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Software Developer Project

Foster City, California, United States
November 05, 2018

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Albert Chang

Phone: 650-***-****


Location: Bay Area / San Francisco

Objective Statement

Bachelor of Science Graduate from UC Irvine striving to become a software developer. I am proficient with my time management and communication skills from working with groups. Individual assignments sharpened my technical skills such as object oriented design, modular coding, and the use of data structures. A strong focus in C++ programming using IDE, such as Visual Studio and Eclipse, can be applied at a software developing job. Project Experience

Craps – Dice Game (Visual Studio C Eclipse Java) 2018 Description: An individual project of the popular dice game Craps. I have implemented this project in both Java and C++. I focused on improving my modular coding practices, to write clean and readable code, and use of data structures. I also spent time learning how to unit test with JUnit while learning Java. Ghost Hotel (Unity 2D/ C# script)(Completed game) 2017 – 2018 Description: A large scale project, which spanned a year, that improved me to become adept at schedule planning and time management. Worked in a team of six people, which included artists, another programmer, and another designer. To work effectively, I learned how to communicate between teammates with a variety of skills. I worked on multiple tasks which include helping design the platforming section, creating the character controller, and implementing the collision physics. Continuously tested gameplay to correct bugs and errors. Data Structures Implementation & Analysis(Visual Studio C++ ) 2016 Description: I learned how different data structures in C++ worked by implementing each of their methods. These data structures include structs, stacks, queues, and heaps which is used in software programming. I am also well versed on basic concepts of algorithm efficiency and Big-O notation. I spent time learning and implementing sorting algorithms.

Frogmasters (Unity 2D/ C# script)(Completed game) 2016 Description: A 2D remake and modification of the popular game Frogger. Worked in a team of five people to make a multiplayer version of Frogger. I created the camera controller, character controller, and enemy spawning system. I also implemented most of the game mechanics, which included knocking a player backwards, or respawning a player at a particular location upon “death, ” and helped debug the script managing player to server connection.

Related Experience

Taiwanese American Organization – Webmaster 2015/2016 Management of club website daily so that new members can be recruited and informed about upcoming events Modified website code written in HTML5

UCI Video Game Design Club Game Jam – Participant 2015 Create a game in team of four within a limited time frame - learned time management, prioritizing work Implemented character controller, object spawn script, and collision detection UPenn Summer in Applied Science and Technology – Participant 2014 Python programming: Learning basic Python syntax and general programming concepts Individually created an obstacle dodge minigame based on Warcraft 3 custom game Education – University of California Irvine Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, June 2018 Web Development


Program in Java

Intermediate Programming (Python)

Program in C/C++

Data Structure Implementation &

Analysis (C++)

Game Technology and Interactive

Media (Unity 5.6.3 /GitHub)

Multiplayer Systems (Networking)

Computer Graphics (HTML/JavaScript)

Multiplayer Project (Unity 5.6.3 /


Intro to Artificial Intelligence (C++)

Intro to Database


Model/Agile Method)

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