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Jatin das vaidyamandir

October 20, 2018

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Full Name: Parents Name: Full Address: Telephone No: Fax: Mobile: Qualification: Age: Sex (F/M) Date of Birth: Passport No: Date of Issue: Date of Expiry: High School / University: Marital Status: Married Divorce: Nationality: Place of Birth: Email Address: Education:

International Driving License: Yes No: Date of Expiry: From: To: Certificate Held: B.A B.SC. B.COM H.N.D M.A M.SC M.COM P.H.D TOEFL IELTS R.S.A Employment:

Current Company / Previous Company: From: To: Last Net Salary: Documents attached (no’s): Present Job Position: Referred By: Position applied for: Signature INTERVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE


81 Great Eastern Streets,

London EC2A 3HU, United Kingdom.

TEL: 004***********,


Below are the questionnaires you need to answer and send us back so that it will help us to analyze about you. Based on your answers management will analyze your whole profile, and know about you elaborately. After you send this Questionnaire answers back you will receive from our Human resource Department the appointment letter and how to process your visa if you are selected. Answer all the questions in word document in brief explanation. 1. Have you ever been to United Kingdom before Why do you want to work in the Hotel Industry 2. Which post are you looking for 3. Are you flexible in working and travelling anywhere, have you travelled to any other country before 4. What is your family background, how many members do you have 5. Have you done any English Course or Personality Development Course before 6. What is your achievement and goal in your life, where would you like to see yourself in the next few years 7. If you're selected for the job within how many days you can join the company 8. What is your present designation in your work place and how many years of experience you have 9. How good you are in Computers 10. Are you financially ok and your family 11. Do you know any other Foreign Languages like French, Germany, and Spanish 12. What is your present Gross salary per annum 13. Have you ever handle team of people under your authority 14. Have you ever been awarded for your best performance in any place of work WE WISH YOU BEST OF LUCK.

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