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Customer Service Manager

Brooklyn, NY
November 09, 2018

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Isiah Capers

**** ******* **

Brooklyn, NY, *****



Mailroom Clerk: Experienced with delivering mail to each department of the company, sorting the mail, did personal rush delivery. Also did postal mail, (UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE) (Ex: Weigh the package, Postage Stamping and Take the package to the post office or allow the mail carrier to pick it up at a certain time). I have great communication skills with people, showed respect and professionalism with how i do my job, also used a computer to receive emails to do a task and communicate with individuals that had questions about the mail delivery.

Cashier: Experienced with scanning the item, doing transactions with the items, made sure the amount is correct when i receive the money and giving back change. Great Customer Service skills, I greet the customer and acknowledge the help they need. If the customer have a question about needing help finding an item, i explain where is the area of the item or walk them to the aisle to find it for that person if i have back up to watch the cash register. I did returns, depending on the amount that the manager tells me and the customer need to have their receipt, if the amount is too high and the customer don't have their receipt, the manager does it.

Stocking: Experienced with working on the floor in a retail store, stocked items properly on the shelves, when the store have deliveries, i help unload the truck. Did inventories, made sure the products was correct and good to use in the store and helped pack up the stuff where they belonged. Also while stocking, i did price changes whenever there is a sale, whether the price was rising or lowering.

Maintenance: I performed cleaning duties by sweeping, mopping, taking out the garbage and putting in new trash bags. I've cleaned bathrooms (Customers and Employees), I made sure everything was spotless, smell fresh and took pride of doing my job right.

●Great Customer Service Skills

●Communication Skill

●Good with using a computer (Ex: Microsoft Words, Emailing and A quick learner with anything else that i need to learn)


●Quick Learner


●Hands-On Worker


Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (Feb 2013 - July 2017)

Mailroom Clerk

Sorted and Delivered mail to different department of the Port authority. My co workers and I received incoming mail for the clients in our building from other clients from different department in other locations or inside the building, than sort it out into the buckets of the floors they are on and deliver their mail to their incoming mailbox. We only had one drop off from the driver in the morning, only time the driver will come to our building any other time after, for the reason of being a rush job to pick up from us or sent to us and the package is too heavy for us to carry. We also sorted outside mail from the post office with the afternoon drop off, we sort it, make sure the address is correct, if not, we check "outlook" and look up the client's information on the computer to find out what department they are in and make sure they get their package. We do afternoon rush delivery jobs individually, only if the client sends a request to our supervisor to ask for our service, at the end of the day and after every task was done, we check all outgoing mail to sort them and prepare them for the morning pick up.

Duane Reade (Jun 2010 - Feb 2013)

Cashier, Stockperson and Maintenance

Worked the cash register, stock the products on the shelves and cleaned the store. Also helped unload the truck whenever there is a new shipment, did inventory, whenever we had a new employee, i did train them on how to do the job. Great Customer Service skills on helping customers, communicating with them and made sure they get treated with respect.

The First Mary Madgaleen Temple of Faith Church (Oct 2007 - Aug 2010)

Church Events, Maintenance and Food Pantry

I helped with church events doing coat check, help unload and pack up candles, any shipments for the church, i did all the heavy work. I helped clean the church by doing the garbage, fix it up and made sure it was in order, also swept and mopped. I worked in the food pantry, helping to give out bags of food to the homeless or whoever in need of something to eat, after everything was handed out, i cleaned from top to bottom.


Online GED

Right now I'm going for my GED, doing online GED, I'm getting tutored and help with my studies to get my diploma.

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