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Power Plant Engineer

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
November 07, 2018

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Address: # * ******* ***** *** ***. Beverly Hills Antipolo

City Rizal, Philippines

Mobile Number: 093********

E-mail Address:

Skype Account: michael.rapanut03

Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) Philippines:

Mechanical Engineer License No: 0079877

Passport No. EC0033760


Mechanical Supervisor/ QA/QC Engineer/Maintenance Engineer/MCC&LCC Operator


Knowledge in AutoCAD 2007 and latest versions.

Proficient in Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft Excel)



Project: LINDE (Hyco Gas Plant – Main Product Ammonia, Hydrogen, & C02 Location: Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Position: Mechanical Engineer

Period: September 2017 up to October 2018

Duties and Responsibilities

Preparing daily activity report.

Conduct maintenance activities as per Job order from operation group

Attend daily meeting in maintenance and operation group regarding the progress, safety matters and daily activity task.

Prepare/take-off materials needed in maintenance activities such as pump and

Compressor mechanical seals, gaskets, fittings etc.

Review P&ID, and Isometric drawings for any modification needed for maintenance activities

Conduct overhauling of Feed Gas Compressor together with vendor

a.Assemble and disassemble the compressor as per manual

b.Measure and Gather as found data’s in the compressor as well as pumps during and after the overhaul (Bearing clearance, run out of the shaft, distance between shaft end, alignment etc.)

c.Ensure the cleanliness and the correct materials during the assembling of compressor.

d.Conduct Oil Flushing in the compressor before the final start up (with Load)

e.Ensure all the parts are properly installed

f.Turn over to operation’s group

Repair Leaking valves such as gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, check valve etc.

Carry out troubleshooting and failure investigation to all equipment’s. Coordinate with Maintenance Supervisor for troubleshooting activities.

Replaced or repair leaking and damage dry gas seals, mechanical seals, bearings (Journal and Thrust ) for drive end and non-drive end of the pumps and compressors

Supervise and monitor mechanical activities during plant shut down (Turn around TAR, overhauling of compressor LP,MP & HP compressors, replacements of pumps etc.

Handle/Supervise people from different sub-contractors during shut down activity.

Review O&M manuals prior for maintenance activities such as preventive and corrective maintenance as per plant specification.

Prepare safety procedures such as JSA/methodology prior for maintenance activities to ensure the safety of everyone.



Project: SADARA (Petro-Chemical Plant) Saudi Aramco & Dow Chemical’s Project


Location: Road 218 Jubail Industrial City II Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Position: Mechanical Engineer (Commissioning and Start up)

Period: May 2016 up to August 2017

Duties and Responsibilities

Conduct early commissioning activities prior for start-up in static and rotating equipment’s. (Pumps, compressor, heat exchanger, vessels, tanks, drums, columns & etc.)

Conduct passivation testing in centrifugal pumps prior for start – up.

Read-through static & rotating equipment check list prior for commissioning

Line checking of piping’s in line with utility lines (Nitrogen, plant air, demineralized water, steam and hot washed water)

Pressurizing the lines and conduct leak testing in different systems. (Plant air, Nitrogen system, potable water, etc.)

Conduct Pump alignment using Traditional Alignment & Laser Alignment

Preparing daily activity report.

Perform Equipment Preservation plan for all rotating equipment such as:

a)Checking of seal stuffing box

b)Checking EPP check sheet

c)Checking lubrication for bearings and gear box and motors.

d)Checking of coupling hub has rust prevention.

e)Checking shaft rotation.

f)Checking rust prevention on machined surfaces.

g)Checking good housekeeping

h)Checking the motor junction box if properly sealed.

i)Check heater on motor.

j)Check all flanges, drains, nipples and piping must be sealed off

Able to fit and remove hydraulic fitted hub coupling using hydraulic jack or pusher (ENERPAC )

Carry out commissioning activity checks of newly installed rotating equipment.

Conduct operational test procedure (OTP) for all newly installed equipment like

Checking the temperature of all bearings drive end and non-drive end of pump, compressor and motor.

Check the vibration of all the bearings drive end and non- drive end of pump, compressor and motor.

Check the suction and discharge pressure of pump and compressor for preventive

Maintenance activities.

Check also the differential pressure before and after the suction strainer of pump.

Take the reading of the flow rate of the pump

Witnessing Request for Inspection ( RFI ) for both Mechanical Rotating and Piping as per SADARA Standard together with the EPC inspector such as:

a.Pump installation.

b.Flange joint – gasket verification and bolt tightening inspection.

c.Anchor bolt tightening.

d.Preliminary shaft alignment inspection.

e.Request equipment bolt tightening verification prior to installation.

f.Request flange face and gasket verification prior to installation.

g.Request for equipment fan blade bolts tightening.

h.Request for equipment inspection of component assembly ( FIN FAN )

i.Request for equipment final alignment inspection (PUMP, COMPRESSOR, and BLOWER).

Perform Reinstatement activities as per SADARA Standard by using P & ID Drawings and Isometrics

Perform punch list with the operation group

Report plant observation for all rotating equipment such as:

a.Open flanges.

b.No lubrication for the equipment.

c.Oil leaking.

Reporting near misses and unsafe conditions at the site

Making daily reports for all RFI (Request for Inspection), EPP (Equipment Preservation

Plan), Reinstatement activities and Punch list

Attend all technical trainings and safety trainings.

Attend monthly maintenance safety meeting


.Attend meetings with my superior and colleagues regarding the updates of work status.

Prepare for the coming plant commissioning and start-up.

Attend and witnessing reinstatement activities.

Developed Lubrication list for all rotating equipment in DNT, TDA and TDI unit area.

Make procedure for plant equipment’s removal and rigging plan for NAC/SAC unit for both static, rotating and glass lined equipment’s.

Able to read and interpret cross sectional drawings of the multistage centrifugal gas compressors, multistage, overhung and between bearing pumps and mechanical seals.

Capable to use all mechanical precision tools for overhauling and installation like:

a) Outside and Inside Micrometer ( Mitutoyo )

b)Vernier Caliper ( Mitutoyo )

c)Depth Micrometer ( Starrett )

d)Dial Gauge Indicator ( Mitutoyo )

e)Laser Kit Alignment ( Pruftechnik Optalign Smart )

f)Outside and Inside caliper

g)Feeler gauge

h)Steel rule

i)Measuring tape


Company: Shiloh International Corporation

Project: Millennium Gas Turbine Power Plant 100 MW

(Operations & Maintenance)

Location: Navotas, Philippines

Position: DCS Power plant Operator

Period: August 2015 up to May 2016

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for the start- up, operation and shutdown of Gas Turbine Power Plant, in accordance with company work instruction.

Monitors operating parameters of Gas Turbine Power Plant

Carry out regular plant routines and highlight any discrepancies in accordance with company work instruction.

Inform and record in logbook all activities, observations, instructions received, plans and programs relevant to plant operation.

Performs weekly change- over of equipment from stand by to service in coordination with the duty control room operator.

Checks actual operating parameters of running equipment to ensure that all are within control limit.

Performs test running of pumps, motors and other equipment for preventive maintenance test works.

Maintains and check-up lubrications of equipment and ensure that power plant equipment and auxiliaries are in good and efficient working conditions

Performs isolation and de-isolation works for major equipment, auxiliaries and other system prior to repair for preventive maintenance.

Carry out minor repairs and servicing of auxiliaries such as filters and strainers.

Carry out housekeeping within area of responsibility.


Company: Engineering Equipment Incorporation - EEI / ARCC

Project: Phividec Project (3 x 135 MW Coal Fired Power Plant)

Client: FDC – Filinvest Development Corporation

Location: Barangay Villanueva Misamis Oriental, Mindanao Philippines

Position: Senior Quality Control Engineer

Period: September 2014 up to July 2015

Duties and Responsibilities

Material receiving inspection of pipes, fittings, gaskets, valves, flanges, bolts & nuts, in compliance to the material list, mill certificates, test reports, and correct material specification.

Open box inspection for all vendor supplied and owner supplied materials and equipment’s

Coordinate, conduct and witness all structural site inspections such as elevation check, alignment of steel structures, plumbness and levelness, pre-tensioning of bolts, final bolt torqueing, surface preparation prior to grouting, & compressive test of cube sample.

Coordinate, conduct and witness all piping site inspections such as fit-up inspection of pipe spools, visual inspection of welding and line checking.

Coordinate, conduct and witness all fabrication shop inspection of fit-up inspection, dimensional inspection and visual inspection of welding conforming to approve construction drawings.

Witness Non Destructive Testing such as, PT, RT & UT. Ensures that all welds meets the project requirements and in accordance to the WPS.

Performs other duties as may assigned from time to time.


Company: Engineering Equipment Incorporation - EEI / ARCC

Project: Therma South Energy Project (300 MW Coal Fired Power Plant)

Location: Barangay Binugao, Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur, Philippines

Client: Aboitiz Power Corporation

Position: Junior Quality Control Engineer

Period: February 2014 – August 2014

Duties and Responsibilities

Review of equipment drawing, piping ISO drawing and specification for painting

Check material properties based on operating temperature range and appropriate standards indicated in drawings and specifications.

Checks material condition prior to installation based on standard procedures.

Recommends corrective disposition on non-conformance report.

Conduct inspection by checking the paint material to be used based on operating temperature range, surface preparation, material identification, condition of RH, dry thickness after each application of paint and appearance of painting film.

Responsible for final inspection together with client and owner representative prior for final acceptance.

Maintain quality inspection documents/record as approved project requirements and project specification.

Monitoring the status of on painting activities such as piping and mechanical equipment.

Performs other duties as may assigned from time to time.


Company: Engineering Equipment Incorporation - EEI / ARCC

Project: JG Summit Naptha Cracker Project (Petrochemical Plant)

Location: Barangay Simlong, Batangas City, Philippines

Client: JG Summit Incorprated

Position: Cadet Quality Control Engineer

Period: November 2012 – January2014

Duties and Responsibilities

Conduct Fit-Up Inspection and Visual Inspection during/after welding.

Line checking of pipes actual design, position, nature of welding and installation including revision.

Make quality control inspection report for QC documentation and issue suitable documents according to non-conformance procedures.

Visual inspection, checking and evaluating of final welding job, i.e. appearance, under cut, irregular cracks, pin hole, arc strike and other insufficient welding reinforcement as per ASME Standard.

Witnessed Hydro-Test and Pneumatic Test prior for restoration

Conduct monitoring of Test Packages prior for testing, i.e. Hydro Test; Pneumatic Test (Documentation)

Material receiving Inspection and Documentation

Develops and Implements method of quality control procedure

Inspection in place and deliver materials on site for conformance with the requirement of the contract.

Conduct final inspection together with client and owner representative prior for final acceptance and turn over.

Conduct inspection for rotating and static equipment.

For rotating equipment, we conduct inspection by checking the centering, elevation, levelness, and alignment of motor to pump, coupling gap, and pipe stress. Be sure that all must be comply for the required tolerance.

For static equipment, horizontal or vertical equipment, we conduct inspection by checking the plumpness, elevation, levelness and orientation of equipment.

Inspection of equipment preservation and prevention of all rotating and static equipment at site and ensure the integrity of the equipment prior to turn over period.

Conduct serration inspection prior to bolt tightening

Conduct inspection of bolt tightening with require torque value.


School: University of the East Manila Philippines

Tertiary / Course: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Address: Claro M. Recto, Manila Philippines

Period: June 2007 – March 2012 - (5 years)

School: Maconacon National High School

Secondary: High School

Address: Maconacon, Isabela Philippines

Period: June 2003 – March 2007 – (4 years)

School: Maconacon Elementary School

Primary: Elementary

Address: Maconacon, Isabela Philippines

Period: June 1997 – March 2003 – (6 years)

Professional Board Examination Licensure Taken: Board of Mechanical Engineers


Date Taken: September 2012


Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) – Manila Philippines Chapter


DOME training – Attending Phosgene Dome confined space training Held at Sadara Petro-chemical Plant Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SCABA Training – Held at Sadara Petro-chemical Plant Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Risk Assessment - Held on 4th Day of December 2010 at University of the East

Pro – Active Preventive Maintenance of Equipment - Held at UE Pre-bar Room, 2213 C.M Recto Ave. Manila on the 17th day of February, 2012)

Safety Training - (EEI CORPORATION held at JG Summit Naptha Cracker Project Safety Office Barangay Simlong Batangas City on the 10th day up to 13th day of Dec. 2012

Welding Inspection Seminar for Quality Control Engineer - (EEI CORPORATION held at EEI Training Room on the 23rd day of Feb. up to the 3rd day of March 2014 )

Non-Destructive Testing Seminar -(EEI CORPORATION held at EEI NDT Laboratory Room on the 4th day up to 14th day of March 2014)

Instrumentation and Control Seminar - (EEI CORPORATION held at EEI Training Room on the 24th day of April 2014


Age: 27

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 1, 1991

Birth Place: Ebony Street Barangay Lita, Maconacon, Isabela Philippines

Citizenship: Filipino

Civil Status: Single


Name: Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) Philippines

Address: 1008 P. Paredes St, Sampaloc Manila, 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines


Name: Engr. Allen Kristoffer A. Andres

Position: Project Engineer (Petron Gas Refinery) Limay, Bataan Philippines

Contact No: 091********

Email Address:

I hereby certify, to the best of my knowledge and belief, that the above mentioned are true and correct.



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