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I have sold lithographs for an art gallery, musical instruments etc.

San Antonio, TX
October 18, 2018

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OBJECTIVE: To make a positive contribution to the field in which I am pursuing. *Dr.Nobles is not practicing psychology at this time.


UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Earned doctoral degree in Philosophy in Clinical Psychology. This university was the leading internationally-recognized educational establishment, for higher learning, in Existential-Humanistic Psychology. They had campuses all over the world when I was a student. This is an accredited university by the United States government and included faculty such as the American Father of Sociology, Dr. Blummer as well as notables: Dr. Victor Frankl, Dr. Carl Rogers, Dr. Harold Greenwald and Dr. Rollo May (1979-1987); San Diego, California-Worked with Dr. Anwar Dil as his “Resource Person”. Dr. Dil was Buckkminister Fuller’s last co-author, a great man of the 20th century. Dr. Dil was an ambassador to the United Nations, an author, artist, professor, philosopher and more. He had his first art show in India, in 1986, and it was sponsored by his friends, the Gandhi Family. Dr. Dil is presently in both India and California. He is a CEO of a foundation to stop work hunger and an Emeritus Professor at Alliant International University in California. Dr. Fuller was discovered by Dr. Albert Einstein (1979-1987).

This university combined with the California School of Professional Psychology and is now called ALLIANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, THE CENTER FOR FORENSIC STUDIES.

UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CLEAR LAKE CITY, Master’s of Art Degree, In Behavioral Science, in Clinical Psychology (1978), Bachelor of Art in Visual Art and Applied Design (1978).

UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CENTRAL CAMPUS, Bachelor of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology with course equivalence to a minor in mathematics.

HOUSTON BAPTIST UNIVERSITY, Waco, Texas. Music Major changed to Art Major changed to Psychology Major. Intermittent ((1969-1973)

BAYLOR UNIVERSITY, Waco, Texas. Music Major. (Was informed in a meeting with a Dean that I had been accepted to this refined university, because I made a 99 % on the A.C.T.) This score is on my Baylor University transcripts.


LA JOLLA PSYCHOANALYTIC INSTITUTE, La Jolla, California, Courses on Psychoanalytic Theory as applied to case examples (1981-1982).

SAN DIEGO FAMILY INSTITUTE, Intern in Family Psychotherapy (Fall, 1982).



PRIVATE PRACTICE, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Generic Psychoanalytic techniques, Play and Art Psychotherapy with wide range of patient ages and mental disorders; Psychological Testing, including regular reporting and work with Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement as needed and required in individual, case dynamics and law; Forensic Expert, Worked as an expert witness, for several judges, in the Edinburg Courthouse as well as attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley; Worked with forensic care agency and directly with Child Protective Services; Also worked directly with Pediatricians and Psychiatrists; Worked with schools and children and their families to manage mental illness and learning enhancement due to expertise in Learning Theory (Did Master’s thesis on Learning Theory). Dr. Elisa Sanchez M.D., Experience ranged from renting office space to being the Clinic Psychologist (2004-2006).

Worked with psychologist, Dr. Horvat, in McAllen, Texas with biofeedback to manage and to treat children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Dr. Horvat was working with psychiatrist, Dr. Kudisch M.D., and he was the primary referral source (2003, 8 weeks).

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS/PAN AMERICAN, Taught Graduate Level courses in the Educational Psychology Department. First part-time and then full-time until licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (2002-2003).

COMPREHENSIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES, Worked in nursing homes across the state of West Virginia, Administered Psychological Tests to assess level of cognitive functioning and impairment; Did appropriate psychotherapy; Was given, by employer, a clinic in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia where I did Psychological Evaluations, Psychotherapy with clients, in the community and reported to Child Protective Services; Conducted Disability Evaluations and did forensic competency evaluations; Worked directly with school staff as needed; Administered Psychological Testing (1999-2001).

LUCY LEE HOSPITAL (Now, Tenet Healthcare), Poplar Bluff, MO. As a licensed psychologist in Missouri, I drove to approximately 4-5 clinics each week. I worked directly with Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. As a part of the medical team, I was included in staff decisions. The physicians would refer their patients to me, and I did Psychological Evaluations and Psychotherapy, for all ages, with all kinds of problems. There was focus upon the “mind-body” issue and mental illnesses and the etiological roots of some medical conditions and vice versa. I also worked directly with the public schools and was referred cases by them and asked to attend some meetings, at the school, with children who had serious psychological problems; Worked as an Employee Assistant Person, for several businesses contracted by my employer, Lucy Lee Hospital (1997-1998).

RANGE MENTAL HEALTH, Hibbing, MN, Psychologist at the Children’s Clinic, Worked with schools as well as clinic and hospital staff; Conducted Psychotherapy and administered Psychological Testing (1995-1996).


HOWARD COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, Regional Hospital, Kokomo Indiana. Initially, worked on the inpatient unit at HCH as the Director of Psychological Testing; Gave Psychological Evaluations to 4-5 different, psychiatric teams each morning; Expert Witness on the Inpatient Unit in Competency hearings, was routine; Was assigned by Chief Psychiatrist of Inpatient Ward to do Psychological Testing on patients diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorders (Now, called D.I.D.); Worked as Employee Assistant Person for Haynes International and the Chrysler Corporation, in Kokomo, Indiana; Worked in Private Practice with Dr. Alok Sarda M.D. and his nurse, specializing in Mood Disorders (1989-1992).

INDIANA UNIVERISTY, Undergraduate instructor, While working full-time at Howard Community Hospital, I also taught three undergraduate courses at this university (1989-1991).

PARK MEDICAL GROUP, Worked with psychiatrist/neurologist in private clinics in Terre Haute, Indiana; Had privileges at 4 different hospitals in Indiana; Worked with mental illnesses of all ages and socio-economic groups; Involved in forensice case and received referrals from the prison and the police department. Dr. Park had two clinics, one, for the chronic patients who were in-and-out of the state hospital, and another clinic where high functioning patients were present (1992-1995). I was on television several, different times to speak about issues such as sexual harassment at work, eating disorders, and Dr. Park and I made public presentations on mental health issues from his office building.

Licensed psychologist in Indiana; Worked directly with schools, taking referrals and working with their educational staff and Educational Diagnosticians to implement psycho-educational plans that would work for each student, individually (1992-1995).

Contracted with ST. MARY’S OF THE WOODS CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY as a psychologist. This is the oldest Catholic University in the United States for women. Their original staff came over from Europe to the United States. (This was when I was working with Dr. Park).

While working in Terre Haute, a San Francisco attorney flew to Indianapolis, and there was a deposition. I was told that my Psychological Evaluation had been one of the essential, if not the primary evaluation that led to the Redding Medical Center winning a large lawsuit (1993).

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, Intensive Inpatient and Outpatient Training; Had offices at the out-patient clinics to do Psychological Testing and Psychotherapy with wide range of mental illnesses; Ward B, Had office on inpatient unit; Worked directly with Director of Children’s Services and substituted for her as Director, in her absence.I was an intern and extern there. On Ward B, I was included on at least 4 Psychiatric Teams, meeting each morning with patients as case dynamics were discussed, including cases with multiple forensic issues, some of which were referred directly from the police department and PATTON STATE HOSPITAL. These were often patients who these two facilities could not control or manage without mental health care. I was taken back behind locked doors by Patton State Hospital staff and received positive feedback from the Director of Clinical Psychology, for an evaluation, on the murder ward.


Other duties were to administer Psychological Evaluations and testing in Juvenile Hall, in San Bernardino, California. Some of these patients were members of Los Angeles gangs and the degree of mental disturbance ranged from Conduct Disorder to juveniles involved in multiple murders.

Worked with San Bernardino County C.P.S. authorities on severe child abuse case, in which clinical and forensic issues were finally resolved, successfully.

Worked in out-patient clinic, with children who had just been released from CAMARILLO STATE HOSPITAL; Administered Psychological Testing and conducted Psychotherapy both individually and in Group Psychotherapy.

Worked in out-patient clinic in Colton, California, as part of this experience, a clinic specializing in working with primarily Hispanic patients; Worked with educational process to enhance learning, in this population (1987-1988).

SHASTA COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, Externship, Clinical and Community Psychology; Supervised by Licensed Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Andrew Bremness, M.D. and Dr. David Wilson, an eminent and well-known expert, working with the Veteran’s Administration, Letterman and on cases of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Wilson supervised all of my adult cases at Shasta County Mental Health Services as well as the Director of Training, there. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Shapiro are now the international leaders of the psychotherapy technique called Eye Movement Desensitization Response (E.M.D.R.). In community psychology, I worked with elders with all types of dementia; Was trained to work with Alzheimer’s patients and went to several homes, in the community, whose primary focus was treating these patients, at the various stages of cognitive decompensation; Had office at the out-patient clinic, specializing in the treatment of children; Worked with C.P.S. authorities as needed; Did Psychological Evaluations on the hospital, inpatient psychiatric unit, REDDING, CA. ( 1988-1989).

THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, Led Group Psychotherapy for students as part of their course requirements.(1985-1986)

UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, OUT-PATIENT CLINIC. Psychological Intern as part of doctoral program; Psychological Testing Batteries and Psychotherapy; Comprehensive Training in Psychological Testing by Director of Clinical Psychology and other licensed psychologists; Seminars for several hours each morning, on depth analysis of Psychological Testing Batteries, combining the results of multiple tests which included formulating diagnoses and recommendations for treatment. After these seminars, the interns conducted psychotherapy sessions with all ages and administered Psychological Testing Batteries, for all diagnoses in the DSM (1981-1982).

UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, San Diego, California. Research and Resource Person for Distinguished Professors, Dr. Anwar Dil; Made presentation in his class on the “Creative Process of Beethoven” and assisted students, in class participation. Dr. Anwar Dil is the last co-author of the book,


Humans In Universe, a contribution also of Buckminister Fuller. Buckminister Fuller was a very creative person, and he held many, innovative patents. He is also considered to be the Father of Structural Engineering, and one of the most famous inventors of the 20th century. Dr. Fuller was discovered by Dr. Albert Einstein.

Dr. Anwar Dil with Dr. William Coulson-Dr. Carl Roger’s partner-said, in my Orals that my dissertation was “brilliant and original” and then it was copyrighted with the U.S. government “for your future books and publications”. It is printed in Dissertations International, 1986.

PATHWAYS DRUG AND COUNSELING CENTER, San Diego, California. Worked with individuals who had poly-substance abuse and dependence issues; Some patients were low-functioning and others were high-functioning professionals. The problem was the increase in the use of cocaine, during this time period (1982). This was part of my doctoral degree requirements.

UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, CLEAR LAKE CITY, Psychological intern at two locations; At the University of Houston’s Educational and Diagnostic Center headed by Dr. John Carter (who held two doctoral degrees, in Education and Clinical Psychology); Worked with individuals using Psychotherapy techniques and was taught about Psychological Testing. I was behind a one-way mirror when I administered IQ tests such as the Wechsler Tests, and Dr. Carter pointed out how I could learn, regarding my strengths and weaknesses. At CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, a branch of the Baylor Medical Center, I worked with mostly children and their families; Out-Patient Psychotherapy and Psychological Testing; Was supervised by licensed Ph.D. psychologists at the Master’s degree level of my experience. The benefits of using Biofeedback were also taught, at that time; Taught to perform Psychotherapy while supervisor watched behind a one-way mirror. An eclectic, theoretical approach was used, but Psychodynamic Psychotherapy was emphasized; Worked with educational issues affecting each child’s performance, in the classroom; Tried to work with educators to enhance learning.Dr. Walt Delange was the Chief Psychologist at Children’s Mental Health and he knew about Dr. Nobles’ work.

Tests administered included the Wechsler tests, the Stanford-Binet, The Woodcock-Johnson Test, the Rorschach Inkblot Test, The Gray Oral Reading Test, the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test. Both objective and projective tests were administered (1978-1979).

BAYLOR MEDICAL CENTER, DR. UNGAR’S LABORATORY, Graduate Student working on team involving Peptide Research to cure Heroin Addiction. Dr. Ungar won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for his contribution to science. I had a limited involvement but was included in some interesting, theoretical discussions headed by supervisor, Dr. David Malin who was on the faculty of the University of Houston, Clear Lake City. I was earning my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (Summer, 1978).

THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, SPECIAL PROBLEMS RESEARCH ASSISTANT, Worked with doctoral candidate in PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY on her doctoral dissertation research. The subject was Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children (Fall, 1973).


HOUSTON BAPTIST UNIVERSITY, Volunteer, Co-therapist with Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist from BAYLOR MEDICAL CENTER on patients with chemical dependency issues, including alcoholism marijuana dependence and abuse as well as heroin addiction and other kinds of poly-substance and dependence (April, 1973).


I have not worked in psychology since 2012. I have been writing a book on famous artists and musicians, and eminent artists include Barbara A. Wood, Burton Silverman, Mary Whyte, Dr. Robert Linder and others. The co-author of this book is Dr. Stuart Miller. He was a professor of literature at Yale University and a C.E.O. of an institute for humanistic medicine.


Dr. James Madero

Dr. Robert Leone

Dr. Andrew Bremness M.D.

Dr. Cindy Ryan

Dr. Walt Delange

Dr. Howard Eisner

Dr. David Malin

Dr. MacMillan M.D.

Dr. George Dempsey





OBJECTIVE: While training in the arts, I have been both a Fine Artist and I an Art Therapist. I find that I do not combine the skills together and that therapy is not Fine Art. I am interested in teaching at the San Antonio Art Institute, at this time, and I have a second full Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art and Applied Design.



Waltrip Sr. High School-I was told that I was the first student in Waltrip history to win two Scholastic Gold Keys, at one time. One of my pieces was featured in the Fine Art’s Section of the Houston Chronicle. A professional ballerina from the Houston Ballet Society posed in front of my art that came from this newspaper.


UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, CLEAR LAKE CITY-Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Visual Art and Applied Design


GLASSEL SCHOOL OF FINE ART, HOUSTON, TEXAS, A SUBSIDIARY ART SCHOOL, CONNECTED WITH THE HOUSTON MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS; Took Advanced Drawing classes and Advanced Figure Drawing classes as well as other courses interspersed with work at the University of Houston.



Took advanced fine arts classes in drawing and painting. Auditioned for a private, independent oil painting class and met with an art professor one time week, alone; Took Advanced Watercolor, several General Drawing and Figure Drawing classes.


Took advanced oil painting class with a few students who were professional artists.


Duluth, Minnesota, Artist, Rose Eden on her watercolor techniques, 1996

Duluth, Minnesota, Jan Hartley, watercolor techniques, 1997

Page 2 Dr. Marilyn Gayle Nobles, ART SECTION OF RESUME-6

Daniel Greene, 2001, 2003. Two separate workshops on “Painting the Portrait” in New Salem, New York.

Bob Rohm, 2004, “Painting with Bob Rohm” The artists painted the movie set from the Hollywood movie, “The Alamo”.

Anita Louise West, 2003, Sante Fe, New Mexico. Plein Aire Art Workshop with direct instruction from the artist, herself, on location and in her studio.

Gerald Brommer’s Art Workshop, New York, He is an international juror and he taught artistic techniques and compositional techniques.


Big Sur, California, “Visionary Painting” with Helen Malcomb. Helen Malcomb is an internationally-renown Art Therapist who works with Fortune 500 companies.

Big Sur, California, “Art Psychotherapy Techniques and Nature”, with Leigh Hyman, Esalen Institute, 2003.

Big Sur, California, “Art Psychotherapy” with Steward Cubtley-Esalen Institute, 2003.

Art Psychotherapy with Dr. Lucia Cappacchione, One workshop was in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with Jungian analyst, Dean L. Frantz, in 1993. The second workshop was at El Rocio Ranch, in Mission, Texas, in 2006. Attended multiple workshops with Dr. Marsha Nelson who is Dr. Cappacchione’s partner, in Edinburg, Texas. I led an Art Psychotherapy Workshop at her retreat. I also presented my own Art Psychotherapy Workshop at the “Creative Incubator”, a branch of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.

The Reverend Dean L. Frantz was a Jungian analyst and minister. I was in Jungian analysis with him and socially for approximately 5 years, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He co-authored a book with Dr. Frederick Franck, one of Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s partners in Africa.


Hibbing, Minnesota (1996) “Religious Art”, a juried show.

Corpus Christi, Texas (2003) “Art Exhibition”, a juried show. I supplied a realistic, pastel portrait done in a workshop as a student of Daniel Greene, in New York.

I was on the front page of the Fine Arts Section of the Rio Grande Valley newspaper, The Monitor, for portrait art.


An Art Gallery in Charleston, West Virginia wanted to represent my work, but I left too soon for this to materialize.

Page 3 Dr. Marilyn Gayle Nobles

I am presently writing a book on Creativity and spend little time on my own painting. I have interviewed some of the eminent, internationally-renown artists and musicians of our times.THIS RESEARCH WAS SUPPORTED by Dr. Stuart Miller of Carmel, California: He is a partial co-author. Dr. Miller is aninternationally-renown scholar of Literature and High Art. He worked with the Humanistic-Existentialist, Dr. Abraham Maslow,he was a Vice-President of the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and CEO of The Institute of humanistic medicine. Dr. Miller was a Professor of Literature at Yale University.



Shelby Art Gallery:

I sold lithographs and marketed them for this business.



I played several different kinds of musical instruments including the piano, the accordion, and the violin. I was a soloist, and I taught children to read and to play musical instruments.

I auditioned for the Palmer-Hughes Symphony with Dr. Williard Palmer and Mr. William Hughes. This group had performed in Carnegie Hall, in the 1950s. This group also performed at Houston’s Jones’ Hall, the Meninger Foundation and the Johnson Space Center. I had many solo performances, including Houston’s Miller’s Outdoor Theater Under the Stars and other places. I continue my interest today and plan to return to the music business. I was the student of Dr. Robert Linder, conductor and composer, Judith Linder, J.S. Bach expert and others. It was Dr. Williard Palmer along with Judith Linder, who, at the same time, gave me the musical lessons necessary to learn and to perform J.S. Bach’s Sinfonias and Partitas.

I won first place in a musical contest performing the First Movement of the Paganini Violin Concerto No. 1, First Movement with competition including around 200 contestants.

Westview Music Studio: 1966-1967

I taught children to read music and to play musical instruments.

I have around 25 years of voice lessons, and I was first asked to sing at the historic Galvez Hotel, in Galveston, Texas. I was offered 50 dollars to sing EACH “Barbara Streisand” song, but I turned down the offer.

I have been on musical stages singing since the age of three years.

My last performance was in 1996 when I was a soloist for the Episcopal Church who was raising money to help re-build African American churches that were burned down in the South.


In 1969-1970, I worked for Baptist Temple Church, in Houston, Texas as a volunteer. I used my own money to give clothes to help those in poverty. One mother told me that I had given her daughter “her first new dress”.

In the 1970s, I worked as a volunteer at M.H.M.R., in Houston, Texas assisting a Special Education teacher, in her classroom. I worked with a child with Autism.

In 1982, after the attempted assassination of President Reagan, a friend and I spoke by telephone. I wrote a letter to my California Congressman where I was a constituent. I asked him to consider placing a metal detector machine at all events where the U.S. President was speaking. I received letter back that my letter had been sent to the F.B.I. I was informed that if I would travel to Washington D.C., the Congressman wanted to meet me and give me two tickets to the Kennedy Center. I couldn’t go, because I was just a graduate student in California, and, I couldn’t afford to travel.

In the 1990s, I gave money to help restore (author) Mark Twain’s boyhood home, in Hannibal, MO.

In the 1990s, I gave money to Habitat for Humanity to help them build houses.

In the 1990s until 2002 when the war started in the Middle East, I gave money each month to Children’s International. I supported a poverty-stricken child named “Samuel” whose family resided in India. He mailed me a beautiful drawing that he did of “Christ on the Cross”. He was very gifted and he wanted to be a doctor, someday. One month, I sent more than my usual monthly donation. One of the authority figures from Children’s International wrote me a thank you letter. He said that with the extra money, the family had purchased beds, mosquito nets placed them above, utensils and pans for eating and a stove. In 2002, they closed the office, and I lost “Samuel” forever.

1979, Volunteer, Houston Grand Opera, Ticket Sales and Delivery


Diplomate Status, American College of Forensic Examiners

Former Member of the American Psychological Association

Who’s Who in America



My name, Marilyn Gayle Nobles, was placed in a biographical reference book called Outstanding Young Women. My name is in the 1983 edition. The reference book is found, today, in most complete, public libraries across the United States.

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