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Sales Manager

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States
November 05, 2018

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Otha D. Liggins, AA, Business

P.O. Box ****, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729 909-***-**** OBJECTIVE: Attain a position as a Regional Sales Manager Field Energy Consultant, Solar City –May 18th, 2015 - Present Job Description

As a Field Energy Specialist, you will receive world-class training on SolarCity’s sales process and technologies, and have the opportunity to advance your career through SolarCity’s Sales Training Program in our collaborative learning environment. Field Energy Specialists the first point of contact and educate potential customers about the many benefits of solar energy, working at Home Depot Stores, Best Buys and some mall retail kiosks. In the words of CEO, Lyndon Rive, “It’s a no brainer,” because customers can get cleaner,more affordable alternatives to their utility bill. You will be responsible for identifying potential customers, answering their questions, and arranging customer consultations in their homes for our Outside Solar Sales Consultants. After achieving your goals on a consistent basis, and at the discretion of your manager, you will be eligible for promotion to Outside Solar Sales Consultants where additional world-class sales training and mentorship is provided, along with an increase in pay and a company car.


Speaking with customers about Solar City’s clean energy solutions Driving the creation of in-store leads to meet personal and team sales goals Collaborating with Outside Solar Sales Consultants to confirm in-home appointments Setting up Solar City displays and collateral

Hosting and conducting in-store seminars and events for 20 or more people Working side-by-side with top sales producers and learning from them directly Additional duties required as needed

Adjunct Professor, Victor Valley College – 2014 – Present As an Adjunct Professor I am responsible for 5 classes in Renewable Energy. I teach a 3 hour lecture and (4) 3.5 hr. Labs. Energy technologies and I cover topics such as the technical and non-technical issues, energy and services requirements, solar radiation. Site suitability, I provide the learner with an overview of renewable energy sources available to the consumer. We cover Solar Electric (Photovoltaics), Solar Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Energy, Biomass Energy, Geothermal Heating and Cooling and Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building Design.

As an instructor I match the course content against the real world experience of lectures and industry professionals.

Under general supervision, plans and implements curriculum and educational programs for students within the program. Communicates class content to students so that learning occurs, skills are developed, and students are motivated to learn and achieve their educational objectives.


Degree in Business with major in area of teaching or 18 semester hours in area of teaching. Master's degree preferred. Sixteen years' of documented business experience in management, marketing, or combination.


• Develops the syllabus for each course assigned based on ACICS and department criteria. The syllabus is to include learning objectives expressed in behavioral terms.

• Distributes the syllabus to the Academic Dean, the Program Director and to each student at the first scheduled class session.

• Teaches the depth and scope of class materials as outlined in the syllabus and catalog and relates the instruction to careers and employer expectations.

• Prepare and grades examinations based upon course objectives and published exam schedule and returns all assignments in a timely manner.

• Implements evaluation for outcomes assessment, and achieves established results while maintaining college standards of student satisfaction.

• Works creatively in all classes taught to discourage student withdrawal and maintain satisfactory retention.

• Begin and end each class at the designated times, providing a full period of instruction.

• Leaves the classroom or laboratory clean, organized, and ready for the next user.

• Submits, at the designated time, final grades for all students on the class roster.

• Accurately maintains attendance records in accordance with the Attendance Policy, submits class roster daily, maintains a separate record of attendance and grades that is clearly labeled and turned in at the end of the term.

• Calls all students who are absent and submits written reports of pertinent information to the Program Director.

• Attends faculty meetings, in-service meetings, graduation and other college events as required by the College.

• Dresses professionally in accordance with faculty dress code.

• Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED:

• Ability to evaluate, design, and implement curriculum, testing, and/or teaching methodologies.

• Ability to make administrative and procedural decisions and judgments on sensitive, confidential issues.

• Ability to work effectively with diverse populations.

• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

• Knowledge of teaching methods, curriculum, and education programs.

• Teaching and facilitation skills.

• Ability to teach and control the behavior of students.

• Knowledge of academic and/or vocational education curricula.

• Knowledge of and ability to apply relevant current education methodologies and techniques.

• Ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports. EISIG, Topaz Capital & Investments, Bonsall, CA 2011 - Present Renewable Energy Consultant:

Performed Site Assessments, Feasibility Studies, and preliminary system design for solar and wind energy systems for residential, agricultural, commercial and municipal applications Responsible for generating new sales leads and handling day to day sales of products and Services. Negotiate deals between commercial entities and financial groups for large scale wind Turbine, Solar Photovoltaic projects, Geo Thermal, and Waste Water treatment. Zero-net energy Multifamily Housing project in Victorville, CA: 2011 to Present Developed the site plan and floor plans, Developed the roof plan and building sections; Assisted in developing exterior elevations; Designed the building envelope, which includes an R22 wall and an R45 ceiling; Worked with the mechanical engineer to place the solar-thermal panels and interior components of the solar-thermal system; Conducted all Zoning and building code research; Incorporated Client’s needs into the design; Aided in Preparation the construction documents and specifications; Coordinated the civil and structural engineers; and attained a building permit. I helped incorporate the Waste water treatment plant for adaptive reuse of the waste water for the project. The project will attain a HERS number of 15 and the Owner is very pleased with the progress of the projects success. I facilitated the agreement below for the Net Zero portion of our project. Ovus Partners 360, LLC. (“Ovus”), a California limited liability company with an address at 23632 Calabasas Road, Suite 105, Calabasas, California 91302 is providing Topaz Development (“Topaz”), a California limited liability company with this Letter of Intent regarding the design, procurement, installation and maintenance of a Net Zero Energy Platform (“the Energy Platform”) for the proposed Topaz multi-unit residential development project located on 15388 Midtown Drive, Victorville, CA 92394 in Victorville, California (the “Property”). Topaz is requesting Ovus to finance and install its Net Zero Energy Platform on the Property at no cost to Topaz. Ovus is willing to provide Topaz with the installation and financing for the proposed $26.1 Million gross cost $7.9 million net cost Net Zero Energy Platform on the Property

Energy Efficiency:

VMG, LLC has a multifamily moderate income project with a HUD guaranteed loan. Victorville Mediterranean Gardens, is to be built at 15388 Midtown Drive, Victorville, CA. Construction installation on the comprehensive solar system will be in the spring 2011 with completion in three months. VMG plans solar electricity for the entire common and residential area, and solar thermal generation for the pool and spa, as well as the water heating system. The size of the solar system has been estimated at 900+ kW based on 428 units of one, two, and three bedroom units with an average size of 1,135 square feet. Installation of the solar system will be on solar shelters providing parking for 450 vehicles (based on estimated 2 kW system per parking spot).

Solar energy providers will work with the dry utility planner, Roy Jacobson, with the General Contractor in providing bids in the near future, with the project electrician, with Baja solar shelter providers (or solar provider recommended solar shelter provider) and with Southern California Edison as the regional electricity provider. VMG, LLC requests a solar energy proposal and quotation by Friday, February 26, from each of the several selected solar energy companies in advance of bidding (March 2010). VMG, LLC has narrowed its focus to the selected solar energy providers of the multifamily project. The proposals are needed to provide an estimate of construction costs for HUD and constitute pre-bids from the selected solar energy companies. PhotoVoltaic System: Ovus Partners

We have prepared a revised spreadsheet depicting the Ovus Partners 360 Platform with installation of additional photo voltaic (PV) panels to achieve net- zero energy for the entire Victorville development. As you can see on the attached spreadsheet, the net cost of the Ovus Partners 360 We feel the incorporation of additional PV panels into your overall development design is an excellent value add and achieves the ultimate net zero energy for both phases of the project. Using mechanical engineers: San Felipe By the Sea project in San Felipe, Mexico When I first started working on custom residences, I found it quite odd that mechanical engineers were not part of the design team; the mechanical systems were, essentially, designed by the mechanical subs. I convinced management to lobby the clients to hire mechanical engineers to design mechanical systems for their homes. I convinced two clients to hire mechanical engineers. These clients got homes with superior mechanical systems that resulted in higher energy efficiency and better comfort. Aquarobic International, Inc. Sales Representative for Waste Water Treatment Systems 2012-2013 Aquarobic International, Inc. Ferrum Virginia.

Waste Water Treatment Consultant:

Performed Site Assessments, Feasibility Studies, and preliminary system design for residential, agricultural, commercial and municipal applications.

Responsible for generating new sales leads and handling day to day sales of products and Services.

Negotiated deals between commercial entities and financial groups for large and small scale waste water treatment systems.


US HUD Office Multifamily Housing Development Division, Los Angeles, CA Project Manager – 1994 to 2006

As a member of the Development Team as the Project Manager I participated as a reviewer. Performed monthly utility cost avoidance calculations and reporting which included data normalization using linear regression of multiple variables which share dependence on energy usage (Section 8 Housing Projects, three year project savings of over $4 million)

Executed utility bill and rate analysis for performance and utility billing errors Created project profitability analyses using trending and life cycle cost analysis Designed, tested, and implemented custom modules to be developed and added to Utility Manager (UM) software systems to conduct energy and cost savings calculations in compliance with International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standards Tracked projects for timeline task efficiency and presented to management team on a monthly basis Assisted software product development and auditing team in economical/statistical and engineering analysis Designed project estimating tools to calculate project feasibility and estimate utility savings using historical project results.

Engaged in walk-through audits, or building surveys, to identify potential for energy conservation measures Performed energy savings and heat transfer calculations for M&V of performance contracting projects Developed abilities in retrofit, post-retrofit, and behavioral analysis for energy audits including cost feasibility studies.

Assisted in building Ten Year Comprehensive Site Plan for various Public Housing Agencies (Projected savings

$60 million over 12 years)

Researched state and federal grants, directives and statutes for funding energy conservation projects. Chemical Waste Management: Benecia, CA 1992-1994

Maintenance Mechanic/Engineer

Environmental Remediation Specialist:

Facilitated disposal of hazardous materials and by products associated with energy production at various sites .

Monitored sites to ensure proper environmental practices were adhered to, maintaining natural environmental aesthetics, functionality and integrity Mare Island Naval Shipyard: 1978 to 1989

Participated in the Nuclear Reactor Program for all classes of Submarines Provided effective maintenance, warranty, and repair services (structural and routine) on all Transportation equipment product lines and selected other equipment.

• Serviced osame or related heavy equipment (e.g., farm tractors, cranes, ground support equipment, construction equipment, tanks).

• Basic knowledge of Electrical and JIC schematics.

• Effective computer skills necessary for communication and records keeping. BUILDING TYPES: Participated in the design of the following building types: Custom Vacation Residences Independent Living Facilities Group Homes for People/Disabilities Mental Health Facilities Multifamily Affordable Housing Assisted Living Facilities SAMPLE PROJECTS: Participated in the design of the following projects: Can be submitted upon request.


Mare Island Naval Shipyard: 1978 - 1989

Heavy Equipment Mechanic – Nuclear Reactor Program Supply Warehouseman – Nuclear Supply and Storage Program Chemical Waste Management: 1992 -1994

Maintenance Engineer for Chemical Waste Extraction Department US Housing and Urban Development Division: 1994 - 2006 Multifamily Housing Representative

Project Manager

San Felipe By the Sea Vacation Housing Development: 2004 -2007 Project Financing Consultant

Step By Step Consulting: 2006 to Present

Victorville Mediterranean Gardens

Topaz Inc.

EISIG Executive


College Accredited Courses and 200+ Units completed Business Finance (Major) Bachelor Degree In-process Mechanical Engineering/industrial Engineering Technology (Minor) Chaffey College

AA Business Management

Southern Illinois University

Major Industrial Engineering Technology

Plant Management & Organization

Solano Community College

Mechanical Engineering & Business Administration

Victor Valley Community College

Construction Technology and Renewable Energy

Cal Poly Pomona College

Finance Real Estate Law (Major) Bachelor Degree Career Track CONTINUING EDUCATION

Attended the following classes and conferences

Renewable Energy, Victor Valley College 2013

Construction Estimating, 2014

Technical Sketching 2014

Technical Mathematics, 2013

Advanced Technical Mathematics, 2014

Careers in Construction, 2013

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