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Manager Training

San Antonio, TX
October 10, 2018

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Monique C. Russell, LCSW

**** ***** **

San Antonio TX 78233



Social Worker/Instructor, Joint Base San Antonio TX, Oct 2016 - Current

Pay Plan GS: 12-6

Hours Worked: 40 hrs. per week (0730- 1630)

Supervisor: John Hartz 210-***-****

-Plans and instructs portions of the graduate level Family Advocacy Staff Training (FAST) Course and the Family Advocacy staff Training, Advanced (FASTA) Course. Assists guest instructors in writing lesson plans, developing audio-visual materials and conducting classes according to AMEDDC&S policy by providing ideas, information and materials.

-Develops training materials for newly assigned blocks of instruction consistent with DOD and DA policy and subject matter literature.

-ASSIST FAST Course class advisor in the administration of the FAST and FASTA Courses by coordinating instructor contracts, student and instructor fund sites, procuring training equipment and providing procedural guidance to students and instructors.

-Reviews, and summarizes student critiques, of each course and develops after action reports and recommendations for corrective actions.

Clinician, Family Endeavors Steven Cohen Military Family Clinic – 6363 DE Zavala Rd SA, TX, Apr 2017 – Apr 2018

Pay Plan: $36/hr.

Hours Worked: 8 hours per week

Supervisor: Janet Lantry 512-***-****

- Provides clinical care in an outpatient setting to include; clinical interview and evaluation, diagnosing mental disorders and formulates treatment plans.

Family Advocacy Officer (FAO), Joint Base San Antonio TX, Sep 2012- OCT 2016

Pay plan: GS: 12-6

Hours Worked: 40 hrs. per week (0730- 1630)

Supervisor: LtCol Clayton Wilson 210-***-****

- Serves as clinical supervisor/manager of the Family Advocacy Program under AFI-40-301. Responsible for managing day-today clinical operations of the family advocacy program; performs program evaluation, measures long range effectiveness of risk reduction and treatment protocols for family violence for the installation. Briefs installation Commander on trends in risk behavior and issues affecting community.

-Supervises outreach managers responsible for Command and community education and treatment addressing violence prevention topics, responsible for reviewing curriculums on parenting, teen dating violence, partner maltreatment, child abuse anger management, communication and other topics.

-Serves and community subject matter expert on risk factors affecting FT Sam Houston population as it pertains to family violence and briefs at the FAC and the IPT.

-Provides clinical oversight and management for New Parent Support Program, leading registered nurses in home based intensive service provision to vulnerable high risk families of young children to prevent shaken baby syndrome and sleep deaths.

-Influencing and collaborating with various departments in maternal health at BAMC to complete Family Needs Screeners and Participate in “The Period of Purple Crying” Pilot Program and Education Series.

-Coordinates Central Registry Board to reach case disposition on allegations of abuse and neglect.

Clinical Social Worker, FT Sam Houston TX, Jan 2011 – Sep 2012

Pay plan: GS 11-7

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (0600-1500)

Supervisor: Dr. Jason Campbell

-Serves as an independently Licensed Clinical Social Worker, responsible for providing individual and group behavioral health care services for service member who fall under the catchment of the Community Behavioral Health Service.

-Performs bio-psychosocial evaluations using expert knowledge of general and specific concepts, principles, procedures, and practices relating to psychological counseling. Provide targeted assessments and evaluations in formulating diagnosis using DSM-IV-TR. Develops treatment plan to include referral to; Psychology, Psychiatry, Marital Treatment or other service in or out of the SAMMC treatment network.

-Serves as clinical case manager to clients at risk for harm to self or others. Care coordination includes pre and post hospitalization assessments. Coordination of follow up and referral to network providers

for higher levels of care and tracking compliance with treatment plan. Coordination includes referral to inpatient hospitalization as well as Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs as needed.

-Provides command consultation regarding Soldier/Trainees presenting with behavioral health concerns affecting ability to continue training and or military retention. Preparation of military specific evaluations as needed.

-Member of CBHS Education Committee. Responsible to supervise Social Work interns and students assigned to the clinic.

-Serves as liaison to G/232 Medical Recovery and Reintegration Company. Meets weekly to discuss progress of individual soldiers with duty limiting conditions, provide command education on behavioral health disorders and impact on motivation for training. Reviews progress of Soldiers assigned to MEB platoon to examine trends relating to behavioral health issues.

-Co-facilitates Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) to identified groups within the FT Sam Houston community as requested.

-Coordinated with Director of Training to create a SWIP rotation at CBHS

-Supervised SWIP Student

Social Work Officer, FT Benning GA, Mar 2010 – Nov 2010 Honorable Discharge

Supervisor: Elaine Kelly 706-***-****

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (0730- 1630)

-Reviewed records, interviewed Soldier to assess bio-psychosocial functioning of Soldiers during pre-deployment period to assess for disqualifying behavioral health conditions. Used standardized screening and diagnostic instruments and DSM-IV-TR to establish diagnosis as needed. Conducted rapid post deployment assessment and service coordination for Soldiers returning from deployment in combat zones in an effort to decrease the onset of readjustment issues. Assessments were conducted immediately upon re-arrival to the installation and prior to Welcome Home Ceremony. Command consultation provided regarding each soldier assessed and the need to put other safety measures in place in the event that SM presented risk of harm to self or others. Soldiers re-assessed for continued follow up at reverse SRP.

-Additional Duty: OIC of Warrior Clinic (WTU). Coordinated clinical social work procedures. Also completed mandatory risk assessment, intake, and other clinical surveys as needed.

-Accomplishments: Revised department SOP on Adoptions of Children Born at Martin Army Hospital as an additional duty. Conduct monthly Applied Suicide Intervention Training for military and civilian personnel.

Deployment Cycle Support Care Manager, FT Bragg NC, Aug 2009 –

Pay plan: GS 11-6

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (0730-1630)

Supervisor: MAJ Gabrielle Bryen 719-***-****

-Conducted rapid assessment of Soldiers as part of pre and post deployment health assessments. Specifically screened for PTSD and depression using standardized diagnostic instruments as well as the DSM-IV-TR. Made appropriate referral for follow up as per departmental policy. Represented the program and the Department of Social Work in deployment fairs and other community events across the installation. Compiled departmental statistics and reported trends to department Chief for further analysis.

-Additional Duty: Therapist providing treatment to adult victims of Sexual Assault in accordance with MEDCOM regulation 40-36

-Accomplishment: Coordinated and streamlined the assessment process for Deployment Cycle Support Program. Influencing policy and procedures to ensure consistency throughout the program.

Social Work Officer, FT Bragg NC, Aug 2008 - Aug 2009 Honorable Discharge

Supervisor: MAJ Gabrielle Bryen 719-***-****

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (0730-1630)

-Served as a Social Worker in the United States Army: Managed daily operations of satellite clinic providing mental health treatment to 82nd ABN Division Soldiers and family members. Treatment team consisted of 8 staff (Marriage and Family Therapist, Child Therapist, Family Advocacy Intake Workers, Family Advocacy Case Manager, Social Service Assistant and, Medical Support Assistant).

-Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Intake Worker: Completed initial screening on referred cases to assess existence of spouse and child maltreatment/abuse. Conducts complete psycho-social assessments with particular emphasis on determining the risk level and propensity for continued violence or maltreatment. Completed case presentation to multi-disciplinary team and prepared initial treatment plan for abuser and identified victims. Utilized DSM-IV diagnostic criteria to assess adults experiencing PTSD, Anger Issues, Adjustment Disorder, Depression and Substance Abuse and made referrals as appropriate. Utilized individual and group treatment modalities to address issues of family violence.

-Additional duties: Served as subject matter expert for DSW on the department's role in the medical management of sexual assault. Represented DSW at Sexual Assault Review Board and made appropriate recommendations to board members to enhance treatment and response to Sexual Assault on the installation. Maintained Sexual Assault Response Program Tracking Application (SARPTA) to manage up to date information on Active Duty sexual assault victims and track medical treatment as per MEDCOM Reg 40-36.

-Accomplishments: Justified the creation of a full time Sexual Assault Care Coordinator to provide case planning and treatment for adult victims of Sexual Assault. Prepared job description, Standard Operating Procedures, and documentation policy.

Social Work Officer, FT Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX, Jun 2007- Jul 2008 Honorable Discharge

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (0730-1630)

Supervisor: CPT Allah Sharrieff 601-***-****

-Served as Deputy Chief of Department of Social Work: Supervised Family Advocacy Program in accordance with AR-608-18. Established internal policies in keeping with existing regulations, management principles & clinical ethics. Supervised, interviewed and managed program personnel. Conducted monthly quality control and review to ensure the clinical practices were in-line with the program regulation. Reviewed and certified adequacy and accuracy of subordinate’s job descriptions. Planed and organized assignments and additional duties to meet workload demands and to make optimal use of the skill sets presented by staff members.

-Additional Duties: Maintained Sexual Assault Response Program Tracking Application (SARPTA) to manage up to date information on Active Duty sexual assault victims and track medical treatment as per MEDCOM Reg 40-36. Provided brief counseling and intervention to victims of sexual assault, and ensures appropriate treatment referrals are made. Utilized DSM-IV diagnostic criteria to asses and treat adults experiencing PTSD, Anger Issues, Adjustment Disorder, Depression and Substance Abuse. Utilized individual and group modalities to provide treatment.

-Accomplishments: Expanded Sexual Assault Program to justify the acquisition of a full time LCSW GS-11 employee. Implemented the Decision Tree Algorithm to streamline the Family Advocacy Care Review process. Trained staff members and interdisciplinary team members in the Algorithm process and achieved 100% compliance by launch date set by MEDCOM.

PRT Sharana, Afghanistan, Feb 2006 -Jun 2007 Honorable Discharge

-Deployed as part of a Provincial Reconstruction Team to Paktika Province in south eastern Afghanistan. Operated as subject matter expert on non-kinetic effects within the region. Worked in conjunction with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) representative to the area to assist the local government in establishing governance, security, law, health care and education within the province. Coordinated and synthesized area assessments completed by civil affairs operators to provide mission essential information for Commanders operating within the area of effects.

Clinician, Fordham Tremont CMH, BX NY, Sep 2004 - Feb 2006

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (9-5pm)

Supervisor: Rhea Pollick 718-***-****

-Provide mental health assessment based on use of DSM - IV diagnostic criteria. Developed and implemented treatment plan for children and adolescents with various mental, emotional or behavioral issues. Completed required pre-screening reports, mental status exams and psychosocial assessments. Utilized individual and group modalities to address negative behavior and teach appropriate social skills.

-Prepared individualized parental skills training based on the needs of each child and to encourage follow through with treatment recommendations.

Visitation Supervisor, Comprehensive Family Services, NY, NY, Nov 2002 - May 2004

Supervisor: Rick Spitzer 212- 267-2670

-Provided therapeutic visitation for children and non-custodial parents and provided forensic assessment on the quality of the interaction to legal personnel.

Staff Social Worker, Lawyers for Children, NY, NY, Aug 2000 - Feb 2003

Supervisor: Susan Greenberg 212-***-****

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (9-5pm)

- Performed social work duties with an emphasis on complex problems for client population served. Specifically, advocated for the rights of minor children in family court proceedings. Prepared reports used by attorneys on behalf of children and presented to opposing counsel and judges for the purposes of custody, adoption, foster care and out of state transfer. Provided support and advocacy as needed. Practice model focused primarily on client self-determination when possible vs. best interest perspective.

Clinician, Leake and Watts Children’s Home, Yonkers, NY, Jun 1999 - Jun 2000

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (9-5pm)

-Provided counseling, case management and assessment for adolescent girls placed in a Residential Treatment Center to address conduct disorder.

Prevention Services Supervisor, Harlem Dowling NY, NY, Jun 1998 - Jun 1999

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (9-5pm)

Met program intent to provide in home therapeutic services to struggling families to minimize risk of abuse and prevent removal of children. Supervised four bachelor level case managers and MSW students. Monitored program compliance and made corrective action as needed.

Social Worker/ILS Coordinator, Inwood House, NY, NY, Jan 1996 - Jun 1998

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (9-5pm)

Performed social work duties with an emphasis on problems of all levels of complexity to assigned client population. Provided counseling to adolescent mothers and their families to alleviate the stresses resulting from teen pregnancy. Provided educational, vocational, and family planning information. Provided workshops on various independent living skills topics. Responsible for all aspects of the Independent Living Skills Program.

Social Worker, New Alternative for Children, NY, NY May 2004 - Jan 2006

Hours Worked: 40hrs per week (9-5pm)

Provided case management for chronically ill children placed in foster care. Provided supportive counseling to parents and foster parents.


- Ithaca College; Ithaca, NY; Sociology; 1992; BA

- University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA; Social Work; 1994; MSW


- Board Certified Diplomat, American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work, DEC 2008 –

- LCSW Texas #Q1-0000943,

- LCSW Delaware JUL 2008 - Current

Military Affiliation:

- Commissioned - Lieutenant United States Army Reserves - Social Work Officer March 2002

- Promoted - - Captain United States Army Reserves - Social Work Officer June 2004

- Deployed ISO OEF United States Army Reserves - Social Work Officer 2006-2007

- Mobilized Title X United States Army Reserves - Social Work Officer 2007-2009

- Mobilized Title X United States Army Reserves - Social Work Officer 2010-2011

- Promoted - - Major United States Army Reserves - Social Work Officer July 2010

- Commissioned - Major Texas Army National Guard – Social work Officer Jan 2012

- Promoted LTC Texas Army National Guard – Social Work Officer Jun 2016


Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners Clinical Supervisors Course 2017

Army Medical Department Instructor Training Course 2017

Embedded Behavioral Health Course 2017

REBT - Rational Emotive Behavioral Treatment 2008

COSC – Combat Operational Stress Control

PE - Prolonged Exposure 2009

ASIST T4T - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training for Trainers 2010

TEM - Traumatic Event Management 2010

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