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Data Social Media

Syracuse, New York, United States
November 03, 2018

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Sumeet Santani 214-***-****


Master of Science in Information Management, Syracuse University GPA 3.9/4.0 January 2018 – August 2019 Certification of Advanced Studies in Data Science

Bachelor of Technology, Charotar University of Science and Technology GPA 3.4/4.0 August 2011 – May 2015 Academic and Real-world Projects

Applied Data Science

• Analyzed Data Patterns of a Hotel chain’s customer survey response using R studio as a technology consultant

• Built Machine Learning models like logistic regression, KNN, SVM, Naive Bayes to predict Net Promoters Score of a hotel chain’s customer survey response to discover the areas that require improvement

• Prepared a consolidation report on actionable insights and presented analysis and findings Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

• Built a course recommendation machine learning model by applying unsupervised learning, nearest neighbors, dimensionality reduction, principal component analysis and clustering

• Built a machine learning model that predicts credit scores using "wisdom of the crowd", bagging, random forests, gradient boosting and feature importance processes

Data Visualization

• Visualized the analysis of factors that influence undergrad college enrollment in the United States in Tableau

• Built a Tableau dashboard by analyzing Kaggle dataset on demography and geography of sexual crime victims in India

• Built an interactive visualization to analyze country-wise life expectancy against the GDP

• Created a Tableau dashboard to analyze geography and demography of customers for a company Data Analytics

• Analyzed frequently sold items in a department store to optimize inventory supply

• Deployed KNN algorithm and built a model to classify user response thereby significantly improved and optimized a social media marketing campaign

Deep Learning

• Built an object recognition model using artificial neural networks, multilayer perceptron and image recognition

• Mitigated credit risk by building a deep learning neural network to predict the customers that are likely to default on credit payments

Business Analysis Experience

Analyst & Customer Relationship Manager, Interactive Manpower Solution, Ahmedabad May 2016 – June 2017

• Analyzed twitter sentiments and created business intelligence reports using data visualization for an international client by extracting data using APIs, Hootsuite, Tweepsmap and improved the gross twitter reach by 33%

• Managed business data by writing queries and decreased customer support response time by 21% by deploying salesforce Co-founding Director and Analyst, ShipMyBox, Ahmedabad May 2015 – April 2016

• Pioneered data-driven logistics, supply chain network and enterprise risk management initiatives to determine the best shipping companies based on geography using extensive data analysis

• Collaborated with 11 courier partners to ensure package delivery to everywhere across the globe and gave the service a name and co-founded ShipMyBox

• Extracted relevant data using SQL on nation-wide zipcodes and wrote python scripts for the extraction and analysis of open data available on Indian shipping industry

• Designed the system, coded, tested and ensured database solutions in MySQL and phpMyAdmin for organized maintenance of data

Relevant Coursework

• Data Science: Applied Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, Database Management, Machine Learning A-Z, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, System Design Analysis

• Management: Project Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Management principles for Information professionals


• Programming languages: R, Python (Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Sckit learn), HTML, C, SQL

• Data Analysis & Visualization: Tableau, R, Gephi, Qlik, D3 Library, Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, D3

• Machine Learning algorithms: Regression, Classification, Clustering A-rules, Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Deep Learning, ANN, CNN

• Applications: Hadoop, Apache spark, MapReduce, AdWords, MS Project(WBS), MS Office, SQL, Excel Salesforce, Visio, Salesforce

• Other: Data Visualization with storytelling, Writing, Social media sentiment analysis, Blogging, Presentation Leadership/Involvement

• On-boarding for IMS: Accelerated on-boarding for IMS by training new hires & mentored them in orientation

• Peer’s note-taker: Volunteered for office of disability to assist a visually impaired peer for class note-taking at SU

• College Cricket team captain: Captained the college’s cricket team & made it to the finals of the tournament

• Theatre team leader: Led a team of performing arts, won a theatre competition and secured runners-up on another

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