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As a Buyer, well known in price negotiation, well know to handle mult

Angat, Bulacan, 3012, Philippines
SR. 4,450.00
October 19, 2018

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Aquilino Santos Esteban

M.A. Fernando St. Sta Cruz, Angat, Bulacan Philippines

Email : Mob. #: 006*-***-*** 7409


To secure a Purchasing/ Supply Chain Management position with a progressive organization that would give me the opportunities to utilize my experience, develop new skills and expand my knowledge and capabilities. To lead through new creative initiatives and plans to ensure objectives are met and success measured.

Hardworking with initiative, well organizer and good in time management.

Meticulous in details especially in contracts, negotiation with vendors and accounts.

Excellent communication skill and interpersonal skills.

Excellent Negotiations skill.

Professional with pleasant personality.

Willing to learn and take on new challenges.

Ability to handle multi tasks.




Sourcing, supply & distribution management for categories such as Building Materials, Electrical Materials, Office Supplies and Sub-contracting management for one of the leading Facilities Management, Accommodation & Catering service provider in KSA.

Name of Company



Nassir's Trading Est. Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Al Suwaidi Services Company Royal Commission Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


MAY 25, 2008 - December 17,2017


To practice my profession with professionalism to contribute profit

For the company.

With competence and dedication towards work.


Purchasing expertise and excellent in coordination

Price Negotiation for every materials purchased

Weekly and Monthly savings for every materials negotiated price



Material Expediter and Controller

M.S. Al Suwaidi Services Company Ltd.

Road 255 Support Industries Royal Commission

P.O. Box 991 Jubail Industrial City 31951

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Job Responsibilities:


•Sourcing / Finding Sub – CONTRACTORS, NON FOOD and Technical


Suppliers and for any Specific Technical and Engineering materials

buying from locals and overseas market whenever required.

•Muti Task Buyer in the Procurement Department using J.D. EDWARD SYSTEM

•Price analysis, Bidding process –evaluation with regard to

Specification, brand and manufacturer.

•Performance and initiate new materials for cost savings and fit for purpose analyzis.

•Project Associate for Construction / Supply and Services


•Price Negotiation for every materials purchased

•Weekly and Monthly savings for every materials negotiated price.



Prepares the following in accordance with ISO standard

Request for Quotation/Request for Budgetary (RFQ/RFB)

Purchase Requisition (PR)

Bid Solicitation (only if required)

Purchase Order (PO)

Preparing New contract between two parties

Making Bidding Price


A: Prepares Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Purpose of this RFQ is to provide guidelines in the preparation and

issuance of Request for Budgetary (RFB) quotations or technical


•To prepare RFQ/RFB document type to request for price and technical proposals without immediate intent of placing order.

•Study commercial and technical proposals from suppliers for the eventual purchase of goods, projects or services. Also referred to as Invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposal (RFP),

•Processes the Purchase Requisition into quotation as provided and in the same manner a normal RFQ (Request for Quotation) is processed.

•All quotations received are turned-over to the requesting end user and considered the file is closed. Request for clarification on the offer(s) maybe addressed by the end user direct to the vendor provided the same is limited to the technical aspects of the offer. All correspondence and discussions that transpire between the end user and the bidders are copied to the buyer.

•All requests for commercial clarifications will be made only through the Buyer as provided under procurement work Instructions of Bid Opening and Technical Evaluation.

•In the event end user decides to place order based on evaluated and selected offer obtained from this process, the end user shall create fresh PR in the system using the appropriate document type and identifying the vendor to award the order incorporating information from the accepted offer. End user will provide justification of his selection.

•To process the PR into Purchase Order on Single Source basis and apply the terms from the quotation accepted by the end user provided no change in the original specification or original bid document. If there is a change that cannot be settled through normal negotiations, and a fresh bidding is applied.

•To reconfirm accepted offer with validity that has already expired.


oThe purpose is to provide guidelines to end users when creating and

ochanging Purchase Requisition (PR).

•Creates and change PR requirements including order cancellation.

•Prepares PR document type such as normal, urgent and other special instructions on shutdown and emergency PR.

•Utilize Purchase Requisition to convey the needs of purchased goods, service or projects and may be utilized to request to establish unique type contracts.

•Appropriate document type shall be assigned then to the PR document when creating in the system.

•Treated urgent requirement in high priority and process the request on a single source basis as per Procurement Procedure (Single and Sole Sourcing Procedure)to meet requirement without delays.

•To meet customer's needs for urgent material and/or service on time.

•To ensure that the date specified by End User for materials or Services to be available on site should be reasonable for sourcing the goods or services with adequate time and avoid premium cost on deliveries or mobilization.

•To review and order prioritized request according to end user's specified required date.

C: Prepares BID Solicitation

oThis procedure sets forth the process and guidelines for requesting bids

ofrom suppliers/vendors. Sets forth the key aspects of the bidding process

ofor request with intention of placing immediate orders or requests for

otechnical proposals for the purchase of goods.

•Maintain and control bid procedures.

•Prepare, review, initiate amendment obtain approval and communicate Bid Procedure and changes thereof.

•Utilized bidding procedure as the appropriate buying strategy based on such considerations as available suppliers, degree of competition, leverage opportunities, importance of purchase, customer delivery requirements, etc.

•Invites bidders and provide them identical information, including changes, additions to, deletions from or clarifications and bid extensions issued relative to original or revised bid documents.

•Prepares Bid Evalaution/Tabulation. Ensures results of the evaluations including the technical evaluation by customers shall be documented.


This covers guidelines in the preparation of Purchase Order and the

authority to select a supplier and execute a legally binding written

Purchase Order or contract with the supplier to purchase the goods

or services that will meet the specified requirement.

oPrepares Purchase Order and issued based on an authorized Purchase Requisitions and are subject to approval as per Schedule of Approval Authority. Purchase Orders will be prepared only after all pertinent issues with respect to prices and other relevant issues to the offer, if any, are clarified and resolved.

oEnsures that any items or services recently purchased or performed within the last six (6) months, shall be issued a Purchase Order to the same supplier without the need of RFQ, provided always that price and quality always remain the same and delivery meets material required date.

oReview Purchase Orders generated for accuracy and clarity to ensure that contractual, legal, and internal quality requirements have been properly and completely specified.

oTo ensure that Purchase Orders issued to the supplier shall described clearly the order requirements for goods or services complete, and, if required, accompanied by all pertinent document, terms and conditions.

oTo ensure that change to the Material Master Description as agreed by concerned end users is communicated to the vendor and description is updated in the data base prior to issuance of PO.

oEnsure that the PO delivery date shall be as per agreed upon with the supplier based on the final accepted offer or accepted date as per vendor confirmation.

oAll non-material requirements specified by the end user, e.g., Material Test Certificates, Work or Production Schedule (in case of fabrication or production work), etc., shall be indicated and agreed upon by the supplier to supply.

oIn general, all materials are to be delivered to the warehouse or specified location as agreed with the customer.

oEnsure to familiarize with the legal requirements, the rights and obligation of buyer and seller in relation to committing an order of contract.

oTo encourage vendor with the acknowledgment of receipt of order document. However where the natures of business do dictates order acknowledgment by supplier is required.

Identifies and establish the processes involved in receiving materials.

Follows the outlined procedures, and the responsible Supervisor of the warehouse to ensure compliance.

Inspect and received materials with proper documentation.

Assist vendor's truck and other vendors for materials dispatched and unloading.

Inspect materials as per PO and ensure proper documentations in Receiving Area.

All overseas shipment documents are to be kept in Receiving Control File and will be used in the verification process at the time of material receipt.

Endures Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDA), Material Test Certificates (MTC) and Certificates of Analysis (COA) are supplied along the delivery

when and if necessary or a instructed as per material description in the PO text.

Inspect the safe condition of the load (boxes, cartons, etc) and unload it on the Receiving dock or other areas as required.

Delivery Note collected from carrier or vendor, information crossed checked with related Po for delivery status. The quantities will be counted and physical condition checked. Delivery Note to be stamped or receive from the date of the goods delivery.

Responsibility to put away or set aside the received materials ensuring to observe the First-in First-out basis to identify materials easily.

Ensure all "shelf life" items must have manufacturing date and expiry date attached to the items.

Make sure all hazardous materials required Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is attached or accompanied to the material being stocked.

Responsible to identify any special packaging storage requirements/material deliveries for incoming materials through the material master and the PO shipping instructions.

Contacts end users for material inspections as per the order specification, recounting signing of the delivery note and arranging for collection or ordered materials.

Applicant Name: Aquilino S. Esteban

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