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Administrative Assistant Office

Lawrenceburg, TN
40,000 annually
October 28, 2018

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Tammy Hardy

**** *** ******

Lawrenceburg, TN ***64



**** – 2018

Office Manager/Probation Officer – Probation Services of Tennessee – Lawrenceburg, TN

Managed the overall office operations.

Supervised staff and monitored employee schedules as well as evaluated their efficiency and productivity.

Monitored employee’s performance and made recommendations regarding salary increases, promotions, etc.

Evaluated personnel needs, work responsibilities and recommended hiring and dismissal of staff.

Counseled defendants on how such issues as drug and alcohol abuse, and anger management problems might have played roles in their criminal behavior.

Counsel defendants in finding rehabilitation programs that fit their needs.

Arrange for medical, mental health, or substance abuse treatment services according to individual needs and/or court orders.

Develop liaisons and networks with other probation officers, community agencies, and rehabilitation facilities in order to make plans for helping defendants.

Work with attorneys and any other professional business.

Working with defendants that are hospitalized. (admit dates & discharge dates)

Working with defendants that are in drug rehab or in patient treatment centers.

Keep up and document defendants that have to complete an anger management class or any D.U.I. classes.

Working with the jail on all defendants being arrested.

Working with officers.

Helping defendants understand their responsibilities of being on probation.

Sign new defendants up and explain rules and explain any other request of the court orders.

Perform drug screens

Enter new cases in the computer and makes files.

Responsible for working the missed client list.

Responsible for making a warrant list for clients that do not report or pay.

Collect and enter payments made by the defendants.

Responsible for going to court and collecting all new data from the court.

Answering in-coming calls.

Returning calls left on answering machine.

2004 – 2007

Clerk – Lawrence County General Session’s Office – Lawrenceburg, TN

Counseled defendants on the requirements of getting their license back. Such as paying all court cost, fees, and where to go pay reinstatement fees and what is required for them to do before getting license back.

Counseled defendants with questions on how to get license back.

Counseled defendants on what is required of them to get restricted license.

Counseled defendants with questions on civil matters.

Counseled defendants with any questions on juvenile matters.

Counseled defendants to know who to contact for child support matters or any questions dealing with child support.

Directed defendants or any other persons with question to the correct location at the court house.

Worked with all judges in juvenile, circuit, general sessions, and civil court.

Received, receipted, and posted all fines and cost paid to the court.

Processed all citations.

Issued warrants.

Answered all incoming calls.

Greeted and helped all defendants or plaintiffs that entered the court office.

Worked with all judges and attorneys that entered or called the office at all times.

Gave all warrants numbers and entered them in the computer system.

Printed all dockets for the Judge’s Office.

Worked well with the clerk in the Judge’s Office at all times.

Responsible for going to court and answering all questions from the Judge, District Attorney, Public Defender, attorneys, or any defendant.

Kept up with what is happening in court at all times.

Entered all dispositions from court.

Made sure all finger print cards are completed after court.

Completed all Court Action Reports after court.

Filled out any subpoenas needed for court.

Filled out all yellow disposition sheets from the State Trooper’s office and sent those forms to the Dept. of Safety.

2001 – 2003

City Court Clerk – City of Ashland City Municipal Court – Ashland City, TN

Organized the court calendar and issued notices to those ordered to appear

Distributed calendars to City Attorney, Public Defender, and Police Department; mail calendars to other community agencies and jurisdictions as required

Recorded cases in criminal court, coordinated indigency affidavit processing

Processed traffic and misdemeanor citations and case records

Completed bond paperwork and files

Prepared monthly tax reports for Departments of Revenue and Safety

Greeted and served the public at the counter and on the telephone

Maintained records of the Municipal Court, including subpoenas, summons, warrants, and collections and disbursement of fees

Handles in-house collection attempts

Mailed citations according to summons

Filed miscellaneous documents related to the court's operations and enter on computer system

Received bail forfeitures and payments on fines; receipted and bank all money received by the Court. Entered data on computer

Completed dispositions on citations. Completed necessary forms, such as time payment forms or community service work forms

Distributed dispositions and forms to appropriate agencies and maintain records according to procedure

Typed court documents, such as jail commitment orders and warrants, for signature of the Municipal Court Judge

Attended court sessions and served as court reporter 2000 – 2001

Police Records Clerk – City of Ashland City Police Department – Ashland City, TN

Processed and entered offense reports into computer records; classifies offenses for uniform crime report

Prepared case files, tracked, updated and closed files

Entered case and recorded files into computer system

Prepared requisitions for the Department for all purchasing and maintained office supplies

Typed dispositions on individuals record cards from court dockets

Waited on customers paying fines, obtaining copies of accident reports, theft reports, etc.

Maintained accident reports

Processes warrants and bonds for courts

Maintained payroll and personnel actions for the Police Department

Filed offense reports, subpoenas, watch manifests, gun registrations

Typed and filed memos, letters, reports, dispositions, and other records

Maintained a record keeping system for the division;

Answered questions and provided information over the phone 1996 – 2000

Financial Advisor - Cumberland Heights Foundation – Nashville, TN

Assisted patients with financial arrangements for outstanding balances.

Explained insurance benefits to patients for their particular carrier.

Monitored accounts on a regular basis for compliance. 1995 – 1996

Administrative Assistant – Arrow Exterminators – Nashville, TN

Performed customer service and administrative duties.

Handled all accounts payable and accounts receivable functions.

Scheduled appointments for clients.

1990 – 1994

Administrative Assistant to the Buyer – Castor Knott – Nashville, TN

Performed administrative duties.

Assisted in buying and selecting merchandise to be sold.

Assisted in planning of sales promotions, advertising campaigns and setting up displays EDUCATION

1984 – 1987

Diploma – Harpeth High School – Kingston Springs, TN

Basic courses included: Accounting, Business, Typing, and Bookkeeping.

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