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Engineer Civil

El Paso, TX
October 11, 2018

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DATE: October 11, 2018



PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: June 28, 1942, Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico.

Citizenship: United States of America and Mexico.

HOME ADDRESS: 4108 Metetuye Ln., El Paso Tx. 79902-1367

Tel.: 915-***-**** and 5328052


Married to Rosemary G. Angulo since 1970. Two children Roxana C. Angulo and Rodrigo I. Angulo ages 37 and 36, respectively. Five grandchildren Giuliana, Carmen, Jorge, Roberto and Eduardo and one great-grandchild, Ximena.


Escuela Rosaura Zapata: Elementary. Cd. Juarez, Mexico

Cathedral High School, El Paso, Texas

University of Texas at El Paso: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Universidad Autónoma de Mexico: Postgraduate studies in structures.

Alianza Francesa: French.

Universidad Autónoma de Cd. Juárez: Postgraduate studies in real estate valuation.

Asociacion Nacional de Institutos Mexicanos de Valuacion: Specialist Degree in Real Estate Appraisals

Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas: Master’s Degree in Valuation.


Fallout Shelter Analysis United States Department of Defense, El Paso,

Texas. 1965,

ACI specifications’ Seminar Texas Western College, El Paso, Texas. 1965

Structural Analysis by Energy

Methods Masters curricula, Autonomous National University of

Mexico, 1957-1969

Structural Analysis by numerical

Methods Masters curricula, Autonomous National University of

Mexico, 1957-1969

Steel structures Masters curricula, Autonomous National University of

Mexico, 1957-1969

Theory of Sets Masters curricula, Autonomous National University of

Mexico, 1957-1969

Matrix Analysis Masters curricula, Autonomous National University of

Mexico, 1957-1969

Welds Analysis Masters curricula, Autonomous National University of

Mexico, 1957-1969

Properties of Concrete National Institute of Cement and Concrete, 1974

Structural Analysis by

Computer Methods Autonomous National University of Mexico, 1977

Governmental Auditing Ministry of Communications and Transportation, 1978

Builders to prepare for the

Change Institute for Tax and Administration Studies., 1981

ACI 318-83 Portland Cement, 1983

Urban Problems Chichuahua State Colege of Architects, 1986

Urban Planning Municipality of Juarez, 1987

Condominiums National Association of Mexican Institutes of Valuation


Income approach National Association of Mexican Institutes of Valuation


Introduction to appraisals Autonomous University of Juarez 1993

Costs Engineering Autonomous University of Juarez 1993

Economic Engineering Autonomous University of Juarez 1993

Administration and Marketing Autonomous University of Juarez 1993

Accounting Autonomous University of Juarez 1993

Appraisal Law Autonomous University of Juarez 1993

Ethics American Society of Appraisers, 1994

Professional Standards

of Practice National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers,

El Paso, Tx. 1999

Business Valuation National Association of Mexican Institutes of Valuation


Depreciation of Machinery and

Equipment National Association of Mexican Institutes of Valuation


Income approach College of Valuation Professionals of Cd. Juarez, 2002


Has taught the following courses in english and spanish:

Dynamics Autonomous University of Mexico, 1969

Steel Structures Autonomous University of Mexico, 1976

Structural Analysis Autonomous University of Mexico, 1976

Steel Structures Autonomous University of Mexico, 1977

Statics Autonomous University of Mexico, 1977

Concrete Structures Autonomous University of Mexico, 1977

Structural Analysis Autonomous University of Mexico, 1978

Mechanics of Materials Autonomous University of Mexico, 1978

Statics Autonomous University of Mexico, 1979

Structural Analysis Autonomous University of Mexico, 1979

Concrete Structures Autonomous University of Juarez, 1980

Thesis Seminar Autonomous University of Juarez, 1981

Concrete Structures Autonomous University of Juarez, 1981

Structural Analysis Autonomous University of Juarez, 1982

Statics University of Texas at El Paso, 1983


ARTICLE Structural Condition of the Cordova Bridge, “Edifica” Technical Magazine,

Juarez 1991

ARTICLE NAFTA Impact in Real Estate Appraisals, Mexican Association of Banks,

Mexico City 1993

ARTICLE NAFTA Impact in Real Estate Appraisals, “Edifica” Technical Magazine,

Juarez 1993

ARTICLE Introduction to Real Estate Appraisals in the U.S., ANIMVAC, Veracruz. 1993

ARTICLE Technical Aspects of the Title Search, Pan-American Association of

Appraisals Cancun 1994

ARTICLE Technical Aspects of Real Estate Due Diligence, Federation of Appraisal

Organizations of Mexico, Guadalajara. 2001

BOOK “Angulotario”, Includes technical experiences, Editorial Palibrio, 2016


CONFERRER Analysis of the Building Code for Mexico City, The College of Civil Engineers 1977

CONFERRER The New Grid of Wide Streets of Mexico City, Autonomous University of Juarez, 1989

CONFERRER Introduction to Valuation, Autonomous University of Juarez, 1991

CONFERRER Maquiladora System, International Trade Resource Center, Dallas 1991

CONFERRER NAFTA Impact on Civil Engineering in Mexico, Federation of Civil

Engineering Associations, Mexico City 1991

CONFERRER NAFTA Impact on the Valuation Environment, Mexican Association of Banks, Veracruz 1993

CONFERRER Technical Aspects of the Title Search, Pan-American Association of

Appraisers, Cancun 1994

CONFERRER American’s Interests in Real Estate in Mexico, Stewart Title,

Huatulco, 1995

CONFERRER Contrasts in Valuation between Mexico and the U.S., Pan-American

Association of Appraisers, Chicago 1996

CONFERRER Technical Aspects of Real Estate Due Diligence, Mexican

Federation of Societies of Appraisers, Guadalajara, 2001

CONFERRER Real Estate Due Diligence, Various Associations of Attorneys,

Real Estate Agents, Accountants, etc., Cd. Juarez, El Paso,

Mexico City, etc. 1999-2002


Postgraduate course on Concrete Structures as preparation for thesis at the Autonomous University of Juarez and Sinodal Examiner for six presenters.


Texas Professional Engineer #39116.

Civil Engineer #155514 by the Minsitry of Education, Mexico.

Appraiser’s license #3353977, Ministry of Education, Mexico

Civil Engineer #058, page 058, bk 19, Department of Professions, State of Chihuahua.

Appraiser’s license # 01682E=S-III, Department of Professions, State of Chihuahua.

Professional Appraiser #17, Instituto Mexicano de Valuación de Chih., A.C.

Real Estate, Machinery and Equipment designation No. 08-017 by the National Association of Mexican Institutes of Appraisers.

Appraiser’s license #DCM025, City of Juarez Tax Office.

Financiera Rural, Real Estate, Machinery and Equipment designation FR-300-240-OMI

Scotia Bank-Inverlat Real Estate, Machinery and Equipment designation #BIN 0081763

Commission for the Appraisal of National Properties Real Estate, Machinery and Equipment designation #085HMO.

Comptroller Appraiser for the Federal Mortgage Society #0407544

Real Estate, Machinery and Equipment Expert Appraiser designation for the Federal Fiscal Court, Official Letter 10.068/03 dated January 16, 2003.


Designated expert witness in the fields of civil engineering, surveying and appraisals by the Civil Courts 1 through 7 of the Bravos District, State of Chihuahua, Mexico.


College of Civil Engineers of Juarez

Asociación de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Cd. Juárez, A.C.,

American Society of Civil Engineers.

College of Appraisers of Mexico. A.C.

College of Professionals in Real Estate Valuation of Cd. Juárez, A.C.

Federation of Colleges, Institutes and Societies of Appraisers of Mexico, A.C.

Mexican Institute of Valuation of Chihuahua, A.C.


College of Civil Engineers of Mexico: Award Plaque as a Civil Engineer for the benefit of


City of Mexico: Award Plaque as a Civil Engineer for the benefit of


Mexico City Government: Award Plaque for the work done in the construction

of the Internal Loop and Radial Avenues of the City.

Chihuahua Mexican Institute of Appraisers: Award Plaque for accomplishments during


Autonomous University of Juarez: Work during the Civil Engineering Week.

National Association of Institutes of Appraisers: Award for being the most advanced student during

the Speciality Program.

National Association of Institutes of Appraisers: Award for work during the two year period 91-93 for

the benefit of the Association.

National Association of Institutes of Appraisers: Award for accomplishments during presidency.

Mexican Association of Banks: Award as organizer of the Second National Forum of


Chihuahua Mexican Institute of Appraisers: Award plaque as Dean and having formed various

generations of appraisers.


V.P. Latin America (Current) SLI Energy Solutions, 2013 to present.

Description: Development of energy solutions for private and public entities, to supply electricity through the generation by ecological systems such as fotovoltaic, eolic or natural gas production complemented with other energy efficient solutions such as LED lighting and gas to diesel conversion. Also in charge of engineering special projects for SLI Engineering, Inc.

Some projects include the transformation of stranded natural gas to Diesel; Water and sewer lines in east El Paso including tunneling under Montana Ave.; Retention wall design for Abundand Living, ALTA surveys for several subdivisions of the Housing Authority; Valle Verde Solar Park design; International Garment structural revision; Sun Metro parking design.

Engineering Manager, Envirosystems Management Consultants, Inc. 2011 to present.

Description: Environmental Studies including Phases I, II and III, Environmental Impact, Audits, inspections and assessments.

Some projects:



Kay Automotive Graphics

Starr Camargo

Jones Apparel, Torreón

Union Tank Car, San Jose Iturbide, Gto.

Camino Real Hotel Loreto & Huatulco

Lentes Plásticos, Cd. Juarez

Basssick Casters

Stanley Tools, Puebla

Jones Apparel, Durango

Marmon-Pieles Cordero, Leon

Walmart Superama, Guadalajara

Kessler Industries, Juarez, Chih.

City of Sunland Park-Anapra presidential permit for land port of entry.

President (Current) of “ANGULO Y ASOCIADOS, S.C., CONSULTORES.” since 1980, Engineering, Surveyors and Architectural Consultants.

Description: Complete Real Estate Technical Due Diligence studies including, Partial and total project design, construction managers, ecological evaluations and site assessments, building inspections, expert witness reports and presentations, real estate, machinery and equipment appraisals, technical title searches, surveying, etc.



Baker & McKenzie

Enriquez, Gonzalez, Aguirre y Ochoa

Hugo Gutierrez

Hector Estrada

Julian Sosa

Fernando Romero Holguin

Munsch & Hardt

Gonzalez, Calvillo y Forastieri

Angulo, Calvo, Enriquez y Gonzalez, S.C.

Deloitte & Touche

Lorenzo Próspero Arzola

Calvo, Márquez y Espinoza

Scott & Hulse

Tom Diamond

Cacheaux, Cavazos, Newton, Martin & Cukjati, L.L.P.

Santamarina y Steta

Cornejo, Mendez, Gonzalez y Duarte

Financial Institutions:


Scotia Bank Inverlat

Continental National Bank

Sunwest National Bank

Norwest Bank

Bank of the West


Banco Mexicano


Texas Commerce Bank


Financiera Rural



Inland Mortgage

Chemical Bank

Bank United

Compass Bank



Inter National Bank

Mercantil Probursa

State National Bank


American Express


Grupo Condak, S.A. de C.V

Fraccionadora Residencial y Urbana, S.A. de C.V.

Trammel Crow

Inland Mortgage Co

Empresas Doble B

Bock & Clark

Ferromex, S.A. de C.V

Fatto a Mano, S.A.


Brassa Construcciones



Rockwood International

Industrial Group Society

Sanchez, Higuera Partners

Grupo Delta Developers

NAI Industries

J.P. Morgan

Ritch Mueller


Peter Piper Pizza

Century 21

Mira Group

Inmobiliaria Doble B, S.A. de C.V.

Televisa, S.A.

Inmobiliaria Condak, S.A. de C.V.

Stewart Title Group

ClubCorp Group

CAN Insurance

Chesterton, Blumenauer & Biswanger

Grupo México

Prudential Capital Trust

Starwood Hotels


Paul Hastings


Capital Land Developers

Grupo Bermúdez Developers

Amistad Industrial Parks

Rich Mueller

American National Surveyors





Grupo Argo

Industrial Garment Processors


3M Company

A.C. Nielsen

Cadimex, S.A. de C.V

Electrónica BRK de Mexico, S.A. de C.V


Maderas Selectas y Molduras, S.A. de C.V

Household Manufacturing .

Ideal Standard

Klingler Electri.

Filtros Modernos

Kay Automotive Graphic.

Cadillac Rubber.

Stewart Instruments .


North American Phillips

Marmon Group

Stanley Tools.


Great Lakes

Union Tank Car

Pentex, S.A de C.V.

Transformers and Inductors

United Technologies



American Safety, Bendix

Manufacturera del Bravo, S.A.

Maquilados Fronterizos, S.A.

Nueces del Norte, S.A. de C.V.

Champion Products, Inc.

Kemet de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Texcan Corporation


Monarch Industries


Hamilton BeachçProctor Silex



Jones Apparel

Midwest Leather


Pitway Corporation

Governmental agencies

State of Chihuahua’s Tax Collector

Municipality of Juarez

Ministry of Hacienda

Tigua Nation

Institute for the Administration and Appraisal of the Mexican National Property.

Civil Courts in Mexico

City of Sunland Park


Madero Hills Subdivisión

Parque Industrial Fernandez

Parque Industrial Modelo, S.A. de C.V

Villa Roja Subdivision

Parques Industriales Amistad

Parque Industrial Milenium


Curtidos Marinos, S.A. de C.V.

Sociedad Cooperativa de Consumo de Desperdicios Industriales de Cd. Juárez, S.C.L.

Tableros y Lamparas, S.A. de C.V

IDESA y Talasa

Transportadora López e Hijos, S.A. de C.V.


Construction Management:

Electrónica BRK de México.

Klingler Electric

Villa Roja Subdivision


Manufacturera del Bravo


Gomac, Inc.

Parque Industrial Fernández

Babtist Church Con

Maderas Selectas y Molduras

American Safety (Bendix)

System Sensor

Pentes, Inc.

Décor Dallas

Cadillac Rubber


Pitway Corporation

Consultant for the City of Juárez to relocaate the railroad tracks from downtown.

Industrial Garment Processors.

Structural Design:

Banaméx, Office building, Juarez

Banaméx Matamoros

Telecommunications Blg.

Caribe Restauranty

Trash Transfer Station, Juarez

Banco Mexicno, Juarez

Tridente II

Pemex waste plant

Industrial Garment Processors

Complete design:

BRK Electronics

Decor, Dallas.

Parque Industrial Fernandez

Zenith Agua Prieta

Villa Roja Subdivision

Modelo Industrial Park, Juarez

Apartments Cuellar

Madero Hills Subdivision

Valle de Santiago Subdivision



Office Buildings

Department Buildings

Agricultural Industries

Tax assessments

Industrial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Sports Clubs

Highest and Best Use Studies

Machinery and Equipment


Cattle Ranches


Business Appraisals

Appraisals to comply with the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

Title searches:

American Safety

American Express

Household Manufacturing

Outboard Marine

First City National Bank

Ideal Standard

Parque Industrial Las Americas, NLaredo

Parque Industrial Milenium, SLP

Transformers and Inductors

Pinnacle Peak Restaurant, Tucson

Parque Industrial Modelo

Kay Automotive Graphics

Xomox, Chih.

Marina Vallarta

Playacar, Cancun.

Marina El Cid, Mazatlan, Guaymas

Conchas Chinas, Vallarta

Palmilla, Los Cabos .

Cabo S. Lucas, Country Club

Isla Dorada, Cancun

Punta Piedra, Ensenada

Real del Mar, Tijuana

Birds of Paradize, Chapala

Great Lakes, Normetales

Palo María, P. Vallarta

Holiday Inn Crown Plaza, Mexico

Marmon Group, Queretaro, Tlalnepantla, Mexico City, etc

Pieles Cordero, Leon

Walmart Guadalajara, Veracruz, Puebla & Cuautitlan.

ITT, Nogales, Son.



Parque Industrial Fernández, Juarez

El Paso National Bank



Parque Industrial Juárez, Juarez

Maderera Durango

Westin Wear

United Technologies Automotive

Kemet de México, S.A.

Atapco, Matamoros

Marina San Carlos

Careyes, Jalisco

Marina Mazatlán,

Plaza Las Glorias, Vallarta

Vista Real, Los Cabos

Real del Mar, Los Cabos

Marmon/Keystone, Corp

Puerto Salina, Ensenada

Oceana Casa del Mar, Tijuana

Stanley Tools, Pue.

Saturn, Monterrey

Vanity Fair, L de Moreno


Trammel Crow

BRK Electronics

A.C. Nielsen


Murata Eire

Nueces del Norte


Kemet Electronics

Champion Products

Marina Ixtapa

Bajamar Ensenada

El Tamarindo Jal.

La Bota

La Explanada, Peñasco

Cabo Real, Los Cabos

Santa Carmela, Los Cabos

Hamilton Beach

Club Marena, Tij.

Costa Bella, Rosarito

Rassini Tirangle

Casa Vieja, P. Vallarta

Garza Blanca, P. Vallarta

Leoni Cable Assemblies

Jones Apparel, Dgo.


ALTA/ACSM Surveys:

Pinnacle Peak Restaurant, P. Peñasco

Xomox, Chih

Playacar, Cancun

United Technologies Automotive

Marina Mazatlan, Mazatlan

Bajamar, Ensenada

Rassini Triangle

Fernandez Ind. Pk., Juárez


Manimex, Industrial Park

ADC, Juárez

Kemet, Cd. Victoria

Leoni Cable Assemblies, Hermosillo & Cuauhtemoc

Essex, Torreón Hotel 4 Seasons, Mexico &Vallarta

Zenith Corp

Star Camargo, Camargo

La Isla, Cancun

Tubos y Barras Huecas, S.A., Tlalnepantla, Fco. del Paso y T., Fray Servando T de M., y Queretaro

Heins Angel, Mexico, D.F..

Moltech, Cd. Juarez

Ferropuerto Laguna, Torreon

Pine Investments, Zapopan

Nabisco, Cd. Juarez,

Yasaki, Saltillo,.

Bundy, Cienega de Flores, N.L.

Erika, Reynosa, Tamps.,

Starkey, Matamoros, Tamps.,

Walmart Oblatos, Guadalajara., Superama, Guadalajara., Puebla, Veracruz and Cuautitlan

Nordika, Tijuana.,

Merk, Mexico, D.F. .,

Delphi, Reynosa Norte.,

NAI, Tijuana, B.C..

Tyco, Juarez, Chih.

Amistad, Ramos Arizpe,,

Danfoss, Monterrey, N.L.

Camino Real Hotel Loreto & Huatulco, Puerto Los Cabos,

Gran Royal Cancún

MIRA Cancún, P.Carmen & Paraíso Maya

Gran Porto, Playa del Carmen

Americas Industgrial Park, Nuevo Laredo

Apodaca, Industrial Park, Monterrey

Several industrial plants in the El Florido and Pacifico Industrial Parks in Tijuana

Several industrial plants in the Ramos Arizpe Amistad Industrial Park, in Ramos Arizpe.

Kay Automotive Graphics, Saltillo

Marina Vallarta

Parque Industrial Fernández, Juárez

Marina Ixtapa

Coco Inn Hotel, Lagos

Phelps Dodge, Monterrey

Jeld Wen Reynosa

Bock 7 Clark

Diamond Ventures


Marriot Hotel, Vallarta

Marriot Hotel, Cancún

Outboard Marine, Juarez

Jones Apparel, Durango

Jones Apparel, Torreon

Ibico, Cd. Acuña

El Forum, Cancun

British Tire and Rubber Co., Qro

Pieles Cordero, Leon

Lintel Plants 7, 8, 9 14, 15, 16, 18 and 19

Union Tank Car Corp., San José Iturbide

Union Tank Car Corp,., Celaya, Gto.

Emery, R. Arizpe

IEC, Reynosa

Lucent I & II, Matamoros, Tamps

Miulenium Ind. Parks I, II & III, SLP

Metokote, Salt.

Delphi, Reynosa

Lite-On, Jarez

Sabre, Juaárez

Wolverine, Monterrey

Caterpillar, Tlalnepantla, E.Mex

The Royal Cancun

The Royal, Playa del Carmen

Guadalupe Industrial Park, Monterrey

Federal Property type surveys:

Ports of entry at: Caseta, Zaragoza, Santa Teresa and Palomas.

Construction Manager of the “Ejes Viales” de “EMPRESAS CONSULTORAS, S.A. DE C.V.” 1978 to 1980.

Consortium of consulting firms created for the construction management of the metro and the “Ejes Viales”, a grid of streets of about 200 kms. in Mexico City. The works included demolitions, street building, rebuilding of streets, remodeling, urban architecture and other complementary works such as plant transplant, water, sewer, gas, electricity, pavement, telephone, street lighs, multiple support poles for signs, signaling and maps., etc.

The total job force under my supervision was about 400 engineers, architects, lab technicians, surveyors, estimators,

Head of the Department of Engineering Audit for the MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS AND TRANSPORTATION. 1976-1978.

A Branch of the Auditing Director of the Comptroller General of the Ministry, I was responsible for the audits performed to highway, bridge, railroad, and marine works of the Federal Government.

Head of the Office of Construction Management of the MEXICO CITY GOVERNMENT 1972-1976.

A branch of the Director of the Comptroller of Public Works of the City of Mexico. Supervised public works for U.S. $250’000,000 dls per year. My job scope was to check the contract documents, bidding processes, construction procedures, quality control, payment control, warranties, bonds and other pertaining activities. Some of the largest works supervised were: “Circuito Interior” an internal loop in Mexico City including the construction of many bridges and elevated sections, the water supply of the city from a valley about 100 kms. away, sewer and water works, etc.

Director General at “DESPACHO DE CALCULOS ING. JORGE I. ANGULO” 1970-1980.

Continuation of “Despacho E. Espinosa”, from his incorporation as Technical Director of the “Los Remedios Group”. The job consisted of the analysis, design and supervision of several structures such as the following:

Clínica San Jose.- Tehuacan, Pue.

Sumesa supermarkets.- Mexico City.

Edificio de Metales Díaz Dupond/- Restructuring of an old fire damaged steel building, Mexico City.

13 story high office building at Constituyentes, Mexico City.

10 story high office building at Ricardo Castro St., Mexico City.

El Refugio Sugar Refinery. Several structures.

Emiliano Zapata Sugar Refinery. Several structures.

Restructure of two haciendas in Miacatlan, Mor. For the City of Children of Father Wason.

Employee, Head structural engineer and partner at “DESPACHO DE CALCULOS ING. EDUARDO ESPINOSA GARCIA” 1965-1972.

Analysis, design and supervision of several structures among which are the following:

Olympic Village.- Diner, Boxing Gym, Clock, Press Building, this last one was later converted into the College of Civil Engineers of Mexico City.

Federal Palace in Guadalajara, Jal. (14 story high building).

Matamoros Airport, Matamoros Tamaulipas.

Telecommunications station in Cordova, Ver.

Armand Commercial Center in Mexico, City

Renault Agency, Mexico City.

18 story high office building, Ave. Insurgentes, Mexico, D.F.

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