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Engineer Engineering

Windsor, ON, Canada
October 11, 2018

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• An Engineer with over 15 years of experience providing Electro-Mechanical

Engineering, Electronics and consulting expertise in both mechanical and educational settings

• Ten solid years of experience in Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturing.

• In-depth knowledge of quality systems and processes QS9000, TS16949, ISO14000

• Project management experience includes continuous improvement of existing equipment and

Implementation of new technologies

• A well-organized team player with strong communication skills

• Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. (Basic Knowledge of German)


I have a strong interest in all aspects of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, both theoretical and practical application (Project Management, Research & Development). As a versatile team player with the ability to incorporate new concepts and interact with all levels of professionals, I now seek a position as a Professional Engineer and embark on a prospective career.


Awarded second prize winner on the Shell Challenge Award fuel cell project.

Certificate award of Engineering Excellence by Peak Technical Services.


Chemistry Analyst Certificate.

Siemens Quality Assurance Program Certificate for Electrical Engineering.

Electronic Engine Systems Certificate 2003.

Matlab/Simulink Certificate 2006. DOORS Certificate, SAP, Automotive Electronics Certificate

Infra-red Thermography Certificate

University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 1997

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Sydney.

The University of Toronto has Accredited this degree as Equivalent to a Canadian university through the World Education Services

Currently enrolled on the Masters of Chemistry at University of Detroit Mercy.


Kinematics, Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, Heat and Mass

Transfer, Chemistry, Material Properties, Computer Programming Matlab, Mathematica, Python, C/C++.


Programming Languages: Pascal, C, C++, FORTRAN 77, Prolog.

Operating Systems: UNIX, DOS, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, CygWIN, Linux, OS/X.

Software: AutoCAD, DOORS, Unigraphics, Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, Simulink, MathCAD, HTML, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, SPC, R-Porgramming, Minitab, SPC, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visio and Corel Draw, Eagle PCB electronics, Altium, Spice, Orcad.

Electronics: Analog, Digital, Radio Frequency Electronics, CMOS, TTL, PIC Microcontroller and Basic STAMP.


Schaeffler Group USA April 3, 2015 to Present

Component Development Engineer

Working with TMM (Thermal Management Modules) for the CSS program GM. Responsible in processing customer orders on SAP for the Advanced Development Diesel, ATW, GM-Honda Fuel Cell (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles), 625T. Responsible for the inductive sensor covers on TMM modules BRV (Block Rotary Valve), MRV (Main Rotary Valve) that utilizes the LIN and SENT protocol communication with the ECU. Responsible for evaluating new suppliers for electronics for the TMM sensor covers. Proficient in the use of flashing software tools using the Continental interface hardware for the BRV sensor covers. Management of continuous product improvement for both quality and timing in order to meet customer requirements. Managing internal and external test requests for TMM modules such as vibration, 5-point functional, electrical functional, leakage test, thermal shock, and Mass Spectroscopy. Experience with the entire life cycle of product development including specifications, design, and testing. The responsibilities include participating actively in development projects, both hardware and software component selection and developing technology for future products.

Experience with SAP, ERS, Windchill, and CREO viewer.


Key Safety Systems April 3, 2012 to March 22, 2015

Product Engineer (contract work)

Working with CAD designers on new concept and/or design modifications of wire harness and connectors from different suppliers. Research and development of new materials and metallurgical analysis of components. Design and release of restraint components. Reviews all documentation related to product design, manufacturing, purchasing and testing to ensure customer and organisational quality requirements are met, and this Includes the review of design drawings, test procedures/data, inspection analyses, and vendor/customer specifications. Provides quality assurance support to assigned programs to ensure the product is designed, procured and manufactured according to customer and organisational quality requirements. Also provides leadership for new systems development, implementation, procedures and any related quality activity. Work with the FEA group regarding stress analysis and Materials Lab in order to investigate other optional material that lead to cost savings. Thermal infrared image analysis of temperature differential of airbag during test deployment. Involved in material specification for seatbelt and airbag assemblies.

ZF Corporation November 1, 2008 to March 30, 2012

Hardware Engineer – Electronics (Contract Work)

• Working on the test validation for TCU (Transmission Control Unit), sensor cluster and speed sensors. Collect and analyse engineering test data, preparing test reports and additional documentation for customer presentations. Maintain critical project information, drawings, files, spreadsheets and records in reference to semiconductors and PCBs. Participate on design reviews, Oversee installation, operation, maintenance, and repair to ensure that lab test equipment is installed and functioning according to specifications. Project Management on the manufacturing process of the housing of TCU unit, and product improvement on the electronics surface mount topology for manufacturing, which resulted in cost reduction and enhanced quality. Involved in the budget on the purchasing of Electronics Lab hardware and software required for testing of TCU through a successful business proposal. Responsible for managing capital and expense projects that involve adding new equipment, modification of existing equipment, or process improvements related to the manufacturing of tire components. Worked on budgeting, safety reviews designing, purchasing, scheduling, installation, supervising, start-ups, and maintenance technical support for Laboratory. Capital appropriations of purchasing test equipment for the accounting records. Involvement in testing of TCU though Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer to determine EMC/EMI, CAN Network Analyzer, Power Supply and Function Generator.

Volvo Powertrain August 18, 2008 to October 31, 2008.

Mechanical Development Engineer (contract work – 3 months)

Responsible for writing and executing test plans and procedures for the fuel rail systems assembly, EGR, exhaust manifolds, wire harness, polarized connectors. Mechanical Engineering Development work of the After Treatment Hydrocarbon fuel injector (AHI) and flame temperature sensor electronic device for EPA compliance for NOx emissions. Data analysis and evaluation of Dynamometer test results of 6-cylinder diesel engine using principles of Thermodynamics and Heat and Mass Transfer. Participating on the design reviews with the Engineering Department of new engine components and DFMEA analysis in order quality engine electronic controller . As an individual contributor in the QE department, work closely with Development Engineering departments, for implementation new component design of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Chemical Injectors through testing and validation. Work occasionally with Technical Support in a variety of automotive electronic sensors, using the ATI Vision and Navigator. Worked on the Chemical Analysis of diesel particulates in order to qualify and quantify the amount of NOx emissions and engine corrosion on exhaust system.

Ford Motor Company April 3, 2007 to July 10, 2008

Software Development Engineer (contract work for 1 year)

• Working on various projects of software development for transmission thermal modelling, Stop/Start Electric motor for

Hybrid vehicles and BMS -Battery Management Systems projects. Implementing Matlab/Simulink a new program to the

SVCSP (Simulink Corporate Vehicle Simulation Programs). By implementing the control strategies to assess vehicle

capability to meet the desired fuel economy. This new implementation will lead on the advance in vehicle technology and

hybrid vehicle simulation program to meet optimum engine performance that has great impact on fuel economy.

Technical support on issues regarding Matlab/Simulink used on the Corporate Vehicle Simulation. Releasing versions of

the new program through Clearcase Rational.

Navistar- International Trucks (Melrose Park, IL, USA) Jan 3, 2005 to Jan 31, 2007

Systems Development Engineer, Project Management Engineer. (contract work for 2 years)

• Responsible for the definition of requirements of systems, execution of new design, analysis, ECM (Electronics HW and

SW) development and quality assurance plans of turbocharged diesel engine electronic programmable actuator.

• Worked with the Materials Lab for material analysis of engine cylinder sleeves.

• Implementing engineering changes and new design to meet specifications for the successful launch of the after-treatment

Diesel engine.

• Plans and implements test and/or development programs for IC engine components in order to minimise corrosion and

• Communicates information to and from internal and external customer organizations on cost reduction manufacturing

Process for engine components.

• Works with engineering functions, suppliers, plant personnel and other to implement cost reduction, methods and product


• Performs complex engineering data analysis and calculation related diesel engine components such as EGR system,

engine crankcase, crankshaft, camshaft, torque converter, thermostatic valves, exhaust manifold, and water cooling

system. Code development using Matlab for spectral analysis from field data stored on data recorder to determine

whether resonance was present on thermostatic valves.

• Coordinates and consults Chemistry Lab for fuel analysis and engine oil analysis using the Gas Chromotograph.

• Provides engineering support on issues regarding Mechanical Testing, Heat Coating protection, Dynamometers Test cells,

NVH, Metallurgy, Chemical Analysis on oils, fuels, coolant, material Spectrograph, Electrolysis and corrosion prevention

(Cathode Protection), Thermodynamics, Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, Digital Signal Processing and Electronics in

both hardware and software.

• Perform Root Cause Failure Analysis using FRACAS and field data to propose product enhancements.

SIEMENS VDO AUTOMOTIVE, INC. ON Feb. 19, 1999 - May 26,2004

Electrical Engineer

Project management for the design and construction of mechanisms and electrical controllers used to simulate engine roll movement that was completed on time and on budget for validation of intake manifolds and other engine components.

Worked on the design and development of new wire harness connector testing equipment (Continuity Test) in conjunction with the supplier to meet customer requirements throttle body of IC engines.

Designed and built an electronic response time test driver which met the criteria to measure response time of actuators and which led to high volume tests for intake manifolds resulting in increased customer satisfaction, design of DC motor control circuit design.

Applied principles of fluid mechanics in analysing problems with air leakage on GM intake manifolds which led to identification and correction of the problem and decreased production defects

• Worked with projects alongside the NVH group to validate mechanical components through analysis of thermodynamics

and mechanical vibration principles

Design and development of variable and fixed voltage power supply for many electronic test equipment device using discrete semiconductor components.

Research and development of the active noise control project for the Jaguar that led to the assembly unit which provided both Jaguar and Honda’s customer a way of actively control engine noise thus increasing engine efficiency

Led numerous field tests to gather critical data (e.g., vehicle engine sound signatures) used to update electronic boards design features.

Prepare plans and specification for a commissioning a Vacuum Pulse Generator test equipment, Flow bench test, salt spray test, climatic and environmental test to simulate the engine running condition which helped identify problems with the design requirements and minimized downtime during production.

UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Sydney, Australia 1997-1998

Part-Time lecturer

Aerodynamics Lab and INSEARCH – Convection and Thermal Radiation Lab

Test and research work using the closed loop wind tunnel which involve complex mathematical calculations to determine the transitional boundary layer with the use of micro manometer and the Laser Doppler Velocimetry

Data acquisition analysis on the convergent-divergent nozzle experiment for readings of differential pressures for supersonic and subsonic flow

Research work on light and mass property of a bullet proof security glass using the mass spectrometer done through the Department of Physical Science at the University of Technology, Sydney

Engineering Consultant, (1993-1998)

Design and construction of a power receiver transmitter for use on security luggage

Design an electronic neural network for character recognition using the MATLAB platform.

Report writing and consulting work on investigation and identification of failures of a hub seal on the tri axial trailer truck, as part of a team of Engineers at the University of Technology-Sydney, which led to a re-design of the seal that reduced accidents and improved mechanical safety system for engine brakes.

HOBBIES: Soccer, Swimming, Oil painting and bike riding.

INTERESTS: Theoretical Mechanics, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Theoretical Physics and Western Philosophy.

REFERENCE: References can be made available upon request.

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