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Mental Health Assistant

Inglewood, CA
October 29, 2018

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* * * * * M a n c h e s t e r A v. # * * * ● P l a y a D e l R e y, C A 9 0 2 9 3

P HONE ( 3 1 0 ) 8 0 4 - 2 7 0 4 ● EMAIL t a r a omrani@y a h o o . c o m TARA OMRAN, M . A .

R e g i s t e r e d P s y c h o l o g i c a l A s s i s t a n t P S B 9 4 0 2 2 3 2 3

Psychological assistant

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center _Los Angeles, CA


Provided psychotherapy for individual, family session, and group sessions for patients with Substance Abuse and Mental Health issues, assists clients with exploring and gaining insights into their difficulties. Performed Biopsychosocial assessment and diagnosis. Completed utilization reviews and all required insurance documentation for clients, provided family session for client and family members, assessments and diagnosis report of patients, maintained a professional working relationship with a Case Manager, psychiatrist, and other staff members in a collaborative effort for the coordination of aftercare planning and facilitated proper communication with family members throughout the treatment experience of patients, crisis intervention during the day and on-call duty rotation. Attended individual and group supervision, weekly didactic trainings, case conceptualization, and treatment team meetings. Mentored new interns and staff, provided training, updated training manual as part of the training team. Also, provided E-therapy (online individual and group therapy) to the clients who were not able to come to the center.

Predoctoral Intern (Accredited APA Program)

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center _Los Angeles, CA


Performed individual, family, and group therapies. Treated issues including substance abuse/addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, Personality disorders, and mood disorders. Participated in weekly treatment team meeting, supervision, case conceptualization, and didactic training. Performed Biopsychosocial assessments for intake, diagnosis, and determination of appropriate level of care. Provided treatment planning, consultation, discharge planning, Utilization Review with the insurance companies. Advanced-Practicum Intern (Accredited APA Program) Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center _Los Angeles, CA


Provided group therapy (Art therapy, Trauma, Anger management, Meditation, Social Skills, Stress Management, Process, and psychoeducation groups). Performed individual and family sessions. Participated in weekly training, case conceptualization, didactic, and supervision. Performed assessment, diagnosis, and crisis intervention. Provided documents for the insurance companies, treatment planning, and after care planning. Performed support and psycho education to patient’s families during family meetings.

8 1 1 7 W M a n c h e s t e r A v. # 4 9 4 ● P l a y a D e l R e y, C A 9 0 2 9 3 P HONE ( 3 1 0 ) 8 0 4 - 2 7 0 4 ● EMAIL t a r a omrani@y a h o o . c o m TARA OMRAN, M . A .

R e g i s t e r e d P s y c h o l o g i c a l A s s i s t a n t P S B 9 4 0 2 2 3 2 3

Practicum Intern

The Accelerated School _Los Angeles, CA


Internship in school base, K-12, provided play therapy, Psychotherapy sessions, risk assessment, consult with teachers and psychological assessment. Provided group and individual counseling for students and parents. Conducted psycho educational evaluations to determine methods for effectively meeting student needs. Assisted clients and family members with resolving conflicts and developing more productive ways of coping with issues. Prepared reports including diagnoses, prognoses, and other psychological findings to the disposition and treatment of cases. Participated in Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings related to the assigned patients. Mental Health Experience

American Cancer Institute_ Los Angeles, CA


Volunteered in providing support group for patient with cancer, caregivers and those dealing with bereavement.

Regional Center_ Los Angeles


Provided resources and emotional support to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Professional Experience

West Los Angeles College_ Los Angeles, CA


Events Coordinator Assistance and Program assistant, responsible for helping students determine and recommend what classes the students to take and how to apply for financial assistance; job duty also involved training students who are in need of special program. PLS Incorporated_ Los Angeles, CA


Relationship manager and customer service assistant Responsible for scheduling, filing, and managing staff. Teacher_ IR


Science teacher at high school. delivered lectures, engaged students in well-structured topics to encourage participation and support student performance. 8 1 1 7 W M a n c h e s t e r A v. # 4 9 4 ● P l a y a D e l R e y, C A 9 0 2 9 3 P HONE ( 3 1 0 ) 8 0 4 - 2 7 0 4 ● EMAIL t a r a omrani@y a h o o . c o m TARA OMRAN, M . A .

R e g i s t e r e d P s y c h o l o g i c a l A s s i s t a n t P S B 9 4 0 2 2 3 2 3

School Counselor_ IR


Provided necessary interventions in removing barriers to learning. Helped students in the areas of academic achievement, and social/emotional development. Collaborated with parents/guardians and educators to assist students with educational and career planning. Provided individual and group educational counseling to students with identified concerns and needs. Consulted and collaborated effectively with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators regarding students with identified concerns and needs.

Professional Membership

National alliance on mental health (NAMI)

Iranian Psychological Association of America (IPAA) Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA) Professional Certifications

Southern California Counseling Center_ Los Angeles, CA 2015

Community Counselor Certification Course :

CCC is a training program that includes a weekly process group about understanding the counseling relationship, boundary issues and communication skills through role-play and inter- active dialogue, working with high-risk population, deal with issues such as homelessness, HIV, drug treatment, schools, gang prevention, violence, and other forms of rehabilitation. Westside Regional Center_ Los Angeles, CA


Certificate of Attendance: Mental Health/Emotional Disorder in Persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.


• Bilingual in English and Farsi (fluent in Farsi)

• Valid CPR/AED/First-Aid

• Experienced in assisting and providing mental health services

• Expertise in diagnosing, identifying, and treating various psychological conditions

• Adeptness in creating and implementing patient treatment plans

• Dedication for work and passion to succeed

• Excellent communication skills

• Able to work independently and under stressful conditions

• Able to respond very calmly and professionally

• Able to do other duties as assigned

• Knowledge of problem solving, human development and behavior 8 1 1 7 W M a n c h e s t e r A v. # 4 9 4 ● P l a y a D e l R e y, C A 9 0 2 9 3 P HONE ( 3 1 0 ) 8 0 4 - 2 7 0 4 ● EMAIL t a r a omrani@y a h o o . c o m TARA OMRAN, M . A .

R e g i s t e r e d P s y c h o l o g i c a l A s s i s t a n t P S B 9 4 0 2 2 3 2 3

• Ability to observe, analyze, and interpret

• Know and comply with HIPAA, ethical guidelines, and other related state/federal regulations


• General computer knowledge

• Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

• Typing 60 wpm


Ryokan College_ Los Angeles, CA

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Psy.D. 2018

Ryokan College_ Los Angeles, CA

Master’s in clinical psychology, 2013

University of Tehran_ Tehran, IR

Bachelor of Science, 1995


Available upon request

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