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Winter Park, Florida, United States
November 07, 2018

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Tiffany Kellom

Maitland, FL *****


OBJECTIVE: To use my immensely talented, highly versatile professional background and experience to obtain gainful employment with a company and also utilize my natural people-person and extremely developed communication skills and the demonstrated ability to work productively with the widest variety of personalities to provide a challenging environment in which I can grow personally and professionally.


Lender Legal Services, LLC.

Foreclosure Litigation Paralegal

October 2014-April 2018

Assisted Attorney with the progression of cases from inception to eviction on approximately 100+ contested and uncontested foreclosure cases throughout the State of Florida.

Responsible for preparing, e-filing and e-servicing pleading such as complaints, summons, defaults, request for admission, interrogatories, request for production, responses to discovery, affidavits, motions for summary judgments, summary judgment packages, notice of sales, bidding instructions, certificate of title and writ of possession.

Assisted with trial preparation: manage trial exhibits and prepare trial notebooks.

Maintained court dockets, attorney calendar, noting dateline dates for responsive pleadings/motions, scheduled hearings and mediations with the Court and opposing counsel.

Communicated with borrowers and addressed questions and concerns while protecting the plaintiff's interests.

Researched and reviewed Pacer, Yardi, Property Appraisal, Official Records, Tax Collector and Clerk’s Docket to determine status of Foreclosure cases.

Updated vendors with major case milestones utilizing Tempo and Black Knight.

Achieved monthly and quarterly billing goals/requirements.

The Law Office of Grace Anne Glavin, P.A.


August 2012-September 2014

Manage cases in Probate, Litigation and Real Estate Law.

Perform all relevant fiduciary duties required to probate an estate in Florida.

Complete and calendar relevant court filing adhering to probate administration timeline but not limited to: Petition for Administration; Oath of Personal Representative Designation of Registered Agent and Acceptance; Letter of Administration; Waivers; Order Appointing Personal Representative; Order Admitting Will to Probate; Notice of Trust; Notice of Administration; Notice to Creditors; Letters to Health Care Administration; Inventory; Proof of Filings; Affidavit of No Estate Tax; Statement Regarding Creditors; Final Accountings and Petition for Discharge.

Assist attorney with meetings and conferences with clients.

Handle transfers of various assets into estate accounts for clients.

Provide litigation support to attorney in private foreclosure cases, contested probates, and evictions.

Draft and prepare all motions, complaints, notices, counterclaims, subpoenas, discovery documents and correspondence for attorney’s transcription and preparation of legal documents for court filing and electronically file in the state court system.

Track and log all billable time.

Communication with Judge’s assistants, opposing counsel and staff.

Draft Articles of Incorporation, contracts, note, mortgages and Warranty Deeds.

McCalla Raymer, LLC., Orlando, FL

Foreclosure Litigation Paralegal

September 2010-June 2012

Handled contested Plaintiff foreclosure litigation cases from Answer to Sale and/or trial.

Drafted responses to Motion to Dismiss, Answers and Affirmative Defenses, Request for Admissions, Interrogatories and Request for Production. Prepared Motion for Summary Final Judgment in accordance Administrative Orders for each county and Affidavits in support of Final Judgments. Handle trial preparation for attorneys, prepare Summary Final Judgments. Obtain and brief witnesses for trial and depositions.

Delegate the coordination of hearings, mediations and depositions.

Tracked and logged more than 150 billable hours monthly.

Updated vendors with major case milestones utilizing Lender Process Service (LPS), Lenstar and Vendorscape.

Kaufman, Englett & Lynd, LLC. Orlando, FL

Litigation Paralegal

May 2008-September 2010

Managed cases in the following fifteen states: Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Drafted and filed Motions to Dismiss, Answer and Affirmative Defenses, Interrogatories, Request for Admissions, Request for Productions, responses to discovery request, Motion to Vacate and other defensive pleadings with the court.

Maintained court dockets, attorney calendar, noting dateline dates for responsive pleadings/motions, scheduled hearings and mediations with the court and opposing counsel.

Heavy communication and correspondence with clients regarding case status.

Esquire Legal Group, Orlando, FL

Litigation Paralegal,

February 2007-March 2008

Managed cases in personal injury, litigation, worker’s compensation, and immigration law.

Drafted and filed complaints, answers, motions, and pleading in state and federal court.

Scheduled depositions, mediations, hearings, and client meetings. Heavy dictation and filing; managed attorney calendars; arranged travel; communication with Judge’s assistants, opposing counsel and staff.

Meet with clients, opened/closed files and maintained files, ordered records, prepared closing statements.

The Law Office of James Richard Hooper, P.A., Orlando, FL

Litigation Paralegal,

March 2002-February 2007

Managed cases in personal injury, securities litigation, social security, and worker’s compensation.

Scheduled depositions, mediations, hearings, and client meetings.

Court filing in state and federal court.

Meet with clients, managed attorney calendars, opened and closed files, reviewed files, ordered records, drafted pleadings and closing statements.


Qualified Paralegal/Legal Assistant with over 14 years of experience and excellent ability to adapt to new and challenging environments.

Highly organized, responsible, team player, positive attitude, able to multi-task and work independently, self-starter, work well under pressure and understand deadlines. Able to work confidentially and independently with clients and attorneys.

Speak Spanish fluently.

Proficient in the use of CM/ECF System/PACER and E-Portal.

Excellent computer knowledge in the following software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Legal files, Pro Law, Case Aware, Time Matters, Prevail, Clio, Black Knight, Tempo Lexus Nexus and Westlaw.

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