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Manager Project

Hollywood, Florida, United States
October 15, 2018

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Moises Sumoza

***** *. ******* ** ***** Florida USA 33325

Cell phone 954-***-****

Good day, I have reviewed the job requirements of this position and I believe I am a great match, a great asset for your company. I would love the opportunity to be interviewed in person for this position. I am an excellent bilingual (Spanish-English) Operations and Project Manager. My knowledge of the industry and business operations, budgeting, subcontractors, vendors, personnel, scheduling, cost control and estimating, etc. is second to none. More than 25 years of diverse construction project management work experience have given me a unique knowledge to manage any project. From underground, dewatering, retention, Airport, bridge and roadway construction and Asset Maintenance, industrial, commercial and vertical construction, paving markings, signage, steel and concrete work, foundations, power poles, power distribution and maintenance, sewage and water projects, telecommunications infrastructure, Optic Fiber cable installation mechanical installation; residential. From all of these I can say I have overcome the challenges I have encountered. As an engineer I have the knowledge to perform and execute any construction project managing cost and bringing revenue.

My successes include management of complex multi discipline projects such as the FDOT I-75 Ultra, the Port Miami Tunnel, which included four building facilities and building structures, construction projects, road construction and paving, dewatering, power distribution, DOT Asset Maintenance, production and industrial project management, slurry seal applications safety; residential, industrial, commercial project management. Also includes the successful management of budgets and the continuous revision of the job progress and production methodologies. Being a team leader translates into understanding how valuable the human resource is to the success

Some of my successful experiences include Daily business management. Creation and managing budget to match production and customer’s deadlines. Performing budget, progress reviews; as well as production goals to maximize the revenue and minimize costs. Manage and enforcing safety standards and best practices. Review of contract agreements and compliance. - Always optimizing and developing solutions to achieve the best results. Sharing best practices to maintain safety and quality. I have successfully managed large scale construction projects involving in house crews and subcontractors; coordinating and scheduling to achieve the goals and revenue. Key performance.

I have always been involved in designing and conducting engineering reviews to improve processes; Introducing Lean management concepts and comparing data from past production years to development best practices and create more business, marketing and development.

I am an engineer, also a businessman so my mind is prepared to analyze and obtain the best results from any activity/ process. Managing resources; using them and transforming them into a refined end quality product and/or service. That is what I can do for this company.

Again, my experience and capacity are at your service. I appreciate your consideration to my qualifications for this position.

Moises Sumoza

14750 S. Beckley Sq. Davie Florida USA 33325 Cell phone 954-***-****

Qualifications Summary:

Project Management of multi discipline projects, Construction and rehabilitation. Facilities, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, vertical construction, Underground Utilities, Dewatering, Airport, Bridge and Heavy Highway Road Construction, Inspection & Maintenance, Paving, Milling and resurfacing, mechanical and industrial installation, Power Distribution. Permitting, Industrial Plant Construction, Resources Management.

Budget management, Daily Business Operations, P&L. Strategic Planning. Problem solver

BIDs, Engineering Cost Analysis, Scheduling. Civil Construction, Safety, Environmental compliance. RFI, CO, SD,

Urban Design, Managing & Planning. Bridge construction and inspections. Site development.

Government, Federal, City, Municipal and private Contract management

Sub-Contractors Management

Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Professional Experience:

March 2018-Present – MCX Construction, Bay Harbor Islands FL

Project Manager. Operation and Management of all Commercial and residential construction projects. Performed review of Design Built projects, Document Control Management (RFI, CO, SD, Submittals), Bid Estimating. Scheduling. Subcontractors Coordination. Analysis of business Strategic opportunities. Creation of the company’s Safety Manual. Client Relations

March 2017-February 2018 – SDP Consultants, Miramar FL

DC Project Manager. Administration and Construction Management of Apotex’s Design Built Industrial/Commercial Facilities in Miramar Florida. Design Review, RFI, CO, SD, IFC, Submittals, Scheduling. Subcontractors Coordination. Performed 1st phase: $27MM in concrete floors, Steel beams and columns. Client Relations. Project terminated/ended due to death of project owner.

November 2015- March 2017 - Sun Up Enterprises, Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Operations Manager. Daily Business Operation Management BID and Estimating and Project Management of Commercial construction, underground utilities: water, sewage, drainage construction projects, including roadway paving and rehabilitation, Dewatering for underground utility pipe installation for all Private, City & Municipal Work. Scheduling. Management of project documents (RFI, SD, CO, Submittals). Client Relations.

June 2015 – October 2015 – Engineer Consultant for IIPL USA & Conalvias USA. FL.

Project Bid analysis and review. BID Estimating. Business Analysis. Evaluation of State and private Facilities and Road assessments for maintenance business operations. Commercial construction. Budget Creation and execution of budgets associated to Asset Management Projects.

November 2014-June 2015 – Operations & Maintenance Project Manager. - IIPL USA

Contract. Physical evaluation of state’s assets to procure Operations and Asset Maintenance contracts. Technical writing Manager for Facilities and Roadway Asset Maintenance Bids. Creation of financial business proposals.

September 2013-Nov 2014– Engineering & Maintenance Manager – Transfield Services Miami

Engineering and Maintenance Manager. Development and application of the Port Miami Tunnel Maintenance procedures. Tunnel Construction Project Engineering design reviews, Tunnel facilities construction and maintenance. Scheduling. PIT/SAT testing and Commissioning of Tunnel components. Optic Fiber cable installation. Walkthrough for project acceptance (Inspections) of Facilities. Inspection and acceptance of Tunnel Civil. Hydraulic, electrical and Mechanical Installation. Overseeing the Project Engineer, Project Planner, and Superintendents.

October 2012-July 2013 – Project and Operations Manager – FDI Services, FL

Operations Manager. Overseeing the Maintenance and Operation of South Florida and DC Drawbridges. Evaluation of Drawbridges Mechanical and electrical repairs, maintenance e installation, Commercial construction. Engineering inspections. Creation and management of maintenance schedules. Creation of the company EHS Safety Manual. Annual Budget creation and management. Bids, Business modeling, P&L figures.

November 2008-Mar 2011 – Project Manager – DBi Services, Ft Myers, FL

Project Manager. State Maintenance Engineer. Daily office operation. Responsible for the success, management and operations of the I-75 Ultra Asset Maintenance Contract with the FDOT, a 240-center line-mile expressway Asset Maintenance/construction multi disciple project. Commercial constructions. Facilities and Highway construction and maintenance contract. Included the maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of all roadways (240 miles), FDOT Districts 1 & 4 bridges, high mast light poles (over 480), road drainage system, Rest Areas maintenance and operation (8), 30 miles of Optic Fiber cable installation. Road condition inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation, signalization. Periodic MRP inspection of Florida State Asset FDOT contracts. Budget creation and management, P&L figures, customer relations. Environmental management. Scheduling. Construction walkthrough and final inspection. Incident response and Disaster management. Additional contracts were obtained from Cities & Municipal entities. Overseeing reports/performance from Six (6) area managers/engineers, 1 office manager and subcontractors. Employee evaluation. Safety.

March 2008-Sept 2008 – Area Manager – Aggregate Industries, Grand Rapids, MI

Area Manager. Business Manager. Plant manager. Responsible for the rehabilitation and increase of plant production, mechanical/industrial installation, management, business operation and contracting of two asphalt processing plants. Aggregates management. Bids, DOT Airport & Roadway construction. Paving, including milling and resurfacing projects, striping, dewatering, retention, scheduling, Sales and customer satisfaction, production and P&L figures, & safety management programs. Overseeing 4 Project Managers/engineers, and 2 Plant Managers, 1 Office manager, and subcontractors.

January 2006–January 2008 –Project Manager – APAC South East, Winter Haven, FL

Project Manager. Successfully managed several (Federal funded) FDOT heavy asphalt operations; conducted total asset highway “fence-to-fence” maintenance including construction of multi discipline projects, paving, Airport and road construction and widening, milling and resurfacing projects, directed maintenance of traffic operations for road construction, scheduling, signage, and traffic signals, striping, and traffic control devices. Drainage, dewatering, retention and re-grading construction. Construction of building Facilities and Concrete structures, underground structures (drainage, water & sewage pipe installation), power lines, Optic Fiber cable installation, concrete curbing & sidewalk construction, foundations, culvert boxes, guardrails, fencing; City & Municipal annual road Work. Direct supervision of inhouse crews, subcontractors. Client relationship. Safety management. Overseeing 6 managers.

February 2000–January 2006 – Owner, Consultant – SH Services, Tampa, Florida

Owner, Operations manager. EPCM, GC, HVAC. Provided a wide-array of construction & engineering consulting and services (multi discipline projects, business development, safety management practices, Performed GC project management for residential, commercial & Industrial construction projects. Bridge’s retaining wall concrete panels technical support, best practice management to various construction companies. City & Municipal Construction Work. Safety practices

Other Work Experience:

1988-1998 – Project Manager. Engineer. Executed multi discipline projects, Industrial and commercial facilities construction, road asset maintenance and construction, drainage and dewatering projects for underground utility work, retention walls, Airport construction and paving, bridge construction; Milling and resurfacing. Site developing. Soil Stabilization. Power distribution towers, power plants, underground work. Vertical construction. Industrial/Mechanical installation. City & Municipal Work. Slurry seal emulsions, Client relationships, subcontractors scheduling. Concrete & asphalt road design and construction, civil & military airport facilities construction, BID estimating, project evaluation & analysis, cost analysis & scheduling, production analysis, created quality control indicators. Created company’s Safety Manual .

1994-1999 – Faculty Staff, Professor & Tutor- Humboldt University – Valencia, Venez.

Teaching of Civil & Industrial Engineering courses including Calculus, Statics, Physics, Soil Mechanics, Business organization, Production control & inventory. Work Degree Tutoring.


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering; Carabobo University. Valencia Venezuela

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering; Carabobo University. Valencia Venezuela.

Florida International University, Miami, Florida

Master’s in business administration. Universidad de Carabobo 1991

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Office, Software development, Spreadsheets (Q-pro, Excel, Lotus), Windows, Word processors, Revu, System Design, System Program Manager, Project Manager, Works, Microsoft Project, Primavera, Outlook, SAP.

Licenses & Certificates:

American Concrete Institute – FDOT Concrete Field Technician

Advanced MOT

CTQP- QC Manager, Level I, Level II Asphalt, Plant Manager

ATSSA MOT Advance Certification, NPDES Storm Water Certification

Pavement Asphalt Technology & Asphalt Mix Design, Production, Control & Construction of Asphalt Pavements. Slurry Seal Applications – Sulfated Oil Soil Stabilization

Professional References:

Dan Kral, SDP Consultants 423- 421-3251

Anabel Guzman, SDP Consultants 954-***-****

Fred Asbaghi, Sun Up Enterprises 954-***-****

Janet Cusanelli, Sun Up Enterprises 954- 445-5983

Roberto Espinoza, FDI 305-***-****

Jennifer Perry, FDOT Bartow 863-***-****

Scott Teets, FDOT Ft Myers 239-***-****

Julie Camp, FDOT D1 Bartow 863-***-****

Thom Scrivner, FDOT D1, Sarasota 941-***-****

Humberto Serrano, Transfield Services 305-***-****

Francisco Garcia, Transfield Services 305-***-****

Ben Ybarra, DBi Services 786-***-****

Scott Houston, DBi Services 813-***-****

Rick Schuldt, DBi Services 239-***-****

Luis E. Moreno, Complete Highway 954-***-****

Dennis Hammock, North Texas M 903-***-****

Cheryl Angel, Lane Construction 863-***-****

Fred Hicks, APAC SE 863-***-****

Jeff Futch, APAC SE 863-***-****

Kevin Hanley, Mactec 863-***-****

Todd Boehmer, Mactec 863-***-****

Susan Hindman, Florida DOT 863-***-****

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