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Organizational Change Management Project Leader

Philadelphia, PA
October 14, 2018

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Peter L. Barlow

Project / Program Management OCM Consulting Profile

Experience Summary

Formerly an Associate Partner with IBM’s Strategic Change Solutions Consulting Practice, I am a highly skilled and experienced executive-level OCM management consultant with excellent project / program management capabilities. This, coupled with a Master Certification in Project Management from Stanford University, provides me with a unique background and perspective on managing and implementing PM/OCM IT opportunities. Additionally, my background includes Business Process Reengineering and process performance improvements based on business process analysis and assessment. Using six sigma-type tools and analysis techniques, I have helped save my clients millions of dollars during my years of consultancy. My background also includes Organizational Change / Change Management activities such as management and employee development and coaching, performance measure development, Corporate Strategic Communications’ design and deployment (including external and internal stakeholders), stakeholder / sponsor management, change readiness assessment, change agency / change leadership development and implementation, cultural alignment, and performance measurement development and reward alignment in support of large-scale SAP implementations. Further, I also have skills and experience in organizational development and design, job/role competency and design as well as team-building, employee involvement and employee empowerment. Finally, I have over twenty-five years of OCM and BPR / process improvement-based experience as well as over twenty years of consulting project / program management experience. My experience also includes significant clients in multiple industries such as pharmaceuticals, energy (oil & gas), electronics and high tech, defense, insurance, automobile, consumer products, and chemical, and my clients have included executive levels of management up to and including C-Level executives.

Key Project Management Projects

August 2015 – Present: Have been on personal time-off to spend respite time on personal/family life and interests after 25+ years of being a “Road Warrior”.

March 2015 – July 2015: InEight Corporation - Executive PM-OCM Consultant: Led the ‘change impact analysis / assessment’ of a Fortune 1000 corporation prior to their implementation of new business solution software geared towards improvement of both their quantity and quality manufacturing processes.

2012: Diageo Corporation - Executive PM-OCM Consultant: Led a US corporate-wide ‘change impact analysis’ project that focused on understanding potential internal stakeholder change impacts arising from the design and deployment of a new BPM system to be implemented covering all of the company’s US Brand Divisions. Recommendations, based on the detailed analysis work performed, were made to company executives to help support their BPM deployment decisions.

2011: SuperValu Corporation - Executive PM-OCM Consultant: Co-led a corporate-wide ‘change impact analysis’ project that focused on understanding potential internal and external stakeholder change impacts arising from the design and deployment of a new Kronos System to be implemented in all of the company’s national food chains. Recommendations, based on the detailed change impact analysis work performed, were made to company executives to help support their Kronos deployment decisions.

2009 - 2010: Provided Homecare for my Wife pre/post 2 major spine surgeries that occurred over two years. The recovery support needs were significant and required my full-time support.

2008: Stanley Black & Decker – Executive SAP PM-OCM Consultant: Led the organizational change management (OCM) efforts for Stanley Black & Decker’s SAP Supply Chain upgrade to ECC 6.0, which included providing support for both internal and external communications as well as their training logistical support. Responsibilities also included developing and communicating a ‘change impact analysis’ to help support the deployment of the upgraded SAP software.

2007 - 2008: Master Foods (Mars) – Senior SAP PM-OCM Consultant: Played a lead role in the planning, design and implementation of Master Foods’ multiple SAP initiative OCM needs and requirements. Also, designed and implemented an executive program management process that tracked and evaluated each specific SAP Program OCM objective and included pertinent design and deployment activities for each of their SAP instances. This was done in a weekly updated executive ‘Scorecard’ tied to a MS Project planning process.

2007: Merck Pharmaceuticals – Senior PM-OCM Business Consultant: Worked as part of a consulting team to reposition/ redesign the Customer Contract Management (CCM) organization from a “transactional support organization into a value-added partner to the overall Merck organization”. Led the process improvement efforts to redesign their Contract Lifecycle Management performance measurement system to better focus and align their metrics with their newly designed CCM organization.

2006: Pfizer (Wyeth) Pharmaceuticals – Global Elis Program Site PM/OCM-Lead: Led the organizational change management (OCM) Site Deployment efforts for Wyeth’s Elis (SAP/EMC Documentum) Program, which included the design and implementation of OCM needs and requirements for Wyeth’s site deployment process. Additionally, led the design and development of all of the required OCM materials and intellectual capital needed for successful Elis Program site deployments.

2004 - 2005: Pfizer (Wyeth) Pharmaceuticals – Global MES PM/OCM-Lead: Led the organizational change management (OCM) efforts for Wyeth’s design, development, and deployment of their MES Program designed to improve the front-end of their supply chain (linked to their SAP systems). Responsibilities focused on identifying and meeting all employee and organizational support needs and requirements to ensure a timely and successful implementation of the MES solution within Wyeth’s manufacturing facilities. Additional responsibilities included the overall project planning and management of all of the MES OCM activities as well as the development of the training and communication plans, Stakeholder analysis and management, strategic and tactical communications design, development, and implementation. Further, led the “As-Is” and “To-Be” job and organizational analysis and design, and management and coordination of MES role-based training design, development, and site implementation.

2000 - 2003: IBM BCS – Strategic Change Services – Associate Partner:

IBM Corporation: Led the PM/OCM support for IBM’s IGS CRM Transformation (CRM2000 / Siebel) design and deployment efforts. This included supporting IBM’s new SSM (Signature Selling Methods) / Coverage models (or the new methods by which IBM would sell and maintain their customer relationships). This effort also included supporting the design of the Siebel (CRM2000) security profiles based on size, geography, and range of sales as well as developing the roles and responsibilities for IBM’s new “Complex Solution Design Team”.

Caterpillar Corporation: Led the analysis and design of Caterpillar’s new Sales Management Methodology (SMM), which was based on IBM’s ‘Signature Sales Methodology’ (see above to reference).

Ziegler Caterpillar: Led the design and implementation of Ziegler’s annual budget planning process to help improve executive focus and clarity using a ‘top-down’ strategic approach.

Sikorsky Aircraft: Led the training and communication efforts in support of one Sikorsky’s major training system implementations for their aircraft engineers.

1998-2000: Accenture Consulting – Senior Manager/Project Manager - Organization & Human Performance:

Polaroid Corporation: Led the organizational redesign efforts for Polaroid’s procurement organization that encompassed over 125 purchasing professionals. Ongoing work supported a strategic sourcing cost reduction effort targeted to save over $11,000,000 for their FY2000 while designing and implementing new job roles and competencies, aligned with training programs, aimed at substantially improving the client’s procurement processes in the future.

Compaq Corporation: Project Managed the Organizational Change efforts supporting a major i2 installation designed to support Compaq’s US Consumer Indirect fulfillment operations (as SAP front-end). When brought onto the project (a number of months after it had started), it was in danger of running over schedule due to a lack of focus on End-User training. Within 4 weeks, developed the initial training plan, developed the business case for training, and had selected and installed a training team developing material with the project SMEs. Over 100 of Compaq’s employees were successfully trained and initiated into the new i2 system environment. Further, led the development and implementation of a project communications process that successfully supported the i2 installation.

1994-1998: PricewaterhouseCoopers – Senior Manager/Project Manager – Change Integration Practice:

Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporation: Project Managed/Led PwC’s World Wide SAP Organizational Change Management efforts for BMS’ Global Supply Chain R3 SAP Program from design through installation. This included all major elements of Change such as Stakeholder/Sponsor Management, Strategic Communications, Change Readiness, Organizational alignment, Job Design, and Measurements. Additionally, developed and implemented BMS’ Global SAP Supply Chain Program Management Office which reported directly to the BMS Managing Vice President. This overall OCM effort affected over 22,000 Worldwide End-Users and the ROI was targeted at $200M annually

FMC Corporation: Project Managed/Led PwC’s Global SAP Change Management activities for FMC’s three Chemical Division manufacturing operations including maintenance, Sales and Distribution, and Finance/Controlling. This work, focused on Strategic Communications, Stakeholder Management, Change Readiness and Change Agency, Organizational alignment, Job Design, and Measurements, covered FMC’s operations in both Europe and the US and was designed to support the development of an integrated FMC business system while determining areas where they could develop commonality and mutual business benefits. All three FMC Divisions were successful in going live with their SAP systems on schedule and on budget as planned with over several thousand employees impacted by the requisite changes.

IBM Corporation: While working for PwC, provided the PM-Organizational Change expertise and leadership for IBM Personal Computer Division’s first SAP R3 design/development and installation covering their Order-Ship-Bill and Procurement/Production processes. Additionally, this work included providing OCM support for a SAP development team of over 235 IBM Employees, PwC, and IBM Consultants. This work included the development of communication strategies and tactics, change readiness, Stakeholder Management, job design analysis, change leadership, and pre / post system implementation assessment. Approximately 800 IBM employees were successfully trained and integrated, on time and on budget, into the new SAP system.

Other Relevant Projects

1990-1994: Zwiebel & Associates – Project Account Manager: Georgia Pacific Corporation: Had a lead role in the project management of the development and implementation of an employee involvement / employee empowerment program for a large international wood products company. This program encompassed over 3000+ employees, both hourly and salaried, in a tough management/union environment and successfully addressed many long-standing plant and corporate issues. Additionally, co-developed and successfully implemented problem-solving/team-building methods that supported the newly established employee (TQM) Natural Work Teams. These teams, while focusing on improvements in productivity, quality, and safety throughout the client’s supply chain processes

1985 - 1990: Gemini Consulting – Senior Management Consultant:

Texaco USA: Played a significant part in the design and implementation of corporate-wide reorganization for one of Fortune’s largest oil and gas companies. While working closely with senior client management, engineered a management “Decision Alignment” process that helped support the streamlining of the region’s management levels and employee deployments.

GlaxoSmithKline: Played an important role in the implementation of an initiative focused on helping GSK improve their sales of Chronic Care prescriptive products via their US regionally-based Sales Representatives and management.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance: Played an important role in the design and implementation of an initiative focused on re-designing the accounting and financial functions for Fireman’s Fund.

General Motors: Project Managed/Led a consulting effort that improved both the quality and the quantity of the BOC engine testing processes that were required for GM’s 3.8-liter engines.


B.A. in Modern French History and Political Science from Schiller International University, Paris, France. Additionally, degree (equivalent) course credits in accounting, finance, and management from the University of Virginia, Fairfax, VA, and St. Joseph’s University of Philadelphia, PA.

Earned a Certification in Advanced Project Management from Stanford University’s Advanced Project Management Program thereby attaining their Stanford Certified Project Management (SCPM) credential.

Attained PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Masters Certification in their Change Integration consulting methodology (which is comprised of Business Process Reengineering, Organizational Change Management, and Strategy). Additionally, was one of two Change Management Initiative Leaders for their Eastern Region consulting practice (comprised of Eastern US States from Maine to Puerto Rico) as well as the one of PwC’s Organizational Change Knowledge Managers with oversight of Organizational Change Implementations for large-scale SAP initiatives.

Recognized by Compaq Corporation’s VP of Sales & Marketing Service US Consumer for a significant contribution towards a successful i2 planning system and business process implementation.

Recognized by the CIO of Wyeth Corporation as being part of the “Winning Team of the Quarter” (Q4-2005) for work in supporting the design and deployment of Wyeth’s Global MES Program.

Skills and Background:

Trained and experienced in the Kawasaki Lean methodology for Business Process RE-engineering

Over twenty-five years of Project Management experience as well as solid PMO capability

Lead and managed multiple SAP/MES OCM efforts for large-scale Fortune 150 clients both globally and nationally

Use the PMI BOK methodology as well as my Stanford PM certification background to plan and manage

Successfully managed projects and teams/resources on or below budget, on or ahead of schedule

Successfully performed PM process analysis and design work in the field for multiple clients

Experienced in Organizational Change Management development, implementation, and management of:

oOverall OCM strategic and tactical planning from system design through installation and follow-up

oCorporate Vision, Mission, and Strategy alignment

oChange team OCM training and team building

oChange Leadership / Change Sponsorship in coordination with Change Championship

oChange Readiness and Business Transformation Preparation

oChange Communication Strategy Approach - planning and implementation

oStakeholder analysis and management (Internal and External)

oNew job / role designs including organizational designs as well as….

oCorporate culture and reward alignment

oSkill development and career-pathing using effective HR Policies and Procedures

oCorporate and individual performance measurement systems

oSupportive system training and education

Experienced in the development and implementation of concepts, practices and SOPs

Developed and delivered executive management reporting and presentations on project/program progress

Utilize Microsoft business software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Project, and Visio)

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