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Java Developer/Software Engineer

San Jose, CA
October 09, 2018

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Email: Phone: 818-***-**** Address: 3473 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95134 SUMMARY

Inquisitive, self-motivated, bilingual Software Engineer with enthusiasm for new technologies and a fast-paced working environment. Solid understanding of relational database, object-oriented design and Java programming, in addition to strong development skills in web application development and smart contract development. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Languages: Java, Python, Solidity, Go, HTML/JavaScript/CSS, SQL, JSON/XML, Shell Tools: Apache Tomcat, MAMP, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, ElasticSearch, Truffle, Ant Design, jQuery Framework: Spring, MVC, Hibernate, Django, React

Platform: AWS EC2, Google Cloud, Firebase, Eclipse, Android Studio, Remix Ethereum Development: Web application, Ethereum Smart Contract, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning (scikit-learn) PROJECT EXPERIENCE

Online GameShop: A Spring and Hibernate based web application Sep 2018


Aimed to build a flexible and maintainable online game shopping and advertising web application.

• Developed a dynamic Spring MVC based website (JSP/CSS/JavaScript).

• Utilized Hibernate to make database operation and maintenance more convenient.

• Developed several Spring Web Flows to support games offering and ordering.

• Implemented security workflow realized by Spring Security through JDBC authentication.

• Completed a Spring Web MVC based web application with RESTful APIs deployed on AWS EC2 allowing customers to conveniently order used physical console games online. Event Recommender: A Java-servlet based web service Aug 2018

( Aimed to build an improved event search and recommendation system.

• Developed an interactive web page (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) utilizing AJAX technology.

• Created a web service (Java servlet) with RESTful APIs to handle HTTP requests and responses.

• Built a relational database (MySQL, MAMP) to store data from Ticketmaster API for consistency.

• Designed content-based algorithms to filter events based on Geohash location data.

• The final result was a full web application deployed on Amazon EC2 that allows users to personalize events recommendation with support up to 200 queries per second. Traveler Diary: A React and Geo-Index based web application On going Aimed to build a social network for travelers to post local fascinating landscapes photos and videos.

• Built a high-performance website with React JS and Ant Design to support frequently updating data.

• Developed a nearby search function by ElasticSearch with data from Google Map API and Geolocation API.

• Designed a JWT based authentication flow and a token-based algorithm to support private network.

• Remodeled the machine learning kit from Google Cloud to support human face filtering of images.

• Completed a social network deployed on Google Cloud (GAE flex) that allow users to share travel photos and videos within their social network, with fast and smooth data updates. WhiteHat Hackathon: held by SVInsight April 2018

Tasked to hack and withdraw ethers (digital currency) from the target deployed smart contract.

• Investigated the target contract code and detected vulnerabilities with Ethereum smart contract knowledge.

• Remodeled our hacking strategy by continuously learning from failures and competitors’ activities.

• Realized contiguous ether withdrawal from target contract and succeeded in defending team contract from other competitors’ attacks on Ethereum Ropsten.

• Achieved “Supernatural Detective” (Top 6/118) individual award and assigned as an honor teaching assistant. EDUCATION

Certificate of Systems Analysis UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA, U. S. A. 2017 - 2018 M.S. in Aquatic Science University College London, London, U. K. 2013 - 2014 B.S. in Environmental Science University of Nottingham, Nottingham, U. K. 2009 - 2013

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