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Product design engineer

Ohio City, Ohio, United States
November 05, 2018

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Experienced, enthusiastic and team-oriented engineer with 2 years of experience as a product engineer

* ***** ** ****** ******* Analysis experience as a Design and analysis lead for various CAE projects and SAE Baja

4 years of experience and certified in CAD tools like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS and CREO with certification

Proficient with various CAE pre-processing, analysis and post processing tools like Hypermesh, ABAQUS, LS-Dyna and ANSYS

Experienced in GD&T principles, designing and creating engineering drawings per ASME standards

Proficient with Design for Six Sigma(DFSS), FMEA, DFMEA and root cause analysis


Master of Science in Automotive Systems Engineering Sep 2016 – Apr 2018

University of Michigan – Dearborn GPA: 3.5

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering Aug 2012 – Apr 2016

GITAM University, Visakhapatnam (India). GPA: 3.8



Product Development Tools – Benchmarking, Pugh Analysis, QFD Analysis, V-model, Gantt chart, DFMEA

CAE Pre-Processing and Post processing tools - Hypermesh, ABAQUS, LS_DYNA, ANSYS


Chassis Design and Analysis Engineer Sep 2014 – Mar 2016


oDesigned the complete finite element model of the Chassis structure of the BAJA car using Creo and HYPERMESH

oHave lead the team of Arc welding, grinding, Plasma cutting, Blade-cutting and few other manufacturing activities for the roll-cage structure

oHave performed FEA analysis and modal analysis to make sure that the natural frequency of the vehicle does not fall in the range of resonating frequency

oParticipated in the creation and review of concept designs, Project Schedule, Design and Production FMEA, Design Validation plan, and 8Ds.

R&D Product Design Intern Apr 2015 – Sep 2015

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

oPlayed a key role in the design, development and validation of ailerons and flaps of a $24 million worth aircraft

oDesigned primary control surfaces of Light combat aircraft called TEJAS using Creo and CATIA

oDeveloped CAE model using Hypermesh and then analysed the structural integrity under various conditions and provided with the solutions keeping weight optimization in mind.

oHave drawn conclusions from analyses performed and documented formal reports

oParticipated in product testing to validate and correlate CAE simulation results

Suspension Engineer Sep 2012 – Mar 2014

Invincible Racing

oDuties included collecting, analyzing, and reporting vehicle attribute subjective and objective test data for benchmarking and target-setting.

oWorked on designing the suspension geometry and analyze the kinematics of the suspension using LOTUS SHARK and SUSPENSION ANALYZER to obtain optimum motion ratio, roll stiffness, roll axis height and camber gains.

oPerformed subjective evaluations of vehicle ride, handling, steering, stability and acceleration-deceleration performance characteristics

oHelped the CAD and manufacturing team to Design, Analyze, and Fabricate Double wishbone, Steering knuckles and linkages using modelling software (CREO) and analysis software HYPERMESH).

oPart of a cross-functional team to determine the steering parameters using geometric modelling and numerical methods for lower steering effort and turning radius and to be in compliance with the suspension system to avoid bump steer and have a very good system integration.

Manufacturing Intern APR 2014 – SEP 2014

Lokesh Machines Limited

oDeveloped detailed drawings of the engine blocks using CREO and reviewed for DFM

oDeveloped concept layout and design from product specifications using 3D CAD software.

oStudied specifications and conferred with engineering quality, manufacturing and service personnel to resolve design problems.

oAccurately reviewed customer supplied cut sheets and bills of materials for generators to ensure company designs are compatible with equipment being supplied.

oImplemented Poka Yoke to eliminate product defects in a lean manufacturing process.


University Of Michigan- Dearborn Sep 2016 - Apr 2018

Bending and Torsional Stiffness Analysis of an Automobile chassis

oAnalysed BIW CAD model on hypermesh with the help of optistruct for bending and torsional stiffness

oImproved the bending stiffness of the chassis by 5% and recommended different options for the same

oImproved the torsional stiffness of the chassis by 5% and recommended different options for the same

Deflection and Stress analysis of Steering Column Support Beam

oDeveloped 2d element model with CQUAD/CTRIA elements of the steering column support beam from the CAD data provided and analysed it for its tip deflection and maximum stress

oAnalysed the effect of the different types of joining (seam weld, spot weld and no weld) on the tip deflection and maximum stress of the given CAD model

Natural Frequency and Normal mode analysis of an Automobile Chassis

oDeveloped and analysed the BIW CAD model on Hypermesh using optistruct for global modes of vibration

oRecommended different options of improving natural frequency of vibration of the vehicle chassis

Vehicle Package analysis

oConducted package engineering evaluations of the vehicle package by applying various package

evaluation techniques.

oConducted necessary statistical data analyses to support findings.

oPrepare recommendations for improvements.

Exterior and Mechanical package analysis(’17 Honda CR-V)

oStudied Mechanical Package considerations for Door System.

oDeveloped an Interface Diagram and Interface Matrix for all the Systems and Sub-systems of Door

and other interfacing systems.

Driver Package evaluation

oMeasured important package dimensions like H11 (Entrance Height), W3 (Shoulder room), H17 (Accelerator Heel Point) & others.

oRecorded driver seating positions and head clearance of a group of drivers and evaluated dimensions w.r.t driver anthropometric data & by obtaining subjective judgements of drivers on interior package considerations.

Front crash analysis of a full vehicle model

o In this Project Toyota Yaris FEA model is compared with actual test results of Toyota Yaris from the NHTSA.

oA full vehicle crash simulation test of Toyota Yaris is performed on LS-Dyna and analysed failure modes and crack propagations.

Vehicle Crash Analysis

oPerformed analysis of Occupant chest deceleration and HIC values due to seat belt with the help of LS_DYNA and ABAQUS

oSimulated the Full car vehicle crash model on LS_DYNA and compared the simulation results with the actual test data available on the NHTSA website

oCompleted crash analysis of 2-part structural assembly with the help of Hypermesh, LS_DYNA

oInvestigated the characteristics of vehicle bumper impact analysis model by using LS_DYNA

oCompared the vehicle acceleration vs dynamic displacement curves for 2 generations of Ford F- 150 NHTSA NCAP test by extracting test data from NHTSA website

o Have worked on Hypermesh for FEA modelling whereas all the analysis and post processing work has been done using ABAQUS

Fatigue life prediction of steel to steel spot-weld bonded joints

oDeveloped CAE methods and analysis processes for lap shear, coach peel and structural specimen.

oPerformed variable amplitude fatigue tests on structural specimen on MTS 810 test rig.

oAcquired fatigue test data to input it for the CAE analysis.

oImproved the accuracy of prediction for adhesive joints by using Notch Stress approach

Validation of fatigue life prediction models for GMAW joints

oCreated FE models of a crush rail of given dimensions and loading conditions and incorporated strain rate effect in the model using the Cowper Symonds and Johnson Cook parameters.

oGenerated the crash response simulation of longitudinal box against a rigid wall.

oCarried out a comparison study of mean crush strength, reaction forces and the collapsing patterns.

Total Quality Management and Six Sigma: To reduce Ford Focus/Kuga (Europe) base coat paint consumption

oUtilized DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)- Six Sigma tool to propose recommendations to reduce car paint consumption and improve customer satisfaction, resulting in a $3 per unit saving and an overall 2% improvement in the project development process



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