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Project Management

Calgary, AB, Canada
October 22, 2018

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Project Information Manager (Document & Data Management)

Expertise in Information Management that support business objectives to improve and enhance the management of records/data and to ensure user interface for processing information are as seamless as possible to drive business success.

Vast project experience knowing various project dynamics and fundamentals allows me to continuously improve project activities and reliability to ECM Identification and Improvements. I have the ability to identify solutions (Products, Process and Technical Expertise) and/or improve on existing infrastructure to ensure a perfect match between product and process is achieved. Hands on experience along with Team Coordination allows for higher positive results and a clear acceptance from the Business Group and Team. Creativity, Effective Communicator, passionate and out of the box thinking allows for a very competitive individual to drive structure and to improve results and the overall performance of the project/business.

Information & Records Management International Experience

Multi-System Document Management Experience (Open Text, FileNet, SharePoint, Documentum, etc)

Owner Experience

Cloud Solution Development and Implementation (Aconex, MS 360, etc)

Contract Administrations and the ability to support and validate contract deliverables

Information and Records PME (ability to analyse, identify GAPs, Monitor and reduction of Risk)

Coordinator in supporting multiple activities (Engineering, Construction and Completions)

Engineering and Field Records Support (Package Building, Transmittals, Copying, validation, and many more upon request)

Management and Supervisor Skill to manage all types of employees and in every situation.

Status Reporting and Delivery validation based on Schedule and Contract

Interfacing between divisions or disciplines require to support an activity

Technical Writer (SOW, Strategies, Policies, Plans, Procedures, Contract and Purchase Order Terms) that support Records and Document Management Protocols.

System Architect and Process Development to Improve user to system performance including Project Controls, QA, HSE, Regulatory, Environmental, Permitting and Integrity Programs.

Meeting Coordinator and Progress Reporting

Modeling Implementations and Progress Management of the Model 30-60-90 Progress indicator

Engineering Warehouse Models Management (SPO, SPF, Smart Plant 3D, Smart Plant Foundation, SPE, Materials, etc.)

Data Management (Equipment, Bulk Materials, Pipe, Modules, etc)

Document Control Development which includes Numbering Development, Taxonomies, Transmittals, Revision Control and Achieving.

Ability to make decisions under any conditions to support Execution.

Project to Operation Transitions and Turnovers (Full Execution, Dig Programs, Full Line Replacements, etc)

Manage Offsite Long term storage and Retention Control

Data Management and Taxonomy Development to improve access, reporting and grouping of records.

Knowledge Sharing and enhancement tracking based on international experience

Developing a Governance Strategy to improve performance and unify a standard practice between projects and corporation

Contract and 3rd party coordinator to ensure project execution progress smoothly

Hard Copy Control and Electronic Conversion.


Company: Morrison Hershfield

Duration: 2017-2018

Title: Information Management Specialist

Job Description: To develop, document and manage the overall IT-IS-IM Department Governance Model to support a 10,000-projects scenario portfolio model for both Canada and US Markets. The Key components are Records Management, Scheduling, Cost Control and Risk. Other task include:

oTechnical Writing for all implementations (Policies, Procedures, Specifications, and all Training Guidelines

oTaxonomy Development and Improvement to match Market Strategies

oDocument Control Build out. (Numbering Development, Retention Strategies, Transmittal Development, Forms and Templates)

oMS SharePoint Development and API Feeds to support Dashboard Reports

oImplementation of the MS 360 Cloud Environment

oContract Administration

oTraining and Guiding Users

oGap Reduction and Risk Identifier

oManagement of Change Implementation and Training Program

oPME guidance and Knowledge Sharing to improve process.

Company: Trans Northern Pipeline

Duration: 2015-2017

Title: Information Manager & ECM Administrator

Job Description: Client Representative for TNPI. I was the overall information Core for the APPL Replacement Pipeline Project. The following items below are a few high level duties I had.

Develop Implement Contracts and Procurement System (SQL Server)

Accounting/Financials Support (SQL Server)

Cloud Record Management System Development and Implementation (MS360-Aconex)

Document Control, Drawing Control, Auto-Cad Validation and As-built Markup

Cloud Development and Coordination with Project Execution (Transmittals, RFIs and Deliveries of Large Scale of Engineering and Construction Packages)

Dashboard Development (Centralized Project Portal)

Records Management (GIS, Project Control, Engineering, Land, Regulatory)

IM Plan development for Vendors and CM Proposal.

Data Structure Setup and Data Control for all Vendors, Construction, Land and Commitments (others)

Asset Management and IT Support

Engineering and Construction Packaging.

Implementing and Setup Infrastructure for Records Management

Guideline and Technical Writing including process, standard, plan and procedural Development.

Systems, product cost cutting measures to build based on "fit for design concept"

Data Merges between Systems

GIS Management (ESRI)

Funding and Gate Development and Control

Vendor Data Management and Vendor Evaluation

Company: Conocophillips Canada & 50% Cenovus

Duration: 2007-2015

Title: Capital Projects Information Management (PME)

Description: Centralized IM PME for all of Canada and Alaska Projects setting guidelines for aligning and improving project performance and ensure best practices to use to support Project Performance. As the IM Representative, I implemented the project centralized repository (Open Text) and implemented the protocols to support Records and Information Management mandated by the Central Office in Houston, Texas. Other Duties included support each discipline leads in managing and improving information flow, development a retention strategy for all documents and records to support business needs and comply to Federal and Provincial Laws. My experience and improvements have saved the company 30 million within a 4 year program. Other task include

Knowledge Sharing tracking and implementation

Management of Change Coordinator (identify, log, track change and squire final acceptance

Records Management infrastructure

Pre-feed, feed packaging

SharePoint site development

Organization Chart and manpower strategy

Model & IM strategies

Technical Writing(Policies, Specification, Work Flows, training guides, Presentations)

Process improvements and enhancements

KPI Reporting

IT -IS Department Coordinator

NEB coordinator & Aboriginal Consultation

Risk and Gap Reduction

Building a Governance Solutions.

Progress Reporting

Other Experience are

Parson Lake & MGP Pipeline Project (2005 - 2007)

Brass LNG Project (Nigeria) (2003-2005)

Magnolia Deep Water Platform Project (US) (2000-2004)

Belanak Development Project (Indonesia) (1998 - 2000)

Merey Sweeney Project (USA) (1998-2000)

US Department of Energy (1994 - 1995)

US Navy (1986 - 1994)

System Knowledge:

PIMS, Documentum, Saros Mezzainine, Interleaf Intellect, CMS-PDM, OpenText (ver. 10), MS SharePoint, MS360, Documentum, Cloud Technologies, Smart-Plant Foundation Tools, SAP, Dims, E-docs, SharePoint, all Microsoft Applications, MS SQL, Oracle, Image Site systems, Unix/Linux Environment, Open Text, Primavera P3, 5.0 & 3.0E, Adobe Products, Graphics Plus, Arc View, Adobe Paintshop Pro, IT/IS Infrastructure Model, AutoCAD, Bentley Product 3-D, Intergraph Products which includes the Micro Station Platform, Intergraph Products (SPPID/3-D design tools/Material Management/some pipeline design tools), Web 2.0.


AIIM Certifications in ECM, ERM, BPM, IOA EMM

Info Tech (Governance and IT Services)

Computer Science - BA

Various US Naval, Department Energy, Owners Project Management Courses

International on the job training.

Other Certifications

Personal Notes:

I am a firm believer of standardization and what it takes to streamline efficiencies and cost. I bridge IT-IS and Securities to the business they support. Business Performance is achievable through proper coordination and the ability to recognize experience through team acknowledgement and past experiences. I am an open listener and have the ability to resolve conflicts under any condition. I believe in dedication to a project and doing what it takes to ensure that all loose ends have been identified whether or not in my job scope. I am flexible in traveling and last minute departures. I am the jack-of-all trade.

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