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Hull construction/piping/outfitting superintendent/commissioning eng'

October 19, 2018

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Nationality : Viet Nam

Date of birth : 24 – 11 – 1983

Address: 10.30 Nam Cuong, Tu Minh, Hai Duong, Viet Nam.

Tel : +84(0)983 894 432

Email :

Expected salary: Negotiation



2009 ~ 2011: Business Administration.

2016 ~ 2017 : Sea man book certificate

+ Computer Skills course:MS Word, Excel, MS power point, Autocad …

+ Certificate of QC inspector by Hyundai-Vinashin Shipyard, course QA/QC Inspector & None Destructive Testing


+ Since 1/2007 to 1/2012: In charge engineer (repair and new shipbuilding), Assistant Manager of Hull Department for HYUNDAI-VINASHIN SHIP YARD (Korea company).

+ Since 1/2012 to present: Project engineer, Steel supervisor, Piping supervisor, Outfitting supervisor and commissioning engineer for DMS company at Damen site team.

July, 2012 to November, 2013: Aluminum construction, project engineer, piping supervisor, Outfitting supervisor and commissioning engineer for DAMEN Company at Damen site team. New building eights completed FCS2610 project (FAST CREW SUPPLY 2610).

November, 2012 to January, 2015: Steel construction, piping supervisor, outfitting supervisor and commissioning engineer for DAMEN Company at Damen site team. New building four completed FCS3307 project (FAST CREW SUPPLY 3307).

January, 2015 to June, 2015: Outfitting supervisor and commissioning engineer for DAMEN Company at Damen site team. New building EGS8316 project (ESCAPE GEAR SHIP 8316).

June, 2015 to December, 2015: Steel supervisor, piping supervisor, outfitting supervisor and commissioning engineer for DAMEN Company at Damen site team. New building RGS9316 project (RESCUE GEAR SHIP 9316).

February, 2016 to April, 2016: Damen commissioning at Damen site team: new ship building DN2000 project (8004 – VIETNAM COAST GUARD).

May, 2016 to present: Damen commissioning at damen site team, two new ship building KN2000 project (VietNam Fisheries Resource Serveillance) and two PSV3300 project ( Platform Supply Vessel)


+ In charge Project. In-charged and team leader of repair ship as: ships surveyor, make drawing, calculator and make schedule, block construction and welding final inspection, strong discussions with owner, control man power by over 70 repaired ship, 4 conversion (Horizon lines) 11 conversion (PTTC) ships with good impression from ship owners.

+ Shipbuilding technique and quality supervision.

+ Steel inspection: Sub assembly inspection, block inspection, pre-erection inspection, erection joint inspection, testing inspection, daily patrolling…

+ Supervising, inspecting Non-destructive testing piping, tank &vessel, steel structure at workshop and on the field. Responsible for quality control work as QA/QC/inspector. Preparation of documents for quality control for inspection of welder test. Inspection of NDE scope and work activity in daily welding report control system, and RT, PT, MT report system. Trouble shooting of back log in work progress completed scope of quality control for package test documents

+ Hull construction building ship building or repair supervisor. Survey tankers and other marine vessels. Inspected marine and off-shore structures. Designed work specifications for vessel construction. Checking drawing, works standard, controls quality before final inspection.

+ Ensure the proper installation, construction, fabrication & commissioning of equipment & outfitting in a newly build ship. Responsible for the supervisions of machinery installations, such as Main Engine, Auxiliary Diesel Engines, Incinerator, Emergency Diesel Engines, Ships provisions refrigeration system, Air conditioning system, Deck & Engine Air compressed system, Sea Water cooling system, Fresh water cooling system, fresh water sanitary supply system, sanitary discharge system,Fuel piping system, lube oil piping system, On board

Sewage treatment, Oily water filtering System, Hydraulic piping system, Deck Crane, Mooring winch, anchor windlass, firefighting system

+ Supervising, inspecting fabricate and manufacture (marking, cutting, line-check, visual testing, clear punch list) for piping at workshop.

+ Piping fabrication and installation construction, during witnesses testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and assures that the installation and the equipment are in accordance with company specifications, standards and practical solutions for problems arising during construction service. Supervising, inspecting pressure test (hydro test, air test) of Piping, tank & vessel.

+ Responsible carry out work for piping fabrication and installation. Follow up piping working procedure and quality control including inspection, testing, mechanical running testing (MRT) punch killing. Piping construction work Fab /Install including piping support. Piping punches killing checking route line and submit request for line checking and punch is clearing. Reinstatement, after hydro testing & Flushing completed, and Reinstallation all of material to correct isometric drawing route line of piping.

+ Experience with commissioning project in Vietnam. Experience includes operational aspects of Commissioning : steering gear and rudder system, winches, boiler, valves…etc., hydraulic system, bilge system, ballast system, water supply system and discharge system…etc. Mechanical commissioning completed work system, preparation system, Mechanical working in rotating equipment, Oil lubrication, Grease filling, Rotation equipment checking, and vibration, sound, temperature, Ampere current, RPM check. Initial test run and operation plant service in, operation test running. Heavy Equipment installation work for vessel, tank, pump / rotating equipment including testing, start up and operation, Operated vessel equipment plant.

+ Oversee all disciplines in the complete installation mechanical equipment assist in the construction work. Check out, commissioning and startup. Experience in fields disciplines of construction, rigging equipment setting and alignment, grouting, excavation, concrete pouring, piping, valves, erection and welding, controls. Proficient in reading drawings in all engineering disciplines and operation manuals. schematic and flow diagrams with construction.

+ Responsibility in control room, take control with Panel Operator to control the system, troubleshoot, configure alarm, switches and shutdowns. Patrol the plant and ensures that the equipment is operating normally and that no unusual conditions exist. Performed maintenance and repair on a fleet on equipment. Schedule time for routine maintenance, inspection and major repair.

+ Inspecting for pre-commissioning and commissioning of fuel system, outfitting supervisor: main engine, propeller shaft, winch…etc.


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