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Freelancer IT & HR Development Consultant

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
October 21, 2018

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Present Address: Jeddah - KSA

Mobile : +966-*********

Mobile1: +966-*********


Nationality: Saudi

Birthday: 12 /02/1380H-05/08/1960G

Marital Status: Married


• Over 31 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology and Management

• Expert on Staff & Projects Management

• Considerable experience in the review and planning of IT Strategies, Restructuring, Performance Assessment, Job Evaluation, Plans and Budgeting

• Expert on Business Automating

• Manage & Guide the preparation of IT Infrastructure, Networks, related Software, Preventive Maintenance Plan, Business Continuity and Disasters Recovery

• Experience in Strategic Planning for HR by reviewing and planning the implementation of the administrative Regulation, Policies, Procedures, Organizational Chart, Department Goals and Objectives, Job Description and Employee Performance

• Additionally, I have attended more than 58 training courses, workshops and conferences. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND:

Bachelor of Computer Science (BS) 01/06/1986 (24/09/1406H) King AbdAlAziz University - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Major: Computer Science


From: 01/08/2018 To: Present

At: My own Business

Position: Freelancer IT & HR Development Consultant Function and duties:

• Expert on Information Technology Management

• Expert on Planning of IT Strategies, Restructuring, and Budgeting

• Expert on Business Automating

• Expert on Managing & Guiding the preparation of IT Infrastructure, Networks, related Software, Preventive Maintenance Plan, Business Continuity and Disasters Recovery

• Expert on Staff & Projects Management

• Experience in Strategic Planning for HR by reviewing and planning the implementation of the administrative Regulation, Policies, Procedures, Organizational Chart, Department Goals and Objectives, Job Description and Employee Performance

From: 01/09/2013 To: 31/07/2018

At: Mohammed Bawazir for Trading Co. Ltd. - Jeddah Position: Director of Development and Auditing of Technical Systems Function and duties:

• Find the latest developments in technical developments (systems and services), which helps the company to develop and achieve their goals

• Provide technical support to all departments used the technology (systems and devices) in Company

• Communication and coordination with other departments to find technical solutions to the problems and obstacles in order to conclude the work of departments

• Prepare needs a plan to equip the departments and divisions their requirements for IT (systems and services) and calculate the estimated cost and submitted for administration

• be sure to use the techniques in the departments so as to ensure non-payment of the costs of interest-free

• Ensure that all technologies operate normally, as well as support its services

• Application of e-business management and to assist in the completion of the company's functions electronically and improve performance and reduce paperwork

• The application of knowledge management for the development of databases for intelligent reports and to assist in decision making by Directors

• Follow-up and inventory support devices to use systems and ensure readiness and suitability and to provide them the required maintenance and make sure also that they are used for business purposes From: 17/06/2011 To: 31/08/2013

At: Creative Closet Company - Jeddah

Position: Closet Designer

Function and duties:


• Design, Measure and Follow up the Implementation of the Creative Closet

• Manage & Follow up the Maintenance Requests

From: 12/02/2010 to: 16/06/2011

At: Managing my own business (Kingdom of Hawa'a for Furniture) - Jeddah Position: General Manager

Function and duties:

• Manage the Administrative Work

• Design, Measure and Follow up the Implementation of the Furniture

• Manage & Follow up the Maintenance Requests

From: 10/05/2003 (09/03/1424H) To: 30/10/2009 (13/11/1430H) At: Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) – Doha (Qatar) Information Technology Department (ITD)

Position: Director, Information Technology Department Function and duties:

• To lay a foundation of Information Technology application strategies to enable GOIC to plan and achieve its objectives and to improve in decision making processes.

• Prepare strategic plans aiming for the optimum use of Information Technology.

• Develop application systems compatible with the strategic requirements and objectives of GOIC.

• Provision of Technical Support Services to all users in GOIC by investigating the best means to develop and design the operating application systems and ensuring the completeness, correctness, integrity and security of its information.

• Use of Information Technologies to facilitate communication between GOIC staff in order to improve decision making processes.

• Provide training to all the GOIC employees to make optimum use of Information Technologies.

• Provision of the best Consulting Services to the GOIC's employees and clients in order to make optimum use of Information Technologies.

• Research the best new Information Technologies and their application to meet GOIC's requirements and to upgrade productivity and effectiveness.

• Provision of various means to enable GOIC to utilize the most advanced Information Technologies. From: 13/05/1989 (08/10/1409H) To: 07/05/2003 (06/03/1424H) At: Saudi Industrial Development Fund – Riyadh (SIDF) Information Services Department (ISD)

Positions and Duties:

From: 01/01/2000 (24/09/1420H) To: 02/09/2002 (24/06/1423H) Position: Applications Development Division Manager (acting) Function and duties:

• Establish and manage all Divisional activities to provide professional level services to the users.

• Liaison with all departments to establish a communications channel for identifying business applications requirements to meet their objectives.

• Identify best possible ways to integrate departmental business needs, in order to streamline the business operations of the Fund.

• Research, recommend and develop the necessary business applications to support agreed objectives, within budget and to agreed quality standards.

• Provide an on-going process of re-engineering the legacy business applications to accommodate the implementation of emerging Information Technologies.

• Conducted two recruitment interviews outside Kingdom in TORONTO (CANADA) and LONDON (UNITED KINGDOM) (two trips) to select experts for IT positions.

• Managed and Interviewed Saudi Candidates.

• Managed the development of the FUND Website (WWW.SIDF.GOV.SA).

• Managed the Development of skeleton plans for the Applications Development Division for Team-1, Team-2, Team- 3 and Team-4 projects.

• Managed and conducted the Applications Development Division staff appraisals.

• Conducted the user management meeting to review project progress.

• Managed the Applications Development Standards Project in 1995.

• Managed the Quality Management Project in 1997.

• Managed the Career Development Project from 1995 till 1997.

• Managed the IS Department’s Training, from 1998 till 2000.

• IT Coordinator for the Budget Call for FY 1421/1422H.

• Managed the IS Department’s Monthly Status Reports addressed to the Director General, assistant Director Generals, General Consultant and Departmental Managers, from 1998 till 1999

• Assisted in the preparation of the new layout of the department. 3

• Delegated to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the ITC&Q Division.

• Delegated to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the EUS Division. Other Positions and Duties within SIDF:

From: 31/12/1994 (29/07/1415H) To: 31/12/1999 (23/09/1420H) Position: Applications Development Team-2 Team Leader From: 12/07/1993 (22/01/1414H) To: 30/12/1994 (28/07/1415H) Position: Applications Senior Analyst

From: 22/04/1991 (08/10/1411H) To: 11/07/1993 (21/01/1414H) Position: Programmer/Analyst

From: 03/05/1990 (08/10/1410H) To: 21/04/1991 (07/10/1411H) Position: Programmer

From: 13/05/1989 (08/10/1409H) To: 02/05/1990 (07/10/1410H) Position: Assistant Programmer

From: 21/03/1987 (21/07/1407H) To: 12/05/1989 (07/10/1409H) At: Ministry of Planning – Jeddah & Riyadh

Position: Computer Methods Analyst/User Support Division Manager(acting) Achievements as User Support Division Manager(acting): Support the user, operate and maintain the PCs, use of computer packages, train the user on PC, develop new systems, produce graphics diagrams, study user requirements for new PC and produce bi-monthly report for the division work to analyze the user use of the PC.

Achievements as Computer Methods Analyst:

Designing, coding, testing and implementing of Municipalities Expenditure System together with one of my colleague, Designing, coding and testing of Personnel System together with one of my colleague and Coding & Testing many other systems for implementation.

From: 01/10/1986 (27/01/1407H) To: 15/03/1987 (15/07/1407H) At: Presidency of Civil Aviation

International Airport Projects

King Khalid International Airport - Riyadh

Position: Trainee System Programmer

Function and duties:

• Studying FORTH language

• Updating & maintaining Digital Data System (written in FORTH) which has been developed to monitor & control King Khalid International Airport.




Maan Aljasser

Job Title: Entrepreneur & Investor

Company Name: Hamad Aljasser Cultural Center & Creative Closets Phone Number: 966*********


AbdulAziz AlOwaid

Job Title: Industrial Consultant

Company Name: Consultancy office

Phone Number: 966*********


Adel A AlSuhaimi


Job Title: Assistant Director General at SIDF

Company Name: SIDF

Phone Number: 966*********


Fahad S Alshammary

Job Title: Safety & Security Consultant @ Salini Impregilo S.P.A Saudi Branch Company Name: Salini Impregilo S.P.A Saudi Branch

Phone Number: 966*********


Tariq Alrasheed

Job Title: Advisor to the minister and Head of the Executive Office at Confidential Company Name: Government Administration

Phone Number: 966*********


Motref AlSahli

Job Title: Director of Software Engineering Department Company Name: eGovernment Program (Yesser)

Phone Number: 966*********


Haris Malik

Job Title: IT Operations Manager

Company Name: Qatar Rail Company

Phone Number: 974********



SN Course Name Date Institution Location

59 Institutional development and

entrepreneurship strategies

2015 - 12 - 03 Jeddah Int.

Higher Training



58 GITEX 2014 Conference 2014 Dubai Dubai

57 Mind Mapping 12/05/2007 Buzan Centre Doha

56 GITEX 2006 Conference 19-20/11/2006 Dubai Dubai 55 Multilingual Internet Symposium 09-11/05/2006 ITU & UNESCO Geneva 54 ORACLE Start in the Middle Executive Briefing 12/03/2006 ORACLE Dubai 53 World Summit of the Information Society 16-18/11/2005 UN & ITU Tunis 52 Inspirational Leadership AND Emotional 14-18/08/2004 INTECH Beirut 51 The 10th GCC E-Government and Telecom Forum 24-26/05/2004 Datamatix Dubai 50 Information Society Conference 12-13/01/2004 KISR Kuwait 49 Kuwait Conference on Electronic Government 13-15/10/2003 KISR Kuwait 48 The Future of the IT Industry in the GCC States 28-29/09/2003 GCC Muscat 47 Microsoft Tech-Ed 2003 Europe 30/06-04/07/03 Microsoft Barcelona 46 Simplification of Work Process & Procedures 19-23/10/2002 MEIRC Dubai 45 Middle Management 27-31/10/2001 MEIRC Dubai

44 SYBASE TechWave Conference 12-16/09/2001 SYBASE San Diego, USA 43 Intermediate Microsoft Project 2000 27-31/01/2001 New Horizons Riyadh 42 Beginning Microsoft Project 2000 20-24/01/2001 New Horizons Riyadh 5

41 Management Skills for IT Professionals 08-11/08/2000 LT London 40 CeBIT Hanover 2000 Exhibition 24/2-1/3/2000 CeBIT Hanover 39 Intranet Design and Migration 28-30/07/99 QA London 38 Internet & Intranet Security 21-23/07/99 QA London 37 International SYBASE User Conference 05-09/10/98 SYBASE Hamburg 36 People Power 06-10/07/98 MCE Brussels

35 Project Management for IT/IS Projects 29/06-03/07/98 MCE Brussels 34 Effective Communications Skills for IT Projects 27-30/05/97 LT London 33 Influence Skills 18-22/05/97 LT London

32 1996 DECUS Europe Symposium 04-11/10/96 Digital Barcelona 31 Finance for Non-Financial Managers 29/07-03/08/96 LT London 30 Introduction to Client/Server Computing 21-25/07/96 LT London 29 Supporting MS NT Server 3.51 30/03-03/04/96 Al-Khaleej Riyadh 28 NT Fundamentals & Workstation 23-27/03/96 Al-Khaleej Riyadh 27 GITEX 95 Conference 28/10-02/11/95 Dubai Dubai

26 Managing People in Project Environment 21-24/08/95 Hoskyns Bournemouth 25 Getting More Out Of PMW Windows 17/08/95 Hoskyns London 24 Developing Plans Using PMW for Windows 12-16/08/95 Hoskyns London 23 Managing INGRES Database 22-24/08/94 CA-INGRES London 22 Managing Projects Using PMW 15-16/08/94 Hoskyns London 21 Developing Leadership Skills 30/07-05/08/94 Hoskyns Bournemouth 20 System Implementation (CSA4) 23-29/07/94 Hoskyns Bournemouth 19 Quality Assurance 27/08-03/09/93 Hoskyns Bournemouth 18 Project Planning & Control Workshop 21-26/08/93 Hoskyns Bournemouth 17 Commercial 4GL Analysis & Design 09-20/08/93 Hoskyns Bournemouth 16 Commercial Systems Analysis Module 1 10-14/08/92 Hoskyns Bournemouth 15 Basic Business Systems Analysis 03-07/08/92 BIS Portsmouth 14 INGRES (Vision, App., Advance Performance) 15/02-08/03/92 GIST Riyadh 13 Professional Programming 04-09/11/91 Hoskyns Bournemouth 12 Computer System Design 28/10-01/11/91 Hoskyns Bournemouth 11 VAX RDB/VMS Definitions & Access 28-31/05/91 Digital Reading 10 Data Structured Program Design 20-23/05/91 Hoskyns Bournemouth 9 VAX Datatrieve for Programmers Level 1 12-16/11/90 Digital Reading 8 CDD Plus with VAX RDB Design & Admin 12-16/05/90 Digital Reading 7 Utilizing Features From VAX COBOL 05-09/02/90 Digital Reading 6 VAX/RDB Definitions & Programming 29/01-02/02/90 Digital Reading 5 Programming in COBOL 30/10-3/11/89 Digital London 4 VAX/VMS User 23-27/10/89 Digital Reading

3 Structured COBOL Programming 17/12/88-4/1/89 KFUPM Dhahran 2 Programming in C Language 26/3-6/4/88 KFUPM Dhahran 1 COBOL I 09-20/11/85 KAU Jeddah

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