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Medical Management

San Antonio, TX
October 30, 2018

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Gloria Espinosa

**** ***** **. ***.***

San Antonio, Texas



Citizenship: United States of America

Veteran's Preference: N/A

Federal Employee: NO

Highest Grade Level and Dates: GS-062*-**-**-**/17 to Present

Job Title: Medical Supply Technician

Announcement Number: CBAR-102*****-**-KS

Schedule-Appointment Type: Full-time – Permanent

Location: Department of Veteran Affairs

T Temple, TX

Available Start Date: August 31st, 2018


The New Mexico VA Health Care System Dates:05/08 to 07/18

Central Supply Hours Per Week: 40

Medical Supply Technician GS-0622-06, Step 06

Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center

1501 San Pedro Dr. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87108

Nurse Manager: Tasha Clark 505-***-**** Ext. 4721

Maintained proper body mechanics during activities that require considerable use of my arms, legs and moving my whole body, such as, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials

Submitted, prepared and purchased specialty items, equipment and furniture

Stored items in accordance with instituted guidelines, utilizing a computerized inventory system to insure sterility and integrity of the supplies and material and the data integrity of the inventory management system

Solved a variety of problem situations pertaining to complex and/or unusual supply transactions and patterns

Duties require me to stand and walk for long period of times, and the ability to move or lift at least 50pounds

Reviewed regularly supply areas for expirations, tidiness, all processes and inventory with medical supply regulations

Reinforced work, storage, and other areas of facility to maintain a safe and orderly manner

Identified any major problems and reported to the appropriate staff

Received and screened lists and documents specifying supplies or materials needed for planned programs, worked operations and parts needed for plant operations

Sent, received inventory and material into the VA Health Care System and supported catchment area

Purchased supplies, equipment and services for the campus using the Government Purchase Card (GPC)

Provided stock for primary and secondary inventory unit for all clinical and administrative services

Preformed other duties as assigned

Provided great customers service while giving information to customers regarding medical supplies

Aided with all areas of supply management as required to all customer elements, which may include a USACE division headquarters

Provided a variety of technical supply support to a district or laboratory as a member of a USACE Logistics Delivery Point team

Prepared recurring and special reports and compiled statistics from data requiring substantial analysis, interpretation, and development of new formats

Practiced required personal protective equipment policy, when exposed to hazards

Completed duties using the Generic Inventory Package (GIP); maintained GIP by keeping information current and maintaining supporting files

Performed recurring assignments, operations, and procedures involving property and/or equipment management, coordination, and control for a local inventory management program

Achieved analytical assignments involving specific issues associated with a single technical supply specialization or operation

Managed of dispensable / non-dispensable items and materials, which are handled through central supply channels, coordinating direct purchase, and formal procurement procedures that sometimes-required extensive fact finding, analysis and research

Maintained inventory control and was accountable for items form readily available sources of supply, or items that reflect relatively stable patters of demand

Made recommendations to secure the most functioning and efficient utilization of our storage facilities

Interpreted agency directives and policies and prepares internal instructions, policies, and procedures that govern various depot operations

Identified and understood an extensive range of products and what their use was

Helped resolve individual computer problems by working with the Agency's Office of Information Technology Help Desk

Handled receipt of stock items from multiple vendors and warehouses, verified orders, using packing slips and certified special orders were categorized and transported to proper requestor

Rotated stock, observed expiration, removed items from use as required

Evaluated the impact of change methods and procedures on designated operational areas which involved a variety of specialized methods and techniques and/or complicating characteristics to be considered

Provided stock levels for items based on use, inventory, project demands, seasonal demands, changing patient needs and expected reductions

Fulfilled stock inventory and material for delivery

Mastered a time management system to ensure supplies and materials were delivered in a sterile and operational condition

Ensured there was a proper amount of product to keep the hospital and satellite clinics operating

Confirmed differences between records and physical count of stock were resolved

Insured critical supplies were properly monitored and regulated, settling deviations when possible, and escalated substantial deviations to the Inventory Management Specialists

Ensured daily inventories of assigned unit were provided proper stock levels

Distributed to clinical and administrative areas by transporting specialized and unique consumable medical supplies as needed all through the facility

Delivered items according to established or ad hoc requirements in computerized inventory management systems such as GIP

Disposed items that were unserviceable or surplus in accordance with instituted policy and procedure

Displayed exceptional organization and cleanliness to my assigned secondary areas (shelves and bins), while in accordance with aseptic principles as published in infection control guidelines, local Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Joint Commission standards as scheduled

Created comprehensive new and revised program objectives and operational procedures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organizations

Developed and inducted procedures and techniques for the storage of items and supplies

Cooperated with clinical staff and administrative customers to maintain stock levels and accurate records

Maintained proper records for quality control reports and workload reporting

Provided general clerical/administrative support for the department

Conducted surveys of supply, equipment (including computers and other electronic devices) physical inventories of a broad range of diverse, specialized items, some of which are difficult to identify and/or differentiate from others, and which require special treatment in handling and storage

Communicated with clinical staff, team mates, and Logistics leadership regarding any identified continuous improvement opportunities and medical supply concerns as necessary through various media including telephone, face to face and electronic mail

Circulated items according to instituted requirements in computerized inventory management systems daily

Assisted in the receipt of supplies from vendor sources, filling supply orders from stock, and expediting emergency requests for supply

Aided managers and staff in inspecting inventory for stock classified for recall and hazard alerts

Coordinated with clinic areas in establishing realistic levels based on usage history and shifting needs and Persistently monitored levels assigned to various items, to create accurate levels established on usage history. To support clinic areas when needed, to a changing them when necessary, to continue proper stock levels

Answered phone and prioritized the order too patients’ needs

Analyzed stock usage and storage requirements using bar coding equipment to include evaluation of delivery, timeliness and replenishment actions

Monitored and reviewed information from materials, events, emails, or the environment, to detect or assess problems

Always smile on and off the unit, I ooze enthusiasm and passion with my work ethic

Operated fax, computerized medical system, copier, multi-line phone system, Outlook 365 with Office 10 daily

Completed specialty cart preparation, checked and controlled critical supplies

Achieved daily inventory using bar coding equipment on a prearranged assignment that allowed for timely replenishment

Abide by applicable Office of Compliance safety and health practices and OSHA requirements


•Received letters of recognition, awards and bonuses from unit director’s, staff, and management for displaying a strong work ethic and maintained my high degree of integrity.

•Participated in own professional Meets annual in-service requirements in accordance with development by attending educational offerings, and supported the development of new employees

•Strengthened relationship between agency and contracted hospital staff, through continual communicating, implementing of solutions, and developing a positive working environment for staff.

•Mastered a unique time management strategy for completing assigned duties, maintaining a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for patients, family members, and staff.

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