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Research Assistant

Oxford, NC
October 22, 2018

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Letitia Beckett

**** ****** **** ******* ****, Oxford, NC 27565 Cell 919-***-****

Research Experience

Research Assistant/Graduate Student, North Carolina State University, 2016-2017

Principal Investigator: Dr. Johanna Elfenbein/Dr. Belinda Akpa

Examined Salmonella Growth Curves.

Examined mathematical modeling of biological systems with the use of MATLAB.

Research Assistant/Graduate Student, North Carolina A&T State University, 2014-2017

Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert Newman/Dr. Elimelda Ongeri

Investigated the impact of post-translational modifications on protein kinase function

Examined the impact of meprin A-mediated cleavage of the catalytic subunit of Protein Kinase A Cβ1 (PKA Cβ1) on its function

Investigated PKA CB1 substrate selection before and after meprin A cleavage

Expressed proteins in yeast cells

Purified protein using a variety of purification techniques

Examined protein presence, protein activity, and protein purity

Analyzed Data

Examined the effects of cleavage on redox sensitivity in relation to oxidation

Research Assistant, Shaw University, 2011-2012

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Independently examined the basic properties and principles of light and the mechanism of motion of light through fiber optic light pipes

Learned and developed an understanding of the concept with the use of its laws, theories and equations, and practicing understanding by completing problems

Concepts were applied to research determining the uses of fiber optic light pipes in medicine and biology

Research Assistant, Shaw University, 2009-2010

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mialy Rabe

Examined the airborne characteristics of three unidentified, gram-positive soil bacteria that were transported by shoes from Madagascar and South Africa

Collected samples

Cultured, incubated, counted and analyzed bacterial growth

Gram staining

Practiced aseptic techniques

Constructed experimental apparatus

Research Assistant, Shaw University’s Institute for Health Social and Community Research (IHSCR) and The University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica 2009

Principal Investigator: Dr. Daniel Howard

Investigated the knowledge, attitude and practices of Jamaican men towards prostate cancer

Focused on the perceptions of Jamaican men surrounding prostate cancer and screening

Participated in cultural tours and interviews with Jamaican residents

Participated in discussions, lectures, and reading on prostate cancer by leading researchers, healthcare providers, community advocates, and professors

Obtained some training in survey data collection and data analysis

Administered several oral presentations both individual and group throughout the program

Technical Skills

Protein Purification Techniques (Low throughput GST protein purification from yeast, Low throughput Ni-NTA protein purification from yeast, p6 column chromatography)

SDS-PAGE Western Blotting

Silver Staining Method

Coupled ATP depletion assays ( Kinase GLO Phosphorylation Assay)

Protein Microarray Analysis

Redox reactions (diamide and hydrogen peroxide)


DNA, RNA, and protein extraction, gel electrophoresis, and immuno-blotting procedures

Cell tissue culture procedures, Agar Culturing, Conventional Polymerase Chain Reaction, Cell separation techniques


Shaw University, Raleigh, North Carolina

Bachelor of Science

Major: Biology

Received: May, 2012

GPA: 3.9/4.0


Experimental Biology Conference, San Diego, CA, April 2016- Poster

“The Impact of Meprin A-Mediated Cleavage on the Function of the Catalytic Subunit of Protein Kinase A (PKA Cβ1)” - Poster

Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM, Atlanta, GA, 2012

“Fiber Optic Light Pipes and Probes in Medicine and Biology” - Oral

Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM, Washington, DC, 2010

“Unidentified Gram -Positive Soil Bacteria Transported by Shoes from Madagascar and South Africa May be Airborne” - Poster

Minority Access Inc., Tenth Annual Role Models Conference, Washington, DC, 2009

“Controversies and Challenges of Prostate Cancer”- Oral

Honors and Awards

Rising Star Award at Shaw University National Alumni Association (NAA) Legends Ball, 2017

Attended North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Raleigh, North Carolina; Major: Comparative Biomedical Sciences, PhD

Concentration: Immunology


NIH Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity(IMSD) scholar at NC State University, Fall 2016- Summer 2017

Attended North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, North Carolina; Master of Science; Major: Biology


NIH Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) scholar at NC A&T State University, Fall 2014- Summer 2017


Secretary of the Shaw University Granville, Vance, and Warren Alumni Association

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