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Stafford, VA
October 29, 2018

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Linda R Coleman

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Contract Specialist, GS-1102-12 05/14/2018 – Current

Department of Defense Education Activity, Facilities Procurement Division

Alexandria, VA 22350

Serves as a Rehired Annuitant Contract Specialist for Department of Defense Education Activity

(DoDEA) and Facilities Procurement Division Europe Schools East and West Germany

Applies all the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and procurement policies and regulations to assigned contracting actions

Ensures quality and timeliness for all assigned procurements to include Contracts, Purchase Orders, Task and Delivery Orders

Ensures all assigned procurements are conducted within the procurement action lead times (PALT) established by DoDEA

Ensures full compliance for all assigned procurements of strategic procurement performance aspects to include timely and accurate submission of Contract Action Reports (CARs) in accordance with FAR 4.6 and DFARS 204.6, timely contract closeouts in accordance with FAR 4.804 and DFARS 204.804

Ensures all assigned contractual purchase requests (PRs) are received, reviewed and recorded for immediate customer feedback and workload assigned

Reviews all weekly Work in Process (WIP) reports for all assigned work

Engages in regular customer interactions to include communicate with customers (DoDEA Europe Schools East and West) for assigned actions regarding the quality of their PRs, new requirements, deadlines for procurement submissions

Performs market research for all new requirements in accordance with FAR 10 and DFARS 210

Develops procurement objectives for requirements to ensure full compliance with the competition requirements and goals of FAR 6 and DFARS 206

Prepares Determinations and Findings (D&Fs) and Justifications and Approvals (J&As) required in FAR 6.3 and DFARS 206.3

Develops source selection strategies for all requirements to ensure that the source selection policies of the method of procurement were being utilized

Prepares the solicitation and contractual vehicle to ensure full compliance with all FAR and DFARS sections for selection of the appropriate clauses and provisions

Responsible for releasing the solicitation at FBO and GSA ebuy

Analyzes contractor proposals received in response to a solicitation to include convening the technical review team and providing full instructions and oversight

Conducts complete and thorough analysis of the contractors’ past performance information and conducting a complete analysis of the contractors’ proposed use of small businesses and subcontracting plan when applicable.

Negotiates with offers within the branch when negotiations (or discussions) are required

Plans and conducts post-award conferences to ensure compliance with and full understanding of

contractual requirements

Performs contract administration such as issuing contract modifications and option requirements in accordance with FAR 17.2 and DFARS 217.2

Issues task or delivery orders in accordance with the ordering procedures in the contract and the requirements of FAR 16.505 and DFARS 216.505

Performs contract closeout in accordance with FAR 4.804 and DFARS 204.804

Ensures that all applicable policies are read and comprehended on a regular basis and that the DAWIA requirements for continuous learning are met or exceeded

Assists as required in preparing for executing, evaluating and determining proper actions and responses to the Procurement Management Review (PMR) findings and recommendations

Attends all required Advanced Acquisition Review Boards (AARB) or Services Requirements Review Boards (SRRBs) for all assigned procurement actions.

Operates all procurement eBusiness systems proficiently to include Standard Procurement System (SPS) Desktop Defense (PD2) contract writing systems, Federal Business Opportunities (FBO or FedBizOpps), Federal Procurement Data System- Next Generation (FPDS-NG), System for Award Management (SAM), Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS), Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS), Contracting Officer Representative Tracking (CORT) Tool, invoice, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (iRAPT), Electronic Document Access (EDA, Federal Awardee Performance Integrity and Information System (FAPIIS),

Contract Specialist, GS-1102-13 02/2012 to 03/31/2017 (RETIRED)

Department of Veteran Affairs, Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC)

Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Managed and administered pre-award, award, post-award (administration), and termination actions on various contracts to include simplified to complex high-dollar value and unique procurement

Served as a business partner by providing responsive and valuable service, consistently communicates to customers, maintains the highest levels of responsiveness throughout the requisition process and provides accurate, relevant, and timely feedback on progressively more complex requisition/requirement packages with minimal supervision

Procured major types of medical equipment/supplies and services

Proactively served as the business advisor by communicating procurement status, revolving procurement issues, and collaborating with customers as well as with other stakeholders when appropriate

Reviewed requisition packages and correctly determined whether packages were complete

Accurately analyzed package deficiencies

Complied with Office of Acquisition Operations (OAO) procedures for e-mail notification to customer POC advising that package is complete in accordance with OAO standards

Notified customer POC of deficiencies and establishes due date for revision

Prepared awards for veteran-owned small businesses, service disabled veteran-owned small businesses, HUB Zone small businesses, and other socioeconomic categories under FAR 19

Prepared acquisition packages based on requisitions and corresponding statement of work or specifications and ensures legal/regulatory and contractual aspects are covered

Established and maintained milestones leading to contract award

Accurately identified and communicated any issues to the Contracting Officer in an appropriate and timely manner

Assisted with market research and defines optimum method and type of procurement

Assisted in preparing acquisition plans, formal or informal source selection plans

Prepared solicitations and contracts without substantive rewrite for accuracy; Processed packages within accepted lead times

Updated properly adjusted milestone plans and incorporates acquisition changes in eCMS

Notified supervisor and customer POC when timeline shifts due to circumstances beyond employee control and negotiates adjustments to milestones

Entered accurate data into eCMS and submits FPDS-NG contract action reports (CAR) to the Contracting Officer with the award file

Transmitted reports to FPDS-NG within 48 hours of award; Assists in planning and actively participates in official meetings such as kickoff meetings, planning sessions and CRBs for new requirements

Initiated and managed all contract actions in Electronic Contract Management System ( eCMS), which is VA’s contract writing system; Demonstrates proficiency in providing accurate and actionable solutions to problems and issues that arise during the contract administration process for generally on-complex contracts

Conducted post-award meetings and/or conferences, closes out completed contracts in accordance with closeout procedures in FAR Subpart 4.8

Ensured that CPARS registration forms are submitted to the CPARS Focal Point within 15 business days of contract award in accordance with policy

Completed annual past performance evaluations in CPARS in accordance with FAR 42 within 120 days of the end of the completion of the evaluation period

Reviewed CPAR to ensure the evaluations submitted to the Reviewing Official contain narratives consistent with the rating and do not contain inaccurate information

Contract Specialist; GS-1102-13 12/2010 to 02/2012

Army National Guard Bureau, Acquisition Department (NGB-AQ)

Arlington, VA

Served as an appointed and warranted Contracting Officer for DoD contracting support for Systems and IT Branch to the National Guard Bureau (NGB)

Awarded and administered IT, services and supply type contracts

Managed IT, services and supply type contracts and awarded over 67 contract actions valued at over $11,832,828.55

Awarded and administered FFP IDIQ type contracts to include simplified purchases for IT support to EEO support

Assisted in the execution of procurements relating to supplies and services commensurate with Branch Chief Goals and objectives

Procured products and services from a variety of DoD contracts to include: General Services Administration (GSA), Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS), and Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP)

Interpreted Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, and Agency Supplements, and Internal Policies

Prepared Limited Sources Justifications, Determination and Findings, Formal and Informal Source Selection Plans, Acquisition Plans and Market Research Documents in accordance with mandatory federal regulations

Contract Specialist; GS-1102-13 06/2009 to 12/2010

Defense Energy Support Center, Bulk Fuel Department

Fort Belvoir, VA

Served as a Supervisory Contract Specialist responsible for pre-award and post-award functions involving highly specialized procurements of bulk fuels requirements and crude oil procurements

Managed and supervised 4 direct report employees as a Branch Chief in the bulk fuel department

Organized centralized acquisitions for complex bulk fuel source supply contracts for worldwide military requirements

Awarded Bulk Fuel contracts valued at approximately 2.0 to 4.0 billion dollars annually to include the sale of excess petroleum products to the petroleum industry as authorized by 10 U.S.C. 2404 (d)

Administered programmed and non-programmed procurements assigned for effective, efficient, and economical conduct of all phases of the procurement cycle, including initial planning, offer negotiation, contract award, contract administration and final contract closeout

Maintained a working knowledge of the petroleum market, worldwide petroleum distribution system, product specifications, and quality systems for petroleum products

Utilized Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Department of Defense FAR Supplement, laws, Executive Orders, Defense Energy Procurement Instructions (DEPI), policies and procedures as they relate to energy logistics, including supply and distribution, quality, legal and comptroller functions

Supervised and developed a full range of personnel management functions for a staff of four employees in various grades from GS-07 - GS-13

Managed Synthetic Bulk Fuels Programs as well as associated supplemental solicitations, Lubricating Oils, and FSII

Negotiated, awarded, and administered contracts in support of domestic bulk fuel customers, which included the responsibilities of a Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO), Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) and a Termination Contracting Officer (TCO)

Contract Specialist; GS-1102-13 08/2007 to 06/2009

DLA Contracting Office

Fort Belvoir, VA

Awarded and administered 1,007 contract actions valued at $143,350,311.82 annually

Awarded and administered contract types to include time-and-materials to simplified purchases for IT support to EEO support

Prepared solicitation documents, developed and incorporated special clauses, terms and conditions required by FAR and other regulations

Conducted presolicitation pre-proposal conferences to afford industry an opportunity to ask questions, to express concerns relating to the requirement, and to offer suggestions that may affect the overall acquisition strategy

Ensured acquisition plans met full compliance with contracting regulations and related DoD standards

Establishes long-term contractual support for major information and logistics systems that are critical and urgently required to fulfill the DLA/DoD mission and maintain military readiness

Developed justifications for sole source and other required clearances and prepared documentation

Coordinated extensively with DLA HQ and other DLA Supply Centers and military customers in order to implement the corporate contracts

Developed unique contract clauses to protect the Government’s interest and to provide incentive to the contractor to manage various types of services for DLA

Maintained full contract responsibility for contract administration and price and cost analysis

Collaborated with the Contracting Officer (Technical) Representatives (COR/COTR) in the administration of the contracts

Organized meetings with contractors and serving as the spokesperson for the Government

Terminated contracts for the convenience of the Government or default by the contractor and coordinated with the program office

Prepared justification for other than full and open competition for approval by Senior Acquisition Officials

Conducted negotiation to consummate award actions with responsible contractors and concluded negotiations to ensure that the government's requirements are obtained at a fair and reasonable price and within the required timeframes scheduled

Determined contractor responsibility for award based on services capability, previous performance record, and other indicators of ability to perform

Prepares and coordinates non-responsibility and unacceptable proposal determinations

Coordinated with small business specialist

Contract Specialist; GS-1102-12 06/2006 to 08/2007

US Army Contracting Agency

Arlington, VA

Negotiated, awarded and administered commercial activities/installation-wide contracts or complex/master contracts for supplies, services, ADP, and equipment

Provided advice and assistance to representative of other activities ensuring that the development of contractual and legally sufficient statements of work, surveillance plans are completed

Planned, developed and issued solicitations for contracting requirements including such services as consolidated contracts, complex, unique, third party financing, franchise, specified command requirements, environmentally sensitive services

Developed and submitted RFQs and RFPs within established time frames

Determined validity and degree of completeness in the statement of work and specification by conducting market research and site visits

Determined method of procurement (sealed bidding or negotiated) and contract type (firm fixed-price or cost reimbursement) to be used

Developed required determinations and findings, reports and reporting requirements, security requirements, checklists, standard and special contract clauses, evaluation criteria

Advised management, contracting officers and customers on matters pertaining to contracting policies and procedures

Developed guidance materials to explain regulatory importance for Acquisition Reform Initiatives such as market research, past performance, and performance based statement of work.

Contract Specialist; GS-1102-12 03/2003 to 06/2006


Portsmouth, VA

Managed and coordinated in an effectively and timely manner, solicitation and contractual phases

Disseminated information between higher management, SUPSHIP departments, customers, other agencies and contractors

Monitored Solicitations/contract provisions to keep aware of ongoing problems or issues

Gathered and evaluated information necessary for decision making, proposing solutions, and initiating appropriate action to follow through to completion

Maintained a consistent level of professional courtesy and ethics in all business dealings, both within and outside of SUPSHIP

Accurately processed all oral and written work products including computer data

Performed proactive contract administration functions such as identifying problems, ensuring availability of funds prior to the authorization of work

Resolved disputes as quickly as possible to minimize impact and assured that the Government's rights are not jeopardized by untimely or lack of appropriate action

Finalized payments to contractors in accordance with requirements of Prompt Payment Act

Scheduled procurement actions, in a timely manner, such as preparing synopsis and developing and completing solicitation to support customer requirements in full compliance with regulatory requirements

Issued amendments to incorporate necessary changes or additions and receipt handling of all evaluation of contractor proposals

Contract Specialist; GS-1102-12 03/1998 to 03/2003

Fleet and Industrial Supply Center – Norfolk

Norfolk, VA

Administered pre-award activities related to the rental, leasing, and purchase of commercial services and items requiring negotiated or simplified procedures

Provided timely and economical procurement of complex services, supplies, and equipment via informal and formal open market methods

Acquired services, supplies, and equipment by means of purchase orders, delivery orders, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Blanket Purchase Agreements, with the use of IMPAC purchase card

Reviewed purchase request to ensure that there are no problems or discrepancies that would affect the procurement process

Utilized small purchase procedures to prepare purchase orders

Prepared Request for Quotations, Request for Proposals, contract awards, modifications and contract administration

Determined suitable method of acquisition and solicitation

Prepared pre-solicitation documentation, such as acquisition plans, synopsis to submit to FEDBIZOPPS, both manually and electronically

Prepared DD Form 2579 (Small Business Coordination Form) and the bidders mailing list and other related pre-solicitation requirements in accordance with the established milestones

Prepared and issued solicitations to acquire such items as complex services, supplies, and equipment

Prepared amendments to solicitation to include changes, additions or corrections

Conducted bid openings in accordance with the proper procedures

Performed cost and price analysis on contractor’s proposals to ensure they meet the requirements and specifications set forth in the solicitation

Recommended award based on best value at a fair and reasonable price to the lowest offeror

Analyzed offers/quotes responsiveness and responsibility, based on past offers/quotes, past performance and the establishment of price reasonableness

Obtained all documentation and approvals required to solicit/award/modify contracts

Prepared and submitted contracts to the Contracting Officer, with award recommendations

Finalized contract awards with the proper specifications, packing and shipping requirements, inspection and acceptance and all other mandatory and local clauses

Prepared unilateral and bilateral modifications for various reasons, ensuring adherence to applicable rules and regulations

Prepared unilateral administrative modifications to include option provisions, diverting deliveries, extending the delivery schedules for consideration under changes clause, adding and/or correcting accounting and appropriation data and the effective date of contract award

Monitored the contractor’s performance to ensure they are complying with the requirements of the contract.

Performed all contract closeout activities

Interpreted procurement laws and regulations such the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and local directives

Gathered, organized and presented oral and written information at Contract Review Boards in a clear, concise, complete and accurate manner

Coordinate with team members, specialists, contracting officers, internal and external personnel and contractors on a daily basis


Jackson State University, Jackson, MS

Criminal Justice & Corrections


Fun with the FAR Training, 1/2017

Leaders Developing Leaders – Workshop Training, 6/2016

Contracting Training for NAC CM, 1/2016

Time Management Prioritizing Your time, 1/2016

Source Selection Training, 11/2015


DAWIA Level III Certification (Contracting), 01-2004

FAC C Level III Certification, (Contracting), 01/2012

Mechanicsburg PA Navy Intern, (Contracting), 3/1998 to 4/2001


Performance Appraisal Evaluation, Acceptable/Outstanding Rating, 10/2017

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