.Do quality control.

Machines Used: Abbott AXSYM System, Vidas (biomerieux), Minividas, Archietect 1000SR, Sigma, Unicap (allergen test), Best 2000(dpi).

Blood bank

•Screens blood donors: interview, hematocrit and hemoglobin determination, malarial smear and other serological test.

•Blood component

•Collects blood from donors who pass screening.

•Performs ABO and Rh Typing, Antibody screen, Crossmatching(major and minor).

•Has knowledge in Apheresis and therapeutic plasma exchange

Machines Used: Easymix-Baxter (blood bag rotator), Elmer (platelet rotator), Sorvall-general purpose RC, Diamed-ID Microtyping (ID-Incubator 37 SI),Diamed-ID Microtyping System (ID Centrifuge 12 SII), Haemonetics (intermittent pheresis), Plasma extractor (baxter), Water Bath-Thelco Model 86, Clay Adams-Serofuge 2002, RotoSilenta 630 RS (centrifuge refrigerator), Diacent-12, Vitros ECI (Immunodiagnostic).

Laboratory Technician Skills and Qualifications:


Empathy is necessary when working closely with patients who might be in pain or under emotional duress.

Attention to Detail:

Performing tests requires exact measurements and a good eye for detail, or the results could be false.


Lab techs work with their hands and will need dexterity to work with small vials, test tubes, and delicate lab equipment.


Lab technicians work long days on their feet, sometimes hunched over a workstation for long periods of time.

Technical Skill:

Lab techs need to understand complex lab machinery and computer programs used to conduct tests.

Computer Skills

International Computer Driving License ( ICDL)

Good Knowledge with MS Office – 2007 & 2010

Internet Applications, E-mail, Outlook Express, MS Outlook

Courses and Trainings:

Basic Life Support ( BLS ) Course for Healthcare professionals provider Course March 2017.

TC ID : ZZ20769

Pediatrics & Neonatology Updates Course December 2017.

MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST: 17th Annual Laboratory Management and Medicine Conference February 2018.

Fire and Safety Training April 2018.

Infection control Training April 2018.


Life Membership Certificate Of All India Medical Laboratory Technologists Association May 1998.

Dubai Health Authority Licence ( DHA )

Unique ID : DHA-P-0163335

Languages Skills

Malayalam ( mother tongue)

Hindi ( fluent in reading, writing and listening )

English ( fluent in reading, writing and listening )

Personal Details

Date of Birth : March 26, 1977

Nationality : Indian

Marital status : Married

Religion :Christian

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