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Life science

San Diego, CA
October 09, 2018

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Jing Bai

Email: Phone: 858-***-**** Address: 12588 Carmel Creek Rd, Unit 26, San Diego, CA92130 Professional Summary

** ***** ******* *********** ** life science and technology both in academic and industrial setting environment. 5 years medical school and 2 years in neuro-scientific research training. Background in molecular cell biology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, genetics and neuroscience. Familiar with Cell Culture, Protein, DNA, RNA, RNAi, TALEN / CRISPR genome editing, Genomics, Metatranscriptomics, Metagenomics, Proteomics. Skilled assay development specialist with experience in rapid lateral flow immunoassay industry.

Relevant Skills and knowledges

• Cell culture (Primary and cell lines)

• Stable cell line establishment

• Virus generation and purification

• Cell Transfection / Transduction

• Cancer stem cells

• RNAi gene knockdown

• TALEN / CRISPR genome editing

• Cell based assay

• DNA and RNA isolation/assay

• Cloning (Gibson, Gateway, SLIC, TOPO, TA, etc.)


• ChIP-Seq

• RNA-Seq

• Library construction (cDNA, genomic DNA, small-RNA) compatible with 454, SOLiD, and NGS

• Microarray

• Sequencing

• Protein expression, purification, localization


• Western blotting

• Protein activity Assay

• AKTA protein purification system

• Column chromatography




• Rapid Lateral-flow immunoassays

• Computer Software (Excel, word Processing and



• cGMP

• GLP environment

• ISO 9000

• Data analysis

• Self-motivated

Relevant Experience

J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), San Diego, CA Sep 2007 – Feb 2015 Department of Environmental Genomics

Research Associate IV

Diatom biology works

• Physiological and genetic characterization of CO2 concentration mechanism in marine diatoms.

• Nitrate reductase protein localization, expression and purification

• Vitamin B12 binding protein identification and influence on diatom molecular physiology.

• Promoter characterization and vector construction.

• RNAi vector construction, transgenic cell line generation and evaluation.

• TALEN genome manipulation with diatom

• ChIP-Seq for diatom transcription factor study

• Antibody evaluation for diatom studies.

• Cell culture

Metatranscriptomics (RNA-Seq)

• TruSeq synthetic long-read genomic DNA library Prep (for illumine NGS sequencing).

• Whole transcript cDNA library Prep (for 454, SOLiD, illumine NGS sequencing, and Microarray).

• Small RNA cDNA library Prep (for 454 and SOLiD sequencing).

• DNA, RNA extraction from variety of sea water samples, kelp and Diatom cultures.

• RNA amplification.

• Generation of standard protocol of RNA extraction, cDNA library construction for sea water sampling samples. DNA sequencing

• DNA sequencing with 3130 Genetic analyzer.

• Trained on Ion Torrent sequencing

Training and assisting PhD students.

Genomics Institute of Novartis Research Foundation (GNF), San Diego, CA July 2006 – Aug 2007 Cancer stem cell group

Scientific Associate II

Cross working on projects targeting Notch & Wnt signaling of cancer stem cells as therapeutic targets, and ABC transporters in chemotherapeutic resistance in cancer

• Virus production and purification

• Stable cell line establishment

• RNAi knockdown Notch & Fzd receptors (shRNA cloning & screening, RNAi transgenic cell lines)

• qPCR & Western blot evaluation of RNAi cell lines

• Validation of pLKO-Tet-on shRNA inducible system in vitro (human cancer cell lines)

• Validation of pSLIK microRNA-based RNAi inducible system in vitro (human cancer cell lines)

• SLIC cDNA inducible expression vector construction

• Cell based assay

• Cell culture (Primary breast epithelial cell, human normal and cancer cell lines) Invitrogen Corporation, Carlsbad, CA 92008 Jun 2005 – July 2006 Functional Genomics of R&D Department

Research Associate II

RNAi works

• sh / miR oligo design, shRNA/miRNA cloning into variety of Gateway vectors

• Transfection RNAi construct into variety cells and transfection efficiency evaluation

• qPCR, Western blot evaluation of gene knockdown efficiency

• Establishment of stable cell lines

• Reporter gene Assay (Luciferase assay, Lac Z assay etc.)

• Mammalian cell culture

cDNA library works

• cDNA library construction (Standard, Full-length, Gateway cDNA library)

• cDNA library normalization

• RNA isolation from variety of mammalian tissues

Applied Biotech Inc, San Diego, CA Jan 2002 – May 2005 R&D Department

Research Scientist

Design and development of rapid lateral-flow immunoassay diagnostic products

• In detecting the drugs of abuse (such as Propoxyphene, Oxycodone, Buprenorphine and EDDP etc.)

• In detecting infectious disease (such as Influenza, Strep A and Mononucleosis etc.)

• Transferal of product from R&D phase to production.

• Antibody purification and evaluation

FDA 510K submission, SOP & PMF

• Generation of technical data and report required for FDA 510k submission.

• Generation and modification of standard operation procedures (SOP) and production master file (PMF) for the products Technical support in production pipeline

• Trouble shooting for products in production.

• Improvement of production process to ensure robustness of products. Forefront Diagnostic Inc, Irvine, CA Jan 1997 – Dec 2001 Chemist / Supervisor

Development of drug of abuse rapid lateral-flow immunoassay diagnostic tests (such as THC, Morphine, and Cocaine etc.) Antibody purification and conjugation

Preparation of Gold sol

Modification the manufacture process for gold sol preparation and antibody labeling. This work was able to cut 50% of the cost. Troubleshooting for product manufacturing.

Validation of raw materials (including antibody-antigen evaluation, chemical reagents evaluation, etc.). Monitor manufacturing process to QC final products. Assistance in establishing the R&D Lab and the manufacturing facility. Training new chemists


China medical University, China

MD in Medicine

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