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Police Officer, Attorney at Law

Dixon, CA
October 17, 2018

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Gregory Morris

Attorney at Law



B.A., Stanford University. Major in English, Honors Program in creative writing. Completed baccalaureate degree in two and a half years while employed full time.

J.D., Santa Clara University School of Law. Co-Valedictorian, Student Body President, extern at the California Supreme Court. Achieved degree while employed full time.

Public Affairs Council. Graduate of the Council’s three-year, one week a year residential program

Work Experience:

USAF, Air Traffic Controller

Mountain View Police Department, Police Officer

oReceived written commendations, served as training officer for the reserve police officers. First in class at police academy. Intermediate POST certificate.

Industrial Indemnity Insurance, Public Affairs Manager

oManaged a campaign to permit private sector operation of Washington state’s workers compensation program, represented the company in Alaska, Oregon, Arizona and as a board member on the California Tort Reform Assembly.

Deaver and Hannaford Public Relations, California Vice President

oManaged government relationships for Republic of China, Bechtel, Sony, the Keidanren, other clients. Successfully participated in stopping California’s unitary tax program.

KPIX Television [San Francisco Bay Area CBS affiliate] On-Camera Talent

oProvided election coverage as an advisor and on-camera talent. Produced series of legal information segments.

Syntex Pharmaceuticals, Public Affairs Manager

oSuccessfully managed dioxin spill situation in Missouri [Times Beach], created and produced television updates for international distribution. Represented the company before legislative bodies in California and Missouri. Principal investigator in cases involving laboratory animal abuse, misuse of drug detection equipment, city ordinance violations.

Leslie Salt Company/Cargill, Public Affairs Manager

oCreated and managed a multimember organization that resulted in both preservation of property value and environmental protections in San Francisco Bay, successfully managed resolution of toxic pollution of Gulf of Mexico in Florida by company-owned entity. Investigator in Human Resource cases, coordinated police raid on company facility and arrest of armed employees.

Bellwether Group, Cofounder and President/CEO

oCreated and managed a multi-state entity providing Medicaid billing services for school districts in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Expert witness, FBI and Texas Attorney General investigation resulting in three executives sentenced to prison.

LEAnet, Cofounder and Executive Director

oManaged a national coalition of school districts, including New York City Board of Education, Los Angeles Unified and Chicago Public Schools. Created and managed an organization of more that eighty non-profits and private sector clients that successfully overturned a federal regulation that would have resulted in the annual loss of hundreds of millions of federal dollars to schools.

Attorney at Law

oRepresented the City of Palo Alto in city-wide shut down of massage parlors, chief defense counsel in several criminal cases involving crimes ranging from petty theft to homicide.

oRepresented the states of Alabama, Wyoming, and South Carolina in matters directly related to Medicaid reimbursement. Presented at state, regional and national conferences on these issues; has served as pro bono general counsel for the National Alliance for Medicaid in Education; as an expert witness in helping Ohio school districts reestablish that state’s Medicaid reimbursement program; represented the Los Angeles Unified School District, both at the state and national level, in the protection of Medicaid billing; represented the New Mexico Association of School Superintendents in rebuilding that state’s Medicaid reimbursement program for schools; and has led a national coalition of school districts for nearly a decade in a variety of debates involving school based health services and special education financing.

Other Activities:

City of Sunnyvale, California, City Councilmember

oElected to the City Council, co-led a community group that resulted in the election of two new members, overturning the previous Council majority. Served on several County agencies representing Sunnyvale. Served on the seven-member Redevelopment Agency that successfully rebuilt downtown Sunnyvale’s commercial center. Performed background checks on new police chief, City Manager.

Federal Criminal Justice Agency, Chairman of Region J [Santa Clara County, California]

oSuccessfully created a year-long coordinated campaign that reduced in-county burglaries. Testified before Congressional Committee in support of continued funding of similar agencies.

California Coalition for Trucking Deregulation, President

oManaged a group of nearly 300 shippers, including Del Monte, Procter and Gamble, 3M, in overturning a harmful action of the California Public Utilities Commission. In seventeen months, changed the PUC vote from four to zero against to five to zero in favor of our position.

National Association of Charter Schools, Executive Director

oCreated the first national charter school entity, organized and managed two multinational annual conferences, published a monthly newsletter subscribed to by several state libraries.

Governor’s Efficiency Team, Chairman

oServed as Chairman of the GET team charged with overhauling California’s state health department budget. Directly appointed by the Governor.

Combined Health Agency Drive [CHAD], Board Member and President

oIncreased corporate contributions to CHAD, reorganized the entity to reduce internal expenses, fired and replaced Executive Director.

Marine Science Institute, Board Member

oArranged the transfer of Bay Area waterfront land from private company to the Institute, co-managed the scientific analysis and disposal of a whale cadaver recovered on Institute property.

References available upon request

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