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Sales Management

Long Valley, New Jersey, United States
October 31, 2018

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Donato Joseph Marinari


After serving as President & CEO for Verizon Directory Services, I felt I had accomplished all there was of a career that was both successful and rewarding. After spearheading the Directory Group merger that included Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and GTE which upon completion was renamed Verizon, I was offered the position of President and CEO of the new company that encompassed the entire continental United States. While the opportunity was exciting, challenging and highly rewarding, my family would be required to re-locate to the new headquarters which was would be located in Dallas, Texas. While weighing the pros and cons of the new opportunity, I was contacted by a New York City Venture Capital firm with an offer to turnaround one of their largest investments that appeared to be nearing a significant loss of investment dollars. With all things being considered, I made the decision to transition out of Verizon and into becoming a turnaround specialist. Ironically, the opportunity came at a time when I was looking to move in a new direction. Dedicating nearly four years for the mergers to be completed along with the requirement of relocating my family which included three children that hadn’t, at that point, completed their high school education made my decision a lot easier than perhaps, if some of the components were different. That said, being an individual with a high level of energy, and a wide range of business experience I was convinced that I would be an effective leader in whatever my next endeavor would become. Having spent many years in a senior role along with experience as an advisor and board member, I knew that economic cycles would constantly change and success more often than not, would come to those who had a vision to see into the future and a “customercentric” approach along with an air-tight plan for execution The more thought I gave to becoming a consultant where my years of building would be put to the test, the more excited I became. That said, I founded a publication that was designed to link local neighborhood buyers with local sellers; a model that mirrored the concept of “Welcome Wagon.” The journey was highly successful but not without the horrors that face small businesses. The experience once again raised the question of how and where I should put my experience to the test. My energy level and commitment to excel have always been part of my DNA where anything less than success would not be an option. That being said, It became apparent that personal satisfaction could only be achieved when I returned to an active, fast-paced sales management environment where my experience as a leader would result in a successful outcome. It would be that environment where my experience and background coupled with a mature voice and a style that encourages others to follow would prove to be a winning combination. To be specific, the privileges of participating in areas where I can make a difference far outweigh all other rewards. A sales management opportunity that brings great challenge where my efforts will lead to high growth, increased market share and business development are the areas that bring out the best in me. The path I am looking to travel is consistent with my past where I bring value to areas of challenge, teamwork and leadership. If given the opportunity to join your company, I am confident that both my experience and management style will result in a successful partnership. As such, I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience.


Donato Marinari

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